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Techniques for Daily Issues

Follow are the properties of different colours of Light and the ways we can use them to help us in our daily living.

Bright-Golden Light

Golden Light is the go-to Light. We use this Light to experience God.

Bright-Golden Light can also be used to strengthen any intention or projects, to sharpen our Intuition, for Lighting the House, Lighting ourselves etc.

The best way to take the help of Golden Light is to keep imagining the Light within you and experience it. This can be done throughout the day. Connect to it often. It will help you immensely.

Dark-Navy Blue Light

Note – All parts of the colour of the Light are important. Navy-Blue itself may be a dark Blue colour, but the frequency of dark-Navy Blue colour is different from Navy Blue colour.

This is a magic Light and is a gift from Lord MahaVishnu to humanity, to deal with the present period.

This Light has a wide range of applications from healing to solving issues. We can also use this to clear our blocks, suffocation, and pain of any kind.

Dark-Navy Blue Light can also be used for Self-Lighting. The more we fill ourselves with the Light and keep experiencing, we get healed, we gain clarity in our thoughts and actions, as well as witness improvements in our behaviour.

The Light also is very effective when used to heal situations, problems, and the toughness of life.

Whenever you use the Light, practice with faith and respect.


There is no specific direction or duration for this technique. 

First mentally imagine the situation or aspect that is bothering you.

Then imagine a lot of dark-Navy Blue Light coming from above and filling you. Then send the Light to the situation that you are healing. Keep practising this till you feel lighter.

There is no mantra.

Practice the technique regularly till the issue gets resolved.

Orange Light

This is a special Light from Lord SuryaNarayana. It is immensely powerful, especially in the present pandemic times.

Use the Light to energize the food and water before having it. You can also energize anything else you consume, medicines for example.

This Light is also a very effective shield. This shield can protect against bacteria and viruses, including Covid. (As always with all techniques, the more regular and sincere you are with it, the more effective are the results)

For protection from Covid and recovery (in case you get infected), you can practice the following technique


Begin with 3 rounds of Pranayama with Orange Light

Pray to Lord SuryaNarayana and for protection and healing.

After this, imagine a lot of Reddish-Orange Light coming from Lord SuryaNarayana and filling you. Experience for a couple of minutes.

Then imagine the Light to spread and form a globe of Reddish-Orange Light around you. This globe of Light will shield and protect. Keep experiencing this.

Repeat the mantra “Om Suryayai, Neela Brahmaya Namaha”.

Dark-Pink Light

The colour of Light is primarily from Goddess Adi Shakti. As humanity, we are blessed to be able to receive this Light. This Light aids us in various areas. In the present times, dark-Pink Light also contains the energies of Goddess Santoshi Devi, the Goddess of healing.

Dark-Pink Light is usually used for healing, nurturing, and protection. It also protects the individual from spirits or other unwanted forces.

You can imagine this Light within you and experience. It is more effective when you sit and practice it as meditation.


Face North
Duration – 12 to 24 minutes

First, express your love and gratitude to Goddess Adi Shakti and to Goddess Santoshi Devi.

Then imagine an abundance of dark-Pink Light coming from both of them and allow this to fill yourself completely. Experience for some time.

Then imagine the Light to spread and form a globe of dark-Pink Light around you.

Keep experiencing this and repeat the mantra “Om Adi Shakti Deviyai Namaha” silently.

Green Light

This Light is used to deal with the issues of the Mind – relief from stress and anxiety, to experiencing mental peace, calmness, compassion, and joy.

This Light also helps individuals who are having issues relating to their lungs and breathing problems.

The following technique can be practiced to deal with the above issues


Face East
Duration – 15 minutes.

Imagine a lot of bright-Green Light coming from above and imagine it to fill your brain. Experience for some time.

Then extend the same Light to fill your entire chest region. Keep experiencing till you feel better, recovered, and feel hopeful.

Repeat the mantra “Om Annamayi Brahmaya Namaha” silently.