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Light Age: An Introduction

Submitted by on July 28, 2010 – 16 Comments

A revolutionary once said: ‘I am a soldier so my son can be a farmer and his son, a poet’. His words stand as an example for the optimism and hope that characterises Human nature. Inspite of a hundred trials and difficulties of life, humans have never lost hope in a better tomorrow. They’ve sat through dark nights, knowing that there’s a dawn waiting at the horizons.

All cultures and religions speak of a golden future, an utopia in which there’s only peace and love and no place for any suffering, wrong or evilWhile some have a judgement day, others speak about the second coming of a Prophet or Avatar, who will put an end to the evil of the world and guide humanity into an age of peace and abundance. Even those who dismiss these prophesies as wishful thinking would definitely hope for such a future, which is different from and better than the world we live in at this moment.

The Spiritual Masters who’re aware of the higher truths and divine laws reveal that humanity is indeed moving into such an age in the near future. This Golden age of divinity is called as Sathya Yuga or the Light Age.

Cycles of Time

Time moves in cycles—both small and big. While the scientists have identified the shorter cycles like day-night and seasons of the year, the Spiritual masters have recognised and recorded the larger cycles in which Time moves. These cycles are called as Yugas and the Rishis have identified  a cycle of four Yugas, which is called as a Mahayuga, which runs for nearly 51000 years.

These four yugas are the ‘Sathya Yuga (Golden Age)’ which runs for 20,000 years, the ‘Treta Yuga (Silver Age)’ for 15,000 years, the ‘Dwapara Yuga (Bronze age)’ for 10,000 years and the ‘Kali Yuga (Iron Age)’ for 5,000 years. The Transitory periods between these yugas makes up for another 1080 years.

The difference between these time-periods is best illustrated in an allegory, in which a sage has a vision of Truth and Righteousness in the form of a cow. The cow first walks on four legs, then limps on three, then on two and then hops on one leg. The age where values such as Truth and Love are at the highest level is the Sathya Yuga. These values dilute when Time moves into the Treta Yuga and further degenerates in the Dwapara Yuga. The Kali Yuga is the dark age where all values collapse and humans, having lost all contact with the divine, live a totally material existence devoid of values and filled with corruption, hatred and other vices.

The Spiritual Masters or Rishis have also revealed that humanity has just passed through the 5000 years of the dark age (which ended on 14th April 1974) and is going through a transitory period lasting 432 years, where the lower ways of living will gradually be replaced with the higher ways of truth, love and equality.

New Revisions

The four Yugas were created differently so that there would be equal opportunities for Good and Evil to flourish. While Goodness and Spiritual glory flourished in the Sathya Yuga, it would be the reign of darkness and  stark materialism in the Kali yuga, with some shades and combinations of these two forces in the other two ages. The Supreme Intelligence—God, who created these forces of Good and Evil, ensured this division of time for the play of these forces on our earth, as in the rest of His creation.

The balance in creation which existed because of the interplay of these two opposite forces was gradually eroded over a period of many Mahayugas, because Evil began to gain prominence and started dominating the forces of Goodness. This domination has increased this Kaliyuga onwards. And God observed that the Rishis, who govern and take care of the entire Creation on his behalf had to work beyond their capacities and expectations in order to set right this balance. This necessitated a revision in the laws of creation.

The Supreme Intelligence had a meeting with a batch of select Rishis – Maharshis Vishwamitra, Vasishta, Mangala Brahma, Vajreshwari and Kapila. It was concluded in that meeting that the repetition of the four Yugas would result in more harm and further damage to our Earth. They decided to abolish the other three Yugas and have only Sathya Yuga or Light Age on this earth henceforth, from this transitory period onwards.

A New Light Age

Duality is one of the main characteristics of God’s creation, where the good and the bad exist together. We value good more so because of the existence of evil, because of our capacity to rise above evil. Joy is more joyful because of the sorrows of life. If there’s only goodness, virtues & positivity, and all evil is removed, then there would be no challenges to overcome and no thrill of triumphing over negativities. Further down the line, there would be no value for all the goodness, beauty and virtues in God’s creation. Without exaggeration, Man would take goodness for granted, if there were no evil in this world.

To prevent this dilution of values in the New Age, the Rishis have decided to introduce variations within the Light Age itself. The New Light Age would be divided into 7 phases as mentioned below:

1. Sathya Shudh Yuga
2. Sathya Shudh Ardha Yuga
3. Sathya Ardha Yuga
4. Sathya Pralaya Yuga
5. Sathya Pralaya Ardha Yuga
6. Sathya Nyaya Yuga
7. Sathya Nyaya Poorva Yuga

(The details of these phases will be explained in the next article in the ‘Light Age’ section)

Characteristics of the New Light Age

A number of changes have been made in the laws of the Universe; hence the exact characterisitcs of the New Light Age are not yet known. The Rishis have given a few glimpses into some of the decisions that have been taken at the highest level regarding these laws.

They are:

1)  In the New Light Age, only Love and Peace will prevail. There will be no place for any Evil. The Individuals who live in Sathya Yuga will not have the challenge of overcoming evil but will have to face…
a) Tests of Surrender
b) Tests of Truth and Equality
c) Test of Humility and the willingness to work for God.

2) In all the phases of the Light Age, people will draw the life-force(pranas) from the Second Sun. They will be able to communicate with God directly.

3) This system of the New Light Age will first be experimented on this earth. If this succeeds, then it will be implemented in others earths in this Galaxy & Universe and in other parts of God’s creation.

4) Although mankind has experienced Sathya Yuga many times before, this New Light Age will be an entirely new experience for them because of the seven phases. The Rishis and God will protect and guide every individual who surrenders completely to God.

5) God will take birth amongst humans in these phases but it will be different from his earlier incarnations(Avatars) that we’ve understood so far.

The Coming Earth Changes

A transitory period is provided between two Yugas so that the change from one Yuga to another is smooth. The usual period of the transitory period from Kali Yuga to Sathya Yuga is 432 years, so with the Kali yuga having ended in the 1974, we were expected to enter the New Age somewhere in the beginning of the 25th Century.

A number of extraordinary events at the cosmic levels have drastically reduced this transitory period, the result of which is that we’re at the threshold of the New Light Age. As our Sun moves on its orbit around the central Sun, Alcyone, our earth and the entire solar system will be entering a spiritual energy field called as ‘The Photon Belt’, in the year 2012. A number of cycles also complete in that year, the most prominent being the completion of the 26000 year revolution of the Sun in its orbit. Also our earth will come in a direct alignment with the Galactic centre on 21st December, 2012. These events are expected to cause major changes at the physical level, most notable among them being the reversal of the magnetic and geographic poles of our Earth.

The physical changes are also accompanied by changes at the Spiritual level, with the Photon belt acting as a filter to prevent and eliminate all negativities on this earth. When we enter the photon belt, a shift in consciousness is expected to happen, by which all human beings will move from a third dimensional existence to the fifth dimension. With the revision of the Universal laws at the highest levels, the Rishis have decided to reduce the transitory period of 432 years, to accelerate our advance into the New Age of Light.They have revealed that the year in which the New Light Age will begin is 2018!

To Qualify for the Light Age

The changes that have been initiated on this earth are so massive and colossal that we cannot cope with them by any physical means. We are already encountering these changes in our daily living, to some degree or the other–whether it’s the financial meltdown, the terror attacks, war, peak oil, rising prices or global warming. These processes are accelarating and as we move ahead towards 2012, we’ll have to face more challenges with the possible breakdowns of the existing systems and disruption to our way of life.

Transformation at the spiritual level is the only way in which we can withstand this turbulence and move into the next age. Meditations and spiritual practices sharpen our intuition, open up our hidden faculties and connect us to the Divine– with these, we’ll find proper guidance and will be able to take the right action under any circumstances. Instead of fearing the Earth changes over which we have no control, we can welcome them and make positive efforts to transform ourselves

We have to understand that these massive changes are not accidental. The purpose is to purify our earth of all negativities–at the individual and global levels– and assist us in choosing right over wrong before the Spiritual age dawns. We can enter this Spiritual Age only when we manifest the qualities of the Spirit in our daily living. For that, we have to shed the ways of the dark age which we’ve emerged from and replace them with the principles of love, simplicity, honesty and expansion.

These principles can be summarised as follows:

  • Be simple and honest at all levels–in thoughts, words and actions.
  • Love everyone and everything. Manifest Love all the time.
  • Be happy and content with Life. Serve and help others with love and happiness.
  • Treat everyone as your equal. See Light in everyone and feel Oneness with them.
  • Live in the awareness of Light(God) always. Spread Light, surrender to this Light and Love it.

We are not alone in this hour of need. Thousands of Rishis and Light workers, many of them living at the physical level, are working over-time to prevent mass sufferings and help humanity make a smooth transition. The pure Spiritual energies which are flooding our earth are initiating massive changes and also helping each individual cope with these shifts at all levels.

By practicing the above principles NOW, we can assit this shift and add to the easy transition into the New Age. We can start living in the Light Age this moment onwards, by making these principles an inseparable part of our daily living.

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  • Priya says:

    Dear VA team, what ll happen to those souls who dont get spiritually transformed, remain unevolved and who dont qualify to enter Light age? How wil their karmic debts get settled ??

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    First of all I thank my friend Mr. Mukesh bhai for given me the information about this web site.
    I am delighted to read the article and share that love and only love can and will cure all the ills of the living beings. That love has to be divine and pure selfless. I am sure that I will be there to witness the transition from kaliyuga to satyuga.

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