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Creation part 6 – Manifestation of Prakruti and Purusha

Submitted by on February 10, 2011 – 6 Comments

“My home—it’s over there, beyond the horizon,” sang a mystic-poet. “I’m but a traveller here.” These words aren’t just poetic expressions but pointers towards a fundamental truth of existence. We the souls have arrived from a Higher Source into this part of Existence, to experience and understand Creation. And though we’ve forgotten about our origins and got entangled in the life here, the urge to know and understand the unknown has always existed in Man.

Those who maintained their links with the Higher Intelligence and continued to probe the unknown have brought down immense knowledge and understandings about the entire Creation. This knowledge is lost every time mankind degenerates into the depths of the dark ages, only to be regained when we come out of it and enter the higher ages of Light. The Rishis equip us with this knowledge along with helping us transit into Satya Yuga.

A part of that knowledge was shared here in the articles of the Creation series, where very new information was channelled about the Primordial God — Mula Brahman, the various Unmanifested Universes that emerged out of him and many other Manifestations that exist in Creation. We exist in one such Manifestation, ParaBrahma Loka, where creation continued, giving rise to various Cosmoses, Galaxies, Stars and Planets with intelligent life evolving into complex life-forms in millions of these planets.

In this continuation of the Creation series, we shall further understand the various aspects of Creation in our Universe, the ParaBrahma Loka. While touching upon the already existing knowledge about Divine Cosmoses and innumerable Material Cosmoses, we will also be introduced to very new and unique information about these wonderful worlds, as revealed by the Rishis. Let us continue our journey into the unknown!



We’ve already learnt about the Primordial God, Mula Brahman, who came into existence zillions and zillions of years of Earth time ago. This infinitely vast field of Light contained other innumerable fields which arranged themselves in various hierarchical layers according to their potencies. These were the Unmanifested Universes. At the fifth layer, there are 108 such Universes which further gave rise to many Manifested Universes, out which 20 are known so far. Our Supreme God, ParaBrahma is one of these 20 Manifested Universes.

Light and Energies

All these Universes beginning from Mula Brahman, the Unmanifested Universes and the Manifested Universes are fully made up of Light. These are extraordinarily immense fields of Light, yet the potency and quality of Light in these Universes varies from one another.

At the highest level of Mula Brahman, Light is of the greatest quality, potency and intensity. It’s called as the ‘Spectral Light’. This Spectral Light toned down into a less intense form known as ‘Nirvena Prakasha’, which filled up the Unmanifested Universes. Further, when the Manifested Universes were created, they were filled with Light which are a less intense version of ‘Nirvena Prakasha’.

When Creation continued further and new Cosmoses came into existence in the Universes, Light manifested into a simpler component called as Energy. In its purest form, Light vibrates at different frequencies, each corresponding to a particular colour. Different energies manifested from these frequencies; hence each type of energy inherited the colour of the frequency of Light from which it came out.

The Cosmoses (like Devi Loka or Shiva Loka) have Light in their core but are made up mainly of these Energies. So an essential difference between a Universe (Brahman) and a Cosmos (Loka) is that, while a Universe is a field of Light, a Cosmos which is created inside a Universe is a field of energy with Light at its core.

Energy can be understood as a simpler and more accessible form of Light. Light is the most subtle component in the Universe, hence it’s very difficult to access, or use it. Only the spiritually evolved Souls have the capabilities to do it. These Spiritually advanced Souls, usually referred to as Rishis can absorb, hold and transmit Light directly. In our visualizations and Dharana during meditations, although we imagine Light, it’s the energies that we experience, for, the actual experience of Light begins from a higher stage of Samadhi called as Turiya.


ParaBrahma —The Supreme God

ParaBrahma Loka is the first Universe which manifested out of the Unmanifest. It’s an immensely huge Universe which came into existence when zillions and zillions of Light particles, or Souls manifested and combined their Light to form one single field of Light. This huge ocean of Light, which is the Supreme God, later manifested as Creation, diversifying into Divine and Material Cosmoses, in various dimensions and worlds.

A detailed explanation about the characteristics and features of ParaBrahma Loka has been explained in the first article of the series – Creation Part 1’.


Manifestation of Purusha and Prakruti

Inside the ocean of Light, ParaBrahma, there were many different fields of Light. Two of those fields which were very strong wanted to exist independently. They were so strong that ParaBrahma could not hold them, hence they came out and manifested as separate Light fields.

These two fields of Light were called Purusha and Prakruti. After manifesting out, they continued to grow in potency and became stronger and stronger. As these fields grew with immense strength, at one stage, the energies of Purusha became very dynamic, unstable and started creating a huge imbalance in Creation.

Then Prakruti, out of Her love and concern for Creation, absorbed the core of Purusha into her. Even after this, the imbalance in Purusha’s field continued and after some time, the entire Purusha field exploded, spreading the Light particles and Energy all over Creation.



Purusha was initially concentrated as a single field of Light, but after exploding, the zillions and zillions of its particles spread all over Creation. As this energy is completely dissipated, it cannot exist without the energies of Prakruti, and does not have a consolidated Light field of its own.

The Purusha energies can help us to understand more about Creation, Universe and even the Unmanifested Universes. As these energies are in a dissipated form and spread all over Creation, contacting and making use of these energies is easy.

Purusha is a multi-coloured energy. By absorbing more of these energies into our system, our cells can easily multiply faster. We will also be able to multiply our bodies with the help of this energy.

In an accumulated form, these energies are found near the Black holes in different Galaxies. The orbs of Light that float around usually carry a lot of energies of Purusha.

The Rishis know how to use the Purusha energies very well. The Yogis and Tantrics also use these energies though they haven’t understood it completely. In their quest for greater powers, they land up misusing these energies and face the consequences.


Prakruti’s Light and energies are primarily dark pink in colour. It is full of nurturing characteristics.  Since it had to absorb the core of Purusha during the process of creation, this field also contains a lot of Purusha energies along with its own energies.

Apart from Purusha and Prakruti, many other Light fields also emerged out of ParaBrahma Loka. Prakruthi field combined with some of these other Light fields, and together with a small portion of Purusha, formed a new Energy field known as Adi-Shakthi (The First Energy). This Energy field, also known as Devi Loka was the first manifestation from Light in our Creation.

Until this point, there was no form anywhere in existence. Adi-Shakthi was the first field to have a form at its core. This field, because of it nurturing, healing and pleasant qualities came to be regarded as a Mother since all further Creation manifested under her guidance and supervision. Adi-Shakthi is also the most dominant field in terms of its influence in various decision making processes in Creation.

We shall understand more about Prakruthi in the next article in this series — Devi Loka.

♦       ♦      

Our Universe, ParaBrahma Loka, gave birth to many other Creations and Manifestations other than Prakruti and Purusha. In this series, we will be exploring the part of Creation that occurred in Prakruti field, with the manifestation of various Divine Cosmoses and Material Cosmoses, leading all the way down to a tiny speck of a blue planet called Earth, where we exist right now. The information about other branches of Creation that extended elsewhere out of ParaBrahma Loka will be shared later.

We, the Souls, are specks of Light — tiny particles of the Supreme Intelligence, God. In our quest to understand and experience His creation, we have emerged out of our Source and traversed across all these infinitely huge Cosmoses and worlds and arrived into the human life on this Planet. Understanding how Creation emerged from the Ocean of Light and how it diversified into various Cosmoses is a part of our education and evolution. At the same time, it’s also a remembrance of the journey that we undertook eons ago, through all these beautiful worlds. Finally, it’s also a key to our return to the source, when we transcend our limitations at all levels and traverse back, to our final liberation – Mukti.

♦       ♦       

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