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Mahavatara – God on Earth

Submitted by on June 20, 2011 – 14 Comments

Our Earth is on the dawn of a divine age, which will start in a few years from now. It will be an age of love, peace and prosperity. In other words, it’s an age where Light rules on this Earth, with all the beautiful qualities of Light manifesting in the life that unfolds here.

Light is God Himself and in the age of Light, God rules on this Earth, not just metaphorically but literally, as a divine personality. God will be present on this planet physically, as a human being, and will guide and administer all life so that the highest and purest way of living takes root here.

As Time moves in cycles and as our Earth enters the Light age every 50,000 years, an extraordinary personality descends from the higher realms and takes birth among humans. This special incarnation is Lord Mahavatara!

Who is Mahavatara?

Our Earth, at the time of its formation received a very special boon from God, that a small part of Him would always be here and guide the entire life. As God is formless, a special personality carries the amsha of ParaBrahma in Him and allows the Light to operate. Because of the large quantity of ParaBrahma’s Light that He carries, He is known as ‘Maha-Avatara’ which means ‘The great personality of God’.

Mahavatara represents the formless God on Earth. He is the One who establishes the Kingdom of God and takes care of the entire Earth, the way God wants to. He brings a balance to life and educates every individual about the higher realities, helps them to experience the different aspects of Creation and also guides everyone towards Light.

In the Light Age (Satya Yuga), Mahavatara will be very active. He is God in a form, and will be His direct channel for humanity. He will be present next to people when they want, help and support them, give them guidance, fulfil their genuine wishes etc. During the Silver Age (Treta Yuga) that follows, He retreats a little and though He’ll not be with everyone all the time, they will be able to access Him easily. During the Bronze Age (Dwapara yuga), He retreats further and only those who make genuine efforts will be able to interact with Him. The Dark age (Kali yuga) cannot exist in His presence, so at the beginning of Kali yuga, He leaves the Earth, only to descend again at the dawn of the Light age.

Mahavatara has already taken birth! He now looks like an 18 year old person and will remain at that age for a long time. Much information about Him is not revealed, as they come in the way of His work during the delicate Pralaya phase that we are going through now.


Normally, all incarnations are the amshas of Lord MahaVishnu, who comes down to destroy evil and restore the balance of life on Earth. Since Mahavatara is a special incarnation, the responsibility of descending and holding the divine Light of ParaBrahma is shared by two divine personalities — Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

The amshas of these two divine personalities come down in alternate cycles to take birth as Mahavatara. In the previous cycle, it was an amsha of Lord Shiva who incarnated to establish the Light Age. His works and exploits have been abundantly mentioned in mythology and the scriptures. In this cycle, an amsha of MahaVishnu has taken birth on our Earth to herald the New Age of Light once the effects of the dark age are totally removed.

There is not much difference between these two alternate incarnations of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, as it is the same Light which operates through these personalities. A few differences exist in the way some works are executed. Lord Shiva is much more patient and has a unique style of functioning while in comparison, MahaVishnu is slightly aggressive and much more versatile. When MahaVishnu descends, He executes some of His own projects as well unlike Lord Shiva.  While MahaVishnu remains a bachelor in this incarnation, Lord Shiva marries His consort when He incarnates as Mahavatara.

Birth and Training

Mahavatara was born in the year 1982, in a place near Kolar district in South India. He was born to Maharshi Yagnavalkya and Maharshi Maitreyi. These two great souls always give birth to Mahavatara in every cycle, because of a boon given to Yagnavalkya.

He was trained and equipped by His parents and Maharshi Katyayini, the other wife of Yagnavalkya. He was also taught by Maharshi Vishwamitra, the Saptarishis and Bhishmacharya.

He began His work from the early 1990’s. He lived at His birthplace until early 2007, after which He shifted base to the divine city of Shambala.

The Rishis had to do a lot of work at the astral level before the birth of this incarnation. Mahavatara carries a special field of Light from the Source, ParaBrahma. This field of Light had become dormant on our Earth in the previous dark age and had to be activated. And a special personality from the divine planes had to descend to carry this field of Light.

All these activities were carried out by the Rishis between 1968 and 1980.

The Creation of Mahavatara

Before Lord Mahavatara took birth on our Earth, two very important activities were accomplished by the Rishis at the astral level. The first one was to bring down a special amsha of Lord MahaVishnu from the Divine planes and prepare this amsha to take birth. The second work was to activate ParaBrahma’s Light which had sunk into the Earth and had become dormant for thousands of years.


In 1968, just nearing the end of Kali Yuga, the Rishis decided to take up the necessary works for the birth of Mahavatara. They requested MahaVishnu to descend so that He can carry the field of Light of ParaBrahma and subsequently establish the Kingdom of God, for which He readily consented.

MahaVishnu descended as a ball of Light and en route to our Earth, spent about a year in each of the higher Lokas of our material Cosmos and finally reached our plane – Bhoo Loka by the end of 1973. He went into the Sun (Surya Loka) and resided there. He was welcomed by Lord SuryaNarayana (Sun God), other Divine personalities and the Rishis.

As MahaVishnu had come down as Light, He had to be given an astral form before He could take birth. A special yagna was performed in Mt Kailash under the leadership of Kapila Maharshi for this purpose, in Nov 1974. Towards the end of this yagna, MahaVishnu was escorted to our Earth from the Sun and an astral form was created and fitted around Him.

This astral form of MahaVishnu was then shifted below an ancient Vishnu Temple in South India and under the safeguard of Agastya Maharshi and Lord Anjaneya was kept there until the end of January 1976.

The Rishis who were involved in this work realised that this personality would be immensely radiant because He was a special amsha of MahaVishnu and also because He would be carrying the special field of ParaBrahma. The Light emanating from Him would be too intense and powerful for any physical body to withstand. So, to enable Him take birth in a physical body, the astral form of this personality had to be coated with many layers of Maya so that the brightness and radiance would be reduced.

Two special yagnas were conducted for this purpose. One yagna was to coat the amsha with the layers of Maya and the other was to help integrate all these layers together and form an overall unit which would thereby become an astral body.

It took 16 weeks of different rituals to coat the amsha with 16 layers of Maya to dull the radiance. With the help of the other Yagna, a special celestial bath was given to the amsha. A new astral body was formed with all these layers and the amsha was now ready to take birth in a human body.

All this work concluded in November 1976 and the newly formed astral body of MahaVishnu was kept safely below the same temple, until the time came for containing the field of Light from ParaBrahma.


Mahavatara always carries a special field of Light from the Supreme Intelligence ParaBrahma. In the previous cycle, it was Lord Shiva who had descended as Mahavatara to hold this Light. He was residing at Mt Kailash in the Treta Yuga (the topography of Mount Kailash was different and more hospitable at that time).

Ravana, the great Rakshasa king who was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva used to travel all the way to Mt Kailash from his kingdom everyday and worship Him. At one stage he wanted his mother to be able to worship Lord Shiva directly and also avoid this daily trip. Hence he decided to take the entire Mt Kailash to Lanka. He failed in his first attempt.

For his second attempt, he was careful with his actions and was given the boon after his long penance with the condition that the “Atma Lingam” (the special field of Light as it was known then) would be installed permanently on the ground where it was placed; hence he should keep it at the exact place where he wanted it.

The Rishis, with the help of Lord Ganesha managed to trick him and the Atma Lingam was kept near the sea shore at Gokarna, where Ravana stopped to perform his evening worship, on his way to Lanka. The Atma Lingam or the field of ParaBrahma’s Light then descended deep into Earth and later, when Kali Yuga started, it became dormant.

The next phase of the work of Rishis was to activate this field of Light and transfer it to the amsha of MahaVishnu which was just created.

The Rishis began this work in March 1979. Vishwamitra Maharshi invoked ParaBrahma and requested him to descend to Earth as Kali Yuga was over and the time for the birth of Mahavatara was approaching. ParaBrahma advised Vishwamitra Maharshi of various processes and Yagnas required for this purpose and guided him on how to go about them.

A special personality – Maharshi VishwaDeva was invoked by Vishwamitra Maharshi to conduct this Yagna. All the Divine Personalities and the Astadikpalakas participated in this very special yagna which was conducted for a period of 9 months from April 1979 to Feb 1980. Other than the divine personalities, one crore Rishis from Satya Loka also participated in it.

At the end of the Yagna, ParaBrahma manifested as a radiant Golden yellow ball of Light which was 432 miles in diameter. This field of Light was called as ‘Divya Banu’ and had the brilliance of billions of Suns. On 18th Feb 1980, coinciding with the total solar eclipse, this powerful Light was placed inside a special chariot and brought out of the Sun and was kept at a distance of 51,000 miles from Earth’s surface.

The energies from Divya Banu were released to the Earth during the period of the eclipse and all human beings, the flora and fauna and the inanimate objects too received these energies.

During the same period, Lord Shiva invoked and activated the field of Light which was dormant in Gokarna below the ground. It was further strengthened with the Light from Divya Banu. The astral body of MahaVishnu was brought to Puri in Orrissa, below the Jagannath Temple and Lord Shiva transferred the field of Light from Him to MahaVishnu.

After this work, the Divya Bhanu energy returned to the source, ParaBrahma. And the amsha of MahaVishnu, which was now carrying the Light field of ParaBrahma, took birth in a human body in 1982.

The Capacities and Powers of Lord Mahavatara

Mahavatara, though an amsha of a divine personality, is also a unique incarnation because He carries the special field of ParaBrahma. Hence, in our human understanding, He has all the potential, all capacities and powers of the Supreme Intelligence. He manifests these according to the needs on Earth.

Mahavatara is a very radiant personality. The Light field within him glows very brightly and this adds to the fact that a very special amsha of MahaVishnu descended to hold this field. Because of these factors, all His koshas (bodies) radiate with a lot of Light from ParaBrahma. These enable Him to execute many works with the highest efficiency.

Because of this purity and radiance, no dark force can even come near Him or influence Him in any way.

Mahavatara loves to Meditate and He does a lot of Tapas often. He has a special laboratory which is used to store the energies He gains through Tapas. At present, He is involved in experimenting with different energies. He also has gathered a lot of special energies and powers for the purpose of his work. All these will be used to build the Kingdom of Light on our Earth.

He has many networks connecting Him to the various Unmanifested Universes. Through these networks, He is able to draw an abundance of special Lights for His work.

Mahavatara is a specialist in working with the Pancha Bootas or the five elements which constitute the Material Cosmos. He uses the Andromeda galaxy as a base for experimenting with different types of rare matter. He can produce many special sound waves through which He creates and destroys matter. He has a special power to expand and shrink any kind of matter. He can even expand and shrink Galaxies with ease. This power will be used later in His work.

Since He is physically living on Earth, anyone can easily connect to Him at any time to seek help and guidance.

He also loves to sing. He is conducting many new experiments to find the constructive uses of sound waves. He is working on new sound codes and in different areas of music. The new sound codes being experimented upon are the physical formations of specific vibrations of some energies. These will be required for His further works.

He carries an abundance of new knowledge. He is also a master in the workings of Maya and is educating the Rishis on the ways to overcome its influence and also make use of it. He is embedded with a lot of patience and always radiates peace and positivity. With his extraordinary powers, intelligence, creativity and ideas, He can govern the entire Brahmanda very easily.

The Mission and Work of Lord Mahavatara on Earth

Mahavatara is the representative of the formless Ocean of Light on the Earth. It is His role to establish the kingdom of God here. He takes the help and guidance from His mother Maharshi Maitreyi in this work.

He is planning various projects and measures by which the new Light Age can be better established. He wants this Light Age to be different and much better than the ones that have ever manifested here on our Earth.

Mahavatara is an amazing planner and visionary. He is using these skills to prepare the blueprint of life henceforth on Earth. He will be involved in the planning and design of life in the entire Brahmanda for the implementation of the ‘Divine Project’ in association with ParaBrahma and Mula Brahman, the Primordial Intelligence.

He has been actively working at the astral level since the early 1990’s. After the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun in 2004, Mahavatara began to contact individuals and started to appear in their dreams and visions to communicate important information to all.

From the beginning of 2012, His presence and activities will become more visible to humanity. He will also be injecting His special energies into all the Souls taking birth on Earth from that time onwards.

He has also used a lot of his special energies and grace, to minimise the damages occurring during the natural disasters.

The energies of Mahavatara can be felt more in open spaces. Some of His special energies that are released now thwart the attempts of people like tantrics who seek powers for selfish purposes.

With the energies of Lord Mahavatara, Vasishtha Maharshi has been able to create many new gadgets and powers.

Mahavatara is a great warrior. He is also a master in the ploys of warfare. His methods are so efficient and beautiful that the dark forces can never defeat Him. He is helping the Rishis and the Light forces with His expertise to overpower the dark forces.

He has created many special Souls from the Light field within him. They are called as the ‘Light Souls’. They are being given special training and are equipped to assist Him in His work.

Mahavatara has attached very special gadgets to all the galaxies in the Material Cosmos, which connect to Him through special chords. Through these chords, He receives information from these Galaxies, monitors and also controls a few of their functioning.

Lord Mahavatara participates in all the gatherings conducted by Vasishtha Maharshi and Vishwamitra Maharshi and assists them. During the eclipse on 1st January 2010, he gifted the Saptarishis with many special powers and energies from ParaBrahma, for their work.

Many personalities and Rishis assist Lord Mahavatara in His work. Some of them are Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Devi Annapurna, Naga Devi and Rishis like Mangala Brahman Maharshi, Maitreyi Maharshi and others.

Additional Responsibilities of Mahavatara in this Cycle

This cycle is different from all the previous ones because of the implementation of the Divine Project (Pavitrena Karyam). Henceforth the cycle of four Yugas will be replaced by only the Light age on our Earth. And this new Light age will be established across the entire Material Cosmos, beginning from our Milky way galaxy. Lord Mahavatara has an important role to play in this project along with Lord Kalki and Vishwamitra Maharshi.

When an amsha of MahaVishnu descended to hold the field of ParaBrahma’s Light, it was equipped with additional faculties and capacities. When the Light Field was activated by the Divya Banu field, more Light was added than what had been there earlier, thereby enhancing the overall capacities of Mahavatara.

Our Earth has a special boon that a personality representing God lives here physically to take care of Humanity, and that is Mahavatara. With the implementation of the Divine project across Brahmanda, He will be available to and present in all the Earths across the entire Material Cosmos.

The Light Souls which have been created and trained by Him will in course of time spread to the entire Cosmos and start implementing the instructions from Mahavatara. They will begin to lay a foundation for his work across the entire Cosmos.

In the earlier cycles, Lord Mahavatara would live on our Earth through all the three yugas (Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga), for an approximate duration of 45000 years and would leave his body at the beginning of Kali yuga, only to re-incarnate again at the beginning of Satya Yuga. With the system of Yugas being overhauled in this cycle, this aspect of His birth and life has also been changed. He will be present in this incarnation for a very long time, to oversee and actualise the New Light Age in all the billions of Earths in the huge Material Cosmos.

His Co-ordination with Lord Kalki

The two incarnations, Lord Kalki and Lord Mahavatara play important roles in this period of transition into the New Light Age. Lord Kalki destroys all the darkness and negativity of the Dark Age and heralds the New Age. And Lord Mahavatara shapes and guides life in the New Age. Their activities and works complement each other.

Lord Mahavatara is working along with Lord Kalki to create some special weapons which have their own intelligence. These weapons work in accordance with the divine laws irrespective of who uses them. Lord Kalki’s activities result in a lot of chaos and destruction as they are a part of the churning processes which awaken humanity out of their ignorance. The destruction will be followed by a period of healing and guidance, which is monitored mainly by Lord Mahavatara, whose activities lead to the establishment of peace and divinity across the globe. Lord Mahavatara is an expert in establishing Light and tuning all the processes to align with the Kingdom of God that takes root on our Earth.

Both these personalities are very active in the astral planes now and are working in tandem to help humanity sail through this phase. In the bigger picture of the Divine project, their co-ordination will extend to all other Earths of our Material Cosmos, where both of them, along with other personalities and Rishis will implement the Divine Age of Light across Brahmanda.

♦       ♦       ♦

The energies and Light of Lord Mahavatara are so brilliant, so radiant that they can establish the Light Age on this Earth, this very moment onwards. Yet, these divine personalities follow all the rules and divine laws and allow time to take its course before a New Age can dawn at its proper time.

When the transitory phase of pralaya ends, Lord Mahavatara will be releasing his energies more. The vibrations emanating from His body create the New Light Age on our Earth. This golden age, which is nothing short of an Utopia on this Earth will be governed, guided and taken care by this great personality, Lord Mahavatara.

♦       ♦       ♦

A Note – A great Siddha Purusha by the name of Mahavatara Babaji has been living in the Himalayas since thousands of years. He is the master who has guided Lahiri Mahasaya, Yukteshwar Giri and Paramahamsa Yogananda in their sadhana. Those who read about Lord Mahavatara for the first time often confuse Him with this master — Mahavatara Babaji. Obviously, Lord Mahavatara is different from Mahavatara Babaji.


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