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Earth Changes part 2: The Physical Changes on Planet Earth

Submitted by on September 27, 2010 – 4 Comments

Image courtesy : Helene Kippert

Our Earth constantly undergoes many changes at all levels including the physical level. Most of these changes occur so slowly from the human perspective that they’re hardly noticeable and hence appear negligible. The continental drift is one such example, where most of the present continents were all clustered together near the poles, millions of years ago and then began to drift away from each other. This drift continues even to this day, with the landmasses moving at the rate of a few millimetres per year.

Some changes are more dramatic and happen relatively quickly at the turn of Yugas, or during events like Galactic alignments or entry into the Photon Belt. Within a short period, the landscapes and waterbodies shift, entire species go extinct and new lifeforms appear and thrive. Even the weather patterns change and our Earth goes through extreme conditions like the Ice age for thousands of years. Many of these changes are induced by the Higher Intelligence as a part of the transformational processes, as opposed to the natural earth changes that occur over a longer period.We’re in the middle of such an Earth change where many dramatic transformations have been initiated to sail us through to a New Age. These processes began in 1987, with the advent of Pralaya. Most of them happened slowly and were still in their infancy. A major boost was given to these Earth Change processes on 1st January 2007 and since then, the pace of transformation has increased. This will accelerate in the coming years, culminating in 2018 when we fully enter the New age of Light.

Why these Changes?

Freewill is a basic principle of God’s Creation where nothing is imposed on anyone. This Earth is presently in a transition from the Dark Age to a Light Age. Those who wish to continue to live on this Earth in the Light age will have tune to the higher vibrations, mainly the vibrations of Purity. The Physical Earth changes that are occurring now are designed to help humanity open up, transform and tune to the higher vibrations. If they do not change, then they will not be able to live here.

A lot of hype is being built around an apocalypse happening, about life coming to an end on this Earth very shortly. It is not true. This Transformation phase is about a new beginning, a new life – the Light Age. Life does not end with this; only those who harbour negativites and darkness will perish. This new phase was to begin from 21st December 2012, but due to various factors, it has presently been postponed to mid – 2015. (For more, read 2012 Postponed)

The Coming Earth Changes

Many of these changes are first initiated at the astral level by the Rishis and the Light-workers. They manifest at the physical level later. The following sections give a brief glimpse of the physical changes that are occurring now on our Earth.

Natural Disasters and Calamities

Hardly a day goes by when we do not read about a major Natural calamity in some part of the world. These disasters have increased sharply over the past few years. Tsunamis, cyclonic hurricanes and floods have ravaged several parts of the world, while famines and earthquakes have claimed lives and livelihood in other parts. There is a sharp increase in seismic activity all over the globe. Many dormant volcanoes are becoming active. Some places have witnessed snowfall for the first time while there are unusual weather patterns like acid rains and cloudbursts.

All these are part of the churning processes which take us towards the New age. These play an important role in the individual transformations. In the face of calamities and disasters, the artificial securities of money and power collapse — the rich and poor, powerful and commoners are all rendered equally helpless. These events corner people and make them realise the transient nature of many things that they consider valuable in their otherwise comfortable existence.

In their helplessness, many turn to God or turn inwards to re-evaluate their priorities. This is when they start to open up. The Higher Intelligence which monitors these processes will help by providing new energies and educates the individual at a different level, to pass through the situation.

And if a person is transformed and tuned to divine will, he will not be affected by any of these calamities. Even if he is in the middle of a flood or an earthquake, he’ll pass through it very easily.

Such calamities also bring out the goodness that’s inherent in everyone. A lot of unity and sharing can be witnessed among those who’re affected by these events. The events also bring out more love and accommodation in them. Many times, the warring nations forget their differences and extend a helping hand to each other in the face of natural disasters.

These calamities also play an important role in destroying Evil. Many places on Earth harbour dark forces like terrorist organizations and drug cartels. The destruction occurring in such places wipes them out and helps in removing the negative forces from our Earth. Such activities will increase in the coming years.

Geographic Changes

A lot of changes are expected in the geographical structure of Earth in the coming years. With the increase in global warming and melting snow caps at the the poles, many areas at sea-level might be submerged while new land forms may rise. There’s a possibility of the Himalayan Mountain range going under an ocean. All these will occur much later.

Our Earth has gone through the Ice Age many times and right now, we’re at the brink of such an event. The main reason for this event is to destroy many areas which have a lot of dark energies.

This process will most likely be initiated in the period between 2015 and 2018, by which time, most of humanity would’ve chosen the Light Age, and hence can go through this period with less impact. In the regions between the poles and the Tropics (North pole and Tropic of Cancer, South pole and Tropic of Capricorn), the warm and cold ocean currents will reverse direction. As a result, those areas will completely be covered with Ice.

With the upper and lower portions of the globe filled with ice, Life will exist only in the central equatorial belt region of our Earth! The duration of this Ice Age is not yet revealed at this point in time.

Increase in the Size of the Earth

The Rishis completed a major work during the equinox on 23rd September 2010. The work was to increase the size of Earth. The size at the equator increased by 2 centimeters!

A mere 2 centimeters might look very insignificant compared to the actual diameter of thousands of miles. But this has very important effects for our planet. This expansion in size at the equator has created a new small energy field. This energy field will initiate a number of churning processes on our Earth.

We’ve been witnessing major exposure of corruption and greed across various fields in recent times. This new energy field will strengthen and hasten up these processes. Until now, it was difficult to stand up against the corrupt systems, and hence many individuals had become a part of those systems. Now with the strengthening of these processes, we will be able to resist corruption and other vices in these systems and in course of time, will overcome them. Such a purification will naturally bring more peace to Humanity.

The exposure of false prophets will increase in the days to come, as they’ll not be able to hold the new energies that are flooding in. Those businesses and practices which are unethical will also get affected and eventually collapse.

The increase in diameter also facilitates more destruction in places where darkness exists. There will be many changes in weather patterns. It also helps in the anchoring of newer energies. These energies are of a higher spiritual vibration and they help in the surfacing of negativities in individuals, systems, groups and nations. These negativities, which were suppressed and undetected are brought to the fore-front so that one can deal with them and outgrow them.

An important development that has happened because of the increase in diameter is the introduction of a balance in the Pralaya processes. On one hand, the processes of churning, tests and cornering will intensify and at the same time, a lot of healing and growth is also supported by these new changes. This creates a better balance in the overall transformational work across the globe.

The Magnetic and Geographic pole shift

A number of events are expected to happen in 2012 at the Cosmic levels (as explained in Earth Changes part 1 article). As a result of these, the Earth’s geographic poles may get interchanged. The other speculation is that our Earth will stand still for 3 days, starting from 21st December 2012 and will begin to rotate in the reverse direction (clockwise) after that.

These events are only possibilities and their occurrence isn’t decided as yet. Such events will lead to very drastic changes and destruction. Hence their occurrence depends on the spiritual condition of Humanity as a whole. If a majority of Humanity is able to choose the righteous way of life, such drastic changes may not be required. But if we continue with our old way of life, then these may be allowed to happen.

At present, the Higher Intelligence has decided to allow many of these events to occur only after 2020, when we’ll be fully into the New Light Age. By that time we’ll be spiritually evolved and will not be affected by any destruction that may be caused by these events.

The Magnetic poles will not flip completely. A small change of just half a degree in the orientation of Earth’s magnetic field itself leads to very great changes. Like the geographic pole shift, the magnetic pole shift also depends on the transformation of Humanity. More information about this will be covered in the next article in this series—‘The Energy grids of Earth’.

Solar Flares

Solar flares are sudden and intense bursts of energy from the Sun’s surface caused due to the variation in Sun’s magnetic field. When these occur, a large amount of matter, intense magnetic fields and other radiations are ejected into space. These activities normally follow a 11 year cycle peaking at the end. Although these are generally harmless, an intense solar activity is observed every 150 years, which could have a strong impact on earth’s atmosphere and electromagnetic field.

Recently scientists have warned of intense solar flares in 2012-2013, which will be so high in magnitude that they can destroy the electrical grids and communication systems on Earth, thus bringing our modern life to a virtual stand-still. But since the Rishis have postponed many events that were scheduled to occur in that year, the exact year when these will occur is not yet decided. This decision will depend on the progress and transformation that Humanity makes leading upto that year.

When Solar flares occur, they bring in a lot of energies from the Sun. These are stored in the crystalline grids on our Earth, and later they spread slowly to the entire planet. Sometimes the souls from Suryaloka who want to take birth on our Earth, arrive along with these solar flares. The Energies of the Solar flares are of a higher frequency. When they hit our Earth, those with a lot of negativity or those who cannot tune to these energies will not be able to survive.

Also, when these energies hit our Earth in large quantities, as is speculated to happen in the next peak activity, the electromagnetic field will be severely disrupted, which will further collapse many man-made systems that depend on Electricity and Communication. At that time, the divine faculties like Telepathy will automatically get activated in us. It is for reasons like this, that we need to equip and become pure, so that these higher faculties can function in full efficiency at such times.

Schumann’s Resonance

Our Earth’s Electromagnetic field pulsates at a particular frequency between Earth’s surface and the outer layer of the atmosphere. This frequency is called as Schumann’s resonance. It’s also called as Gaia’s heartbeat. This was discovered by scientists when they observed that astronauts who spent extended time in outer space, away from the influence of these electromagnetic pulses, became distressed and disoriented.

The frequency of Schumann’s resonance was 7.8 Hz during the 5000 year period of Kali Yuga. It was increased slowly from 1987 as a result of which many Earth change processes were initiated. On 23rd September 2010 when the size of the Earth was increased, this resonance was increased to 15 Hz. It is expected to peak at 22.82 Hz when we reach the Light Age in 2018.

We are connected to Mother Earth through this vibration. It helps us to communicate with her. This frequency increases as we move into an age of higher values and purity. At that high frequency, the Earth will be able to hold newer energies and knowledge. It’ll also allow new souls from other Universes to take birth on this Earth.

The increased frequency of Schumann’s resonance also allows the suppressed negativities in individuals to surface. They help everyone to open up to higher realities. With a combination of other factors, they also help in sharpening of the inner faculties.
Gaia’s heartbeat is also influenced by external factors. When disasters — both natural and man-made occur, this heartbeat decreases. And every act of Love helps in increasing this vibration. Nature plays a very important role in keeping this heartbeat healthy. The love and unity present in Nature strengthens and keeps alive the resonance of Earth’s heartbeat. Nature’s love also heals Mother Earth periodically.

In the period between August 16th and 21st, Mother Earth received a lot of new Energies from the other Manifested Universes, which were anchored into Her. The Rishis say that She was so happy that Her heartbeat became very loud and many people across the world could hear her humming with joy!

Hastening up of Time

It’s a very common experience for anyone that time has really hastened up in the last few years. We don’t have time for anything these days. Although our watches clock the same 24 hours a day, we feel as if time runs by in an instant with days, weeks and months just slipping by.

This is because time has been compressed by the Rishis to help humanity sail through the transition phase very quickly. This very important process was initiated on 1st January 2000. Many Rishis surrounded our Earth at the astral level, passed on a lot of energies and allowed it to spin faster. Then the entire Milky Way Galaxy was made to rotate a little faster. All these processes helped in adjusting the time-globe of our Earth and the compression of time was achieved.

Vishwamitra Maharshi and the Saptarishis are in charge of this process and only they can control it. The compression of time was done in phases. In the beginning, time was reduced to 16 hours a day. Then it was slowly decreased to 14 hours, 12 hours and later on in smaller durations.

At present, time is compressed to the maximum possible duration, which is 8 hours a day of the original time!

The Rishis have observed so far that humans spend a lot of time in brooding over the past or in worrying over the problems they face. With the overall experimentation, they’ve decided to relax the pace of time after the Light Age is established. At present it has been decided that the pace of time will be about 12-15 hours a day of the original time, in Satya Yuga.

The compression of time helps in reducing the pain and suffering that humanity goes through because of the churning processes. Most importantly, individuals and places get healed quickly as time runs faster than earlier. The hastening of time has also brought in a sense of urgency in us to prepare for the Light Age. Else, humans are usually laidback and have a casual approach towards anything.

New Plants and Animals

. . . . . .Image Courtesy - Joshua Feinberg. . . . . .

Many wild animals may become extinct in the coming years. Newer species will arrive on our Planet. For these species to take birth, purity on Earth is required, hence they’ll arrive only after Satya yuga gets fully established. All life will be tuned to a higher state of consciousness.

The animals and birds in the New Age will be tame, soft-natured and will co-exist peacefully. They all will be herbivorous and will live harmoniously without killing one another.

The plants which are at the base of the food chain provide sustenance for all living beings on Earth at present. Initially, it was planned that in the Light Age, all living beings would receive Pranas directly from the Sun. However, on a little observation and experimentation, the Rishis discovered that this would result in very little diversity in life on our Earth and also, a lot of time and effort would be spent by humanity in absorbing pranas directly from the Sun. Hence these laws are being revised now.

The Plants will continue to gather pranas even in Satya Yuga, but they’ll gather them from the Second Sun. They will continue to provided the Pranas, like now through grains, vegetables and fruits to birds, animals and humans. The Human beings will have the capacitiy to absorb Pranas directly, but they will use this capacity only for higher purposes, without violating the laws of that time.
The newer, evolved species of Plants will be very intelligent. They’ll provide food only to those who’re humble and divine. Humans or animals with ego will not be able to take food from these plants. And if the plants develop an ego, they’ll get disconnected from the Second Sun and will perish.

The soil will be very rich in fertility and nutrients in the New age. An important work regarding this was done by Maharshi Amara in Dec 1975 when he was physically alive on this Earth. He had brought down a kumbha, a huge pot containing divine energies, and had anchored it deep down under Earth’s surface. This kumbha will begin to release its energies from 2015! The effects of these energies will make the soil very rich in fertility all over the world, to sustain the higher life of the New age.

Conclusion… the Seven Earths for those who do not transform!

Many of these physical changes on Earth have already been initiated and are bearing fruit. The processes will only intensify in the coming years as Mother Earth gets ready to step into a higher state of consciousness. The plants, animals, birds — Nature itself has already accepted the New Age in total surrender. The struggle and turmoil is mainly with humans who’re still grappling with the effects of the darkage which they’ve been accustomed to for such a long duration.

The New Light Age is not imposed on anyone on this Earth. Every individual has to choose it. All the Earth changes that are occurring now help us open up and make this choice. To continue living on this Earth, we have to choose the higher ways of living of the Light Age.

If we do not choose the Light age and continue the existence of the old ways of the dark age, then we will not be eligible to live on this Earth. There are other Earths which support the ways of the darkage and we will be shifted to these Earths. The Higher Intelligence has created Seven Earths for this purpose, which are currently at a subtler level just below our Solar system. All those souls who do not choose the Light Age and do not transform will be shifted to these Seven Earths. More about these Earths will be explained in a forthcoming article in the Earth Changes series.

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  • Riana says:

    This was a very awesome article. Well written and super interesting. It made me learn very much.

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    Wonderful Article! So many secrets been revealed! It makes me feel Joy while reading your articles and also reminds me the responsibilities that each one of us have for the smooth transition.

    Many Thanks for sharing these knowledge 🙂

  • Sudarishi says:

    Many wonderful truths have been so beautifully presented. Yet all this unfolding depends on ‘US’ the Humanity. If we choose Light Age, we Live to see the wonders of creation; if not then, the conclusive 7 earths under our Solar System.

    Reading this article many questions arise, yet We wait eagerly for the upcoming articles to present the Eternal Truths in such a simple & beautiful Language. Thanks to the efforts of Karthik & Kavitha to have made this available to the entire humanity.

    We humbly bow before the Supreme Rishis & their eternal Source – LIGHT and extend our thanks to Karthik & Kavitha for sharing with all of us.

    With Loving Humbleness

  • Shikha says:


    Wonderful article, so full of energies and light! I felt deeply touched and connected after reading how every act of love increases the vibrations of mother Earth! There are so many things to contemplate on, in this article, and again such rare knowledge! Deep gratitude for the Rishis! 🙂

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