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Creation Part 1 – Light, Soul and Consciousness

Submitted by on August 19, 2010 – 13 Comments

Man has always been fascinated by the enormity of Creation. While pondering over the vastness of an ocean, or a blue sky or the picturesque display of the night sky, a number of questions about the meaning of Life must’ve stirred up within him. These questions have made him rise above the everyday struggles of Life, prodding him on to explore and understand more about himself in the process.

To understand the immensity of God’s creation one has to just look up at the night sky — a deep unending void with billions and billions of stars and galaxies, separated by a colossal empty space. Our astronomers and scientists now say that even this gigantic space is like the tip of a pin when compared to actual Existence, which is beyond bounds. And all these are in the known Universe, in the third dimensional space. Now scientists are even speculating about the existence of multiple dimensions, Worlds within Worlds and parallel Universes — and the sheer enormity of Existence blows away our mind . It makes one wonder, ‘What’s the purpose of this all?’, ‘In all of this huge creation, does life exist only on our tiny planet?’, ‘Is there life beyond what we’ve seen and known until now?’, ‘What’s our relation to this whole?’ ‘What’s the purpose of our life?’

It looks daunting to understand these truths or answer these questions even intellectually. The Spiritual masters, Rishis, in their deep states of Samadhi were able to grasp many truths directly, when their awareness transcended the intellect and expanded to the mystical realms. They also traveled to these Universes at the Causal level and explored these places. They could understand many of the realities of God’s creation, which they brought down and explained to others and also recorded them in the scriptures. As time passed and as more knowledge was revealed about Existence, the Rishis periodically revised the existing truths and knowledge, giving us more information about the higher realities.

Maharshi Amara, during his lifetime, simplified the knowledge in our Vedas and Upanishads and gave the essence of that knowledge in the form of the story of creation. More truths about creation were recently revealed by the Rishis. The following account helps us to understand the basics of God’s creation and also gives us a platform to understand many more higher realities.

Mula Brahman

Zillions and zillions of years of Earth time ago, God was yet to come into existence. In the vast infinite, unimaginable space, there were just various energies. These energies were colliding with each other and moving around. Among the infinite colours of energies that existed, the prominent colours were violet, golden and white.

At one instance, somehow some of the energies coagulated and their strength began to increase. More and more energies collected together resulting in a lot of interactions. After millions of years of this continuous activity, the whole energy field finally balanced. This strong and intense energy field with its own Intelligence was the first of its kind to come into existence.

This Energy field is the Source of all that is. It is called as Mula Brahman, the Primordial God.

This Supreme Intelligence is the Ultimate, the most intelligent, potent and the source God. This source is much much more than the Light that manifested out. All Creation came out of this source.

This immense field of energy, which contains all the infinite energies, has three primary colours. The outermost layer is Violet, the middle layer is Golden and the innermost core is White.

The Rishis have discovered that more than three-fourths of Mula Brahman is made up of ‘Om’ particles. These are very special particles that radiate the vibrations of ‘Om’. (More about Om has been elabotared in our next article – The Sacred Mantra Om)

From this source, millions and millions of vast energy fields emerged and arranged themselves in various hierarchical formations, depending on the potential they had. These individual energy fields, which were huge Universes, did not have any particular characteristics. Though filled with unlimited potential, their characteristics were still ‘Unmanifested’. These are the Unmanifested Universes or the Avyaktha Brahmans.

In the Hierarchical formation that leads to this part of Creation where we currently exist, there are 108 Unmanifest Universes that came out of Mula Brahman.

How did Creation Begin?

The Unmanifested Universes which emerged from Mula Brahman are independent from Him. They have their own intelligence, and since these energy fields are yet to manifest, they change their shape and characteristics as and when they want to. They act as independent Intelligences and can manifest in any possible way.

The Unmanifest or Avyaktha Brahman wanted to express itself, at least partly, if not totally. From here, manifestation happened.

From the Unmanifest, billions and billions of particles manifested. Out of the infinite possible characteristics of the Unmanifest, they came out with a particular set of characteristics. These particles are what we call as Souls.

The Souls also carried a lot energies and Light. When zillions of them manifested, the energies and Light from them also combined together to form one field, an ocean of One Light. This Infinite ocean of Light is ParaBrahma, the Supreme God.

God and the Souls manifested together instantaneously in ‘no-time’.

This Ocean of Light (God) wanted to express itself more and hence manifested further as Creation. The Souls had the choice of experiencing this creation or staying back in the Ocean of Light. Those Souls that chose to descend took ‘birth’ into creation, and after experiencing, they returned and merged back into the Ocean of Light to attain ‘liberation’ or Mukthi.

An interesting point is that, these souls continue to exist with their individual identity even after Mukthi, even after merging back into God, the Ocean of Light. Since they manifested directly from the Unmanifest, they lose their identity only when they return and merge back into the Unmanifest.

Ocean of Light – ParaBrahma

ParaBrahma is the Supreme God as we had understood till recently, until the higher realities about the greater Mula Brahman and the Unmanifested Gods were perceived by the Rishis.

In Sanskrit, ParaBrahma is also called as Sat-Chit-Ananda. This means God is the eternal Truth (Sat) and He is made up to two different matters – Chit and Ananda.

When we experience the sublime qualities like Bliss, Joy and Expansion, we’re experiencing Ananda, which is the atmosphere of ParaBrahma Loka. We, the souls, also carry this matter in our spiritual sheaths, or the Anandamaya Koshas which surrounds us.

Chit is a very important matter. It is not consciousness, as it was understood until now. Consciousness is a very subtle matter from the higher Light, Mula Brahman. Chit helps to filter and bring down consciousness to the realm of ParaBrahma.

Universe of ParaBrahma

This Ocean of Light, ParaBrahma is timeless. If we just enter it and come back, millions of years would’ve passed on our Earth by that time. But there are advanced gadgets and astral space-crafts, with the help of which the Rishis can go into this Universe of Light, explore and return quickly.

These are some of the new revealations about ParaBrahma Loka:

ParaBrahma Loka was one of the many that manifested out along with many other Universes. This Universe is the mother of all the manifested Universes. ParaBrahma Loka has expressed its potential to the maximum and has manifested and diversified the most.

ParaBrahma is one of the closest to Mula Brahman and channels a lot of the Mula Brahman’s intent into its Creation.

This Universe is spherical in shape and has many layers, each with a multitude of unique characteristics. The Rishis are studying these layers. They say that there are an infinite number of layers within ParaBrahma Loka but they’re so orderly arranged that it is easy to understand.

The first layer on the outer realms is made up of Lights of multiple colours. And in this layer, one can hear the sound of space, which is very soft and uniform.

The next layer has a lot of objects. Each object is of a different shape and size ranging from total formless to perfect geometric shapes. Yet all of them have a sense of perfection in them. And all these objects radiate a lot of Light and Love.

In the further layer, the Rishis observed billions and billions of galaxies and stars. Each galaxy or star has a unique shape and colour. These shapes or colours weren’t repeated in any of the zillions of stars or galaxies!

As we progress more into the Light Age, more information will be released to us by the Rishis.

The Rishis are still understanding a lot about ParaBrahma loka. A great Rishi who works under Vasishtha Maharshi went inside ParaBrahma Loka more than 4 MahaYugas (about 2,00,000 years) ago. He is still within ParaBrahma, giving information and details from there since then. Rishis know a lot about ParaBrahma through him. They say that he has explored about half of the layers of ParaBrahma and is continuing his research.


The Ocean of Light, ParaBrahma manifested further into Creation. For this, He used his own Light but there was very little diversity in this Creation. He then prayed to the Unmanifest and to the Higher Light, Mula Brahman. He observed that there was a substance that had manifested from this Higher Light which could bring about this diversity in His creation.

He tried to bring it down but it was too potent and strong to be manifested.

Using His matter of ‘Chit’, he filtered this substance into something that could be manifested and brought it down in another dimension. This new substance is what we know as Consciousness.

Consciousness is an immense ocean of particles, manifested from God and is the building block of the entire Creation.

Unique Characterisitics of Consciousness

Parabrahma with the help of Consciousness first manifested two huge fields of energy – Purusha and Prakruti. From these, the entire Creation as we know it, manifested further in all diversity — Divine cosmoses, Material cosmoses, Galaxies, Stars and Earths, and all life on these Earths.

The diversity in creation exists because of Consciousness. And Consciousness itself carries a lot of energies. These energies can be used for a positive or a negative purpose.

Since Consciousness is the building block of all creation, everything around us is a manifestation of Consciousness. And Consciousness itself is made up of particles of God. Hence Consciousness connects the entire manifestation to God. We can link to any part of this manifestation and get connected to the Source, to God directly.

Maya is an integral part of Consciousness. This is the reason why we’re able to see and experience the diversity in Creation. Without Maya, everything around us would appear as Light — a bird, tree and the sky would be indistinguishable from one another. Maya is one of the main factors through which Consciousness brings diversity in manifestation.

Living and non-living things in Creation

In God’s creation, everything is made up of Consciousness. The immense Universes, Galaxies, Stars, Earths, the living and inanimate things, all the way down to a microscopic bacteria or even the quarks inside an atom is a form of consciousness.

Although everything is built of the same material, some manifestations like the animals, plants etc. have life whereas other objects like a house, or a computer or furniture is inanimate. The reason for this diversity is that, for any form of Consciousness to have ‘Life’, two components are required. The Life-force energy which pulsates into the form. And the Soul which inhabits this form.


Soul is a radiant particle of Light, which manifested from the Unmanifest along with zillions of other particles, and is part of the Ocean of Light (God). The Soul was experiencing God all the time – Bliss, Expansion, Love etc. After God manifested His Creation, some of the adventurous Souls wanted to have a different experience that they did not have in the ocean of Light – like a bird, a tree etc.

We are these Souls which have descended into God’s creation in order to experience Life!

On their descent, these radiant Light particles took on various sheaths like Spiritual sheath, Intellect and Mind, & inhabited a Physical body in order to experience Creation. When they returned to the Ocean of Light, they shared their experiences with the other Souls. Then more Souls began to take birth. This cycle of old Souls going back and new Souls taking birth still continues.

The beginning…

The Reality of Creation is immense and stretches far far beyond where our imagination can take us. To have a comparison, our Earth along with the Sun and the Solar system is like a tiny particle, swirling on the outskirts of the huge Milky way Galaxy. This Galaxy is one among billions and billions of enormous Galaxies that belong to the Material cosmos. And the Material cosmos is itself like a particle of sand on the shores of a infinite ocean, which is the ParaBrahma Loka.

But the ParaBrahma Loka is one of the many manifestations, which is by itself like a tiny particle when compared to the unending, limitless Energy field, the Mula Brahman. What exists beyond Mula Brahman, or what was there before He manifested… this is still being understood by the Rishis!

When we try to grasp the enormity of God’s creation, our thoughts and emotions magnify exponentially. This expansion creates the conditions within us to understand the deep mysteries of Creation, of Life, and of Ourselves. It helps us connect to the Source directly. The intellectual understanding comes first; it is followed by the direct experience of these realities.

This understanding and experience liberates us from everything that binds and holds us down. Let this knowledge from the Great Rishis inspire us to find ways to encounter these truths directly and know more about & add to this knowledge with our direct experience.

*       *       *

This is the first article in the ‘Creation’ series. In the forthcoming articles, we shall explore the other Universes that have manifested from the Unmanifest, some of which have their own diverse creations. After that we shall understand the diversity of the creation in our Universe.

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Permission is given to copy and redistribute these articles, on condition that the content remains complete, all credit is given to the author and is distributed free.


  • amit says:

    Great effort!

    I still feel that god is beyond all logic & imagination and can be experienced with simple love and strong faith.

  • Divya says:

    Please clarify my doubt.
    Do the souls have the independence to choose their births? If yes, does the law of karma apply (conform) here?
    Wouldn’t it be foolish to take birth in an earth of suffering and only after a struggle of millions of births we are able to achieve liberation and merge back with our source?

  • Vedik says:

    The theory of infinite regression holds good for God. The journey never ends. Another higher aspect of god created Mula- Brahman and so on and so forth Ad-infinitum. The more we explore the creation the more it expands. God is the infity of inifinities … of infinities!!! 🙂

  • Mallika says:

    I always in my childhood days used to think about GOD. If HE has created all of us then how he came into existence? Your article about creation gives us so much of information about GOD. Thank you so much for giving all of us such a rare and wonderful new knowledge.

  • Grace says:

    thank you!

    I think that more we explore God, more mysteries will remain.

  • Sudarishi. says:

    Brilliant Article… Need we have any say… I got lost creating the picture as explained in this article!
    Amazing & All New Wonderful Information, which was hitherto Not Known.

    Thanks for the Humbling experience this article instills in us.

  • Krishnamurthy Holla KR says:

    Wonderful Article!
    Feeling sooo expanded after reading this 🙂

  • Sumit says:

    What a wonderful article. Such enormity forces the mind to silence!

    • Vidya Singh says:

      I have searched for this knowledge all my life, finally, I am grasping a better understanding of how we came about.

      Thank you sooo much. I am truly grateful to you


  • This is similar to my understanding too. We call the Om Particle, the Omni Particle, but I love the new understanding I have of that, now that I see more deeply what the sound “om” is in terms of creation.

    Thank you for sharing your Wisdom with me.”

  • Shikha says:

    What a Marvel of an article it is! So rich that each line, and word seems to be containing numerous revelations!

    The initial read reminded me of my childhood, when I used to sleep on the terrace and used to keep looking at the Moon, stars and vastness of the sky, wondering to see n know more.

    This article answered so many questions that arise within an inquisitive person. As discussed about the animate and inanimate; a question arose in mind, what makes communication between animate and inanimate possible?

    In the end it is so well said that “The intellectual understanding comes first; it is followed by the direct experience of these realities.” as many of us are intellectually being awakened, I wish that direct experiences follow soon! Thank You for this wonderful post!

    • Rahul says:

      This Gyana is Stupendous ! Magnificient beyond any measure! How do we concieve such inexplicable realities? It has to be experienced.. The Rishis have tasted it but yet are still in the process of exploring?!.. I am in awe and all superlatives fall short.The scriptures do give us a small glimpse of creation but this is at a different level.
      The Rg Veda rightly declares “He, the first origin of this creation, whether he formed it all or did not form it,
      Whose eye controls this world in highest heaven, he verily knows it, or perhaps he knows not.”

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