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Creation part 7 – Devi Loka (Adi Shakti)

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Our Life blossoms in the womb of the mother and upon taking birth, we experience an immensely rich and diverse creation here on Mother Earth. An atmosphere of love and care sustains and supports our growth through different stages of our lives. When these conditions exist, a sumptuous life manifests and takes root while the absence of these qualities withers away any form of life.

This principle is at work at all levels, from the highest levels of a Universe, Cosmos, Galaxies to the tiny ecosystem at the base of a forest pond. A Supreme intelligence has lovingly moulded and guided Creation, just as a caring parent would guide her child through the travails and challenges of life. This divine Intelligence has long been worshipped as Adi Shakti, the First Energy, out of whom the entire Creation manifested and expressed itself in all diversity.

The spiritually evolved souls, Rishis, who intuitively understood that there were unseen forces at work behind existence, probed into these mysteries in their deep meditations. What they perceived about these benevolent forces, they recorded in the scriptures and passed on as mythological stories. The process of bringing down new information about these Higher Intelligences and updating the existing knowledge continues all the time.

The following account of the Supreme Mother, Adi Shakti, has some very new information channelled by the Rishis along with those facts which are well known. This knowledge, though immensely complex and mind boggling, has been presented here in simple terms to help in understanding how creation evolved at the highest levels of existence. A major part of the channelled information will be shared later, in an appropriate format.

Creation of Devi Loka

We’ve seen in the previous article that innumerable eons ago, two huge and powerful fields — Purusha and Prakruti emerged from ParaBrahma and existed independently. When Purusha continued to grow in potency and started to disturb the entire Creation with its instability, Prakruti absorbed the core of Purusha. In course of time, Purusha which continued to grow in strength exploded and spread all over Creation.

The core of Purusha which was still inside Prakruti began interacting with her and started forming newer Light fields. Simultaneously more Light was also added to these new fields from the Unmanifested Universes and ParaBrahma.

These interactions and manifestations resulted in the formation of seven other new fields of Energy which had Light in their core.

In course of time the seven newly formed fields and the earlier two fields formed an integral unit and they grew in strength. As their potency increased, this unit too became very strong and unstable. When the instability grew, the Primordial Intelligence, Mula Brahman, who did not want a repeat of what happened with Purusha field, intervened. He created 14 different layers in the field and this helped in bringing stability. In order to organise and also improve the diversity, these layers were further divided into 32,000 dimensions.

This total field of Light and Energies is what we know as Devi Loka. The present understanding of the Rishis is that Devi Loka comprises of 9 strong Energy fields, arranged into 14 layers which are further divided into 32,000 dimensions.

The Characteristics of Devi Loka

The nine different Energy fields of Adi Shakti are –

  1. Prakruti
  2. Purusha
  3. Prakruti Samaya
  4. Stanakruti Kanda
  5. Prakruti Kanda
  6. Pralaya StanaNandini
  7. Prakruti Pralaya
  8. Prakruti Neela Brahmi and
  9. Purusha Neela Brahmi.

(We will present the details of these Light fields in a later article)

Apart from these fields, there are 7 pillar like structures in this Cosmos. They are made of a special Light from ParaBrahma and together, they form a sort of framework for Devi Loka. All the pillars are in the shape of elongated cones. Four of them are vertically aligned; they start from the borders of ParaBrahma and extend all the way down. The other three are aligned horizontally.

The Four Vertical pillars have the main function of sustaining and holding all the Energies of Devi Loka together as one unit. They also create new energies, multiply the existing energies and pass them on to other Cosmoses when required and maintain an appropriate proportion of all the energies in order to bring stability. Apart from taking care of the overall protection of Devi Loka, these pillars also monitor some aspects of other Lokas that manifested out of this Cosmos.

Two of the horizontal pillars help in manifesting and radiating the motherly qualities of love, affection and nurturing throughout the entire Loka. The seventh pillar is the most important of all. It helps Devi to perform all her actions, oversees her functioning and helps in Her activities of creation, protection and destruction.


Devi Loka is in the shape of the Mahameru Chakra, as shown in the diagram. This three dimensional structure is worshipped as a representation of Devi. Many ancient temples in India which worship different aspects of Devi usually have the MahaMeru Chakra, as this draws a lot of energies from Devi Loka.

The two dimensional form of Maha meru is known as Sri Chakra. As the energies drawn by MahaMeru are very strong, individual households worship Sri Chakra as this connects only to the milder energies of Devi Loka.

The MahaMeru Chakra consists of a Bindu (dot) in the centre, surrounded by nine intersecting triangles. This is further surrounded by a lotus with 8 petals, followed by another lotus with 16 petals.

The Bindu at the centre represents the core — the Light field of Devi Loka. The nine triangles stand for the nine different energy fields, while the eight-petal lotus represents the eight special energies of Adi Shakti which are used for further manifestations. The lotus with sixteen petals signifies the protective layers around Adi Shakti.

Different Aspects of Adi Shakti

Adi Shakti, as we know, is the first form to emerge in Creation, from the core of Devi Loka. This form has further expressed itself in various other aspects, each representing a particular set of characteristics. These aspects can also be understood as individual intelligences which have been perceived by the spiritually evolved souls over eons and eons of existence. So far, only the first three aspects have been well known and also expressed in the ancient scriptures and mythology.

The Rishis say that there are 10 main aspects of Devi that they are aware of. They are:

  1. Maha Gowri (Durga/Parvathi)
  2. Maha Lakshmi
  3. Maha Saraswathi
  4. Mula Devi
  5. Devi Brahmi
  6. Tejas Brahmi
  7. Swaroopini
  8. Shakti Swaroopini
  9. Mangala Devi
  10. Mangala Adi Devi

(We will present the details of these different aspects of Devi in a later article)

Different Energies inside Devi Loka

Devi Loka is primarily made of a dark pink matter called Vignana. This divine matter contains all the Light fields and various energies within it. Two special energies called ‘Multiplying energy’ and ‘Creative Energy’ are spread all over Devi loka. These energies are light pink coloured and together with Vignana, they give a dark pink hue to the atmosphere of Devi Loka.

Devi Loka also has thousands of different Energies, most of which are in the colour range from Violet to Red. The quality and function of each is different from the others. The most prominent among these are:

Dark Pink: These are the most predominant energies which are found all over the Cosmos. They give the motherly aspect to Devi. These energies are very nurturing and filled with unconditional Love.

Light Pink: These energies are full of healing qualities.

Violet : These energies have the qualities of love, righteousness and justice. They also have a lot of healing qualities.

Purple: The Purple energies help the entire Devi Loka to maintain its shape and prevent the energies of the Cosmos from getting dispersed. They also act as a filter to process the various other energies that enter and exit Devi Loka.

Dark Grey: These were specially created by Adi Shakti after the entire Creation was manifested. She created them to destroy all darkness and evil. So far, these energies have been used 8 times on our Earth.

Apart from these primary coloured ones, there are Golden, Lavender, Lime Yellow and Orange coloured energies which help in various functions like connecting Devi Loka to other Universes, creating newer energies etc.

♦       ♦       ♦

Life in Devi Loka

Creation simplifies as it manifests further and further down, starting from the highest levels of Mula Brahman. The life that we’re familiar with in the Material cosmos and in our Earth is probably one of the simplest, highly diversified and easily understandable to us at present. Naturally creation in the higher divine Cosmoses or Universes and the way of Life that has evolved in them is quite complex and difficult to comprehend with our current levels of understanding. The following account revealed by the Rishis gives a simple bird’s eye view of Life in Devi Loka.

The atmosphere of Devi Loka is made of a divine matter called as Vignana or Intellect Matter. The Entire cosmos radiates with an unconditional motherly Love. Many precious stones and rare gems are present in the Space of Devi Loka. These gems are larger than our Galaxies! They hold and sustain further life and diversifications, the way Galaxies do in our Cosmos. They also hold large quantities of the energies of Devi Loka.

This atmosphere also contains innumerable transparent particles with various characteristics. One of its properties is that it helps in the efficient functioning of Intuition in the Human System. There are many special energies in the atmosphere which can be accessed directly by all Humans. Since these energies give special powers and capabilities to the individuals, the Tantrics and Siddhas connect to these special energies through their rituals, in order to gain such powers.

The Souls of Devi Loka are created at its core and are filled with the special Light from this core. Many of these souls have also incarnated in the Material Cosmoses and the Rishis say that about 20 % of the Souls in our Material Cosmos are from Devi Loka. These individuals usually have most of their characteristics similar to that of Devi.

The Souls living in Devi Loka are always filled with divine love and are connected to Devi all the time. A very high form of life exists there, though it’s not as diverse as it is on our Earth. No evil or negativity exists in Devi Loka. The Souls live only in their causal bodies and stay in Devi Loka for some specific reasons rather than to experience Creation. They have very important roles to execute in Creation.

Not much is known or revealed about Life or the diversification of existence in Devi Loka. As we progress further into the New Age and as humanity evolves spiritually, we’ll be able to know and understand more about this knowledge.

The Role of Adi Shakti in Creation

All further manifestation from ParaBrahma has occurred because of Adi Shakti. She helps in the total monitoring and caretaking of Manifestation. All the major and important decisions regarding Creation are referred to this Higher Intelligence and then executed.

As creation continued further and diversified, Adi Shakti played an important role in bringing these creations into existence, so that complex life forms could evolve gradually for various souls to inhabit them and experience life. In course of time, the other Manifested Universes and Unmanifested Universes too sought Her advice, guidance and energies in bringing forth their own levels of Creation. The Primordial Intelligence, Mula Brahman has a close fondness for Adi Shakti and has taken Her help many times.

We’ve seen earlier that Light simplifies as Creation manifests further down from the Universes to the Cosmoses, and later this Light tones down to energy and matter. This process is executed by Adi Shakti so that Light flows into Creation as simpler energies for all life to absorb and utilise them.

The concept of birth and death in Creation is the result of Devi’s Intelligence. She was the one to decide that the female of every species would give birth to the offspring. This birth and death concept hasn’t evolved into a profound reality in other manifestations out of ParaBrahma (apart from Devi), where any part of a living being’s body can regenerate and form the complete body.

When the Souls from other Universes want to take birth in any of the manifestations of ParaBrahma, they have to be approved by Adi Shakti. She scrutinises them and decides if they can descend down to take birth and experience Life here. Devi Loka is also the place where the Intellectual sheath or Vignanamaya Kosha is manufactured. Every Soul which descends through Devi Loka acquires the intellectual sheath from here.

The basic gifts to every Soul — Love and Freewill are the results of Adi Shakti’s initiative. It’s because of Her love for every Soul that freewill exists in all of Creation. She is the source for various arts like music, dance, painting etc, which bring diversity to life and enrich it.

Adi Shakti assists the Rishis all the time in their works with Her Energies. Most of the efficient tantrics and siddhas have a lot of energies in their system from Devi Loka. The concept of gadgets and energy capsules has also come from Her.

Further Manifestations from Devi Loka

After Devi Loka came into existence, Para Brahma manifested further with the help of Mula Brahman by using the energies of Prakruti and Purusha. He wanted to express most of His potential through these manifestations and hence have a very diverse Creation. Adi Shakti is in charge of this manifestation process.

For this purpose, She first created three new levels of existence. Each of these three levels expressed themselves as three huge Energy fields, with very distinct characteristics. One level of existence helped Her create further, while the second level helped in governing and maintaining the Creations. The third level assisted in destroying and withdrawing Creation when required. These three levels are what we know as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva — the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer.

All Creation emerged further through these three new levels of existence. Other than these, there are 32 manifestations which have emerged from Adi Shakti. Each of them have completely different characteristics and properties. The details of these 32 other new manifestations will be explained later.

From Adi Shakti, the first major manifestation to emerge was Shiva Loka or Kailasa. The details of this Loka will be shared in the next article in this series.

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