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Pralaya – The Phase of Intense Transformation

Submitted by on April 5, 2011 – 8 Comments

We are in the middle of a very interesting yet tumultuous period in our Planet’s evolution.

A transformative wave has become active and is intensifying across all levels of Human Life. We’re witnessing a few of those processes in the form of popular uprisings in the African and Middle Eastern nations against oppressive and dictatorial governments. While some revolutions have successfully dethroned the dictators, the others have been crushed, exposing to the world the brutality of those in power. Yet, with every passing day, the protests and agitations are gaining momentum and spreading to other nations as well.

We’re also witnessing the surfacing of the misdeeds and unethical practices of those in power. The large scale corruption and malpractices in the political and corporate circles are getting exposed through scams and scandals and are brought to the attention of the larger public. Such an expose is happening at the global levels too, as seen in the diplomatic cable revelations of Wikileaks.

When the Earth shook and gigantic sea waves arose in Japan, killing thousands and destroying everything in their wake, the world woke up to realize a fundamental truth. That irrespective of the growth and progress of civilization, humanity stands inconsequential and helpless in front of Nature’s fury. In our quest towards progress, the disregard that we’ve shown towards environment and all other life on this planet can come back to haunt us as melting ice-caps, rising sea levels, erratic weather patterns — in short, an ecological disaster.

These events and occurrences are not accidental. They’re a small part of a massive process of cleansing that’s been initiated on our Planet by the Higher intelligence. We know this process as Pralaya!

Pralaya is not destruction!

Pralaya has long been understood as a quick series of destructive events, in which the world as we know it is, annihilated and decimated out of existence. Mythology and prophesies use this term to indicate catastrophic events like massive floods, earthquakes, extreme weather conditions or a meteor strike which wipe out all life and lays the land barren. Earth would remain lifeless for thousands of years until life-forms take birth again and evolution begins.

Such an apocalypse is not Pralaya as is popularly understood but ‘Mahapralaya’, which occurs when our Planet completes a bigger cylce of time called ‘Manvantara’ (approximately 4.3 million years). Pralaya, on the other hand, is not destruction but a ‘period of transformation’ from the dark ages to an age of Light, Love and Peace on this Planet. It occurs once in 52,000 years when humanity transits and ascends into an era of divine life, also known as Satya Yuga. Our Earth has passed through this phase many times in the past. Currently we are not facing ‘Mahapralaya’, but are in one of the transitory phases, where the Dark Age has just ended and the New Age of Light is yet to fully set in.

The transition to the Light Age can happen only when all darkness, all negativity is removed or pushed back at all levels on this Planet. For this to occur, a churning process is initiated by the Higher Intelligence which helps in the surfacing of the negativities in all individuals, communities and nations. This churning occurs in Nature also with entire species going extinct and landscapes undergoing massive changes. At a subtler level, the old energies of Kali Yuga are replaced with the pure and supportive energies of Satya Yuga.

Pralaya is a process in which more Light is brought down into this World so that a Higher living can get established and thrive. This process is monitored and guided by the Supreme Intelligence — Light, the Avatars and the Rishis!

The necessity of a churning

A transition into the New Age happens in a relatively small duration of 432 years. In this duration, the ways and methods of the dark period have to be replaced with those of a higher divine life. The negativities which have thrived on our Earth for 5000 years have to be pushed back, the wounds inflicted by them have to be healed and humanity has to be helped to ascend into an almost heavenly state of existence along with all Nature. This is a drastic transformation which necessitates an intense churning.

The transition does not happen automatically but is lovingly guided and assisted by great Spiritual beings, whom we know as the Rishis. They’ve observed and experimented with various methods of this shift over millions of years in different Earths. Their observation is that most of humanity do not strive to transform by themselves and would love to continue their existing ways of living as long as possible. To help them move on into a higher life and make progress, they need to be prodded by external factors.

These external factors arrive when the systems of the previous age which mankind has gotten used to (like governance, economy, education, transportation, or normal social order) are pulled down or disrupted before a higher system based on divine values takes root. The disruption of the current systems results in chaos and wakes people out of their comfort zones, forcing them to re-evaluate their priorities and make necessary corrections in their outlook, attitudes and actual living. The churning also occurs at the individual level where the hidden negativities and shortcomings are exposed for the individual to work on them. Such an upheaval can also bring to the surface the inherent goodness and positive qualities like resilience, sharing and accommodation, which the individuals would not have realised in normal situations.

The pralaya that’s occurring now is special for another reason. We are moving into an entirely New Age, where the previous cycle of Yugas will not repeat and our Planet will experience Light Age all the time. This is a part of a new experimentation process that’s underway in the entire galaxy. To move into such a New Light Age, a lot of work and preparation is happening at the physical as well as astral levels; hence the pralaya process which will lead into that yuga will be different from and intense than the previous ones.

Although the disruption, chaos and the ensuing growth appear arbitrary and accidental, they are not; behind these events lies the work of energies, intelligent forces and benevolent beings who assist humans at all levels to shift into a purer way of life. Much of the help provided by these higher forces remains unknown and hidden, but there are a few instances where the knowledge of their assistance gives us hope and strength to go through the churning. One such information is the change in the duration of Pralaya!

The Duration of Pralaya

The transition to Satya yuga was initially planned for a duration of 432 years, beginning from 1974 when Kali Yuga ended. In this long duration, the pralaya phase began from 1987 and was supposed to continue for 49 years. The Pralaya duration was further subdivided into 7 phases of 7 years each. Once these phases ended in 2036, there would be a period of growth and higher transformation like shifting into a Light body until our Earth would enter Satya Yuga in 2406.

A number of extraordinary alignments and special opportunities (as explained in detail in the article – Earth changes part 1) allowed the Rishis to drastically reduce this long duration. As a result of this, the Pralaya phase was expected to end in 2012 (instead of 2036) which marks the end of all negativities and darkness on our Earth. This would be followed by a transformative period of 6 years after which the New Age would begin in 2018.

The Rishis who are monitoring the pralaya processes decided to postpone the deadline of 2012 to 2015 after observing the strengthening of the darkness and negativities on our Earth. This postponement was done in order to give more time and opportunities to humanity to transform. If the deadline of 2012 were kept intact, much more destruction would have been necessary to remove darkness from our Planet. Hence many of the drastic events which were supposed to occur on 21st Dec 2012 have been postponed to mid 2015, as explained in detail in the article, 2012 Postponed!

So the end of Pralaya Phase is fixed at mid 2015, at present. This may be postponed or even preponed depending on how humanity responds to certain events and transforms in the coming months and years.

The Phases of Transformation

The entire duration of pralaya is roughly divided into three phases.

The first phase is the one where the maximum churning occurs. This helps in the surfacing of the negativities that are deeply embedded in individuals, communities, nations and the entire planet. At the individual level there’ll be new situations of confusion and chaos, which are the lessons based on the person’s past and which make him aware of his own shortcomings. At the level of communities and Nations, the churning will be in the form of exposure of wrong doings and corruption, which shine a light on the flaws of the existing systems. At the planetary level, there will be natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis which alter the landscapes and also affect the lives of many individuals. Sometimes these disasters will be the result of the release of old energies of Kali Yuga, as it happened in the recent Earthquake/Tsunami of Japan.

The second phase is a period of action. We have to act on our exposed negativities, deal with our shortcomings and make sincere efforts to transform ourselves. At a mass level, there should be an effort to replace the existing corrupt systems with efficient ones and find solutions to problems which affect the entire population. The financial meltdown that we witnessed recently was one such opportunity where serious flaws in the global financial system could have been corrected by the G-8 Summit.

The last phase of transformation involves a positive growth towards the Light Age where the Rishis and Light workers play an important role with their help and guidance. In this phase, these higher beings contact the individuals at different levels and help them adopt the methods and principles of the New Age in their lives. This phase also witnesses the replacement of the old systems which are destroyed in the first two phases, with efficient and divine systems based on spiritual values.

There’s no fixed time duration for each of these phases, nor are they uniform for all individuals. While those who’re waking up to the new realities of life are in the first phase, there are many evolved souls who’re in the final phase of transformation. When a person becomes aware of his negativities, makes efforts to overcome them and acts on the guidance from the Rishis which he perceives with his intuition, he would have passed unscathed through the Pralaya processes and be ready to enter the New Light Age. But this may not happen with all individuals on this Earth.

The Future days

The entire human population on this Earth consists of Souls who’ve come from different origins and with various purposes. The journey of one soul differs from that of the other and everyone is not destined to move into Satya Yuga on this Earth. Only those who qualify will pass through these pralaya processes, shift into Light bodies and experience the New Light age along with those souls who’re yet to take birth on this Planet. The rest will move on according to their individual destinies and soul aspirations, although they may not be clearly aware of these at the physical level.

The pralaya processes will help in shifting out these individuals and also cleanse those who are the future citizens of Satya Yuga. These processes are definitely going to intensify in the coming days. There will be many more tests and churnings for everyone on this planet. Those who ignore the lessons and continue with the same old mistakes will be severely tested. At the same time, these can be seen as opportunities for all of us to overcome our shortcomings and make faster spiritual progress.

The future days, months and few years will witness destruction across different parts of the world, resulting in the breakdown of the existing systems, leading to chaos and confusion. This destruction is required to remove the stranglehold of evil and negativity on our Planet and to exorcise the negative energies back to their origins. And the majority on this Earth haven’t yet chosen the Light Age and are still persisting with the old ways of living based on greed and non-love. The destruction will allow these primitive methods to collapse and make way for new systems and higher divine life-styles to take root.

And how much of destruction will take place depends completely on all of us–the entire humanity, at the individual level as well as the collective level. The faster we learn from the mistakes of the past, overcome our negativities and transform, the lesser the external destruction will be. We have to give up corruption, greed and selfishness at various levels of our living and start manifesting all the spiritual qualities. Our sincere efforts in that direction will be vastly supplemented with divine assistance from the Great Rishis and the Supreme Intelligence. This is one critical factor which many are not yet aware of — that, in this hour of need, we are not alone. There are greater forces which are monitoring, guiding and assisting all of us out of these churning times!

The Divine assistance

The Pralaya processes do not result in random acts of destruction because they are monitored and guided by the Great Rishis. They have been with humanity through these difficult times earlier also, and every time they help and guide all life sail through this period. They are assisted by thousands of their workers and other light workers, many of whom take birth amongst us just to guide others or to hold the pristine pure energies in a human body.

The Rishis provide help and guidance to the entire humanity at a subtler level, by equipping them with the latest knowledge and information about these changing times. At the physical level, they work through the Gurus and Channels who are spreading the higher knowledge and helping many others transform. And when any individual grows spiritually and opens up to the higher realities, the Rishis communicate directly with him and provide specific instructions.

They also bring special and new energies from various sources in existence and inject them into all individuals, thus assisting them make a faster shift. They anchor and spread healing energies and light to all those places where pralaya causes destruction and suffering. And they also release a lot of their personal energies which they’ve gained through thousands and thousands of years of intense Tapas. All these energies which have their own intelligences help everyone who comes into their sphere of influence to open up and transform.

Pralaya is a time when individuals can make a very fast spiritual progress in a relatively shorter period. The Rishis add to this process by giving everyone a push in their growth so that transformation can occur at a faster pace. Since they’ve seen humanity through such periods many times before, they are also working to ensure that the shortcomings and wrongdoings of the past are not repeated this time.

The entire Pralaya activity is presided over and managed by Lord Kalki, the tenth avatar of MahaVishnu, who has specially taken birth for this purpose. Right now He is working at the Astral level along with the Saptarishis. At an appropriate time, He will make Himself known to everyone at the physical level and start working directly.

The Compression of Time

It’s a common experience for anyone these days that time is racing ahead at a phenomenal speed. Although our timepieces still clock the same 24 hours a day, the pace of life and the speed at which the weeks and months go by have hastened up. This is because of the compression of time, which is a special work done at the spiritual level.

The main purpose of this work is to help humanity sail through the pralaya period quickly and hence get over the chaos and suffering faster. The time compression also helps in better and faster inner healing for all individuals. The increased pace of life forces people to overcome their differences or misunderstandings, and move towards solutions instead of brooding over past hurts.

The hastening of time also prods the individuals to take action in different areas of their lives without postponing or waiting. Their spiritual growth occurs faster in this period. Since there is less time for negativities to operate and function, the dark forces can quickly be destroyed or pushed back. Many divine projects which help humanity can be implemented with better ease. Humanity can be made to enter the Light age as early as possible by going through the pralaya period at a faster pace.

This compression is not done in one go but is gradually implemented by accelerating the pace of time in phases. On March 19th 2011, the Rishis compressed time by a big margin, and ever since, the pace of life has hastened like never before. At present, a day of 24 hours runs at approximately 6½ hours. This hastening will increase in the coming days where an entire week will be over in the equivalent duration of a single day!


When parts of Japan were struck with earthquakes and tsunami, innumerable lives were lost and the economy of the entire region was pushed back by decades. At the same time, these events revealed the resilience, dignity and spirit of service that lay hidden in the ordinary people who survived these disasters. A letter from Sendai, which is excerpted below carries many lessons and inspiration for the rest of the world in dealing with such difficult situations of mass suffering, which might become the norm very soon.

….During the day we help each other clean up the mess in our homes. People sit in their cars, looking at news on their navigation screens, or line up to get drinking water when a source is open. If someone has water running in their home, they put out a sign so people can come to fill up their jugs and buckets….

It’s utterly amazingly that where I am there has been no looting, no pushing in lines. People leave their front door open, as it is safer when an earthquake strikes.

…Somehow at this time I realize from direct experience that there is indeed an enormous Cosmic evolutionary step that is occurring all over the world right at this moment. And somehow as I experience the events happening now in Japan, I can feel my heart opening very wide.

Such an expanded outlook and selfless attitude will help us all deal with the aftermath of any catastrophic events. At any time, we need to be calm, composed and patient, and perform our duties as necessitated by life. We should consciously put down our negativities, start interacting with others with love and begin to accommodate others, now onwards and not just when disasters strike. We should be willing to receive help from others and also assist them in our capacity to sail through this period.

At an individual level we should completely surrender to Light, connect to it and start using it in all our activities. A constant awareness of Light in our system at all times goes a long way in establishing a strong link with the Supreme Intelligence. We will be intuitively guided into the right action at the right time.

If we take up spiritual practices like meditations, then tuning to the new realities that are unfolding now will be easier. We also gain inner strength and courage to go through any situation. The spiritual practices connect us to our inner Light, establish links with the higher beings and get directly guided to help ourselves as well as others.

Ultimately we as individuals and as humanity have to wake up and transform. The sooner we do it, the lesser will be the external churning and chaos. The next article will look in detail at the individual responsibilities in sailing through this transformative phase.

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