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Pointers on using Light in our Living

Submitted by on February 27, 2012 – 5 Comments

Recently we published an eBook, ‘Communing with Light’ in which the different ways of using Light in our lives has been explained. The book contains simple techniques of utilizing Light as a part of our daily activities and also on various other important occasions. Such practices tune us to the divine vibrations of Light and help us sail through the current turbulent times into the new Light age of the future.

Many readers have appreciated the usefulness of the information presented in that book. They have begun to apply those principles and practices in their daily lives. We also received many questions from various readers about the practical aspects of these techniques. Some of those questions and our answers to them are shared in this article so that it helps everyone understand these practices in better light.

♦       ♦       ♦

Life is so busy and hectic these days that we lose ourselves in the details and forget about holding Light in our system. It’s difficult to be aware of Light at all times. What is to be done?

It’s not too difficult to remember to hold Light in our system, however busy life becomes. All that is needed is willingness and a bit of effort in the beginning. The mistake we make is to assume that we have to be aware of the Light at all times. We begin slowly, and gradually the practice becomes effortless and natural just like our breathing.

We can start our day with a few minutes of experiencing Light in our system. Then, in the middle of our daily activities, whenever we remember, we can think strongly of Light and continue with our work. We can remember the presence of Light in us when we are stressed or in need of guidance/support. We can also be aware of its presence in the background while being engaged in activities like watching the television. And we can end the day by thinking of Light in us and thanking it for being in our awareness.

Although we may not be aware of it all the time, Light will be present in us and will be guiding us at different levels. By remembering it every now and then, we bring its awareness to the physical level and establish a conscious relation with it. The disconnect occurs when we emote strongly, especially the negative emotions. After such incidents, it is advisable to consciously sit and practice the technique for some time.

Such a state of living in Light is not only possible for everyone but also easier because of the times we are in. We can take advantage of the availability of the higher energies on our Earth now and consciously tune up to Light.

 ♦       ♦       ♦

Are there ways in which we can improve our system so that we can hold Light more efficiently?

There are many steps you can do in this regard. Practice seven rounds of Pranayama with Light when you get up from sleep in the morning. This helps in energising the system and makes one feel very refreshed.

Practice physical exercises. It is very important. Other than the benefits of overcoming lethargy and improving the physical health, it also helps in the removal of old energies from the system, thereby allowing the newer energies to flow better.

Consciously cultivate positive thoughts and emotions. Try to be aware of your thoughts and reject the negative thoughts when they arise. Listening to good music helps in refining our emotions. Take care of the health of each part of the system (body, mind and intellect). Health and vitality in one part of the system influences the others, so when we strengthen all the parts, our overall system will be strong, tuned and capable of holding Light efficiently.

Finally, practice the technique of holding Light in your system whenever you remember. The more one practices, the easier it becomes to align with Light effortlessly.

 ♦       ♦       ♦

When I go to places that have grosser / negative vibrations, I sometimes feel lost or drained of energies. Why is it so?

People who are sensitive to the presence of energies usually get affected by the grosser vibrations in a few places. Although these negative vibrations affect everyone, it’s the sensitive ones who’re more prone to feeling drained or lost.

At such times, consciously think of the shield around you and imagine that it is strengthening. Hold more Light in your system. If necessary, practice Pranayama with Light for a few rounds.

 ♦       ♦       ♦

How to deal with people who are very negative and cynical and always a huge burden to interact with?

Firstly, we cannot do much about how the other individual is. It is not in our spiritual interest to interfere with others and also, we should not judge them. It is their choice on how they want to be.

When it comes to interacting with people who are very negative, we do it silently and allow the Light within to take care. If they begin to interfere in our life, we then pray to God and send a lot of Golden Light to them until the situation normalizes and the interference stops.

When our Meditations are regular and we practice the techniques like shielding and carrying Light all the time, others will not be able to harm us or interfere in our lives. And if they try, it can be handled easily.

 ♦       ♦       ♦

In a conflict situation, I’ve observed that it is very difficult to hold Light and strangely less effective too when I do it. How to handle such situations?

The reason why holding Light is difficult or ‘less effective’ in a conflict situation is mainly because the individuals themselves become agitated and get worked up. They unconsciously connect to and manifest the negative vibrations prevalent during that situation which prevents them to hold on to Light.

Being too involved into the situation also takes away our awareness from Light. Although Light remains in the background and plays a role, when we get agitated, we allow the grosser vibrations to take over. To hold on to Light and allow it to diffuse the situation, we need to be calm and composed.

We also react to a situation especially when we have to defend ourselves. Instead of reacting impulsively, we have to pause, think calmly and then respond. We have to act with patience and maturity.

Light works best even in a conflict or argument when we face the situation calmly, all the while holding on to Light.

 ♦       ♦       ♦

A similar difficulty arises during meetings where the discussion becomes an argument and things get heated up. What should be done in such situations?

The first priority in any such situation is to calm down. Practice Pranayama with Light silently. If possible, drink some water. This will give you space to mentally disconnect from the argument and hold Light more efficiently.

The key is to detach from the vibrations of the argument. Being aware of your shield along with Light will also help.

So ideally before the beginning of any important discussion follow this –

  1. Imagine a globe of Golden Light around you. This acts as your shield as well. Experience it for some time. Then send that Light to the people in the discussion and the place. The vibrations of these energies help in resolving any conflicts that may arise.
  2. Do not lose patience at anytime. Also, have strong faith in Light and have positive hope.
  3. If none of these works, the right thing to do is to surrender to God and allow things to happen silently. Accept the outcome without hatred or judgement and allow Light to take care of the situation.

  ♦       ♦       ♦

I am practicing the technique mentioned for contacting the Rishis, but I do not hear anything, however much I try.

Establishing a contact with the Higher Intelligence – Light and the Rishis is very important, especially in the current times where each individual can take direct guidance in every aspect of their lives. And because we are not used to this type of communication, it takes some time and effort to establish a contact. We need to approach the practice with humility and surrender, with a strong willingness to talk to and hear from the Rishis. The main requirement to establish a contact with them is the purity of thoughts and emotions in our daily lives.

One major hurdle to overcome is to get over our logical thinking. So strengthening our intuition helps us to establish a better contact with the Rishis. This is a good way to open up our higher channels of communication. Intuition surfaces mainly through our thoughts, usually as the first response to a situation when our mind is quiet. Some also experience a hunch or a strong conviction about a choice. Others may experience a surge of positive energy or see some specks of Light. The way Intuition operates varies for each person and the individual has to learn the best way out for themselves through a little trial and error. The clarity of Intuition increases with practice.

For example, if you are going out, refer to your Intuition on the route to take, or in the order in which things have to be done in a day. While purchasing items, if you have to choose between two, refer to your intuition. You can also use your intuition before watching a movie to see whether it’ll be a good one or ordinary and then watch the movie to check up on the results. In the beginning stages, link up to the Soul and refer all such small decisions to its wisdom. Once this practice strengthens, you can shift to bigger issues.

In the beginning, we may get one in ten such decisions correct but that is a good start. Sharpening the Intuition is like a toddler learning to stand and walk. We learn through mistakes and continue our attempts until we stabilize. Take it up as a project and don’t be in a hurry to achieve results. Enjoy the journey to the destination as well. As the Intuitive faculty sharpens, it assists us in deciphering the communication that we receive from the Higher Intelligence.

 ♦       ♦       ♦

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  • Anindo says:

    Whatever be the date, this article will always be pure Gold!

  • Kimberly says:

    Thank you for the clear explanation of the issues. It was truly informative. Your website is extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing!

  • kashinath says:

    i am practicing a few techniques given in the book communing with light since a few days. It is really giving lot of self confidence. But still as other readers have expressed when we come across a situation or to take a decision about the negative energy people it still is difficult to understand how to handle spiritually to obtain a positive result at the same time not to hurt the other person

  • O says:

    Dear VishwaAmara team,

    The article is so pragmatic and the details are so exhaustive. Now only willingness to apply and proper effort to keep the practices on are required… Thanks for such Clarity and Nano details. This sure will fire up many interested souls to pursue Light day in and Day out.

    Thanking again for Crystal Clarity
    In 1ness

  • Vasant says:

    Great guidance. I thank the whole team for giving this clear idea on becoming one with light. Thanks a lot.

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