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In Gratitude of Maharshi Amara

Submitted by on February 1, 2013 – 6 Comments

Great Souls arrive once in a way to illuminate the path towards Light. They incarnate in the middle of the dark ages, amongst people who are accustomed to the ways of darkness with the challenge of transmuting and elevating this negativity. Where Angels fear to tread, these masters walk in with Light in their hearts and leave behind a blazing trail for all to follow. Even years after they move on, their energies continue to offer hope, solace and guidance to those who seek peace and love.

Maharshi Amara was one such master who took birth on our Earth repeatedly to anchor God’s Light. His birthday today, is an occasion to offer our love and gratitude for the selfless work he did and continues to do even now. It’s also an opportunity to introspect and contemplate, to make strong efforts in the slack areas of our lives and set higher goals for ourselves. It’s an occasion to open up and allow more Light into our selves.

For us at VishwaAmara, Maharshi Amara has been a pillar of strength, wisdom and courage. His nurturing love and care brought us into the work of the Rishis. Now he continues to train us astrally in different areas and overcome various challenges. He is also helping us to equip further for the Rishis’ work.

Most of the mind boggling information that has been presented here on our website has come from him! His assistance in the work of VishwaAmara website is huge. He has shared very rare insights into new Spiritual realities. He has opened up novel areas of the spiritual realms and has revealed newer details about the Rishis, unknown until now.

He is also the backbone of our work of providing spiritual guidance to individuals. On innumerable occasions, we have witnessed him go out of his way and make great efforts in helping people. He has personally assisted in healing and passing on special energies to uplift individuals and push them further in their spiritual growth.

In essence, Amara is our access point to the Divine!

♦       ♦       ♦

He is also the point of access to the Divine, for everyone and anyone! In fact, he is one of those Rishis who are very easy to contact and communicate with every time. Inspite of his towering spiritual stature and huge responsibilities towards God’s work, he remains humble, works silently and is easily available to one and all.

Maharshi Amara has immense responsibilities towards Planet Earth. He is the Rishi-in-charge of inviting and escorting Divine Personalities and Special Rishis to our Earth. Once, a Rishi remarked that he was visiting our planet only because of his love for Amara!

Another work that he has taken up is to counsel humanity astrally. This happens regularly whenever Divine Personalities visit us or when the Saptarishis wish to pass on important information to everyone. This work is of great importance now when the whole of humanity is desperately seeking help in various areas. Maharshi Amara has lovingly taken up this responsibility of guiding individuals astrally, passing on energies as needed, and most importantly inspiring them with new hope every time.


On the occasion of his Jayanti, Maharshi Amara mentions a well-known fact, which we need to be constantly reminded about— Love is the medicine for all our problems! We need to love and accept whatever tough situations life brings us, and not resist or whine about the challenges. Nobody’s life is smooth now. The earlier we accept the ground reality of our lives, the quicker we transcend our limitations and triumph over the situation. Amara mentions that this is a very important aspect we need to remember always.

Whenever we feel suffocated emotionally or experience negativity within, we need to do the basic practices—like Pranayama with Light. These help in bringing down the stress levels and give us a clarity with which we can take appropriate actions. And let us always take responsibility for our actions. It’s now time to stop blaming others, and claim responsibility and ownership of our own lives. only then can we begin the process of transformation.

Amara insists us to totally trust the Higher Intelligence whenever we pray. We need to be patient until the solutions to our problems arrive. Our faith should not be weak and we should desist from grumbling; let us develop faith and be positive.

The Universe is always watching us, whether we like it or not. Let us be truthful to the Universe! Being truthful and humble all the time are enough spiritually. The Universe will take care of us.

Maharshi Amara emphasises another fact—if we are spiritually connected to one another, all the problems of our Earth will just vanish!

Our Spiritual growth and transformation is our Guru-dakshina to masters like Amara, who have surrendered themselves to God’s work and aligned to Him totally. Maharshi Amara wishes that every one of us be full of love and peace all the time, have no hatred or grudge towards anyone and always feel one with the entire humanity!

This should be our gift to a Guru, not just on a special occasion like today but on every day, at every moment!

♦       ♦       ♦

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