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Light Body part 1 – An Introduction

Submitted by on November 23, 2010 – 13 Comments

In the movie City of Angels, an angel who helps people after their death is tempted to experience Human life after a series of events. Ignoring all warnings that he may get stuck into a lower life, he takes the plunge and descends into a human body. In spite of the difficulties, limitations and disappointments that follow, he comes to experience the beauty and joy of human existence that can be realised, not by witnessing from a distance as an angel, but by being in the thick of life, as a human being.

Our physical body brings us this experience of Human life on this planet. It is the medium through which we come to know the various aspects of Creation that the Supreme Intelligence has manifested in this world. The mystics and Rishis have rightly recognised that we are in fact spiritual beings, who’ve arrived here for a human experience, and hence have celebrated the bodily existence, without condemning it or over-indulging in sensual pleasures. They’ve called the body as a temple which houses the Soul.

The physical bodies do not remain the same always; their characteristics vary from one Age to another. When we live in very pure and highly spiritual conditions, like that of Satya Yuga, the physical body will be in a pristine pure and efficient state, to enable us live that life. As  values degenerate in subsequent Yugas, the capacities of the body also decrease to suit the living conditions of those ages. Now when we are at the turn of a great evolutionary leap, where we step into an entirely New Age, our bodies will also be upgraded and enhanced into highly efficient vehicles, so that the Soul can experience the new life of this Light Age.

The Rishis have revealed many details about these extraordinary bodies, some of which were explained in the final article of the Earth Change series. In this exclusive series on Light bodies, we share many more details beginning with:

1. An introduction to these Light bodies, the necessity to shift into them and when exactly are we going to make this shift.
2. The Special and Unique characteristics of these Light Bodies.
3. The intricate processes which’ll transform our current physical bodies into advanced Light bodies. And finally,
4. Specific guidelines and instructions from the Rishis, which help us shift into Light bodies.

This article introduces the general features of a Light body.

What is a Light Body?

When Humanity enters the New Light Age in 2018, the present human bodies will transmute into a purer, superior form which help the Souls in experiencing the divine life of the New Age. This advanced Physical body that the Souls occupy is called as the Light body.

The Light body will be entirely different in its composition and properties from our present physical bodies. Its vibratory level will be about 12 times greater than at present. The cells in this new body can hold a lot of Light and shine with a brilliance that is visible to others. Because of this, all the characteristics of Light like Purity, Love and Expansion will automatically be manifested by the Individual. This body also has the capacity to hold a lot of different types of energies and carry new faculties. By its very nature, it aids living a balanced life where an individual can explore both the material and spiritual dimensions.

The Light body is not subtle like Light but will be made up of cells that carry a lot of Light; hence it will have a definite shape and structure. It will follow all physical laws of Nature, for e.g., being subject to the pull of gravity. It cannot go through walls or other solid surfaces and gets wet when in touch with water. Since it shares quite a few characteristics of the present physical body, it can be considered as the purest form of the human physical body.

Why do we need a Light body for the New Light Age?

In Indian mythology a famous king who is greatly attached to worldly pleasures, aspires to reach heavens while still living in his physical body. His attempts are thwarted and he is thrown out of heavens for trying to enter it in an impure body. This story sums up the necessity of an advanced body to live in a heavenly age on this Earth.

Our present physical bodies suit the Dark Age that we’ve been living in so far. Now we are moving into an era where the conditions of purity are so stringent that darkness cannot survive. The Rishis clearly express that in order to live in this age, we have to be pure, totally good and manifest truth always at all levels. These are the qualities of Light and when we begin to manifest them in our living, we’ll automatically begin to hold Light in our system.

The Light that the physical body holds will naturally bring positive changes and transformation into the body so that it can hold and radiate more Light. This gradual evolution will result in the transformation of our present bodies into the Light bodies.

The other reasons why a Light body is needed in the New Age are:

  • Many new Souls from other Universes will be taking birth for the first time in this part of Creation. As these new Souls are very pure and radiant with their Light, they require these higher physical bodies to live on this Earth.
  • The Light body can contain many higher faculties and spiritual powers that are not possible to sustain while living in the present physical body. These new faculties are necessary for the advanced life of the New Age; hence a Light body is needed for the souls to live in that age.
  • When we occupy a Light body, many limitations imposed by the physical body are overcome. The chances of committing mistakes are less and we can lead a life with more perfection. This helps us to cope up with the requirements that are necessary to live in the Light Age.
  • Another characteristic of the Light body is that it doesn’t allow negativity to sustain in it.  Hence the dark forces will not be able to occupy this body.  The Light body has a new faculty called ‘Tail Chord tubes’, which churns out any negativity present in the body, thereby ensuring a pristine pure state at all times. If a dark force tries to occupy this Light body, the new faculty has the capacity to destroy the Soul itself.
  • In the New Age, every soul is guided by Light. The Light body helps the individual to maintain this contact with the divine and receive guidance at all times.

When will the transformation into a Light body occur?

There are a few individuals on this Earth who have been striving to shift into Light bodies from a long time. They will be able to see the results of their efforts from March 2012 onwards.

For the rest of humanity who qualify for the New Light Age, the transition from the gross physical body to the Light body will happen in three phases:

The first phase starts from the beginning of the year 2013. This batch consists of those who begin to prepare themselves for the New age, now onwards. They have spiritual backgrounds and are already in the process of purifying and cleansing themselves at all levels. And those who are simple at heart and God-loving will also make the shift because of their inherent purity.

The second phase starts from the middle of 2015. Those who awaken because of the various catastrophic events and Earth changes that are expected to occur around this time will make the transition into Light bodies. And those who do not choose the Light age will be shifted to the Seven Earths in this duration. This phase will be between 2015 and 2018.

The third phase begins from 2018 after the Light Age is established on our Earth. All the Rishi workers and Light workers who would have strived so far to help the entire humanity to shift to the New Age, will transit into Light bodies in this phase.

Those who’re born after 2018 will directly take up a Light body.

An Enhanced Light body from this Cycle onwards

Every time our Earth enters Satya Yuga, the physical bodies of the Humans transmute into Light bodies. And once Satya Yuga gives way to other Yugas with lesser purity, the Light bodies get replaced with bodies suiting the conditions of that particular Yuga. This cycle of change in the bodies has been repeating over thousands and thousands of Satya Yugas on this Earth.

The concept of Yugas has undergone a sea-change from this cycle. The other three Yugas have now been replaced with an advanced Satya Yuga, with its own 7 phases; hence the characteristics of the Light bodies have also been changed to suit the conditions of this New Light Age.

The Light body has been enhanced by nearly 75% in comparison to the earlier Light bodies. In the earlier Satya Yugas, those who weren’t fully pure but who genuinely repented could also occupy Light bodies. This small leniency from the Higher Intelligence was misused by the dark forces to infiltrate into the New Age. This feature has been withdrawn from this Light Age; hence the individual who occupies the Light body has to be totally pure.

Many souls from various Universes are going to take birth on our Earth for the first time, in the New Light age. The new Light bodies have been enhanced to allow these souls to occupy them and experience life here, which wasn’t possible with the earlier Light bodies.

The Light bodies of the previous Satya Yugas were designed to live for thousands of years until the Light age ended and a new Yuga began. This feature has been modified now since the concept of Yugas has been cancelled. The new Light bodies will grow up from the stage of a baby and will die at some stage.

In the earlier Light Ages, there was no concept of a family. Everyone would live together in harmony and Oneness. One of the features of the New Light age is the concept of birth and death and living in families; hence the new Light bodies are equipped to suit this lifestyle.

Many new and unique faculties which weren’t present earlier will be fitted into these new Light bodies. Also there will be seven different types of Light bodies present from this Light Age onwards. We shall understand more of such characteristic features in the next article of this series.

Assistance from the Rishis

The Physical bodies transform into Light bodies over a period of time, and through various processes, which are initiated both at the physical and astral levels. Needless to say, the Rishis play a very important and crucial role in this whole process, which begins right from providing the necessary information and knowledge about the New Light bodies to all individuals. The imparting of knowledge occurs at the physical level, but mainly at the astral level, where all the individuals who qualify for, or choose the New Age are updated and trained with the necessary information about the Light bodies.

A special batch of Rishis are overseeing these processes under the guidance of Vasistha Maharshi. They are monitoring the individuals who are making efforts to transform and purify themselves. They assist and guide these individuals at various levels whenever required. They help people cope up with the life situations that arise as a part of these transformational processes. They’re working very hard to help as many people as possible to transform into Light bodies.

All individuals who wish to live in the New Age have to make efforts to positivise & transform, and should have a very strong intent to sail through the pralaya period and enter the Light Age. They have to cleanse their systems through spiritual practices, become pure and be able to communicate with the Rishis by the time these processes take effect. In the final stages, every individual will be guided personally by the Rishis and will be assisted in becoming a Light body. The guidance and instructions will be unique to each individual, hence their ability to establish contacts with the Rishis plays a crucial part in this process.

The Rishis are also working on enhancing the qualities of the Light body. The conditions that will prevail in the new Light Age will be different and very advanced, hence the Rishis are designing and manufacturing very advanced bodies that can live in that environment.

The specific processes that occur in the transformation of Physical bodies to Light bodies will be explained in the third article in this series

♦       ♦       ♦

The New Light body is a very unique and spectacular creation, which has been specially designed to help in furthering Human evolution. The individuals who live in these bodies can attain hitherto unknown heights in the Spiritual and Material areas because of the highly advanced nature of these bodies. Hence the Light body is not just another sheath; it’s a gateway to progress and glory which also helps humans to easily connect to the Supreme intelligence at all times.The Light body is a special gift from God to all the Souls who qualify to live in the New Age. In fact, every physical body and every object in this world is a loving gift from Him, created for our experience and evolution. Being aware of this helps us to automatically develop reverence and gratitude towards everything and everyone. This attitude of humility is one of the pre-requisites that help us move easily into the New Light Age. 



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  • arjun says:

    thank u for every information.

  • shreya says:

    u said if there is a single negativity soul can be destroyed but how according to holy texts soul is enternal and never dies

  • Alagu says:

    Light is the source of life for all living organisms in the world apart from air to breath…al the pancha boothas help us to sustain life in this earth…I have realized the beauty of reaching God is so fascinating…moreover…transformation of the human beings sinful body to a meaningful light body is more than amazing…i hope this piece of worthfull information will be spreaded throughout world in order for everyone to attain the Gods feet….Hoping to see the sooner transformation of this kali yuga to satya yuga completely…with al the destruction of bad n evil thinking and etiologies involves war because of race,religion and etc…in order to create an understanding that God is our heart which is filled with al the positive values and the Supreme is only in the form of light and not found only in holy places as well…Our believe is God, and He is with us, within us and among us…forever.

  • Dr. Mahanandan Prasann says:

    Thank You very much for such an enlightment always was aware that there is something more awesome n soul satisfying but did not know it exisited n could be ACHIEVED???!!! WOULD DEFINATELY LOVE TO JOIN SUCH A SPIRITUAL TEAM , TO LEARN N PROGRESS SPIRITUALLY.

  • ratna says:

    it is very hard to believe that such a big transformation is going to take place in such a short period.

  • Jith says:

    Thanks for sharing this…


  • Gopi says:

    I pray to GOD to bless me so i can open myself to receive Light, Love and Purity.

    Tons of thanks to Vishwa Amara team.

  • Thasleem says:

    Dear Kavitha and karthik…. thanks for the detailed info.This article has cleared lots of doubts regarding light body and the coming age and has provided immense clarity.It has added further motivation to cleanse,purify and be ready to be a part of the wonderful Golden Age!

    Looking forward to more chanelled information…

    Love and Light

  • Natasha says:

    Dear Vishwaamara,

    I always wonder how will people take birth in the new age?
    Will we continue to have sex in the new age for reproduction?


    • Vishwa Amara says:

      @Natasha –

      The means of reproduction will be through higher ways and not through sexual means. The exact methods are not fully known yet.

  • Shikha says:

    The topic has triggered my curious self to a great extent….I eagerly await to read the upcoming articles of this series! Words cannot do justice to this mighty work.. 🙂

  • Krishnamurthy Holla KR says:

    Yet another Inspiring Article!! Most of my queries about Light Body got cleared!! Waiting for more 🙂

  • Sudarishi says:

    Dear VishwaAmara team,

    The sheer amount of knowledge presented here inspires us to strive to be pure & seek contact of the Great Rishis… I bow with reverence and gratitude to the work of the Rishis and the Wonderful Effort from Karthik & Kavitha, for presenting the undistorted information in such Beauty.

    With Loving Humbleness,