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The Workshops are devised to benefit everyone pursuing their Spirituality. Depending on the individual’s spiritual level, the benefits could range from better health and clearing of karmas to the higher benefits like the activation of Inner Faculties and experiencing Spiritual Realities.

The techniques practiced in the workshop will involve using Light and new Energies which are of a stronger spiritual frequency. The Rishis have been experimenting on many new energies for the past year and they have devised these techniques.

The workshop also helps the individuals to cope up with the present transition and the process of Pralaya easily.

These workshops will benefit the students of VishwaAmara and the individuals who are pursuing their own spiritual progress independently. The techniques, if practiced sincerely and regularly after the workshop will help the individuals immensely and accelerate their spiritual growth.


The various modules of the workshop are designed to boost and strengthen the spiritual progress of every individual. The different levels are progressive and they will ultimately help the individual in attaining Perfection and Enlightenment.

We will be conducting workshops on the following modules periodically

The Different Levels of Workshop

Level 1 – Introduction to Meditation and Spirituality
Level 2 – Cleansing and Balancing of the System
Level 3 – Inner Healing
Level 4 – Activation of Inner Faculties
Level 5 – Cleansing and Activation of DNA (3 Modules)
Level 6 – Light Body and Awakening
Level 7 – Experiencing Higher Spiritual Realities (5 modules)

The announcements regarding the schedule and location will be made regularly on the website. Check this link to see the latest announcements. You can also email us to be kept informed. 

For any further queries please email us at workshop@vishwaamara.com

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