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Shunya Masa

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Time moves in cycles on this physical plane. We the humans who inhabit this plane are bound by this movement of time. Those who intuitively discovered the cyclic movement of time, created calendars to record these cycles and passed them on to others, so that everyone could understand the significance these cycles have on our lives. The Gregorian calendar which we all follow is one of them while another calendar which has generated great interest in recent times is the Mayan calendar, which clocks the movement and evolution of human consciousness.

The Indian yearly calendar is based on the lunar cycle, where the entire year is divided into 12 months, each having approximately 30 days based on the waxing-waning cycles of the moon. These 12 months also closely follow the weather patterns, with certain months indicating the arrival of the monsoon rains and others signifying the onset of winter and summer seasons. Every month also indicates the spiritual energies available in that duration because of various alignments and astrological significances.

One of the important months of the year according to this calendar is the Shoonya masa also known as Dhanur masa, which falls approximately between mid December to mid January. Shoonya means null or void. This month has been named so because this is the duration where humanity doesn’t have the benefit of the guidance from the Saptarishis. These great masters who administer the entire creation on God’s behalf and guide all life, sit for meditations throughout this month, after handing over the charge of administration to another batch of Rishis.

This is the month where the Saptarishis give all their focus and attention to spiritual activities, hence since time immemorial, humans also kept aside all material pursuits and focused on spiritual pursuits throughout this month. This was the reason why no marriages or business ventures were taken up in this period, thus allowing the individuals to focus on their spiritual growth. Over time, this knowledge was distorted by the vested interests and one of the most auspicious months of the year came to be regarded as inauspicious for any kind of activity.

This article sheds more light on the importance of this month and the various activities the Rishis undertake in this duration with respect to our Earth.

The significance of this month

The entire month is auspicious for two reasons. First, it’s a period when the Saptarishis engage in pure spiritual activities by sitting in a Long Tapas. Second, it’s also a period when a new batch of Rishis arrive to administer Creation and guide humanity. These new Rishis bring with them very special energies, new knowledge and also educate humanity on newer ways of living, at a different level. All these factors provide major opportunities for spiritual growth, which when properly utilised can help us make faster progress.

The Saptarishis go to tapas for this duration every year, just as we’re expected to meditate every day for an hour. While we meditate for our individual spiritual growth, these great masters sit for tapas to burn out the karmas of humanity in the entire material cosmos. They also gather new energies and knowledge in this duration, which will be utilised in their work during the next one year.

The New Rishis

The Rishis who substitute for the Saptarishis during this one month will not be the same every year. A new batch is selected every year for this purpose. This selection is done by the Saptarishis one year in advance. Also the Rishis and the number of them in this new batch vary each time, depending on the work that’s required in this period.

The general criteria on which these Rishis are selected are:

1. They should have done Tapas for a minimum of 100 years.

2. They should have the capacities to substitute the Saptarishis and work like them.

3. They should have worked along with Vasishtha Maharshi for at least 10 years.

4. The Rishi to be selected should have taken birth in this material Cosmos at least once and should have experienced life here.

5. Each of these Rishis will have some unique characteristics, with specialised knowledge and expertise in a particular field. Depending on the projects that are to be executed in this period, the Rishi who specialises in the required field is selected for this batch.

The Rishis who arrive for this duration have such capacities that they monitor the work that happens in the entire material cosmos.

In this article we try to understand the work they do with respect to our Earth and Life that exists here.

The Work of the New Rishis

Once the new batch arrives at the beginning of Shoonya masa, Maharshi Vasishtha and Maharshi Amara help them by sharing their observation of the happenings on our Earth during the first three days. After this, the new Rishis heal Mother Earth and begin to monitor the various activities that are being carried out by the workers.

The Rishis usually initiate many new projects during this time. They go out of the way to help humanity to get over their problems and grow in all areas. One example of this is that in the year 2000, one of the Rishis over-exerted himself so much in order to help us that by the end of the month, he became severely sick and Vasishtha Maharshi had to put a lot of efforts to heal him. Such is the Love of the Rishis towards God and His creation.

Every time an individual opens up, the Rishis give him new energies and help him to grow faster towards manifesting love and becoming Light. They bring their unique perspective and understanding to Humanity’s problems, and devise new techniques and methods to solve these issues faster. When the Saptarishis return and take charge, these Rishis share their understanding and methods with them.

Other activities in this month

Many important activities occur in this month where the new batch of Rishis initiate many new projects for the welfare and evolution of Humanity. The information about these projects and works will not be revealed until they’re completed by the end of the month. Yet, there are some activities which occur every year during this occasion;

1. On 25th December every year, a meeting is held under the guidance of Vishwamitra Maharshi and Vasishtha Maharshi where the New batch of Rishis, the Rishi workers, Light workers and special Souls who’re on Earth to serve God gather together. Many decisions are taken regarding the work on this Earth. Also some decisions are taken pertaining to the entire Material Cosmos.

2. Since we are moving into the Light Age, bringing Peace on this Earth is one of the main agendas of the Rishis’ work. A special meeting is held on 31st December every year between Vishwamitra Maharshi, Vasishtha Maharshi, the Saptarishis and Maharshi Amara. They decide the course of action for the next year based on the observations of the activities on Earth during the entire year. Since this meeting is held to help us evolve into a peaceful era, this day is celebrated as World Peace day, with various spiritual groups meditating and praying for peace in this World.

3. Vasishtha Maharshi lives in a special Galaxy which is known as Vasishtha Maharishi’s lab, in the astral realms. Every year, on January 1st, the Saptarishis gather in that place and do a special Meditation. They gather special energies from Parabrahma and then pass it on to Mother Earth and the entire humanity. Further discussions on the future of our Earth are also held in that meeting.

4. On Jan 15th of the New Year, when ‘Sankranti’ festival is celebrated, the Saptarishis come back from their Tapas and take charge from the New batch of Rishis.  They offer their love and respect to the Rishis who were in charge until then and also give them a lot of gifts. They understand the work done by these masters and also have a discussion with them based on the observations that these New Rishis have made during their stay in this month.

The Rishi workers

The SaptaRishis are assisted in their work of administration by a batch of workers, known as Rishi workers. They have different batches for different Earths in the entire Material Cosmos. On this Earth, a group of 1,44,000 workers help the Saptarishis in their work of administering the various activities pertaining to human welfare and evolution.

These workers take birth and live physically among the general population across various cultures and nations. Each of these workers will be a master Rishi by himself, fully equipped to carry out God’s work in his life-time. These workers meet astrally at the Rishis’ headquarters in the Himalayas every night, take instructions from the Rishi in charge, execute the work and report back to him by morning. At the physical level, these Rishi-workers usually do not contact one another and will remain away from publicity, leading simple lives although their capacities and spiritual strengths defy all imagination. Maharshi Amara was one such worker who executed great feats during his life time but remained anonymous and was accessible only to a few thousands around him.

The Rishi workers usually guide those around them wherever they live. Their normal activities continue as usual during Shunya Masa under the guidance of the New batch of Rishis who substitute for the Saptarishis. Apart from this, the Rishi workers also meditate more in this period so that they can absorb the special energies which are brought by the New batch of Rishis. Later they spread these energies and anchor them in different places on Earth so that they reach everyone.

This is also the duration for the individual spiritual growth of these Rishi-workers. They’ve to concentrate on their Sadhana and make special efforts to progress. They communicate with the New Rishis who’re experts in different fields, learn from them and also receive a lot of special energies which help them make faster spiritual progress.

When Shunya Masa ends, the work of these Rishi workers and the Light workers will be assessed. Their performance of the past year will be considered and rewarded accordingly. Some workers wish to voluntarily retire from work due to various reasons like health or old age. Also a few workers would have violated the spiritual laws or failed in executing their duties. This is the time where decisions will be taken about the retirement of these workers.

On the eve of Sankranti, all the 1,44,000 workers gather at the Rishis headquarters in Himalayas. Lord Brahma will be the officiating personality of this event. Those workers who’re rewared for their work will find a Golden garland on their shoulders. These workers will be instructed further about their work for the next year.

And those workers who are being retired will find a Red garland on their shoulders. The workers who retire because of old age will qualify for this work automatically in their next birth, once they reach the age of 12 years. And those who’ve been removed for violating the laws or not fulfilling their works will be eligible to join after another 7 life times, provided they’ve rectified their mistakes and have made proper spiritual progress in order to qualify for this position.

The Importance of Shunya Masa this year

The Shoonya masa of this year is unique for a very important reason. Our Saptarishis will not go for Tapas this year! They will welcome the new Rishis and assist them in their new projects. The groundwork for these projects has already been started by the Rishis.

This is the period when we have two major eclipses, which give us a great push towards the Light age. The Spiritual conditions of all will be assessed and many decisions for the individuals will be decided. This occasion also presents new doorways for all. By making proper use of this opportunity, we can grow in leaps and bounds on our spiritual journey.

The new information about the Light bodies and the techniques to convert our gross bodies into Light bodies is a special gift we all have received from the Rishis on this occasion. Let us re-orient ourselves towards a higher life by making the most of these opportunities. Let this month be a duration where we take up our spiritual endeavours with a measure of seriousness and set forth towards the New Light Age that awaits us.

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