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Light — The Reality

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We are moving into an age of Light on this Earth. It is a period where Light guides and moulds all life here. Until now, we were living in a period where our existence was hardly influenced by the vibrations of Light. In the future age that is about to unfold, Light in its highest frequency will manifest and take effect in our lives.

At the deepest level, everything is Light. The most concrete thing like a rock, or a living being, or even abstract things like ideas or dreams — are different manifestations of Light. Even the physical light that we see is one such manifestation. Light is the all pervasive, all powerful and most intelligent presence in the entire Creation, and beyond.

The mystics and saints have called God as ‘Jyothi-Swaroopa’, or Light Himself. In their deeper states of Meditations, they experienced God as an extraordinarily immense Ocean of Light. This most subtle Light, they understood, is the ever present reality which creates, governs and withdraws all Creation again and again.


The Ocean of Light — ParaBrahma, which was understood as the highest reality until now, is one of the manifestations in existence. There are many other such Manifested and Unmanifested realms. The Rishis perceived an even bigger and immense presence, which gave rise to all these different and diverse manifestations. This Primordial God has been called as Mula Brahman.

When Mula Brahman wanted to create and bring forth various manifestations, He did not know how to go about it and which substance to use for this purpose. Then, He perceived a shining and radiant Presence within Him. This was Light! God understood that Light could be used to materialize His vision of Creation. That moment onwards, Light has become an important and integral part of Creation in all the Unmanifested and Manifested Universes.

Vishwamitra Maharshi says that Light is the most unconditional gift given by God to His Manifestation.


At the highest level of Mula Brahman where it originates, Light is of the greatest quality, intensity and potency. The Rishis have called this as the ‘Spectral Light’. From the Spectral Light manifested a toned down and less intense vibration of Light called as ‘Nirvena Prakasha’. This formed the base for the creation of all the Unmanifested Universes.

From Nirvena Prakasha, a less intense form of Light manifested as various Universes. With each further manifestation, the characteristics become simpler and less potent. At all levels, the Light has different colours and vibrations. Each vibration also has its own characteristic feature.

Our Universe, ParaBrahma is an ocean of Light which is predominantly Golden coloured. Other Universes like Prakasha Brahma or Neela Brahma are oceans of Blue Light. More details about the other universes are in this article — Manifested Universes.

When Creation continued in each of these Universes, Light further toned down and gave rise to Energies. These condensed as different types of matter and also formed the building blocks of the various Cosmoses, Worlds, Galaxies, Stars, Planets and all life on these planets.


Everything and anything in existence is a manifestation of Light. In each of the Universes, Light manifested further and further to give rise to a varied and complex creation. In our Universe — ParaBrahma, various energy fields with different characteristics and functions came into existence. Huge cosmoses were created, which further manifested different worlds spanning across dimensions. Energy condensed as matter to give rise to Galaxies filled with Stars, Planets and other Cosmic bodies.

As Creation continued, life forms came into existence in innumerable Earths. A very rich and diverse life took root in millions and millions of Earths. When living beings were created, the particles of Light (also known as Souls) from various Sources descended into these bodies in order to experience the Creation which had manifested out from God.

Creation is not accidental or mechanical. A highly intelligent and compassionate Presence governs and sustains all Creation — from the level of Cosmoses and Galaxies to the tiniest level of single celled organisms and sub-atomic particles. This Presence (God) created many divine beings and special Souls to administer and sustain the diverse and complex Creation.

This Creation is bound by time. After a time-span, Creation is withdrawn back into the respective Sources, in each of the Universes, only to be manifested again in another form and diversity. In the bigger picture of Mula Brahman, even the extraordinarily huge Manifested and Unmanifested universes will be withdrawn, only to be projected again and again.


The life system on any planet follows certain laws and principles. Based on these, Light supports and sustains life on that planet. One such principle that exists on our Earth and many other planets in our Cosmos is the movement of Time in cycles. A bigger cycle of Time is known as Mahayuga, which repeats over and over.

Each Mahayuga has four different and diverse time periods, in which the spiritual condition of the Planet varies from one extreme to another. In the purest age — Satya Yuga, Light manifests as truth, love, peace and many other divine qualities in the lives of all inhabitants on our Earth. In the next two ages, when a dilution of values sets in, there is a reduction in the influence of Light in the affairs of this world. In these ages, the influence of darkness rises gradually. In the last age, the Kali Yuga, there is hardly any influence of Light at all; this period witnesses the rule of darkness with life filled with untruth, injustice and other negativities. When Kali Yuga ends and a new Mahayuga begins, Light in its purest and highest form begins to take root.

Every influence on this Planet — the dark, light and the gray in between, is a different manifestation of the Highest Intelligence — Light. At present, our Earth is going through a transitory period, moving from a dark age to the age of Light. It is witnessing a shift of the vibratory level of Light, from the grossest to the Purest.

We are in the middle of this Shift at this point in time.


Our Earth is now witnessing a tremendous flooding of different vibrations of Light from the divine realms. We can witness the workings of this Light in the disruption of the old world, which is still tuned to the lower vibrations and injustice. The systems and people all over the planet, who are still in the grip of the earlier age and its influence, are shaken up and jolted out of their reverie by the divine Light. Anyone can witness these paradigm altering events across various fields in today’s world.

This disruption and replacement of systems starts at a subtler level, where the lower vibrations of Light are transmuted into higher ones. All those individuals who are still holding on to the earlier vibrations are coaxed and helped to receive the new, divine vibrations. They are assisted in getting over the influence of the previous age and move into the New age of Light that’s about to begin on our Planet.

When people resist, they face situations which forces them to make a clear choice. Those who resist even these situations or choose to go with the old world will be shifted out of this Earth into a suitable Earth, where their Soul journey continues. This shift-out happens during the many Earth change events, which are already occurring and which will accelerate during the Galactic alignments and other cosmic events of the near future. Only those individuals who choose the Light Age on this Earth will be able to pass through these situations unscathed.

A huge network of evolved beings, Rishis and divine personalities are assisting and facilitating this great shift of Ages under the guidance of the Supreme Light!


In this period of transition from one age to another, Light plays a major role at various levels. At the physical level, it works through the Rishi workers, Spiritual guides and those who’ve opened up to the higher realities; through them, it provides education, guidance and hope to many others. At the subtler levels, it works through the Rishis and Light workers. It also destroys the Dark and takes action against the oppressors after warning them.

At still deeper levels, Light acts directly and guides every Soul. It educates the individual about what’s happening in the current phase of transition and also provides strength, wisdom and hope to tune to these changes. It guides everyone through their intuition to take the right decisions and to solve any problem in their lives.

Light also heals every Soul by churning out the inherent darkness or negativity and by assisting in transmuting them. It opens up everyone to the divine vibrations of the Light Age and exposes them to higher ways of living. It presents lots of opportunities to grow and helps in manifesting divine qualities like Love, Peace and Oneness.

A major step that an individual can take in his growth is to experience Light and manifest its qualities in his daily living.


We have many times experienced a beautiful sunrise, a picturesque scenery or listened to a soul stirring melody. What happens in those moments? We lose ourselves and become a part of that experience momentarily. Experiencing Light is a similar happening where we lose our individual identity and become a part of Light.

Meditation takes us to this extraordinary experience which transforms and divinises us. The first step of any meditation technique is to silence our system of body-mind-intellect so that Stillness can be established in us. Then our awareness, which is limited to this system, is trained to gradually rise and expand. With practice, we will be able to expand our Awareness in the realms of Light. This is the stage where we begin to experience Light directly.

In this spiritual journey, there are various levels and stages. As an aspirant moves through these stages, he begins to experience the different sublime qualities of Light — purity, peace, bliss, love etc. In the advanced stages, he will be able to transmute the physical body into a Light body and in further stages he will merge his awareness into Light while still existing in his body. This stage where the aspirant directly experiences and realises his oneness with Light (God) and every other manifestation of Light is commonly described as ‘Enlightenment’.

There are many more stages even beyond Enlightenment! These will be explored in the next article which explains ‘Experiencing Light’ in detail.


Light is the permanent reality in existence. We who are sparks of Light are related to it at the deepest level. This relation can be expanded to many other levels including the physical. When this is done, our lives are transformed by the luminosity of Light.

A simple method suggested by the Rishis is to imagine that we are always filled with a radiant Golden Light. Even if we’re unable to visualise it, just having an intention itself will help the Light to fill up our system. We have to enjoy its presence as much as we can. This can be done along with our normal routine activities by keeping the awareness of Light in the background, or whenever we find solitude where we can focus our attention on this practice.

When we hold a lot of Light in our system in this way, the Light begins to cleanse our system and bring in purity. It makes us positive and helps us remain calm and composed in any situation. It helps us to manifest unconditional love and also manifest Peace and Oneness. We will be able to distinctly notice a qualitative improvement in our living.

We can refer to Light when we take decisions. Even in the smallest detail of our lives, we can take the help of this Light. When we begin to relate and interact with Light, it begins to assist and guide us through our intuition. We will be able to clearly notice and receive the instructions from Light. This is the point where we realise a fundamental truth — that Light is the only guide, the only Guru!

Gu means darkness and Ru means Light. Guru is an individual who leads us from darkness to Light. Although the human spiritual masters and Rishis are commonly referred to as Gurus, they are only the guides. The true Guru is Light itself! It guides every Soul through these guides until the Soul evolves to a level of direct communion with Light!

When this realisation comes through a direct experience, we will be taking a very great step in our lives. This is the point where Light illuminates every aspect of our lives. When Light enters, all darkness vanishes as Light brings knowledge, wisdom, energies and healing. From then on, we will literally be living in Light!


When we perceive the existence of Light behind the myriad forms and play of consciousness, we live out our purpose, without getting entangled in this creation of Light. We will be furthering the purpose of Light and its Creation. Instead of being caught in the web of life, we will be influencing and directing the movement of life, in alignment with Divine will.

The Soul, which was a part of Light, descended into Creation and lost its connection in order to experience it. Now, on the next step of the journey, this Soul has to regain its connection and continue to experience in full awareness of its relation to Source. Then it can merge back into the Source, at will.

This is our journey — the journey of every Soul. When we realise the existence and prevalence of Light and begin to engage with it at the highest level, we are taking the final steps of our divine journey. We are completing the story which began eons ago with our descent. From here, whether we choose to merge back, or go on another journey into our own experiencing or assisting other Souls — this choice is left to every individual.

This opportunity to experience and live out our lives in the awareness of Light, is a divine gift, available to all of us on Earth at this point in time. We can make use of this opportunity to take the next step of our evolution.

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    In this spiritual journey, there are various levels and stages. As an aspirant moves through these stages, he begins to experience the different sublime qualities of Light — purity, peace, bliss, love etc. In the advanced stages, he will be able to transmute the physical body into a Light body and in further stages he will merge his awareness into Light while still existing in his body. This stage where the aspirant directly experiences and realises his oneness with Light (God) and every other manifestation of Light is commonly described as ‘Enlightenment’.

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