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The Higher Self — part 2

Submitted by on November 23, 2013 – 6 Comments

To enable the Soul to experience further diversity in our Creation, God permitted it to have multiple physical bodies simultaneously so that it could have various experiences through these bodies in parallel. The different bodies are present in the different Planes (Lokas) and are known as the Higher Self’s.

The concept of Higher Self is complex and intricate. In the first article on the Higher Self, we have presented the details on how an individual becomes eligible to create a Higher Self and the process of doing so. We have also explored some of the characteristics and laws that govern the Higher Self.

In this second and concluding part, we explore the laws that govern the communication with one’s Higher Self and comprehend the realities which lead to the severing of one of the Self’s from the main personality. We also try and understand whether there are Realties beyond the Higher Self.


The individual had to grow spiritually over many lifetimes to be eligible to create the Higher Self.  Then the different Higher Self’s were created in phases which also helped the Soul to cope up with the new realities and experiences. The various Self’s are from the same Soul and in reality, One Being, and therefore they can communicate with each other and take help from the other if necessary. But there are various spiritual laws which govern the intercommunication amongst the different Self’s. These laws are monitored by the Atma Palakas. Some of the important laws that pertain to the communication are –

1.  Generally the person having a Higher Self is slightly advanced in his spiritual growth. But the individual should have begun pursuing their spiritual journey in this lifetime also. If they are not spiritual in this birth, even though they may have a Higher Self, they will not be able to communicate and seek guidance from it.

But sometimes, if one of the Self’s is going astray, the Higher Self can communicate with it, guide and help it to fall in line. The Lower Self in such cases need not be aware of the existence of a Higher Self. The communication occurs at the level of the sub-conscious Mind.

2.  There are special techniques with the help of which the individual can communicate with their Higher Self. But more than these techniques, the essential criteria is Love, selflessness and surrender.

For some individuals, the contact is very easy and natural and they can do so without much effort. For the others who have to make a lot of efforts, care should be taken by the individuals. The Rishis mention that in the beginning stages, more often than not, the individuals land up contacting spirits and assume that it is their Higher Self. Hence it is advisable to take guidance and help from their spiritual guides.

3.  The next important criteria is that the Higher Self’s should permit us to communicate with them. Unless they explicitly permit, energies and knowledge cannot be obtained from them.

There are Divine Personalities in charge of each Loka. The other aspect of this law is that these personalities should also permit the individual to communicate with the Higher Self pertaining to that Loka.

4.  To a large extent, the individual should have his spiritual faculties like a strong Intuition and other communication channels operative, and should be able to travel astrally and recall the travel and other details. This is important as it is through these communication channels that we communicate with the Higher Self.

5.  Another condition for the contact is that the knowledge and energies we obtain from the Higher Self cannot be used for selfish purposes. Generally, the individuals who have a Higher Self and are pursuing their spirituality will somehow be associated with working for the betterment of humanity directly or indirectly (They need not be spiritual guides or workers alone. They can also be scientists, social workers or individuals pursuing fine arts for example). The energies and knowledge obtained from the Higher Self will be utilised in their work and service here. If an individual is pursuing only his Sadhana, he will not be given much knowledge and energies by his Higher Self.

6.  There are fewer restrictions for the Higher Self to communicate with the Lower Self on its own accord. They can take initiatives by themselves at times to help the other Self’s. The Higher self sometimes helps the individuals to grow spiritually too. They help in releasing finer energies through the chakras, raising the higher types of Kundalini and also help the individual to equip themselves better. 


Generally the Higher Self’s are spiritually advanced and mature Beings. Hence not much problems are expected. The Atma Palakas keep a close check on the Self’s of Bhuva Loka and Suva Loka. The Self’s higher than that do not require so much of scrutiny and monitoring.

Severing is not a common occurrence. In fact, it is permitted only in exceptional cases and there are various laws that govern this aspect which is again monitored by the Atma Palakas.

When the Highest Self of the Soul is to be severed, or the Self’s from Jana, Tapo and Satya Loka wants to withdraw, there is a possibility that all the Self’s are withdrawn and merged together. The reasons are studied and only then a decision is taken.

Amongst the different instances of a Self being severed, the main occurrence is when one of the Self’s gets severely damaged. The damage could occur due to getting injured at the astral level or getting exposed to very strong or negative energies. In such cases the astral form of the Self is severed from the remaining and then allowed to return to the Source. The karmas and energies if any are merged with the remaining Self’s.

In a few instances, the Spiritual Body or the Anandamaya Kosha of the individual gets seriously damaged. This affects the health and functioning of all the Higher Self’s. In such situations one or two of the Self’s are severed to help in recovering the health of the other Self’s.

There are some occasions when one Self will want to get severed and exist independently. It is permitted only in very rare occasions. If the Self wants to attain Multi and is from the higher four Lokas, they even have to capacity to acquire all the karmas from the remaining Self’s and attain Mukti, thereby giving a boost in the growth of the remaining Self’s.

If that Self wants to continue existing in the Creation, it should have the capacity to acquire a new Soul and integrate with it.

In some cases, one of the lower Self’s will be pursuing Siddhis and occultism very intensely and the growth in these area may affect the other Higher Self’s. In such cases the lower Self will be severed from the main personality, but again, that Lower Self should be advanced enough to acquire a new Soul for itself from God.


The concept of Higher Self’s was created by God to help each Soul to explore and experience the diversity of the Creation further. As explained in the earlier article, to acquire the Higher Self in the Jana, Tapo and Satya Loka’s itself, the Soul should be willing to be a part of God’s work and assistance to help humanity.

The Soul is daring and skillful to acquire many capabilities through its growth and grow beyond the Higher Self’s and to facilitate this, God has enabled various laws through which it can be done. But this journey can be undertaken by the Souls only for service and not for experiencing.

What is beyond the Higher Self?

A person having all the seven Higher Self’s itself is a highly spiritually evolved person. The Soul would have developed all the spiritual faculties and would be proficient in using them. The necessity of wanting to grow beyond the Higher Self’s arises as the Soul will be wanting to be of more service in the Creation and the different laws of the Lokas will be limiting it in its functioning.

In such cases, the Self’s are allowed to merge together and form one unit and they will have the capacity to multiply themselves into multiple bodies at the same time and serve independently. For example there are many Rishis who are present in thousands of bodies in parallel in our Cosmos, each working for the betterment of the life in the planet they are in.

The Saptarishis monitor and permit this. They check the eligibility of every Soul which wishes to do this and if found eligible also channel a special blessing from God to them.

The first criterion to be eligible for this is that they should have acquired a lot of Tapas energies in them. This is required so that the Soul can be capable of multiplying into many bodies and executing the work.

The Soul should have also completed a minimum of thousand years of service through each of the Higher Self’s before they are allowed to merge together and multiply into many individual forms.

Maharshi Amara

We tried to understand about Maharshi Amara who is one example of a Master who has gone beyond the Higher Self’s. He is one of the most advance Rishis in our Creation and has taken up many many forms, just to serve God. He is personally in charge of the works of 7 Galaxies of the Material Cosmos including our Milky Way Galaxy and to execute this responsibility, has multiplied himself into millions of bodies. Other than the 7 Galaxies, he is also present in millions of other bodies in different parts of our Creation participating in the works of God.

The life is different in each of the Galaxies and his work and role is different in each. In one of the Galaxies that he is in charge of, the entire life is astral. Stars (like our Sun) make up the planetary system and no physical life is possible. In that Galaxy, he is present in thousands of astral forms.

In another Galaxy, he is present in 8009 astral forms and each of them has taken up 43 physical bodies; which is about three and a half lakh physical bodies!

In another Galaxy, he has only 7 physical forms but more than 108 million astral forms.

The above information left us stunned no doubt but also humbled and speechless for days. The magnitude of his love and humility was beyond comprehension. Then we dared to understand a little about the other Rishis as well but did not receive much.

Beyond Even This!

The Rishis shared some information which highlighted the possibilities that a Soul can grow towards, which is even beyond the multiplying of our bodies into millions of forms. It was revealed that Vishwamitra Maharshi and Vasishtha Maharshi form another category altogether. They do not take up so many astral forms and physical bodies. They come as specks of Light directly and each speck is radiant with their qualities. Each of the speck has the capacity to guide and execute all the work required of them. And they are present in our Cosmos in billions of such specks of Light helping life and participating in the governing of God’s Creation.

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