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Astral Works by the Divine Personalities

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There are immense forces in the Universe which impact and shape our lives on this planet in various ways. Some of them are physical and hence can easily be perceived: the warmth and heat from the Sun without which life cannot exist here is one example. Others like the electromagnetic field which protects the Earth or the gravitational force are subtler. And there are other, non-physical and more powerful influences which have a major bearing on our everyday lives and destinies.

We have understood in the ‘Creation Series’ that life is not an accidental phenomenon which happened just on our planet in the whole of the known Universe. An extraordinarily intelligent and powerful Presence gave rise to Creation, spanning multiple Cosmoses, Worlds and Dimensions. There are many other planets in our Cosmos and beyond where advanced beings and life-forms exist. And this Creation and life in all the planets is monitored and guided by a Higher Intelligence — God and the Rishis!

The Rishis who administer our Earth carry out many works and activities for the welfare and evolution of all life here. They are assisted by a network of Rishi-workers and Light workers who execute these works at the physical as well as astral levels. These activities are done in tune with the times we live in. Hence our current transitory period from the Dark Age to the Age of Light witnesses an extraordinary amount of activities carried out by them.

The Rishis are also assisted by Special Souls and Divine Personalities, who come down to our Earth to do specific works!

Recently, a number of important activities were executed on our Earth by many Divine Personalities. The Rishis have revealed some of these works which have a major influence on our shift into the New Light Age. The following account sheds light on these works.

The Divine Personalities

The Personalities or Gods arrive mainly from the Divine Cosmos which is made up of the four Divine planes: Brahma Loka (Creator), Vishnu Loka (Sustainer), Shiva Loka (Destroyer) and Shakti Loka (the Divine Mother). Each of these Cosmoses is an immensely huge field of Energy. A very small part or an amsha of these fields descends on our Earth in the form of a Divine Personality.

The Personalities descend at the behest of the Rishis, to assist and support them in their work here. It’s their love for the Rishis and their recognition of the selfless activities of these masters that prompts them to arrive. Most of the times, the Rishis escort these personalities on their descent and their subsequent return to their source once the work is accomplished.

When the work is of a larger magnitude and involves more time, the personalities incarnate in a physical body and live on our Earth to accomplish the mission. Lord Rama, Krishna, Buddha and the present incarnations of Lord Kalki and Mahavatara are some examples. However, there are several occasions where a Personality does not incarnate but arrives for a short duration to execute a particular task. Such descents happen frequently and these personalities are brought down every year on important occasions.

These Gods and Goddesses bring very special energies from their source. Each time, a different type of energy is brought down depending on the requirement. The Personalities do not arrive alone but are accompanied by their assistants who help them in their mission. Mythology depicts them as riding on animals: Lord Shiva is seen riding Nandi, the bull, while Goddess Durga strides on a ferocious lion. These animals are archetypal representations — in fact, they are special evolved personalities who assist the God/Goddess and also protect and shield them during their work.

The four month period beginning from the lunar month of Shravana (August-September) is especially auspicious because of the arrival of many such Personalities. Many important activities are executed in this period. And the works done by them have a major impact on our lives because of the powerful energies and intelligence that they bring from their source.

The Overall work done in this duration

We are in the middle of an intense Pralaya period. Many processes have been started and are intensifying to remove the influence of the Dark Age and create the conditions necessary for the arrival of the New Age. Some of these processes have already started taking effect at the physical level. A lot of help, guidance and grace are required for everyone on this Earth to cope up with these trying times and also transform.

The Divine Personalities who came down in the past few months have executed many activities to help humanity in dealing with the current churning period. They counselled every individual and explained to them about the changes occurring, the importance of the Light Age and how to prepare oneself and grow. Time was compressed further so that we can quickly move through this phase.

The Personalities also brought down an abundance of new, rare energies and anchored them on our Earth. They supervised many Yagnas which were conducted by the Rishis, after which special energies were released. They healed the Earth, removed a lot of karmas and negativities of Humanity and strengthened the positive energies on this Planet.

Many discussions and meetings were held between these personalities and the higher Council of Rishis, and the changes were executed accordingly. These changes will materialize at the appropriate time.

The next sections describe the activities done by each individual Divine Personality.

Devi Mahalakshmi

 Mahalakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, abundance and prosperity — both Material as well as Spiritual. In mythology, She is depicted as the consort of Lord Vishnu who sustains Creation. Whenever Mahavishnu incarnates on our Earth, He is accompanied by and assisted in His activities by Mahalakshmi. She carries an abundance of Positive force and Light from the Supreme Intelligence.

Every year, an amsha of this Goddess descends on our Earth on the day which is celebrated as VaraMahalakshmi. She stays for a period of 10 days after that. This year on the day She arrived, Goddess Mahalakshmi energised the whole Earth, installed a lot of new energies and removed about 50% of the negativities. This work continued on subsequent days when She removed darkness from various places on the planet where negativity was concentrated. She then monitored and guided the channelling of Her special energies by Her assistants. This helped our Earth take another step towards the Light Age.

On 16th August, a great amount of healing energies were anchored through various nodes in the Earth. Many groups on our planet who are fighting for human rights and planetary welfare received an abundance of special energies from the Goddess and the Rishi workers.

Later on that night, She destroyed and removed many dark Souls from our Earth.

The next day, She installed a huge gadget in the deeper layers of Earth. A lot of energies related to the current phase of Pralaya were stored in this gadget in order to be released periodically. After this, the Rishis conducted many Yagnas to further strengthen and shield this gadget so that the dark forces (the illuminati) do not disturb it or interfere in its functioning.

Towards the end of the 10 day period, the Goddess counselled the entire humanity at the astral level. She educated them about the coming Light Age and the responsibility of each individual during this period of transition. And She brought down a huge ruby from Vishnu Loka and fixed it inside the gadget which was installed earlier inside the Earth.

She wanted to carry out many other works along with Lord Krishna and hence extended Her stay on our Earth by another 10 days.

Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is described in all glory in the epic Mahabharata and mythology as the eighth incarnation of MahaVishnu, who destroyed many demons and evil forces on our Earth thousands of years ago. Every year, an amsha of Krishna comes down to Earth on the day which is celebrated as his birthday. He then stays on our Earth, in every household, for a period of 10 days.

On the midnight of 21st August, the amsha of Lord Krishna was escorted to our Earth by the Rishis. After the welcome, Lord Krishna, Goddess Mahalakshmi, Vishwamitra Maharshi, Saptarishis and Amara Maharshi had a long discussion about the future of our Earth, after which many important decisions were taken.

The next day, Lord Krishna anchored a lot of transparent Violet energies on Earth and also gave new energies to Bhoo Devi (Gaia). The transparent Violet energies help in the intensification of the current Pralaya phase. Later in the night, He began to inject every individual on the planet with special energies. He also helped in cleansing every individual of their negativities.

Lord Krishna and Mahalakshmi brought down a very special energy called “Nirvana Neela Thamara”. They went to Vasishtha Maharshi’s lab and did a special Sadhana for about 3 hours of our time and then passed this energy to Earth. These energies will help in the destruction of the dark forces.

The axis of our Earth was tilted by a few degrees by Him on the 25th. This was done with the aim of bringing out the suppressed negativity within each individual.

During the next three days, the Earth was placed inside a special gadget after which Lord Krishna executed a number of astral works. A lot of karmas of Earth were burnt and the pain and suffering of Gaia were removed. This special work in fact made Gaia sick as she was struggling to cope up with the purification processes and She was healed by Goddess Mahalakshmi and Santhoshi Devi for the next two days.

On the last day of Krishna’s stay, the amshas of Lord Ganesha and Devi Gowri came down to our Earth. After updating them about the astral works that were executed, Lord Krishna and Mahalakshmi returned to their source.

Devi Gowri and Lord Ganesha

Gowri Devi, also known as Parvathi is one of the many manifestations of the Divine Mother, Adi Shakthi. Mythology depicts Her as the consort of Lord Shiva, who incarnated with Him on our Earth in the previous cycle. Lord Ganesha, is the son of Shiva-Gowri. He is worshipped as the remover of obstacles and bestower of knowledge and spiritual prosperity. The third and fourth days of the Lunar month, Bhadrapada (Sun in Virgo) are dedicated for the worship of these Divine Personalities.

On August 31st, Devi Gowri and Lord Ganesha channelled a lot of new energies and continued the healing and strengthening processes of Bhoo Devi for another 6 days. In this duration, they also gave Her more knowledge about the further processes to occur and about the Light Age.

As a part of this process, Lord Ganesha grew many times larger than Earth and, with the Earth inside Him, began to absorb much of its negativities. Devi Gowri passed on energies to Him so that He could carry out this process smoothly. In the last phase of this work, the Saptarishis and Vishwamitra Maharshi joined these Divine personalities in the healing and energising processes for two days.

After the completion of this work, Lord Ganesha conducted a special astral workshop on September 6th which was attended by the entire humanity in batches. The whole event went on for 18 hours and Lord Ganesha counselled and guided every individual, personally.

The next day, He passed on very special energies to every individual which gave them hope and inspiration to change and transform. He also decided to extend his stay on Earth for another 10 days to complete a few more projects along with the next Divine Personality, Ananta Padmanabha.

On the next two days, very new energies from Kailasa (Shiva Loka) were brought down and spread around the Earth. These energies help to convert the negative energies into Light and also in bringing tremendous changes. Devi Gowri and Ganesha also brought about many changes on Earth astrally; the Rishis are waiting for an appropriate time to allow these changes to manifest at the physical level.

Lord MahaVishnu

One of the forms of MahaVishnu is Ananta Padmanabha, the Lord depicted in a sleeping posture on a huge snake. The Rishis inform that a gigantic 72,000 mile long statue of Ananta Padmanabha is found in the Star Antares, with a radiant red ruby in its forehead, which gives the red hue to this Star.

An amsha of MahaVishnu came down on the 11th of September. He was welcomed by all the Rishis and the workers on Earth. MahaVishnu then promised to personally supervise many processes and help the Saptarishis to accomplish many projects.

He also continued the counselling and guidance process initiated by Lord Ganesha. He passed energies to every individual and also taught them many techniques and methods at the astral level to deal with life when it gets confusing.

On 14th September, He released a very special energy called the ‘Ananta Shakti’ which will help all of humanity, who choose, to sail through the Pralaya phase. The next day, Lord MahaVishnu and Vasishtha Maharshi were involved in training the Rishi workers and Light workers for the work ahead. They also fixed many gadgets to the workers and many other individuals.

For the next 3 days, (16th to 18th) Lord MahaVishnu and Lord Ganesha along with the Saptarishis and Vishwamitra Maharshi were involved in various discussions and decision processes relating to the project of Pavitrena Karyam and its implementation in the entire Cosmos. They also discussed the problems the Rishis were going through while implementing this and how to deal with them.

MahaVishnu gave many new techniques to the Rishis, with the help of which they would be able to equip further and help humanity better.

The entire Material Cosmos is guarded in the eight directions by eight special worlds, also known as the Ashta-dikpalaka Lokas. The Lords of these worlds were given new instructions and assigned work & responsibilities by MahaVishnu. Then our Earth was injected with a new Pralaya energy.

September 20th was the last day of the stay of these divine personalities. They again passed on a lot of love and blessed everyone. The Rishis thanked them for their wonderful work and escorted them back to their respective sources.

Adi Shakti

The nine day worship of the Divine Mother is known as Navaratri. In this duration, an amsha of the Devi descended and brought an abundance of new energies with Her. These energies were anchored through the Rishi workers all over the planet. This process continued for the entire 10 day stay of Devi on Earth.

Other than these special energies from Shakti Loka, new energies from Prakasha Brahma (Ra Universe) were brought down and anchored. Goddess Adi Shakti and the Rishis also revealed about the discovery of many new Manifested Universes. Apart from the 20 known Universes until now, they shared information of 23 other Manifested Universes and some details about them. The Rishis are understanding more about these newly discovered Universes.

After revealing this information, a special set of energies called as SuRa energies from the twin Universe of Prakasha Brahma (one of the newly discovered Universe) were brought down for the first time and anchored on our Earth.

The Observations of the Divine Personalities

One of the main observations done by these Divine Personalities is that nearly three-fourths of Humanity is closed to the new Knowledge and Energies. In fact, they reject these gifts and are happy to continue in their ignorance. Even those who understand these have not taken the guidance seriously and are unwilling to let go of their ego.

Another observation is that, in spite of so much help and counselling done, 95% of humanity is not willing to leave the old ways of living and make efforts towards transformation. Only the 5% have taken their help/guidance seriously and are putting efforts to grow. The women are much more open than men in this regard.

The Personalities are happy with this 5% who have chosen Light and are making great efforts to grow and transform. These are the ones who are able to let go of their ego, accept the higher wisdom and surrender to God. It was the positivity manifested by this small part of the population that enabled many new Souls and Personalities to take birth on Earth in this duration.

Another key observation from them is that Humanity has lost the value of being in a human body and enjoying the beautiful experience of this diverse life. There is a huge imbalance in the spiritual and material aspects of our lives, with greed and selfishness dominating our approach towards life. They also mentioned about the commercial aspect which has entered the Spiritual field which highlights this greed.

One more observation was that people are unable to coexist with each other. Most are self-centred and would want to pursue only their way of living without adjusting or accommodating. They remarked that jealousy is a major factor which is affecting everyone.

Although the personalities and Rishis have worked very hard to clear a lot of negativity and karmas of Earth and of Humanity, we are not making efforts to change and are continuing to manifest more darkness constantly.

 In spite of this, the destruction and chaos which were supposed to happen on our Planet because of Pralaya have been slowed down for sometime. This is because of the vast amount of healing done by the Divine personalities. Humanity has been given more time and opportunities to change, transform and grow. The Rishis are observing how we utilize these opportunities. Further decisions about the pralaya processes will be taken based on our efforts at transformation.

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  • Rama says:

    Much thanks for this immensely important and clarifying information. I do have a couple questions on the divine personalities. What is their relation to creation? Are they unmanifested energy, evolved persons, etc? Secondly, are the divine lokas unmanifested universes? Are there only four?

    Thanks much for you help and I am very appreciative for any answer.

    With Love,


  • Prabhakar S says:

    My question regarding Pralaya – Nower days you see the bad things and thoughts are rampant all over the world. Even though human beings see miserable deaths everyday, there is no change in the majority of the people. If you see our political scenarios you can see the way the leaders functioning in the Government. I feel that there should be a great change in all walks of life. When will the dark energies go back?

  • Mansi says:

    Dear VA team,

    Heart felt gratitude in reading your article.The reality behind the scenes is something the world should know by now. Their divinity and mercy over flows with each passing minute.If we see minimal goodness prevailing also,its because of their grace.The only way to repay them is to allow light to flow through us through actions,words,every breath.Gaia deserves LIGHT.

  • keshavamurthy says:

    Vishwaamara is the only platform which shares the latest works of the divine personalities and rishis. Maharshi Amara would share about the works of gods and rishis boldly like this….

    Thank you so much for bringing hope of a better tommorrow to all of us. Thank you

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