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Anchoring Energies

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The Indian mythology tells the story of River Ganga, which was created by God to flow in the heavenly realms. A great sage brought down this river to our Earth to rid the sins of his fore-fathers and those of all subsequent generations of Humanity. This perennial river, on the banks of which an entire civilization flourished and continues to flourish, is still considered as sacred and holy by millions — a river which purifies one of all blemishes and negativities.

Many sages and workers have brought down such divine gifts from the heavens to our Earth, over eons of time. Most of these have descended in their purest form, as Energies, before being modified, developed and cultivated as ideas, inventions, knowledge, values and cultures. Though unrecorded and unknown to many, these unseen gifts from the divine have played great roles in our prosperity, evolution and spiritual growth.

This process of bringing down the Energies continues even to this day. The Anchoring of these Energies on our Earth assumes an all important role as we stand at the threshold point of entering into a New Age of Light.

What is Anchoring of Energies?

Anchoring is a process in which special, divine energies from various parts of the Universe are brought down and stored at different places on Earth. A part of this process also involves activating dormant energy fields and also replacing many old energies which are present here, with the newer energies.

Why is anchoring required?

Our Earth goes through various cycles of time (Yugas), which are very different from one another in their characteristics. The characteristics and value systems of each Yuga are influenced by the Energies that are present on our Earth at that time. So when a shift happens from one Yuga to another, the old energies of the previous age need to be replaced with the newer energies which support the value system of the New Age. And the energies do not come down on their own; they have to be brought down and anchored by someone.

The old energies of the previous age do not allow the conditions of the New age to get established. Hence they need to be replaced with the appropriate New Energies.

This anchoring happens between every two Yugas but the maximum anchoring happens when the Earth moves from the dark age to the New age of Light. Presently as we’re in such a transitory phase, more Light has to be brought down from the higher realms and anchored on Earth. This will reduce the activities and influence of the dark forces and also minimise the effects of darkness like confusion, pain and suffering.

The newer Energies help in healing our Earth, in healing the wounds of Humanity. They also bring newer Knowledge which is relevant for the Light Age. They help us in discovering newer realities as well as open up our dormant faculties.

Anchoring of Energies make the required changes and transformations possible.  Otherwise, Life would be unchanged and monotonous.

The Process of Anchoring

Anchoring is a conscious act which is carried out by a Rishi worker or a Lightworker, under the guidance of the Higher Intelligence. Many Lightworkers take birth during this transitory phase just to facilitate the descent of these important Energies. With their special capacities and spiritual maturity, they play a major role in the transition to the New Age, by anchoring these energies.

There are many ways to receive energies from a source and anchor it to the Earth. And special energies involve a unique method of anchoring them. But the general way of carrying out this process is as follows –

The Individual who anchors Energies should be guided to carry out this work. If he does it out of his own will and volition, it may not always be aligned with a higher purpose or divine will. So having total surrender to the higher intelligence is the first requirement of this work.

The Lightworker normally travels physically to the place where the Energies are to be anchored. The exact location will be revealed to him through the guides (Rishis)  or through his Higher Self or Intuition.

He then offers respects to the place and requests permission.

Then he connects to the Source from which the Energies will be brought down. He prays to the Source to allow the Energies to descend. He acts as a channel for the beam of Light to descend from the Source to pass through him and enter the Earth at the exact location, where the Energies are stored under the ground.

Normally, all the Energies that descend are not passed on to the place. A small portion of these energies are stored inside the individual who does this work. The worker usually uses these energies to bring down new knowledge or guide others.

Once the energies are anchored completely, the worker thanks the place for accepting the energies and for cooperating with the process. He also thanks the guides for their assistance.

Where are the Energies stored?

These Energies are stored in Astral containers which are created especially for this purpose. These containers are placed deep under the ground and the Energies are passed on into them.

The Location of these containers depends on the Energies that they hold. For very special and rare Energies, the Astral containers are placed more than 500 feet below the surface. The exact materials out of which these containers are made are not revealed, but they usually are made up of some rare energies, gadgets and the energies from Ashta-dikpalaka Lokas (eight special worlds which guard our Material cosmos in eight directions).

These rare energies are also stored in huge crystals. One such example is the sacred crystal (Mani) in the Light city of Shambala, which houses such energies.

It’s a common belief that such Energies are stored only under Temples, holy sites of pilgrimage and other sacred sites but it is not so. Many energies are of course anchored in these sacred places because the process is easier due to the conducive atmosphere of these places and can be spread efficiently to the large number of people who gather.

At the same time, these Energies are anchored mainly where transformation is required. They’re also anchored in places where the old Energies need to be removed and replaced.

These Energies can also be anchored in an Individual. Usually such individuals will be the Spiritual guides or those who serve others through aid, relief-work or social service. These people will be interacting with thousands of others who’re in need of guidance, help and assistance, and the Energies can easily be passed on to many through them.

The Time of anchoring

Energies are not anchored on any given day. There are some days which are very conducive for this work and generally, those days are chosen for anchoring.  It could be a planetary alignment day like eclipse, solstice or equinox, or special days like the full moon day. On these days, new and rare energies flow very easily. Because of the easy movement of the energies, the health of the person who is participating in the work is not affected. Other than these occasions, Fridays are also very helpful to bring down new energies to the Earth.

The day of anchoring also depends on the necessity of the work. There are some special occasions where the excessive energies present in the worker are anchored to a place that is receptive to these energies.

The best time in a day for this work is at 12 noon. Otherwise, the individual is guided about the time of bringing down these energies. This will normally be the time in a day when the energy flow from a source is at its peak. Or, if the anchoring is done during eclipses, the duration when the eclipse occurs will be the time when this anchoring happens.

Who anchors these Energies?

Anchoring of Energies is a sacred work where the purest of the divine energies are brought down to Earth to help in the evolution of all Life.  The primary qualification of a person involved in this work is that he should be pure at heart and should have a strong urge to serve God and all His creation. He can participate in this work only if he surrenders completely to the divine, remains humble always and has a strong connection with his guides and Light.

The worker usually chooses to be a part of this mission even before he takes birth. He will be trained for this work at different levels before his birth. There’ll be no specific coaching or training given to him at the physical level in this lifetime. He or She is initiated into this work between the age of 12 and 21. This initiation happens at the astral level.

The Individual will be a willing participant in this process. He’ll be sensitive to the flow of energies and can be totally aware of the anchoring activity. This work is always done under the guidance of a Higher Intelligence and the worker has to report the activity whenever he participates in this process.

The efficiency with which a worker carries out this work depends on various factors like previous lives’ Sadhana and the purity of the individual. There will be regular tests of the Humility and Surrender in the worker. If he misuses the power of anchoring energies for his personal gain or if he does it without guidance from above, he will be removed from the work. But such offenses are rare as the worker will be a spiritually evolved person and there’s always a single pardon available.

A person who is not pre-destined for this work can also qualify for the work of anchoring energies, if he evolves spiritually and grows to the level required. Apart from cultivating all the qualities required for this work, he should have a willingness to serve others unconditionally. Such cases are rare though and can be counted as an exception.

The Effects of Anchoring on the Worker’s health

The worker makes himself physically available for the Energies to flow through him during Anchoring. Since the Energies flow will be intense, most of the time there will be some uneasiness in the body. There could be a minor health upset at times, or a mild fever or body ache for sometime after the activity.

The anchoring activity leaves the worker drained and weak for sometime after the work. He will not be able to engage in any intense physical activity for some time that day after the work. A brief rest is normally advised until he gets over the exhaustion and after-effects of the work.

If the activity is done astrally and if the energies are very strong, it takes some time for the astral body to fully recover and return to the physical body.

The Importance of the Physical Presence of the Worker

There are some places where the worker cannot go physically to anchor energies, like the core of the Earth or to fix gadgets in Space. In such cases, the worker does the anchoring by astrally visiting these places. Otherwise, in most of the cases, the physical presence of the Worker at the place of anchoring energies is very much necessary.

If anchoring could be carried out astrally, then there would be no need for a person in a physical body to do this activity. The Rishis or Divine beings or Angels who are at a higher level could’ve carried out this work much more efficiently than a human being.

When anchoring is done, the energies are brought down for the welfare of Humanity, for the betterment of all life on Earth. The worker who participates in this work accepts the responsibility on behalf of Humanity at the time of receiving these energies. Although these energies are subtle, their effects will be mainly at the physical level, hence the physical presence of the worker is very much required.

The other important reasons are –

  • When special energies or energies of violet and blue colour have to be anchored, the worker has to be present physically. If this anchoring is done astrally, these energies will not anchor themselves deep into the Earth. If they’re left floating in the atmosphere, it’ll be difficult to protect these energies and prevent the dark forces, who’re very active now, from tapping into them.
  • Some energies are stored in the body of the worker during anchoring. If the anchoring is done astrally, then this storing doesn’t happen. Also, to go out astrally and do this work, a lot of other energies have to be used.
  • When the worker physically visits the place, he has the opportunity to talk to the place and understand it better. These things help him in deciding the type of energy and the quantity that can be brought down. When done astrally, this finer degree of interaction will not be possible and an approximation has to be made, resulting in lesser efficiency.
  • Most of the anchoring work is done during the day time. It’s difficult to be out of the body and fully present astrally during the day time, as the physical body can easily get distracted. So the concentration and efficiency will be less if the work is done astrally in such cases.
  • Rishis say that many times, the anchoring work done by being present only at the astral level is less successful. And when a worker is physically present, he can bring down 10 times more energies than when done by being just at the astral level.

After Anchoring…

Although the worker at the physical level brings down and anchors these energies, these processes are monitored and guided by the Higher Intelligence or the Rishis. Also, when special energies are anchored, some divine beings will be appointed to take care of these energy fields. Hence these energies cannot be misused by anyone.

These energies also have their own Intelligence and can take care of their fields. And the energies will have their connection with the source from where they’ve descended. This connection helps in bringing down additional energies if they are required.

The Energies do not start vibrating immediately after anchoring, in all the places. They begin to spread only when the time is appropriate. The way in which they spread depends on their qualities and also the purpose for which they’ve been anchored.

If the anchored energies are meant only for the improvement of that place, the vibrations of that Energy field will be limited to the perimeter of the place alone.

Some energies vibrate throughout the Earth and influence all life.

Some energies spread through various energy grids like the Crystalline grid, the Solar grid, and the Diamond matrix and get channelled all over the Earth. Their influence will be much broader and the purpose of these energies will have a greater impact on Humanity’s evolution.

In some energy fields, the Energies from the astral container shoot up into the sky and burst all over the Earth, thereby spreading and making themselves available to all life on Earth. However there are some energies which cannot be spread to everyone. These can be accessed only when an individual grows spiritually and qualifies to receive them. These energies enter the individuals in their meditations or when they manifest qualities like Love, Oneness, etc.

The Role of the Rishis in this work

The Rishis are the masters who govern the whole creation of God on His behalf. Hence they play a very important role in this work of anchoring energies, which impacts the course of evolution on any planet in a major way.

The Rishis study the conditions on any Earth, assess the spiritual condition of the people and decide when to bring down specific energies which can best help in their spiritual growth. They also decide the place and the quantity of the energies to be anchored.

Before anchoring is done, the Rishis ensure the release of the energies from various Sources. Then they guide the workers during the anchoring process. They monitor the work astrally and protect the worker from the dark forces. After the anchoring is done, they continue to monitor the effects of the energies and make necessary changes as and when required. They protect the energies from misuse and ensure that these energies are properly distributed and used for the purpose with which they were brought down and are not tapped by the dark groups.

The Rishis also train the worker for such activities. They educate the worker before he takes birth and train him to handle the diverse situations and hurdles that might arise during the work. And once he takes birth, the Rishis continue to guide him through his intuition or higher self.

They initiate the worker at an age between 12 and 21, when the worker starts pursuing a spiritual activity or joins a guide. As the work progresses, they test the worker for his humility and surrender, and continue to equip him further as he clears these tests. The Rishis gift the worker for every work he executes. They also help him hold some part of the Light that gets anchored in his system and thereby help him perform his work with more efficiency.

Many times the Rishis themselves anchor very important energies, which have far-reaching effects on the course of evolution on our Earth.

Some important events on our Earth related to anchoring of energies

  • Markandeya Maharshi was the first person to anchor energies on our Earth. After he anchored the energies, the concept of Yugas was initiated here, which continues even now.
  • Vishwamitra Maharshi anchored some special energies many cycles back. This facilitated the amshas of Divine personalities to take birth here.
  • Maharshi Amara anchored energies on Earth during an important stage of evolution of life here. These energies helped human souls to descend to Earth. They also created the template for life-death, family, society etc.
  • Recently Vishwamitra Maharshi and Maharshi Amara anchored a lot of special energies through a worker on our Earth. This created the conditions for the descent of many new energies and new knowledge.
  • Soluntra king, the light worker from New Zealand, anchored some special energies about 2 decades ago, which facilitated the energies and knowledge of Ra, the Second Sun, Photon Belt and many other realities to come into the limelight.
  • The Saptarishis headed by Vasishtha Maharshi anchored some energies on 7th Jan 2007. This helped the preponement of the end of Pralaya phase from the year 2042 to 2012.
  • Rishi Maitreyi anchored many special energies from the newly discovered Universes for the first time on our Earth. This helped many swift and new changes to occur. It also helped people to go into the Unmanifested Universes and explore those realities.
    The energies she anchored also facilitated the anchoring of a new energy which was brought down to our Earth for the first time. These energies are known as the ‘Transparent Energies’.  They are very powerful energies which will play a very great and important role in the New Age.

Concluding… The role of anchoring in the transition to the Light Age

This transitory phase is a period in which the stronghold of all darkness that ruled our Earth until now is loosened and the new beginnings of Light are made possible. This interaction between the dark and Light manifests as struggles and strife at the individual, societal and global levels, until darkness recedes and the age of Light is firmly established. The anchoring of Light plays a major role in this process.

The energies first heal the place where they are anchored. This creates the conditions for new changes to occur in those places. And the energies help people to open up and transform. They bring about a lot of positivity in the individuals and help them deal with the negativity and evil present within and without. They help in manifesting Oneness, Peace and Love.

These new energies further help the individuals move closer to God. Communicating with and experiencing Him becomes easier with the help of these energies. They also create conditions where the knowledge of a higher living descends down to our Earth. These are the ways in which Humanity will live in the coming Light Age.

These energies create an environment which helps the advanced souls of the New Age to take birth on our Earth.

As more and more of these energies get anchored, it builds up a lot of light everywhere, assisting in the anchoring of the Light cities. All these Light cities hold the Light for our Earth, which help Humanity sail through this transitory phase into the New Age, as evolved beings.

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