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Florescent Blue — The Light of Lord Kalki

Submitted by on July 3, 2012 – 7 Comments

Florescent Blue Light is a very special Light from Lord Kalki. It has manifested because of His immense love for Humanity and for our Earth. This Light will help in answering the prayers of many individuals and in solving their problems.

After a special request from the Saptarishis, this Light was first made available to everyone on Lord Kalki’s birthday this year (24 May 2012). All those individuals who are aware of His presence and communicate with Him received these Energies.

Today, on the occasion of Guru Purnima, these rare Energies are being released to all of humanity and to the entire Earth to facilitate the Higher Intelligence in bringing about major changes on this Planet.

Some Characteristics of this Light

Florescent Blue Light is a very strong and potent Light. It has extraordinary capacities to cleanse, initiate changes and help in human evolution by bringing about total transformation.

Experiencing this Light helps in burning the inner negativities. It gives hope to the individual and also solutions to many of the problems that he is going through. It allows new cells containing rare energies to be born in the system.

Florescent Blue Light helps individuals in shielding themselves and stay protected from the influence of dark forces. The Rishis are using this Light to fight against and destroy the dark groups.

A very special characteristic of this Light is that it can be injected to all individuals. It contains many dormant powers. Once this Light spreads to the entire humanity, these powers become active and start functioning.

This special Light radiating from Lord Kalki will be available on this Earth as long as He is present here. Its influence and effect will extend beyond the transition period into the New Light Age.

Florescent Blue Light and the Pralaya Processes

Lord Kalki and Lord Mahavatara are the main personalities who are working very hard to spread this Light to the entire World. The Saptarishis too are working under their guidance and are involved in bringing down more of this Energy from the Source and anchoring it on our Earth.

The Fluorescent Blue energies are mainly used in the activities and works of Lord Kalki. They intensify the processes of Pralaya. They are also facilitating the descent of new energies and new Knowledge.

This Light is also enabling many spiritual leaders to have a clearer understanding of the pralaya processes and the future events. It is equipping them to guide humanity better and more efficiently.

Technique to Experience Fluorescent Blue Light

  • Sit comfortably facing North-East and relax.
  • Practice 3 rounds of Pranayama with Light (important).
  • Then imagine that your entire body is full of Fluorescent Blue Light. Experience this Light in every cell of your system. Keep repeating the mantra “Om” silently throughout the entire duration.

This technique given by the Rishis can be practiced by anyone. One can practice this for a minimum of 12 minutes but NOT more than 24 minutes!

Communicating with Lord Kalki

Florescent Blue Light helps anyone to connect and communicate with Lord Kalki. When we try to experience this Light in all sincerity, we get linked to Lord Kalki automatically, allowing us to experience Him and also communicate with Him.

Experiencing this Light also helps us to seek answers or request help from Him. We become a channel for the New Age Energies which are being spread to the entire world.

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  • Lizrajoo says:

    Why can’t we meditate more than 24 minutes. Very keen to know. I like this website and thanks for all the enlightened information. May God bless us with grace.

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @Lizrajoo –
      TO meditate for longer durations with this energy, you will need to be guided and monitored so that these strong energies do not cause side effects in your system.

  • Vivian says:

    I saw a Florescent Blue halo around the moon, in heart shape.

  • Shailendra Kumar says:

    thanks for the great details and guidance you provide.
    I have experienced changes and realize this is giving an amazing change within me.

  • Sameer says:

    How blessed are we to be born and living in a time of such great changes ! When the powers from the absolute,almighty and divine avataras are working for a new tomorrow !
    On the other hand it is sad to see that we still hold on to our old thoughts and ways , that we do not want to leave behind our narrow minded approach, ignorant and blind to the truth behind the veils !

    May these new energies bless us all with this grand vision! May we all lead sane and spiritual lives !

    Infinite thanks to Vishwamara team for bringing us happy tidings and divine hope .

  • Gourie says:

    this is a blessing. when we sit north east and do 3 rounds pranayama before visualising florescent blue light…should the 3 rounds of pranayama be done with white or blue light. also should we inhale and exale light or should we just inhale?love and light.

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