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Maharshi Amara – His Current Works

Submitted by on February 1, 2012 – 5 Comments

Today we celebrate the birth anniversary of Maharshi Amara. This is the occasion to offer our respects and love to this great master and imbibe the wisdom that he imparted to all during his lifetime. And it’s also an important occasion to get acquainted with his current works, and to consciously establish a contact with him.

Amara lived a relatively obscure life, known perhaps to a few thousand aspirants who came to him for spiritual guidance. His physical presence was required on our Earth at the critical juncture of the shift of Yugas. He participated and played an important role in many of the activities related to this shift and in laying the foundations of the New Light Age that we are entering now. His astral works were numerous and had far reaching effects. True to his core nature, he lived a very simple and humble life, downplaying his role and focussed more on accomplishing his mission, as explained in detail in this article.

Maharshi Amara now lives on an Earth in the Andromeda Galaxy. He assists the Saptarishis in their work of administering our Material Cosmos. And he is playing an active role in helping humanity on our Earth, in making the shift into the New Light Age.

Some of his current works

An important work of Amara is to heal our Earth and Humanity. He has been bringing down new energies from other Universes and anchoring them on our Planet in order to burn the old karmas and negativities. Recently, he brought many rare and precious gems from Andromeda Galaxy and fixed them deep inside the Earth. These gems vibrate special energies which heal and energise Mother Earth.

Amara is also working on increasing the vibratory frequency of our Earth, which assists the entire humanity to tune up to the Light Age.  He is involved in the construction of new energy grids around the Earth which holds the new energies and spreads them to people and places when required.

There are 144,000 Rishi-workers on our Earth, living in different cultures across the planet and guiding people around them. Amara trains these evolved Souls at the astral level, where they are taught many new things and are equipped to handle more responsibilities.

Amara is also in charge of guiding the new infants who are taking birth on our Earth now. He communicates regularly with these Souls of the New Age, also known as Rainbow children or Indigo children.

Maharshi Amara works with Vishwamitra Maharshi in many of his important works related to our Earth. And he also assists Lord Kalki in some of his activities. Lord Kalki loves Amara for his humility and surrender. Due to these qualities and his experience of working with humanity, he will be assisting Lord Kalki in all his missions henceforth.

The batch of new Rishis who were in charge in the just concluded Shoonya Masa were so impressed with his work that they called him the closest and dearest son of God and gifted him with a lot of new knowledge and rare energies. Amara will be sharing these with humanity.

♦       ♦       ♦

A part of Amara’s mission on our Earth is to counsel everyone and offer help and guidance to those who seek. Hence it is very easy to contact him at the astral level. One can consciously communicate with him and receive guidance for any purpose (a simple method to contact the Rishis is suggested in our e-book, Communing with Light).

Contacting the Rishis is a very important requirement for everyone at this point in time. When we establish a link with them, they guide us directly through our intuition  to take proper decisions and actions in every walk of our lives. These instructions are necessary for our higher spiritual growth and also to sail through this difficult phase of pralaya in order to move into the New Light Age. And because Maharshi Amara is so active with the work on our Earth, it is very easy to establish a contact and recieve direct guidance from him.

In describing Maharshi Amara, the Rishis say that when anyone loses hope and looks for help, Amara is like the Sun whose rays give hope and assurance, while encouraging and helping one to move forward. One can take inspiration from the life of this master and follow his ways of simplicity and humility. These are the qualities which keep us pure and connect us to the Higher Intelligence.

 ♦       ♦       ♦

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  • drkashinath says:

    happy birthday to the great rishi who has changed my life. my thinking and my everyday work profile has changed so much that i feel better living now with light hearted by the teachings of amara that is love. may the whole world be engulfed with plenty of love.

  • Mallika Sridhar says:


    Happy Birthday to Amaraji. I pray for his blessings. I offer my love to the Great Master Amaraji.

    With Humble respect

  • Shikha says:

    Dear VA team,

    On this pious occasion of Maharishi Amara’s Birthday, the photograph given is just so apt and reflects soft, respectful, humble love and respect for Maharishi Amara for all he has been and continues to be. Knowing more about him is like being awe inspired by him even more. May his blessings remain with humanity till eternity.

    Humble Love and Respect,

  • RN Murthy says:

    Happy Birthday to Maharshi Amara…He’s eternal like Lord Hanuman for all of humanity, because he’s doing so much for us everyday of our life now…thanks to your postings..we are updated of all his humble work/offerings…which would immensely benefit all of us…

    Hope many such sharings from the rishis come to us thru this website…lovely..appreciate it.

    Divine Love, Light and bliss
    RN Murthy

  • Sudarishi says:

    Dear VishwaAmara team,

    I offer my Love to Master Amara ‘Closest and dearest son of GOD’!

    Thanks for letting us know his present works; and as magnanimous as He is yet he inspires the humanity with his Humility and Surrender, the two unique characteristics required of any spiritual aspirant.

    I wish everyone gets an experience of AMARA at least once in their Life time, just to experience the sweet Love and Humility that he embodies. AMARA is the Hope for hopeless… Amara is the Guiding Beacon for those who are struggling in their lives.

    I again thank the team and Remember Amara strongly on his Birth Anniversary.

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