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Spiritual Shields — Part 1

Submitted by on May 26, 2012 – 13 Comments

The World around is unravelling slowly and the signs are evident for those who pay a little attention to the events happening at various levels. Such changes are a part of Nature, a part of human life here, but the current times have intensified these processes. The theory of evolution says that ‘only the fittest survive’. Applying this to our social context, one can say that, in the days to come ‘only those who adapt and transform will survive and thrive’. Transformation at all levels—from the purely physical to the highest intentional and spiritual levels is the mantra of the day.

The focus at VishwaAmara is to assist anyone towards such a transformation, with the help of the guidance from the Great Rishis. As a part of this effort, we published a free to download eBook, Communing with Light, which explains the basics of spirituality and helps individuals begin their spiritual journey. We also published three articles about Light, the Highest Reality. The articles ‘Light—The Reality‘ and ‘Experiencing Light‘ explore the knowledge about Light, the different ways in which one can experience it, and the benefits of making Light an integral part of our living. ‘Pointers on Light‘ explains the subtle nuances one comes across when he begins to implement the suggestions mentioned.

The book and the articles are a part of an important series: The Spiritual Transformation Series’. A complete transformation at all levels involves working on many aspects apart from Experiencing and Communing with Light. The subsequent articles in this series will explore each of these topics in greater detail. Taken as a whole, this entire set of articles forms a consolidated body of knowledge which anyone can follow and assimilate in their journey towards self-transformation.

One of the important aspects of transformation is the knowledge about Spiritual shields and how to build and strengthen such a shield around oneself. This article explains the basic ideas of a Spiritual Shield.

 What is a Shield?

A shield is a protective covering around an individual. Although some shields are physical objects, most shields are invisible energy fields which safeguard an individual from external negativities and harm. They also act as containers to hold and prevent the loss of important energies from his system.

The spiritual practice of building such an energy field around oneself and strengthening it regularly is called Shielding.

And it is a very important complementary practice for any spiritual aspirant, especially in the times we are in, where a decisive battle is on between the forces of Light and dark on our Planet. The practice of shielding protects an individual from the influence of dark forces and helps him evolve spiritually.

The Benefits of a Strong Shield

The basic function of a shield is to protect the individual from any external harm or negative effect. This negative effect arrives in the form of energies which enter an individual and disrupt his health and well being. The harmful energies can also cause accidents or create dangerous situations in the individual’s life. They can pervert his thinking/perception and influence his interaction with others. Most importantly, they can weaken the positive energies and faculties inside his system. They can influence and divert his attention away from spiritual growth and evolution.

A strong shield around the individual acts as a barrier for such harmful energies, wherever they come from. If the shield is strengthened regularly, it does not allow any negativity to enter and influence the individual in any of the above ways. People with psychic powers can read others’ minds and gather information about the person. A shield around us prevents such mind-readings done by others.

A shield which is strengthened with the help of Light results in a strong Intuition in the individual. It helps in awakening and sharpening ones hidden faculties. It has the capacity to hold important energies which are required for the individual on a periodic basis. The person can gather such energies and hold within his shield as long as required.

Shields also protect individuals from strong attacks by dark forces and other harmful entities. If the shield is sufficiently energized for decades, even death rays will not be able to touch the individual. In such cases, the Lord of Death—Yama, personally arrives to assist the individual in transiting from one life to another.

How does a Shield work?

The Shield forms a layer around the individual. With regular strengthening, the individual will be surrounded by a protective covering of Light, which is God Himself. This Light which forms the shield has its own intelligence and can function independently.

For the individuals who are not spiritually advanced, the shield usually repels the negative energies (those which cause sickness, accidents or even purely dark energies). If the other energy is very strong, then the shield will not be able to stop everything and the individual will begin to receive them and gets affected. He has to strengthen his shield more and also make more efforts at spiritual growth and healing to reverse this effect.

For spiritually advanced individuals, the shield works by both repelling and absorbing the negative energies. Being an intelligent entity, the shield can understand the intent behind the attacking negative energy. A strong shield has the capacity to absorb such energies. In cases where a negative energy is sent consciously to harm an individual, the shield absorbs it for a period of time and then, at an appropriate time, rebounds the dark energies back to the attacker.

In certain cases, the shield just absorbs the negativity. It accepts the core aspect of the negative energy and then dissipates or transmutes that energy.

A shield can also mislead an attacker or a psychic reader by giving false information and thus protect the individual. In one case, when a psychic tried to read a person and understand his activities, the shield around the person camouflaged the real activities and projected a false picture to the psychic, so that he would leave satisfied.

Although a shield has to be strengthened initially, in case of spiritually advanced individuals the shield will have the intelligence and capacity to consciously connect to the source and strengthen itself. But even in such cases, the shield needs regular strengthening for proper functioning.

Other features of Shields

Shields protect us not just at the physical but also at the astral levels. They safeguard our astral bodies from attacks at that level. A strong shield acts like a magnet and attracts positive light and energies which are required for the physical and astral bodies.

A shield also plays an important role during astral travel. When we travel at the astral level, it will not be possible for a guide to be present with us all the time, or to help everyone during the entire journey. In such cases, the shield not only protects but also guides us. It acts as an antenna and warns the individual if it senses any danger in the surroundings. It can be used by the individual to gather information about the surroundings at the astral level.

A sufficiently strengthened shield also helps in bridging the gap between the physical and astral worlds. It helps the individual to connect to the astral planes, understand those events better and also recall the details of the astral travel. And it assists him in having a calm and peaceful sleep without any disturbing dreams.

It is also possible for one person to create and strengthen a shield for another individual. In case of children below 12 years, their responsibility lies with the parents, so the parents can build and regularly strengthen a shield for them. And Spiritual masters and the Rishis can protect and shield their followers.

Apart from these cases, when one individual tries to build a shield for another, the other person should be willing. A shield cannot be built against his wishes. And the shield has to be strengthened regularly. Even then, such a sheild will be effective only for a short duration. In the long run, the other individual has to take responsibility for his own protection and shield himself.

A sufficiently strengthened shield remains with the individual until his death. After death, the shield either dissipates away or is taken by the guides who arrive at that time—the Yama-dhutas. Only in cases of spiritually advanced individuals like Rishis or Divine personalities, the shield continues to exist around the astral body.

Factors that weaken a Shield

The shields are designed to protect us from external negativities. They also can help in cleansing and transcending our inner negativities, but this happens rarely. However, our own negativities can in turn have an adverse effect on the shields that are built around us. If we harbour strong negativities in our thoughts, emotions or actions, they can weaken and even destroy our shields. So, transcending our weaknesses and negativities is as important as strengthening the shields around us.

The shields that are used presently need to be strengthened regularly, along with the other practices. If we are lax in this practice, the shield gets weakened over a period of time. Also practicing wrong spiritual techniques can weaken the shields. And strangely, at times when an individual receives very strong energies, if he is not able to handle it, the shield can break.

If a shield is weak, the strong negativities of others can damage it further. And a very strong psychic or tantric can easily destroy a weak shield.

The shield also gets affected when the individual’s material life is not smooth. The shield begins to weaken and wither away in such a case, and the individual has to make a lot of efforts to re-strengthen it.

So safeguarding against these factors is as important as strengthening the shield. With our regular practice and strong faith, we need to keep the shield vibrant and sturdy. Along with making efforts to grow spiritually, we need to consciously positivise our living.

How to create a Shield and strengthen it?

The easiest and most efficient way to build a shield and strengthen it is to be regular in meditations. A dedicated effort at spiritual growth creates a shield automatically and also keeps it vibrant and strong. And when we relate to Light all the time and be aware of its presence in our system, this Light itself acts as a shield—protecting, guiding and nurturing us.

A separate effort at creating a shield and keeping it strong arises when our meditations are not regular. Also, there could be a need to make a shield stronger with special energies. In such cases, one can practice specific techniques for this purpose.

One of the most effective ways to build and maintain a shield is to take the help of Light. The technique of shielding was shared in our book, Communing with Light. It is as follows:

  1. Sit cross legged on a mat facing North
  2. Imagine that you are inside a Blue globe of Light. This globe can be of any size that you are comfortable with.
  3. Pray to this Blue Light and also to Lord Hanuman, for protection and positivity.
  4. Experience this Light for 3 minutes.

This practice has to be done every day after the meditations. Only a regular practice keeps the shield strong and healthy. We can also consciously think of this shield for a minute whenever we go out of our homes. And trying to be aware of this Blue globe around us, whenever possible, also strengthens the shield.

There are special procedures and elaborate rituals performed by different sects to develop different kinds of shields. The technique mentioned above is the simplest and also one of the best techniques of shielding because, in this method we connect to the source of all existence—Light. The practice of shielding which is done with Light also keeps us connected to the Supreme Intelligence at all times.

Shields are also of different types and special properties, used for various purposes, with many different utilities. And as we move into the new Light Age, special shields will be created around us, with many new enhanced features. The next article will briefly touch upon these aspects.

Conclusion: the necessity of Shielding now

At the highest level of God, there is no difference between good and bad, between positive and negative. From that level of Unity Consciousness, everything appears as a play of Light, an interaction between opposite polarities which gives rise to Creation. When we rise to that level and experience Light in all its purity and expansion, we would have gone beyond duality. We will continue to live life here, but experiencing everything as God experiences, untouched by any aspect of Creation—good or bad.

That is the aim of Sadhana and we are moving into such a level of consciousness as Humanity and all life on Earth steps into the New Light Age, a few years from now. Yet, we are still in the transitory period, and are yet to move into the awareness of Oneness where the distinction between good and evil vanishes. In this intense period of transition where the duality dramas are playing out at their maximum potency, we need to safeguard ourselves from the harmful effects of negative forces. In order to transcend duality, we need to focus on the positive aspects of Light and shield ourselves from the negative.

The practice of shielding has become an essential aspect of one’s Sadhana because of this. It is as important as our daily meditations in our movement through this period of Pralaya and in our ascension into the New Light Age. A regularly strengthened shield is our protection in this twilight zone of two ages until Satya Yuga completely dawns on this Earth.

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  • Vic Miranda says:

    Thank you for sharing, it’s time for shielding myself.

  • mayank chauhan says:

    thanks for sharing ,god bless u 🙂

  • Bryan says:

    This stuff (with all due respect) is absolutly amazing whoever knew that there was so much more to life?

  • Ramesh says:

    Thank you for sharing this knowledge.
    Await the other parts of the article eagerly.

  • gourie says:

    Its a real blessing to have this knowledge. It has helped me a lot.It is also the responsibility of those who know this to let others know about it. How people react to this knowledge is their choice.
    love and light to all.

  • Anthony says:

    Major thanks for the article post.
    Much obliged.

  • O says:

    Dear VishwaAmara team,

    I am excited to find such valuable info on shields.

    I had a Couple of queries…
    1. When as a group we go out on trips can a person who is a meditator request the Rishis to shield the entire vehicle/group to be protected?
    2. Also when a person is sick and is unable to take care or is down with problems or worries can we with our prayers request the shield for either the individual or the family in trouble?

    With loving regards,

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @O –
      1. Yes, we can.
      2. It is better to pray to the Rishis and God rather than to the shield of the individual. The Higher Intelligence will take care.

  • Sark says:

    I arrived at shielding on my own (but with higher guidance spiritually) through trial and error. It was difficult but I learned more about shielding that way. Like how it can be directed and strengthed in specific areas if an attack is concentrated (by an intelligent foe). I also learned how to make this variable strength an automatic defense mechanism. Energy is directed to the point of attack without waking thought, but I still have to provide the reinforcing energy from time to time. And, yes, I have felt psy-attack on occasion, though I doubt it was intentional. Also, you can prevent others from knowing your true intent, and from accessing your energy. Pretty much helps you be an individual. I had troubles in crowds for the longest time, I was just so sensative to people and emotions. Now I walk freely and safely in peace and love.

  • Nagaraj Ganapa says:

    Hi Vishwaamara Team,
    I have a query that do we travel astrally? If so, why we don’t remember about it? How can I travel astrally to particular places by will? Are there any suggested meditation practices for this?

    I am overwhelmed with the precise information that are shared on this site. I feel myself blessed to have known about this site.

    Many thanks for your priceless information.

    Many thanks,
    Nagaraj Ganapa

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @ Nagaraj –
      All of us can travel astrally. Now due to the transitory period, the travel is restricted and it can be done only when there is a purpose.

      The techniques are taught to students at an appropriate stage of their spiritual growth.

  • Shikha says:

    Gem of an article, thanks to bring it forth. ♥ When anyone tries to read me more than required, I get terrible headache. In such moments, shielding helps right? Is it possible to sheild ourselves from some specific people by intention?

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