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Earth Changes part 3 – The New Spiritual Changes

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It is said that a butterfly flapping its tender wings in an Amazon rainforest can cause a tsunami in Indonesia! Without exaggeration, all life on Earth is interconnected and united. A small imbalance or improvement in one corner can affect the whole ecosystem over a period of time. This inter-connection doesn’t exist just at the physical level, but extends to all other invisible and unknown levels too. The changes which first take place at the subtlest levels will gradually bear fruit at the grosser, physical levels.

We’re aware that our Earth is in a process of major changes. These changes are first initiated at the Spiritual level, where the Rishis decide about these events and their possible implications. The blue prints of these changes, which are also known as The Light Codes, are then anchored on our Earth. This happens at the Astral level first. The changes finally manifest at the physical level, in the details of living of all Life on Earth.

Our life on Earth until now was governed by a number of Spiritual laws and principles. These laws suited the way of life and the system of four Yugas on this Earth. But the current transition we’re going through is very special, where we’re stepping into an entirely new Light Age, without the repetition of the other three Yugas. Many other changes have been initiated on this Earth as an experiment before implementing them in other parts of creation. To suit this new way of life and these changes, the Rishis are revising many spiritual laws and introducing new principles which support a higher life.

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The New Spiritual Laws

We’ve read in the Creation series about the various creations of God, at the Unmanifested and Manifested realms. God manifested further and further in different ways to experiment with His own potential. This has reached a stage where a lot of this experimentation is already completed and a balance has to occur to bring stability to God’s creation. In the next part of the Creation story, God will be withdrawing the less successful manifestations to allow this stability to happen.

One such manifestation that will be withdrawn is ‘evil’. God manifested evil to bring a balance to His creation and also to create diversity in the experiences for all living beings. But over time, the evil aspect began gaining strength and started to create imbalances instead of bringing balance to creation. One result of this imbalance is the huge challenges and struggles faced by those souls who choose Light and righteousness.

Hence God and the administrators of His creation, the Rishis, are in the process of removing the excessive negativities and withdrawing the evil aspect in existence. Love and Oneness, which are the essence of Creation, will be strengthened. And new challenges will be introduced in the place of evil to balance out these positive aspects. The following sections give a brief introduction to the new spiritual laws that support these changes.

Free will

Free will is one of the basic characteristics of God’s creation. It’s an opportunity given to a Soul which comes into existence, to experience the various aspects of this creation. In fact, the Souls incarnate mainly to have different experiences of God’s manifestation; hence they have the freedom to choose anything at any point in their journey.

This gift from God has been used in most cases to choose the wrong than to align with divine will. It has resulted in humanity get caught in the cycle of birth-death-rebirth, with an ever-growing bondage of karmas. Over a period of billions of years, it has also lead to the strengthening of evil in this creation.

To reverse these effects and to help a smoother life here, it is proposed to curtail or even remove the free will. The Rishis are studying the effects of such a process. New Energies like energies from Prakasha Brahma (Ra) have been introduced for the first time on our Earth, which help in the curtailing of free will. As a result, a soul will not be able to choose wrong or evil. The decision at present is that, when a soul makes more spiritual progress, it will have more access to free will. This is because spiritual growth brings wisdom and maturity in an individual. Hence he will use his free-will at the right time, in alignment with the greater good of all life.

A New Pattern of Yugas

Even since Creation began, Life on all Earths has moved through a cyclic repetition of Four Yugas—the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and the Iron age. The Golden Age is a period of purity, love and positive values while the Iron age is a period of stark materialism and negativity. The other two ages have a combination of positive and negative values.

Since evil is being withdrawn, this concept of four Yugas has been modified. From now onwards, there’ll be only the Golden Age on this Earth. To bring diversity, this age has been divided into seven phases, each with a different challenge for everyone. And life here will also take a higher form from this Yuga onwards. Everyone will live in their evolved bodies, the Light bodies and will use Light in every aspect of their lives.

More details about the new Golden Age are being gradually revealed by the Rishis. For a basic understanding, please read the article ‘The Light Age’.

Birth and Death in the New Age

In the earlier Light ages, there were no births and deaths. A person would live in his Light body for the entire duration of 20,000 years before a new Yuga began. Now as the system of Yugas is being abolished, the rules of birth and death have also been changed.

In the new Light age, humans will live on this Earth for 200 – 250 years. Once they take birth, their astral body will take 3 years to fully integrate with their physical bodies, hence they’ll be adults within 3 years. And by the age of 12-15 years, the bodies will grow to the height of 24 feet, as in the earlier Light ages. And after their life-span, the astral body will get severed from the physical body, resulting in death.

The basic principles of living would be Love and Oneness. The entire system of life will be guided by Light. All the Souls that qualify to live in the New Age will be spiritually advanced. Many of their faculties will be open from birth itself. They will be very sensitive to Light and divine energies and will be able to connect to God easily.

A lot of revision is being done in the concept of families and their responsibilities. Every individual will also be participating in the work of God and serving Him for a part of the day. This they do out of natural choice.

All humans will live in their Light bodies in the new age. In the earlier Light Ages, these Light bodies used to gather pranas for their survival directly from the Sun. This has been revised to facilitate the new changes. In the new Light Age, specially evolved plants will gather pranas from the second sun and pass them on to Humans, thus saving them a lot of time. Humans will still gather pranas directly but use them only for a higher purpose.

New Souls from other Universes

The Souls which live on this Earth and other Earths in creation always come from Parabrahma Loka or from other Lokas within the Parabrahma loka. Very few souls from other Manifested Universes have taken birth here so far. Now, with the new experimentation and the access to other Universes, more souls from those Universes are beginning to take birth on our Earth.

These new Souls bring newer energies and experiences with them. They’ll be able to share their way of life and this improves the quality of spiritual living for other Souls here. With the new Souls and the culture they bring with them, the diversity in creation will increase.

Many such Souls arrive from various origins. Some of these origins have a lot of creative energies while some have extraordinary intelligence and other special qualities. The souls from these sources carry these qualities and hence, will add more in those respective areas when they take birth here. This will lead to an exponential growth in many areas of human endeavour, accomplishments and finesse — more than what was achieved in the earlier Light Ages

Redefining the Purpose of Life

Most of the Souls that took birth here, arrived with the purpose of experiencing the diversity of God’s creation. They come here to have new experiences, like a moonrise or an ice-cream, which is not possible in the ocean of Light.

Henceforth, along with experiencing the diversity, humanity will be working to serve God and His creation. They will explore the unknown realities and bring down new knowledge and energies from the hitherto unknown parts of existence.

Humanity will also make more efforts to harness the potential of the Soul to the fullest possible extent. This will result in very interesting experiments and areas of growth. The new Souls from other universes will add to this process with their unique potential. As creativity and intelligence increases, many new things will be created, invented and manifested.

So in the new Light Age, humanity will be engaged in a growth-oriented living rather than live just to survive and experience life. Every soul will contribute and add value to the quality of living on this Planet and in Creation.

Changes in the Law of Karmas

With so many changes happening at the fundamental level, the laws that govern life here are also undergoing major changes. The laws of karmas which play an important role in deciding the life-pattern of an individual are getting refined and they’ll gradually be applied with the birth of the New Age.

Essentially, the law of karma was earlier about cause and effect. A soul which gathered excessive experiences, or karmas, in its journey has to undergo those effects. Positive karmas resulted in a pleasant and supportive life whereas negative karmas resulted in suffering and pain.

As in the new Light Age, there would only be purity and love and oneness, these laws are redundant and are getting revised. These new laws will slowly be revealed to mankind when the new Light Age gets established.

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The Spiritual Work Occurring Now

The new Spiritual laws are gradually being implemented by the Rishis at the highest levels. These will bear fruit and become functional when we completely enter the New Age in 2018. A lot of work is also being done in the interim to facilitate these new changes. Some of them are:

Reorganising of the Spiritual Guides

The Rishis are assisted by a group of 1,44,000 workers on this Earth, who live in different parts of the world, in various cultures and guide human beings. In the transitory period, more volunteers and special masters also take birth to help humanity sail through Pralaya and move into the New Age.

These spiritual guides are getting overhauled and their roles/responsibilities are being redefined now, to suit the changing spiritual laws. The approach to work and the type of guidance given to humanity is changing. This is done to improve the efficiency of their work. Also many new workers are taking birth now to stabilise the new Light Age.

These processes are also connected to Mother Earth directly. She’ll become spiritually stronger, with a sense of oneness and Light becoming more prevalent in all life on this planet.

Once the New Light age gets established, the number of workers who will remain on this earth will be revised. This number is yet to be fixed, but it will be lesser than at present. Many of these guides will be shifted to other parts of creation to further the experimentation process.

The focus of Rishis’ work at present

The Rishis are working very hard at present to help most of humanity to transform and sail through this churning phase. They are bringing down and transferring a lot of energies to individuals and educating them at deeper levels. These will influence the individuals in their actions at this level, and help them make the right choices.

The Rishis have postponed many wars including the 3rd world war, and have toiled to minimise suffering and bring peace on this Earth. They have compressed time to help humanity sail through this pralaya phase quickly. As we are in the final phases of this difficult pralaya period, a lot of confusion and commotion is expected to arise. Hence Rishis are equipping all to face these and sail through with minimum destruction.

Anchoring of New Energies

Anchoring of energies is one of the most important works taken up by the Lightworkers. This has facilitated many changes to take place on our Earth.

A lot of hard work is done at the astral level to bring down new energies from various sources to our Earth. These are further anchored by the Light workers at the physical level. In a number of places, blue energies have been anchored, as a result of which the pralaya period could be compressed and the beginning of the Light age, pre-phoned.

The newly anchored energies have reduced the strength of the dark forces. They have resulted in an intense churning at the individual as well as global levels, exposing many unethical and corrupt practices. They have healed many wounds of Mother Earth and nurtured her. They have helped the various places to open up to the new changes and given opportunities for all individuals to change and let go of the old ways of the previous age.

These energies bring higher knowledge and wisdom with them. They help us understand God and His creation better. With their help, we can access other sources like the Second Sun, Photon Belt and various manifested Universes and also understand how to use the energies from these sources.

The anchoring of these energies plays an important role in our movement into the New Light age because, they create a base upon which further developments can occur. They facilitate the transformation of our systems into Light bodies.

More information about these light bodies will be explained further in this series.

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Image Courtesy – the-universal-link.com

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  • Mash2811 says:

    I have gone thru the website.. amazing, simple clarified view of the past, present and future happenings, validated by Rishis of the highest order… with their valuable insights and activites in details.. wow.. superb work… looking forward to more revelations… keep up the good sharing at the earliest, before the events so that we can also participate.. as needed.

    I would like to take up some Light work…can we request the rishis personally or u are chosen to do it ?

    Also, since u mentioned many souls have landed from other universes.. are they Mayans, Atlantis, Plaedians or Andromeda galaxy.. where are they from. .what are they doing and how do they help us ?

  • zerodtkjoe says:

    Thanks for the info

  • Gopi says:

    Let positive energies rule the world.

    Praise the Lord.

  • Krishnamurthy Holla KR says:

    A very Rich Article with lots of insights!!
    Thanks for the post. Eagerly waiting for the next article 🙂

  • Sudarishi says:

    Dear VishwaAmara,

    Nice to read all the present changes happening. It gives a thrill to be living at these excited times.

    Could you also please explain about the “Mahabhoomi” which is 5 Crore Brahmanda Yojana distance from our Earth (Which is a part of the “Mahabhoomi” & Which ‘Varaha’ Avatara raised to present location). Will these earth changes affect the ‘Mahabhoomi’ too.

    With Loving Humbleness,

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