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Special Days for Meditation — December 2013

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December 2013

Millions of individuals all over the world have been pursuing spirituality and working very hard to transform and also help our Earth transit to the Light Age. Many distinct steps have been taken by us collectively and we have crossed another phase in our transition. With the entry into the new phase, many individuals are witnessing the results of their efforts in a very tangible form.

This December brings many more of such opportunities and hope for all of us to strengthen our resolves and practices, which will help in further manifesting of unconditional love and peace all around.

Hope and peace will manifest in every individual, from within. It is up to every individual to make use of the opportunity. The Rishis are also helping mankind to manifest other inner qualities like being selfless and helping others. Large groups of people are functioning within the boundaries of greed and selfishness. It is time for all of us to start fighting against injustice and collectively helping each other so that the higher value system can manifest. In this regard, the developed nations will witness chaos in their functioning and their corrupt practices will get exposed further.

The incidents of natural disasters like the earthquakes and cyclones have gone up since the eclipse of November. Many volcanoes too are getting active. Such activity is likely to increase. Lot of efforts have been made by the Higher Intelligence to reduce the damage and loss of lives due to these calamities but it is again up to us collectively to choose and transform.

Many works have also been done over past years for various Earth changes to take place. Some of these will start manifesting to the physical level henceforth and we will begin to witness many landmasses going under the ocean, gradually.

In this month we shall also have the presence of Vishwamitra Maharshi on Christmas. We will be able to connect to him and experience his love very easily on that day. The Rishis mention that a very new doorway from our Source, ParaBrahma will be opened to our Cosmos. This will bring with it many new energies and potential, for the first time into our part of the Creation.

We will also have the presence of a special group of Rishis during the Shunya Masa who will be substituting the Saptarishis when they go for a month long Tapas. These great masters will be bringing new energies and knowledge for our Earth and also be executing many special projects during this period.

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The special days of December are –

2nd Dec — Amavasya

Many new energies will be released on this day by the Rishis and these energies will help every individual to let go the old and open up for the new and higher energies. They will also help everyone to grow spiritually to become the citizens of the Light Age. Meditate more and experience the energies.

16th Dec to 14th Jan — Shunya Masa

Shunya Masa is the month when the Saptarishis will go into Tapas and a new group of Rishis will be in charge of the administration of our Cosmos during this period. The Rishis associated with our Earth did not go into Tapas, the last couple of years as their presence was required for various works. Even this year, though they will go for their Tapas, they will still be very connected to our Earth and may come back any time in between if their assistance is required.

Vishwamitra Maharshi, Amara Maharshi and Ahalya Maharshi are the other main Rishis working along with the Saptarishis to assist our Earth and humanity presently. They have invited a very special group of Rishis this year and requested their help. These Rishis are experts in working with Pralaya energies and helping life transit from one Yuga to the next.

This batch of Rishis came to our Earth previously when Duryodhana was alive on our Earth, more than 5000 years ago. During that time, they had fixed a lot of gadgets on Earth and executed many works which helped Lord Krishna greatly, in destroying the Rakshasas and other negative groups.

The Saptarishis have already begun the preparations for the arrival of these Rishis. This time also these Rishis will be involved in various works to assist and strengthen the work of Lord Kalki. They will also be helping humanity to strengthen the transition and movement towards the Light Age and the Rishis express that this phase brings “rays of hope” for the Earth. Many rare opportunities for spiritual growth will be available to any individual who wants to make use of it. Also, an abundance of gifts in the form of energies will be showered upon to the entire humanity by them.

Normally, many works executed at the astral level do not manifest to the physical, especially the ones that cause destruction and loss of life. It is done out of compassion for life by the Higher Intelligence. These new Rishis want all their works to manifest so that the transition process can hasten. The effects of their work will be extreme good and extreme chaos depending on what the individual chooses. If things go adverse, it would be hundreds of times worse that any of the wars we have witnessed on our Earth.  The council of Rishis are still deciding on how much will be allowed to manifest!

17th Dec — Purnima

On the Full moon Day, the energies will be at their potent best and the individual can make efficient use of them. On these days, it is best to contemplate, take spiritual resolutions and work towards our inner purity.

On our Earth, Lord Kalki, Vishwamitra Maharshi and the special batch of Rishis will be executing a series of works from this day till the Solstice. They will be anchoring new energies on the Earth. These energies will have interesting effects; the experiencing of these energies would be quite different from the usual way we experience energies. The new experience could feel weird or there may be more confusion because of this. On the other hand, they will also help us experience many wonderful and exalted stated which haven’t been experienced before and could leave us mind boggled.

So far, our Sun, many planets of our Solar System and the Photon Belt have been energised with higher energies on separate occasions to assist our Earth and humanity in its transition to the Light Age. The new batch of Rishis want to strengthen and energize the Moon with many new energies during this period and also connect it to our Earth so that Mother Earth (Gaia) can draw these energies whenever She wants them.

21st Dec — Solstice

The December Solstice is when the Sun is over the Tropic of Capricorn. On this day, we will be receiving special energies from the Sun and the Second Sun and also new energies will be anchored by the new batch of Rishis on our Earth. Be aware of these and meditate more on this day. Many special Souls associated with the work of the Rishis will also be taking birth on this day.

To transit to the next Era, our bodies receive an upgrade to be able to tune into the purity of the Light Age which are known as the Light bodies. And this upgrade happens gradually with new cells being formed and more DNA getting activated in our system. Similarly even the Earth and life around receive an upgrade.

The new batch of Rishis will be creating new atoms and molecules and integrating them with our Earth. This will help Her to hold the new energies and resonate with the energies of the Light Age. These will also coerce and help all individuals on the Earth bring about transformation within.

This special work will not only be carried out for our Earth but also in many parts of the Material Cosmos.

25th Dec — Christmas

Vishwamitra Maharshi will be present on our Earth on this day and millions all over the world experience him. This year, the Saptarishis will be placing many layers of shields around him so that only those who want to connect and experience him from deep within will be able to do so.

The new Rishis will also be executing many works with him on this day. New knowledge and energies will also be anchored to our Earth which we can access through our Meditation.

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