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Technique for Kama Dahana

The Arishadvargas are the self centred characters in the individual. They are also described as the animalistic aspects present in the individual, as the human bodies evolved from the animal forms. From the spiritual view point, these characters are gross in nature and difficult to heal or overcome with Meditation directly. Hence the energies of these aspects have to be consciously removed from the system. Kama Dahana is a practice through which we remove the energies of each of these aspects from the system and transmute them. The technique for Kama Dahana is as follows —


• Face North-East

• Practice 7 Rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light.

• Then, we invoke the God of Fire to help us in burning and transmuting these gross energies.

Imagine a homa kunda in front of you. Repeat the mantra “Om Agni Devaya Namaha” silently for three times and imagine a fire present in the homa kunda. Pray to the Fire to help you in transmuting the negativities.

• Then imagine each of the following characters mentioned, one by one. Gather them as black energies in front of you for about 3 minutes each and then put it into the fire and imagine them to be getting burnt.

The aspects to be burnt are —

1.    Kama – Lust
This aspect deals with Lust and the perversions in the individuals.

2.    Krodha – Anger, Rage and Fury
In this aspect, we deal with the energies of anger which is present within us. It also helps to remove the energies of hatred and revenge.

3.    Lobha – Greed and Miserliness
Other than the aspects of greed and miserliness, we also deal with lack of contentment and the inability to manifest abundance.

4.    Moha – Attachment and Possessiveness
Through this aspect, we overcome our attachments and the possessive nature within.

5.    Madha – Arrogance
Arrogance and Anger are related to each other as one camouflages the other. The aspect of arrogance is dealt with.

6.    Matsarya – Jealousy
In this aspect, we deal with both envy and jealousy.

7. SvaPrashamsa – Self Praise
Though not a part of the Arishadvargas, the energies of this aspect is difficult to sublimate directly and requires to be consciously removed from the system. Swashlaga deals with the individual seeking praise and attention, non-humility and the dominant ‘I’ aspect of the individual.

• Then practice this technique of meditation —

Imagine an abundance of Fluorescent Green Light coming from above and filling you completely. Keep experiencing the Light and repeat the mantra “Om Pranama Prakasha Brahmaya Namaha” silently. Practice for 12 minutes, upto 24 minutes.

• Finally thank the God of Fire and the Rishis and close your Meditation.