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Earth Changes part 5 – The Changes at the Individual Level

Submitted by on November 8, 2010 – 18 Comments

Image Courtesy - Soluntra King

We experience Life around us through our senses. Our emoting and thinking faculties further enable us to process this experience and create meaning out of it. The quality of our living depends not only on the external circumstances but also on our ability to understand and make sense of these circumstances. Life would be meaningless and ordinary even in a heavenly place, if we lack the capacity to perceive such an experience.

As we’ve understood so far, we as a species have arrived at a threshold point, a cross-over stage where we take the next step in evolution and break into a new way of living. We’ll be leaving behind the norms and rules of the dark ages that we were accustomed to and step into a Golden Age — the era of Truth, Peace and Love. Humanity will live in total harmony with Nature, Life and Existence while reaching extraordinary heights in material and spiritual accomplishments. It’s no less a utopia, where humans live like Gods.

Such a divine life cannot be experienced with our existing system of body, mind and intellect, which is still attuned to the ways of the previous age.  As we advance into the New Age, this human system will be overhauled and upgraded to suit the requirements of a new environment. New faculties and gadgets will be fitted into our system to help us lead a life, which will be totally different from our current way of living.

This article explains all these changes that are expected to occur at the individual level. Let us remember that these are the decisions taken by the Rishis and the Supreme Intelligence, at this point in time. As the experimentation processes continue, these ideas will also evolve and further changes may be incorporated.

Our System

We are Souls — sparks of divine light, covered by five koshas or sheaths. These sheaths help us to survive and live on this Earth and also experience the diversity in creation that has been manifested on this planet. The Soul is covered by the ‘Anandamaya Kosha’ or Spiritual body filled with bliss. This sheath is further covered by another sheath, the Intellect, filled with intellect matter. This is further encased in the Mind, which is filled with mind matter. The Physical body which houses all these sheaths is the most gross among these bodies. It is permeated by the Vital body which provides the life-force for the physical body. These five bodies together form the Human system in which the Soul lives.

God brought forth this Creation and filled it with diversity in order to give an amazing and memorable experience of Human life to the Soul. The Sheaths that cover the Soul help it to have this experience. They also impose a lot of limitations on the Soul, which by nature is pure and divine and has unlimited capacities to know and experience existence. The characteristics and limitations of these sheaths or bodies also vary from one Yuga to another. These bodies will be in their purest and most efficient forms in Satya Yuga.

This Light Age is unique because of the new experimentation that’s been initiated as explained earlier. To suit the way of living in the New Light Age, all of our bodies will be enhanced and upgraded like never before. The limitations which are imposed by our bodies will be minimised so that the Soul can express more of its potential. The new Human System on this Earth will be the best in the entire Material Cosmos for the Soul to occupy and experience Life.

The Changes

Human population on this Earth will reduce drastically as we move closer to Satya Yuga. Only those who are eligible for the New Light Age will be allowed to stay on this Earth. Many others will be shifted to the Seven Earths where they go through the transformation processes to become eligible for Satya Yuga on this Earth. And a few others will move to other parts of Creation to assist the experimentation process.

Those who pass through the pralaya period will find themselves in an entirely new world, one that is unimaginable from our current perspective. That world will be divine in every aspect, full of peace, abundance and joy where Humanity lives in total attunement with the Supreme Intelligence. Many of our faculties like Telepathy, Teleportation, 3rd Eye will function effortlessly, as enlightenment becomes our default state of Living.

Our present human bodies, which were basically designed for the dark ages, cannot help us live and experience Life in that Era. Hence many changes will be implemented in the various bodies of these individuals so that they can fully adapt to the new way of life.

Any transformation will take effect gradually so as to not upset the balance. All these changes will not be effective immediately once we enter the New Light Age in 2018 but will take a natural course of time. It would take nearly 20 years for all of these changes to fully manifest, hence we would be able to witness these transformations around 2038-40.

Changes in the Soul

A Soul is a speck of Light which emerged from the Ocean of Light (God). The quantity of Light in the Soul can be increased through Tapas and Spiritual progress. It is this Light that primarily shines through the Spiritual Masters.

Hence in the new experimentation, the transformation process begins right from who we are. With humanity waking up to new realities, the Souls will be given additional Light.

The Rishis have so far finalised to add a lot of Blue Light from Mula Brahman to all the Souls who will take birth on this Earth from this Light Age onwards. This Light will be visible to anyone directly. The size of the Soul, which is just a speck now, is expected to be about 3 inches in diameter after this.

Changes in the Spiritual Body

The Spiritual Body or the Anandamaya Kosha houses the Soul. It also contains the atmosphere and energies of the Source from where the Soul originated. It is about the size of the fist, located at the mid-chest region.

As the Soul will be enhanced with additional Light, this sheath will also be improved to hold extra Light and energies. The size will be increased to about a feet in diameter. More intelligence will also be added to this sheath.

This body will also contain Light and Energies from — Mula Brahman, the Source of the Soul and energies from the Manifested universes (16 positive Universes out of the 20).

Changes in the Intellect

This Kosha will retain many of its original properties. It will be tuned to aid better Intuitive understanding.

More energies from its source – Devi loka will be added to the Intellectual sheath. To assist the new way of living in this Light age, a lot of energies from the Unmanifested Universes will be incorporated in the Intellectual sheath.

Changes in the Mind

The Mind or the mental sheath is created in Brahma Loka and is filled with mind matter, the atmosphere of Brahma Loka. The Souls which take birth in the new Light Age will be fitted with new Minds which are enhanced with additional mind matter. Yet many of its characteristics like the three layers will be retained.

The Mind also has various energy centres, called as Chakras, which are gadgets that the Soul has received from the Higher Lokas in the Material Cosmos. These Chakras, apart from carrying the energies from the respective higher lokas also act as entry points to those worlds. Since the concept of Lokas in the Material Cosmos is being eventually removed, the new minds will henceforth not have any chakras.

Changes in the Vital Body

The Vital body or the Pranamaya Kosha which permeates the physical body comes from the Sun. It contains nadis or tube like structures which carry energies, mainly Pranas from the Sun, which sustain the physical body.

This sheath will be majorly overhauled for the new Souls which take birth in the Light Age. The new Vital bodies will henceforth be manufactured with the energies from both the Sun and the Second Sun.

The number of nadis will double from the existing 72,000 to 1,44,000. At present, every individual has a dormant energy known as Kundalini, which when activated by Spiritual practices or increasing purity levels, will flow through one of the main nadis. In the enhanced Vital body, the active Kundalini energy will flow through all the nadis. The Kundalini energy will interact with other energies and vitalize the system.

New Kundalini Energy

In the Light Age, the Kundalini energy will play an important role in the individual’s life. A special team of Rishis is working on developing a new Kundalini energy that is suitable for the new Light bodies.

At present, there are 72 types of Kundalini. In the New Light Age there will be only 36 types, which are entirely new, and which, in human vocabulary can be termed as generators of Light.

The Kundalini energies also receive and store higher energies. Every time an individual progresses spiritually, the Kundalini energies, with the permission of the Rishis, pump more energies into the individual, thus enabling him to receive and gather higher energies and knowledge. Those who are spiritually highly advanced will always feel a special vibration because of these energies.

Many more modifications will be made in the Kundalini energy from this Light Age onwards. The Rishis are yet to reveal those details.

Changes in the Astral Body

The astral body is the combination of the Mind, Intellect and the Spiritual body. Although it is only a combination, this body has its own intelligence and functions. This part of the human system is also undergoing many revisions and changes.

Vasishtha Maharshi has used a lot of Light and redesigned it. A number of tests are still in progress to observe the overall functioning of this new astral body.

The Rishis want to integrate the astral body with the Light body in its functioning and capacities. As of now, they have decided to make this integration in the first 3 phases of the Light Age. In the other 4 phases, there will be a little separation between these two bodies.

In the New Light Age, the concept of a human Guru will become totally obsolete, and there will be no Guru to guide the individuals on their spiritual journey. Every individual needs to have a direct contact with the Rishis and God. To facilitate this, the astral body is being equipped to have contact with Light at all times. This also helps to keep the ego out and bring in a lot of Spiritual maturity in the individual.

Changes in the physical body

In the near future, our physical bodies will transmute to become Light bodies, with each cell having the capacity to hold Light. These Light bodies will have differences in genders, being classified as male and female. Many of the current body features will be revised. Both the sexes will have long hair and, with similar physical strength and stamina, neither gender will dominate the other.  Both male and female bodies will be very strong, healthy and disease-free.

The system of digestion will be replaced with a new system which facilitates the absorption of pranas which are gathered through the new Plants. Meat consumption, smoking and alcohol intake will not exist.

At present, our brains are wired for logical reasoning and analysis. In future, they will be rewired and tuned for more of intuitive grasping, telepathic communication and communion with Rishis and God. Many of our dormant faculties will be activated and restored as many new ones will be fitted into us. We will be able to teleport and travel to different solar systems in our Material Cosmos.

In the earlier Light ages, the individuals could live in their Light bodies for 20,000 years and then move on to another planet where the conditions of Light age existed. There was no birth and death in the earlier Light ages. Since the Light age is going to be established permanently on our Earth, this law has been revised. There will be birth and death henceforth even in the Light age.

The means of reproduction will be different henceforth. It will not be through sexual intercourse but through other higher methods. After birth, the individuals mature into adults within 3 years and continue to live in their Light bodies up to 250 years. There will be a very gradual aging in the Light body, but at all times, the individual will be fit and healthy and will function at his full potential.

The individuals in Light bodies will wear clothes contrary to popular belief. These clothes will be made up of natural fibres only.

The Light bodies will be very tall compared to our current physical bodies. They’ll be almost 25-40 feet tall, with proportionate weight and other properties. This growth in size of the physical body will be reflected everywhere in nature also, with the plants, trees, birds and insects all taking up bigger physical bodies.

The Rishis explain the reason for such a large physical body, saying that, when purity increases everything grows big in size. This has been the law in the Light age so far, which will continue. A larger body will be able to live longer and have more potential in it. It can also hold more energies and Light. Many new enzymes and hormones will be produced which require a larger physical body.  And more gadgets and faculties can be fixed in this body because of its size.

Faculties in the new Light Body

The human system is gifted with a number of faculties to experience Life and Creation in all its variety and glory. But many of these faculties have become dormant because of the excessive experiences, or karmas gathered by the Souls over the course of millions of life-times. Also, when humanity passes through the dark ages, a number of faculties become automatically shut off, only to become active again in the Light age.

These faculties will be restored and re-activated as humanity enters the Light age and as the purity levels increase in the individuals. Also, as a part of the experimentation process, the Rishis have created additional faculties for the Light body, to expand and enhance the capacities of the individuals who live in the New Light age. They have so far finalised 18 new faculties that will be operative in the new Light body, 10 of which have been revealed by them.

A number of these faculties will be used to research new knowledge, experiment with new energies and help in the advancement of both the material and spiritual fields.

♦ Higher 3rd Eye

We are aware of the concept of 3rd Eye. This faculty is present in our Soul and has layers in all the other Koshas. It is used to perceive new knowledge.

The Higher 3rd eye faculty which will be present in the new system, will also have a thin chord like structure attached to it. This chord acts like an antennae which can receive and send information with more efficiency.

The chord also has the ability to stretch and go anywhere in Creation. This will increase the capacity of the 3rd Eye to gather new knowledge.

Light Scintillating tubes

This special faculty stretches from the chest to the forehead in the Light body. It has various functions. One of the main functions of this faculty is in helping an individual connect with others, and always have a sense of Unity and Oneness with everyone.

Spiral Transportation

This is an advanced form of teleportation. Through this faculty an individual will be able to teleport even to other galaxies, but within the Material Cosmos. This will mainly be used for the purpose of divine work.

Red eye tubes

This faculty will function like a detector of energies in an individual. Its location will be in the hind portion of the neck.  This faculty detects the new energies that an individual receives and will gather and process the information from those energies.

Hair cells

This faculty will be situated in the hairs of the Light body. It takes care of the individual’s health, prevents diseases and maintains the vitality in the system.

In cases of emergency, these cells produce a special liquid called as via-ginara, which can heal wounds, repair severe damages in the body and heal the person.

Oval Sigmal Code Faculty

This faculty will be present in the stomach region and can function on its own. This keeps generating new energies for the individual. These energies help the individual to experience the entire Creation, which is the basic requisite of the Light body.

Advanced telepathy

As the name suggests, this faculty helps not only in a one to one communication, but also in interacting with many at the same time. It also enhances the quality of understanding during such a communication.

Kundalini Chords

Tail Chord tubes

The individual may be subject to various negative energies during his research and experiements. Small traces of negativity may also surface in the individual due to the limitations of the physical body. This faculty will help churn out any negativity present in the Light body and makes sure that the pristine pure state is always maintained.

Light Dominance Intuition faculty

General activity of an individual in the Light Age

The Light Age is not a replacement for heaven so that an individual can have only pleasant experiences. It’s an age of purity, oneness and love, with immense opportunities for growth, advancements and accomplishments. The details of such an advanced life are too numerous and complex, with most of the information being yet to be revealed by the Rishis. The following account gives a general idea of the activities of individuals in this New age.

Human beings will live together in joint families, comprising of 8-12 members. Initially they’ll undergo a higher training to live in oneness and harmony with the entire world. Only large families will exist in the Light age.

Work and Sadhana will be given equal time and importance.  The individuals will be engaged in some or the other activity all the time. The Light body doesn’t require sleep, hence this gives them sufficient time to balance their roles and engage in diverse activities.

The individuals link up to the Sun for 2 hours every day, to recharge the entire system and keep all the faculties tuned. This will be for an hour at 6am and for another hour at 6pm. During this time, they also consume ‘food’, in the form of different fruits, but the main consumption will be Pranas that the system can easily absorb instead of having a process of digestion.

After the morning recharge, the individual will pursue the work of his choice. This could be some research or building a machine or an administrative work. Some can even choose to connect to Nature, learn and share things. Every activity that’s undertaken will have the goal of advancing the knowledge and benefitting the entire globe. There will be no selfish motives in these pursuits.

Some members of the family also stay at home to take care of the house.

The time between 12 noon to 3 pm is for meditations for everyone. This is mainly for individual sadhana and growth. Many new realities are opening up; hence this time will be dedicated to experience them and also make individual spiritual progress.

After meditations, there will be various activities until 6 pm, where people share their knowledge and energies with each other. This is also the time where barter of different goods takes place. People attend different classes to learn new things they’re interested in.

Between 6 and 7 in the evening, people once again link up to the Sun to recharge themselves. They also consume food rich in pranas to sustain their bodies. After this, they complete the day’s pending work up to midnight 12. This is also the time for them to interact with the other family members.

The time between midnight to early morning 6 is utilized in meditations. This session is not for individual sadhana but mainly to explore the Spiritual realms. New energies and knowledge are brought down to be experimented upon. Sharing of spiritual knowledge and wisdom also occurs in this duration.

This is a general understanding of the way of life in the New Age. The specifics may vary from one individual to another. Many more details about various aspects of this life are yet to be revealed by the Rishis.


The changes done at the individual level is one of the most remarkable and challenging aspect of this huge experimentation process. All creation and manifestation is brought forth so that the Soul can experience and perceive all of this. The bodies and faculties which help the Soul in this perception are very important tools, hence their upgradation and enhancement is one of the most important tasks in this whole new experiment.

With these enhanced human systems, every individual on this Earth will have direct links with the Rishis and God. Man will scale great heights of progress in all fields, both material and spiritual, with advancements and accomplishments that defy all imagination. Life will be full of peace and harmony without a trace of evil, suffering or pain — a kingdom of God where truth, justice and love always prevail.

This glimpse into the future should inspire us to accelerate our efforts in overcoming our negativities and aligning with our inherent divinity.  It also prepares us at all levels for the way of life in the New Age. This is a part of the training that the Rishis have started, to prepare us enter the New Age.

♦       ♦       ♦

Note: The Earth Changes Series concludes with this article. The Next article series will explore the finer details of our new Light bodies.

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  • Chethana S says:

    Really a mind-blowing article. Cannot be expressed in words what I am feeling after reading all the information about light age in your website. Really waiting very eagerly for it. You gave a new hope for us kind of people who live in a righteous way with truth, love & peace. Really I didn’t get so much of information anywhere. Thank u so much for ur articles. I am very grateful to you for ur effort in making aware of these things. Once again thanks a lot.

  • mohit says:

    I though find your site and stuff written very interesting but some how dont find it true…. call it my quest for truth ….. i hv been reading searching over internet and everyone seems to have a different theory all togather even thou everyone believe in 1 god.

    can u share how can i experience the TRUTH as truth can only be 1 we cant have truth for 1person diff from another


    • VishwaAmara says:

      @mohit –

      One description of God is that he is Light. There is a technique mentioned in our book “Communing with Light” about experiencing Light. You can practice that. As you experience more, you will be able to experience the Truths’ that you are after.

  • Sonali says:

    After the death of Light Body that is after 250 years of Light body. What will happen to that soul? Where will it go?

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @Sonali –
      The astral body will get disconnected from the physical body (light body) and then go on its further course. It could be taking birth again elsewhere or attain Mukti.

  • SIRISHA says:

    Dear Vishwaamara,
    Thank you very much for your valid information
    Very excellent information provided sir.
    Thank you very much once again. Can you please tell me the food to be consumed by the individuals to transform every cell in their body into light.

  • Ninad Phatak says:

    I have a small querry regarding life in new Light age.
    Will there be concept of money and commerce in new age?Or are these concepts of only kali yuga?Please throw light on this.

    • Vishwa Amara says:

      @Ninad –
      Primarily people will share their things and live as a large family. Many interactions will be based on a barter kind of system. There will be some circumstances where Diamonds and gold will be used as a monetary measure.

  • Jith says:

    I have to believe all these…bcoz what you peoples
    told about the already existing things are soo true.

    Eg : In this article a mentioning about Soul..,
    that a Soul lies inside our physical heart.

    I had dispute with some of my spiritual
    friends regarding the position of soul inside
    a human body.
    I argue with them that it lies inside our heart but
    some disagree .
    Also the mentioning of different lokas in this site, that’s
    all 100% true.

    So I have to belive the rest of the things that
    tells us about our future.. .too

    Thanks dear Team


    • Vishwa Amara says:

      @Jith –
      The Soul resides inside the Spiritual body or the Anandamaya Kosha which is also sometime referred to as the Spiritual heart. It is not inside the physical heart.

      With respect to the physical body, the Spiritual Body is in the centre of the chest region.

  • dhanashree says:

    could you please explain what is meant by adding more light to a soul? isnt a soul made in the image of God and hence perfect?

    • Vishwa Amara says:

      @ Dhanashree –
      Soul is perfect no doubt. Here we are referring to the quantity of Light that defines the Soul. Normally, so far, a Soul is just a small speck of Light. This will increase to the size of about 3 inches in future, which will give more potential and capacities.

  • Bhavesh says:

    but why to make another world?!!… 🙁 …..why not just give MOKSHA to all souls by passing them through necessary processes!!!……

    again the same thing will go on!!….still mind will be there!!…..still souls will have to do the things which ultimately are of no use…..then why not give moksha to all???

  • dhanashree says:

    the article is really a treasure of new knowledge! amazing to read about how the day’s activities will be in the light age

  • Archana says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful information.

    It’s nice to know that humans will become like supermen in the near future.
    Waiting for more of such knowledge from the Rishis.


  • Ninad Phatak says:

    Respected kavithaji
    Once again a totally wonderful article.I wonder what words I should choose to appreciate the knowledge you are sharing with everyone.All I can say that YOU are wonderful gift of Rishis to mankind to motivate them for a truly high life.Once again thanx a lot for the article.It is truly inspiring and motivating to take up life with spiritual priorities.
    Currently everywhere around us so much Kali yuga is prevailing,sometimes one really feels discouraged to live a righteous life, but your article gives hope that this is the darkest hour before dawn and soon way of Dharma will shine in this world.

  • Saleel. says:

    Dear Respected Kavitha and Karthik,

    As I came to know that generally every weekend new notes from Rishis, a new article is presented. I was anxiously waiting for this current weekend to read new article with the thirst of pure knowledge. After reading this, feels like I had been to such a world of light age and came back. Most interesting part is, the detailed explanation of schedule of the day in light age.

    Many times when I use to contemplate, in comparison with today’s life; how life will be in Light Age, in terms of daily time table, work, profession, spiritual practices. But I got most of the answers from this notes. This knowledge one won’t get in any of the old spiritual literatures. Though that is also from ancient times of Rishis, but here the important part is wonderful new updates and amendments about many things.

    After age of 250 years, what would be further? So what can we take as a rough life span of an individual? The 10 Faculties which have been revealed are superb, I get so motivated after reading about it, feels like I have to work very hard and be deserving to get this wonderful gifts, which is surely an key to the source of knowledge in light age which is not so far.

    Will wait for more information and more updates.
    I would like to tell you, The topics are chosen very wonderful.
    A normal person may not value so much treasure of knowledge, but a meditator surely knows its value.

    Thank You for helping me/us to have a mental vision of light age.

    With Respect,

  • Sudarishi says:

    Dear VishwaAmara Team,

    Such a wonderful information… I’m feeling elated with the amount of information being allowed, for the benefit of Humanity by the Rishis. All the readers can feel the Love & Care infused by the Rishis in every step.

    When i reached the part where the following topic is being unravelled…

    I was reminded of the movie “AVATAR” and some of the features that are described in this article give fair amount of Idea presented therein!!!

    There are lots of queries that are pouring into my head right now, but I wait with eagerness to let the mystery unravel by itself in the upcoming articles.

    With Loving Humbleness,

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