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Spiritual Shields — Part 2

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The most effective way of building a shield around oneself is to imagine a globe of Light around and then to strengthen it with intention and prayer. Such shields are enough for individual protection and guidance. Apart from these, there are advanced shields with different shapes and characteristics, which are used by the Rishis, Rishi-workers and the Light workers, as a part of their work.

These special shapes help in making the shields more effective. And the efficiency of these shields is enhanced by the unique energies which are used to strengthen them.

The Various Shapes of Light Shields

  1. Spherical:  A Spherical shield is one which is most commonly used and is very effective. The Light globe represents the Universe which has no boundaries.
  2. Octahedron:  This shield has eight faces and is used commonly by Light workers when they work with energies. The special shape of this shield protects them from negative forces and helps in receiving and containing new energies. Such shields also help these Light workers to cope up with abrupt situations or sudden developments that they encounter in the course of their work.
  3. Spiral:  A spiral shaped shield is used by Rishis when they split their astral bodies and multiply themselves. The unique shape of this shield not only protects each of the split astral body but also continues to energise and vitalise them against any possible attack from outside forces.
  4. Matrix: This shape is very complicated. For an easier intellectual understanding, it is similar to the shape of a mesh. It is used by the Rishis and Rishi-workers on very rare occasions. When the Rishis need protection from hitherto unknown factors, they make use of this shield. They also use this in the process of inventing or exploring new realities in Existence. This special shield was invented by Purushottama Maharshi.
  5. X Shaped : The Rishis use this shield to identify hidden or foreign objects. Such shields also help in detecting and dealing with evil forces.
  6. Others: Various other shapes like the Dodecahedron (10 faces) or a pyramid are used to shield places. Some shields take the form of transparent air or liquid, in order to shield individuals from specific people or some types of energies.

The Other types of Shields

Although shielding with Light is the easiest and commonly used method, there are many other types of shields available. These shields are used for specific and important purposes. Pulastya Maharshi, one of the Saptarishis, is an expert in the area of creating Shields. He has spent a lot of time experimenting and exploring different shields. The following information about the Shields has been shared by this great Rishi.

♦ Shielding using Capsules
Capsules are special shields which are built to protect the astral bodies. They contain very strong and special energies which can cause a lot of damage if not handled properly. Such shields are used by the Rishi workers and Light workers in the course of their activities. And very few of them know how to use these capsules at the physical level too.

♦ Shielding by being in the presence of higher Energies
Many places of worship and Energy centres are also places where ancient Energies have been gathered and stored underground. These strong energies can help individuals in building shields around themselves. When people stay in these energy fields for a considerable duration, they absorb these energies automatically and a shield forms around them.

♦ Shielding with Gadgets
Gadgets are physical objects which are energised in order to perform specific functions. The talismans people use around their wrists, arms or necks acts as shields and protect them from harm. The Greek hero Achilles would shield himself with a special gadget which was placed near his feet. Destroying the gadget was the only way to kill him, which made him invincible. When he forgot to shield himself and an arrow penetrated his feet, he was killed.

At the higher levels, special gadgets are used for unique purposes. These gadgets are available only in Vasishta Maharishi’s laboratory. When the Rishis explored the Manifested and Unmanifested Universes, they used special gadgets for protection as the astral and causal bodies would not have sustained the Light and environment of those places.

♦ Shielding of Multiple bodies
Our bodies can be multiplied using advanced techniques. Such feats are usually done by the Rishis for a higher purpose. In such situations, certain special shields are used to protect all the multiplied bodies.

♦ Shielding with Yagas
There are special Yagas and Homas which are performed to create a shield around individuals or their houses. These spiritual practices have to be performed often to maintain and strengthen such shields.

♦ Shielding with Metal/Glass
The use of Metals for creating shields is a common practice. People use Yantras which are copper plates with sacred geometric symbols etched on them. Jewels and precious stones like diamonds are also used for protection against diseases and mishaps.

The higher spiritual shields are created using metals and even glass. Such shields are energised for thousands of years before being used. The mythological hero Karna used such a shield which was given to him by the Sun God.

Shielding further: House and Area

Shielding can be done not just around individuals but also around our houses and larger areas. Such bigger shields work in the same way as the usual shields—protecting the individuals from external negativities and preventing the loss of positive energies. They shift the vibratory frequency of the house/area to a higher level, making it invisible to anyone with negative intentions.

The individuals’ house can be shielded in the same way as shielding oneself. We imagine a globe of Blue Light around the house. Pray to God and the Rishis and then keep strengthening the globe with our Intention.

Shielding larger areas belong to a different category. Creating and maintaining such bigger shields is usually done for a higher purpose and there are various different methods depending on the purpose.

There are also many energy fields which are anchored in different places on our Planet, especially in places of worship or inter-dimensional entry points. Such energy fields will usually have another energy which forms a shield and protects the field from dissipating away. The ancient energy fields found across the globe have such strong shields. The newly formed energy fields need to be shielded and strengthened regularly, similar to individual shields.

Shields of the Future

The dawning of the Light Age on this Planet in a few years from now will witness many changes at various levels. There will be extreme Earth changes, shifts in continents and water bodies, disappearance of many plants and animal species and emergence of new Life forms. Our present human systems will also undergo major modifications to suit the high levels of purity and perfection of that Age. All this information has been shared in the Earth changes and Light bodies article series.

The Shields of the future will also change from what they are now. Their functions and capacities will undergo major overhaul to suit the conditions of the New Age. Other than protecting the individual, the shields will help in furthering his spiritual progress and evolution. They will monitor the various inner processes occurring in each individual. They will assist him in opening up to the new Energies and Knowledge which will be available in the enhanced pure conditions of the new Light Age.

They will also monitor the individual’s life and help in correcting the course when one deviates from the ways and values of Truth. A main feature of the Light Age is Oneness–between all humans, all life and everything in existence. The spiritual shields assist in manifesting this quality yet, they also help in protecting the privacy and individuality of every person.

The inhabitants of the New Light Age will have a direct contact and communion with the Highest Intelligence at all times. Inspite of this, in some situations where the Individual has doubts or needs a clarification, the shield will be able to act as a checkpoint in taking the right decision or following the laws of the New Age.

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