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Remembrance of Maharshi Amara

Submitted by on August 25, 2011 – 5 Comments

Many unknown and unseen hands work silently in the background to actualise the work of God and also help Humanity move ahead and progress. The scriptures and myths in different cultures capture the works of these great masters as a way of honouring their selfless service to Humanity.

But there is hardly a mention of Maharshi Amara in our scriptures or in the lineage of Rishis. This is because of a conscious effort of this Master to ensure that his name is never mentioned in spite of the colossal works that he has carried out. Amara, who is known for his unparalleled Humility has always stayed in the sidelines and focussed all his energies in carrying out the work assigned to him by the Rishis and by God.

Maharshi Amara who lived a silent yet momentous life in the last century, left his body on the 25th of August, 1982. Today is the day to remember and honour him for the divine qualities that he epitomized. It is also an occasion for all of us to reaffirm our commitment towards our own spiritual growth and transformation. On this day, when we remember him with reverence, love and gratitude for all the help he has showered on us, the best gift (Guru Dakshina) we can offer him is to follow and put into practice all that he has taught.

Some unknown facts about Maharshi Amara

Maharshi Amara is one of the greatest Rishis who is serving God and assisting the Souls who descend to experience God’s creation. The Rishis have revealed that Mula Brahman gave Maharshi Amara the name, “Aproopa Brahma Kumara” and gifted him one of the Manifested Universes for his dedicated work. The Manifested Universe – Aproopa Brahma has been named after him.

Maharshi Amara is one of the main pillars of the Rishis work on our Earth. Many projects of the Rishis could not have been executed, nor many changes brought about here if not for his dedicated hard work and efforts.

Whenever Divine personalities visit our Earth, it is Maharshi Amara who escorts them and also assists in their works here. The main personalities who arrive here are Ganesha, Shiva, Parvati, Krishna, Rama, Mahalakshmi and Adi Shakthi. The Rishis say that many of these personalities continue to visit us because of Amara’s love for our Earth and his request to them for their support.

Every time Goddess Mahalakshmi takes birth on our Earth, Maharshi Amara also incarnates as Her Father. He always carries a lot of love and abundance from Her, which he uses to help Humanity.

At this point in time, He is playing a special role in the shift of Humanity and Earth into the New Light Age. On several occasions he has brought down special energies from other Galaxies and Universes which he uses to assist Humanity in their shift. At the astral level, he is personally helping most of humanity in coping up with the current churning and is also guiding them towards transforming themselves and move into the Light Age

He is also helping Mother Earth to make a smooth transit into the New Age. Recently he invited some great spiritual masters from another Galaxy, who’ve come to help and Heal Mother Earth. Maharshi Amara has brought down some special energies after doing Tapas in order to help Her.

The Rishis take his help whenever they have to deal with severe karmas of any individual, because he is an expert healer. He has a thorough knowledge of building space crafts. Another speciality of Maharshi Amara is in building and destroying gadgets. He is also involved in fighting against the dark forces and many of his works have involved thwarting their attacks and destructive acts.

His Message to Humanity on this day

Maharshi Amara asks the entire humanity to open up to Light and to the Higher energies. He also asks everyone to start manifesting the higher ways and let go of the old. This is very essential to transit smoothly into the New Light Age.

Amara Maharshi also mentions that the process of Pralaya will intensify from November onwards. Hence those who do not grow in spite of cajoling and pleading will start to face more difficulties. From that phase, people will begin to face the results of their karmas too.

He also expresses that the days of domination of men over women is over long back and they have to take the extra stride now towards bringing balance, removing the prejudices and moving towards Oneness. During a recent observation and study it was observed that only about 5% of the population is open and willing to transform. Of this group about 75 to 80% are women. The men folk have to grow beyond their stronger egos, chauvinism and rigid ideas.

He says that the time has arrived to fight against negativities, both within and without. We have to make conscious efforts towards positivising and move towards Light.

The positive aspect of any churning or pralaya process is to bring an inner urge in all individuals towards positive growth. Maharshi Amara asks everyone to channel this urge properly and effectively utilise this opportunity of moving into an extraordinary era on Earth.

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  • RN Murthy says:

    Dear Vishwaamara team,

    Thanks for the wonderful article – concise and detailed to specifics to be implemented on a daily basis…. let me open up to Light and manifest the higher ways as per divine will.. let thy will be done and let me be the perfect channel/instrument for any of the rishis work…I seek Amara’s grace and blessings and let me work and evolve with experience as per nature’s way !

    With lots of Love, Light and bliss
    RN Murthy

  • Sudarshan says:

    Dear VishwaAmara Team…

    Amara, the Humility personification, is felt as very close to many who see his Photograph for the first time even to this day. Amara for many has become a close friend, close guide, close father and much more and for many even though they may have not met him personally (including me) feel his warmth and closeness whenever they link up to him. Amara Maharshi is one Giant Personality on whom all of us can share his shoulder in times of sorrow and in times of happiness.

    One who is really in need of help Amara Maharshi is known to have materialized and offered necessary help if found necessary.

    Eternally we can always rely on AMARA Maharshi.

    Thanks for such a lovely post on the personality who is close to evryone’s heart…


    • Rama says:

      I completely agree with u… He is so dear and every one who sees his photograph for the first time has felt the energies running down into their systems…

      I personally felt that immediate connection and tried recollecting my quaintness with him for days wondering where I had seen him…un till I came to know that he was not on earth any more…

      U feel him as ur next door neighbour…

      I convey my love to this great master…

  • Gopi says:

    It is a blessing to know about the Great Master Maharishi Amara and the Great work he has done for humanity.

    Thank you for educating us.

  • Shikha A says:

    Reading it was like getting answers of my unasked questions.
    I’m touched beyond words and wholeheartedly salute Amaraji ! ♥

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