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The Light Principles — Constitution of the Light Age

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Life on every Earth in Creation is governed by a set of divine principles. These principles change when that Earth moves from one age to another. The higher intelligence decides these principles so that the inhabitants of any age have the maximum opportunities to experience life and also grow on their individual journey.

The New Light Age that our Earth is moving into is a part of a bigger project, also known as ‘Pavitrena Karyam’, which is being implemented in many Earths in our Galaxy. When the decision to implement this Divine Project was taken, the Supreme Intelligence formulated the basic principles that will govern life hereafter in all the Earths. Vishwamitra Maharshi did a lot of Tapas and brought down these principles. There are a total of 12 principles that will govern the divine life in the New Light Age and are called the ‘Light Principles’.

These principles are familiar to all of us. Many of these were also part of the laws of the earlier Light Age on this Earth. They are still being followed in the divine city of Shambala. After the end of the Dark Age, the citizens of Shambala shared these with humanity. This set of older Principles was known as the ‘Shambala Principles’.

Vishwamitra Maharshi shared the new principles with a batch of Rishis, each of whom further did Tapas and contemplated, experimented and experienced each of them and brought out new techniques and methods to practice them. The energies, love and blessings of each of the great masters is behind each Principle and hence each of them is named after the respective Rishi.

The major improvement is that the aspects of Oneness and Light have been strengthened in each of these Principles.

These twelve Light Principles are arranged under three categories.

I Qualities to Manifest

1.   Manifest Peace and Prosperity — by Vishwamitra Maharshi.
2.   Manifest Love, Patience and Accommodation — by Kripacharya Maharshi.
3.   Manifest Oneness with the Entire Creation — by Agastya Maharshi.
4.   Live with an Expanded Awareness — by Bharadwaja Maharshi.

II Taking the Help of Light in Daily Living

5.   Be United within and with Others to Keep the Ego and Negativities Out — by Pulastya Maharshi.
6.   Use Light to Achieve the Goals — by Markandeya Maharshi.
7.   Meditation and Sadhana are basic necessities — by Vyasa Maharshi.
8.   Be Humble Always and Live in Light — by Amara Maharshi.

III Living an Exalted Life

9.   Maintain Secrecy before Achieving the Result — by Vasishtha Maharshi.
10. Respect the Space and Privacy of Others — by Pulaha and Kratu Maharshi’s.
11. Balance the Material and Spiritual by Surrendering to God — by Purushotama and Valmiki Maharshi.
12. Execute Every Work with Sincerity and Love — by Mangal Brahman Maharshi.

These 12 principles can be practiced easily and they help anyone achieve the highest in the spiritual realms. They bring purity in the system, burn the karmas and also form the base for many faculties to open up. These principles help in sustaining the Light bodies in future.

All these Light Principles are interconnected. If we are able to follow any one of them completely, we will be automatically manifesting the others. These are the different aspects of a holistic spiritual life. 


The first four principles emphasize our true state, our inner nature. Since it is difficult to live these qualities all the time at present, we can begin to practice them with conscious efforts like a technique until they become natural and we manifest them all the time without effort.

When we practice these principles, we do not have to be concerned with the parameters like place and time or even other specifics like a particular direction. They can be practiced while travelling or even while lying down.

There are special, advanced techniques for the practice of these principles, which are given to a serious student at an appropriate stage in his Spiritual Sadhana.

1. Manifest Peace and Prosperity — by Vishwamitra Maharshi

Peace is our natural state and we have an abundance of it within us. This enormous peace is also present in God, in Light. We have to tap into this inner peace and experience it. Then manifesting it in our lives become easy. We can also spread this peace to everyone around us.

Vishwamitra Maharshi, through his experimentation also discovered that as we go on manifesting Peace consciously, prosperity also manifests automatically.

  ♦       ♦       ♦

2. Manifest Love, Patience and Accommodation by Kripacharya Maharshi

Love is the very nature of God and the fundamental aspect of His Creation. We, the Souls, who are a part of God also carry these subtle vibrations deep within us. But our other characteristics like anger, bitterness and jealousy come in the way of expressing and manifesting love in our lives.

An individual has to first experience this unconditional and expansive quality of Love so that he can easily manifest it in his living. It begins at the physical level with an individual accepting himself, the way he is, with all the imperfections and shortcomings. Such an acceptance removes a number of blocks within him. Then with practice, this unconditional love can be extended to those around and even to inanimate things.

When we start relating to others with Love and manifesting it, we can easily tolerate many things which would disturb us earlier. And with Love comes patience and accommodation with people and circumstances.

All these help us to become spiritually mature and make faster spiritual progress.

  ♦       ♦       ♦

3. Manifest Oneness with Everyone and the Entire Creation by Agastya Maharshi

At the level of Light, everything is one and undivided. As Light manifested into Creation, duality and separation came into existence. We have come from the undivided Source into this Creation in order to experience it. Oneness is our natural state and we can experience it with the entire humanity and all existence. It takes a lot of effort and time to manifest it completely, but it becomes possible with persistence.

As we start to practice and experience Oneness with others, any hatred, bitterness or selfishness dissolves. It strengthens our links with Light and makes us experience our Self. Most importantly, it makes us better human beings and live this life completely. When we start to experience and manifest Oneness completely in our lives, we will be living in a higher spiritual state known as Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

  ♦       ♦       ♦

4. Live with an Expanded Awareness by Bharadwaja Maharshi

Most of us go through life without being aware of our thoughts, emotions and actions. We are not conscious of many of our activities and lead mechanical lives. This unconsciousness is out of tune with our true inner nature — Silence. As we start becoming aware of our thoughts and actions consciously, we start experiencing and manifesting this inner silence.

Silence leads to the further refined state of Stillness. Living in Stillness is not being idle but being aware of every thought, emotion and action of ours. When we are established in this Stillness, we will automatically be able to radiate Peace and Love.

Our awareness expands beyond our body-mind-intellect, in the state of Stillness. In that expansion, we will be able to connect and relate to others, to Nature and to Creation itself, and manifest Oneness.

There is no limit to the degree of expansion that can be achieved in Stillness. We can expand to the level of the entire Creation at all levels. This principle helps us to be in the highest state of Samadhi called as Paripoorna Samadhi. 


Light is God. If we are able to take His help, guidance and support in every detail of our lives, we will always succeed and never go wrong. Our lives improve multi-fold and we will move towards perfection in all areas.

A simple beginning in this direction is to imagine that there is a bright Golden Light inside us at all times. The Light nurtures, helps and guides in every situation. With practice, we will be able to establish a relation with this Light and make it a part of our lives.

The next four principles explain how to establish this relation with Light and take His help in our daily activity. 

5. Be United within and with Others to Keep the Ego and Negativities Out by Pulastya Maharshi

The observation made by Pulastya Maharshi is that we are not united within. Our senses pursue their own interests, while the different bodies of our system try to work independently. This non-unity is the reason that the ego sustains itself in spite of our best efforts to sublimate it.

When we begin to experience Light within, it helps us to burn the impurities and discipline our senses. It brings purity and unity in the entire system. We then begin to operate with a higher awareness and find it easy to curb and finally sublimate the ego.

Another comment made by Pulastya Maharshi is that similar to being united within, we have to be united with others too. We have to be united as a family, as a society, as a nation and finally unite as Humanity. This will ensure that Peace and Love will manifest on our Earth at all times.

  ♦       ♦       ♦

6. Use Light to Achieve the Goals by Markandeya Maharshi

Markandeya Maharshi has experimented a lot in understanding the different ways in which one can take the help of Light and achieve goals in the everyday life.

The most efficient way discovered by him was to first take the help of Light with our Intuition to make decisions, so that we are guided correctly. Then with our intention, we have to consciously send a lot of Light and Love towards the decision we have in our mind. Then we have to execute those decisions and also send Light while doing it.

Markandeya Maharshi says that we have to use Light in each and every decision of ours. This helps us to be guided correctly and also be just. And when we use Light, we are also in tune with the other characteristics like Love and patience which are very much essential while executing a work.

To improve the overall efficiency, he also suggests that first of all we should plan our activities of the day in the morning and organise ourselves to execute this plan. In addition, we also have to periodically introspect on the overall picture which takes our long term goals into account and make sure that our efforts and activities are supporting those goals.

  ♦       ♦       ♦

7. Meditation and Sadhana are Basic Necessities by Vyasa Maharshi

Vyasa Maharshi has given this principle after a lot of efforts and Tapas. He mentions that Sadhana or spiritual practices are very essential and fundamental in a person’s life as they help the individual to actually experience Light, and thereby manifest its qualities. It is also the basic requirement to acquire new energies and knowledge.

Vyasa Maharshi says that regular and systematic Sadhana will bring about an inner transformation. It helps the individual to balance his life well and ensure that he does not live in extremes. It also helps in overcoming attachments and bondages.

  ♦       ♦       ♦

8. Be Humble Always and Live in Light by Amara Maharshi

Amara Maharshi mentions that humility is one of the basic foundations of spirituality. Humility is the absence of ego in a person and an important aspect indicating the spiritual progress of an individual.

An individual becomes humble when he experiences Light. The Light is so much larger than the ego that he can easily loose the ‘I’ within. A humble person is not meek or timid but functions with the inner strength of Light and hence is a very strong person.

Amara Maharshi says that we should always be filled with Light and then try to experience it. We can also imagine ourselves to be surrounded by Light all the time. This helps us to be protected and guided better. Living in Light transforms our life completely.

In the initial stages, it might appear difficult for an individual to experience Light and adopt it in all the activities of the daily life, but with practice it becomes easier. When Light is used, the results will be easily noticeable and this gives the necessary encouragement and the impetus to use it more. 

III. Living an Exalted Life

These four principles help us improve the quality of our lives by implementing a few subtle aspects. When manifested, they make a huge difference to our daily living. 

9. Maintain Secrecy before Achieving the Result –by Vasishtha Maharshi

Vasishtha Maharshi has given this principle which states that we should consider all our activities and goals as sacred and not talk about them unnecessarily until we achieve the results.

When we start executing a work, we build up an energy field with our thoughts and efforts, which supports this work. This energy field gets disturbed and diluted when we talk too much about it. The jealousy and dislike of the other person will also affect it.

We naturally have to discuss about any work with those who are associated with it. This principle however cautions us that if ‘showing off’ and casual approach are exhibited, they reduce the efficiency and hinder the accomplishment of the task.

  ♦       ♦       ♦

10. Respect the Space and Privacy of Others by Pulaha and Kratu Maharshis

These two Maharshis have observed that most of humanity is bothered about others and spends less time introspecting or correcting itself. Gossip is a rampant activity. Individuals also try to mould their lives based on others’ views and not based on their own beliefs and higher laws.

This principle insists that one should learn to respect the space and privacy of others. The individual should not interfere in the lives of others when it does not concern him. He should also stop giving free advice to others and focus on his own growth. One should practice first before preaching.

  ♦       ♦       ♦

11. Balance the Material and Spiritual Aspects by Surrendering to God by Purushothama and Valmiki Maharshi

Balancing both aspects of life — the spiritual and material is very important. Focusing on either of them alone is not the way of the Light, as both these seemingly opposite facets have emerged from Light. One may not know if he is leading a balanced life, as this balance differs from one individual to another. The easiest way to achieve it is to surrender to God and allow Him to guide. One has to make conscious efforts to listen to His Higher voice.

When we surrender to the Higher Intelligence, everything falls in place in our lives. We get all the help and guidance that is necessary at each and every moment. The Supreme Intelligence, Light takes care of us in all aspects of our lives. One has to practice this surrender to actually experience all of this.

Experiencing both aspects of life in surrender to the divine — this is exactly the way a Light being leads his life in the Light Age.

  ♦       ♦       ♦

12. Execute Every Work with Sincerity and Love – by Mangal Brahman Maharshi

Sincerity is an aspect of truth and it is a very important quality to be developed and manifested at all times. When we approach any work, it has to be done with sincerity and love. When we work with love, we will be able to accomplish them faster and with ease, and the mistakes and errors will reduce drastically. The overall efficiency also increases tremendously when we work with love and sincerity.

Mangal Brahman Maharshi wants every individual to manifest Light in their lives all the time and it was with this perspective, he devised and strengthened this principle. He also says that when we can surrender to the material comforts, why not surrender to God, who has created these and also us.


These Light Principles will be followed by everyone in the Light Age. We need not wait until then as every individual can start manifesting them from now itself. They help in leading a better life. The individuals who follow it can live a divine life in the midst of all the chaos and churning, imperfections and duality dramas. These principles take us beyond all of these into the divine life of the New Light Age.

♦       ♦       ♦

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