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The Higher Self — part 1

Submitted by on September 26, 2013 – 26 Comments

The Spiritual Realities are vast and the curiosity and daringness of each Soul enables it to experience these new diversities and transcend boundaries. We took birth on the Earth to have these unique experiences and in the process also dared to break the laws and witness the other extremes.

In such adventures, it is possible to lose our way and get stuck and a similar thing happened to us. We had to then rely on external guides to help us till we were capable of guiding ourselves. At a stage of its exploration and evolution, the Soul wanted to experience multiple realities simultaneously, still being present in our Cosmos of duality and Maya. God consented and this gave rise to the concept of the Higher Self.

Generally when most people use the expression of ‘Higher Self’,  they refer to an aspect of ourselves which is of a Higher Intelligence. It usually refers to contacting our astral self or in some cases even our Causal Self.

But the Higher Self is actually a different and independent reality. The Higher Self of a person is another physical body belonging to the same Soul, present in the Higher Lokas (Urdhva Lokas).

For example a person on our Earth which belongs to the Bhoo Loka can have 6 Higher Self’s, one in each of the Higher Lokas. The emphasis is on the aspect that all these physical beings are part of the same Soul. It is the astral body that divides and occupies different physical bodies.

In Sanskrit, the Higher Self is referred to as the Amulya Atman. Unlike the common perception that everyone has a Higher Self, only a smaller percentage of humanity on our Earth have their Higher Self. 

Creation of the Higher Self’s

The Higher Self is a complex reality and its creation is not a part of every Souls journey. It is pursued only by some Souls to explore the diversity and the higher capacities of the Soul. Lifetimes of sincere Sadhana is required by the individuals to build up these capabilities. Also, to some extent the Soul should be willing to be of service in Creation and cannot pursue all these higher realities for their own experience.

There are special guides present in our Cosmos called the Atma Palakas. These special Beings permit the creation of Higher Self and monitor their conduct and functioning subsequently.

So how does the Higher Self get created?

To begin with, an individual should be pursuing their Sadhana seriously for a minimum of 7 lifetimes to be eligible to create their Higher Self. This amount of Sadhana is required as creating a Higher Self requires a lot of spiritual strength and maturity and also the individual should have the necessary energies in them to be able to do it.

The Higher Self’s are created usually after the death of the physical body. The Atma Palakas permit and also guide the individual in creating the Higher Self’s. The astral body gets divided and each of these entities is eligible to take birth separately. In the first step, the individual will be able to create only three Higher Self’s; corresponding to Bhuva Loka, Suva Loka and Maha Loka.

To become eligible to have a Higher Self in Jana Loka and above, further Sadhana is required by the Soul through all these three entities. Also, it is mandatory that the individual should be willing to be a part of God’s work and be of service to others, other than being spiritually evolved and serious in their Sadhana. Due to this condition many choose not to create their Higher Self’s in these Planes.

The Higher Self’s of these three higher Planes are created in two or three steps depending on the potential of the individual. Usually, only the Higher Self corresponding to Jana Loka gets created in the next phase. The Higher Self’s relating to Tapo Loka and Satya Loka are created in the third phase only.

During the whole journey of creating the Higher Self’s, the individuals trust in the Divine should be absolute. They should also develop the spiritual faculties like the proper functioning of their Third Eye and ability to travel astrally. The individual should also have a strong Intuition as this is the means through which an individual communicates with the Soul and the Higher Self’s.

Usually the Self belonging to a particular Loka will continue to take birth only in that Plane and they are subject to the respective spiritual and karmic laws of the particular Plane. The karmas gained by the respective Self’s, will not affect the others. And it will be the responsibility of that Self only, to clear them.

If too many rules and regulations are violated by any of the Higher Self, they are counselled and advised. If it continues further, the Atma Palakas have the right to even severe that Self from the remaining personality.


There are many Souls who have been created by the Divine for service and work. These Souls will be eligible to create all the 6 Higher Self’s just after one lifetime of experiencing life.

There are some rare cases where a Soul marries a special Soul like a Rishi or a Lightworker. Such souls will also be able to create Higher Self’s in the next birth itself if they progress well spiritually. The principle criterion behind this is that these Souls choose to assist and serve their partner in their Work, and the creation of their Higher Self’s will equip them better in doing so.

There are individuals who do intense Tapas or practice serious tantric techniques and advance spiritually quite rapidly. They too with the grace from God will be able to create a Higher Self by the time of their next birth itself.

In a few situations, the Soul would have been a part of the dark groups earlier and transform subsequently. For these Souls to be eligible to create the Higher Self’s, they will first be severely tested about their intentions for 7 lifetimes first. Then they will follow the natural course like the other Souls where they will have to do serious Sadhana for another 7 lifetimes before they become eligible for the creation of the Higher Self’s.

Amsha and Higher Self

A Higher Self is created when the astral body is split and each of them can live independently by taking a separate physical body. But they will all have the same Soul. This is different from an Amsha.

An Amsha occurs at the level of the Soul itself. It is a small part of Light from the larger field of Light and it assumes its own independent identity. Even the different Koshas the Amsha acquires will be from the parent Personality.

Usually the term Amsha is used to describe various Avataras and Personalities who have their origin from the Divine Plane of either Devi, Shiva, Vishnu or Brahma.

These Amshas take birth on the Earth mainly to help humanity and not to experience life. They are not allowed to have Higher Self’s.

Lower Self

The natural question which arises next is whether there a Lower Self and do we have them. Yes, there are Lower Self’s and they refer to the aspect of the individual which exists in the lower Planes (the Adholokas). Normally the Souls from ParaBrahma are not permitted to take birth in these Planes.

There are Souls created by Lord Brahma to exist in these Lower Worlds and these Souls through their ‘growth’ have the Lower Self’s. In Sanskrit these Lower Self’s are referred to as Naiychi Atman. A Lower Self can be defined as a part of individual which exists in the Lower Planes. Some of the dark Souls are created by Lord MahaVishnu too (for example Kali Purusha). These Souls are not permitted to have Lower or Higher Self’s.

There is a much advancement of materialism is these Worlds and many Souls pursue this knowledge. There is also an abundance of knowledge on occult sciences and powers and many individuals connect to these Worlds to gain such knowledge. We have met many tantrics and other aspirants wanting Siddhis (powers) who have 3 Higher and 3 Lower Self’s.

As adventurers, there are many Souls who have wanted to explore these worlds and experience the density and intense materialism in Creation other than the Spiritual heights. These advanced Beings have a Self in all the 14 Lokas. There are many advanced laws of the Cosmos that they will have to meet to be eligible for this advanced existence and therefore the number of such Souls is very less.

The individual Soul in such cases who have 14 Self’s have the right to choose whether to side with the Light or the dark. For example, Osama Bin Laden has a Self in all the 14 Planes but works for the dark forces whereas the present Dalai Lama, who also has a Self in all the 14 Planes, works for the Light.

Other Characteristics

All the Higher Self’s function under the guidance of the same Soul and they are interlinked with each other. Yet they function independently and the action of one of the Self does not affect the other.

The Soul will be monitoring the activity of all them in parallel. It is difficult to logically explain this concept that the individual through the different Self’s will be living in different physical bodies but will all have the same Soul.

More percentage of the Soul is active in the Higher Self of Satya Loka and it gradually reduces as we come down. Due to the Soul participating in so many spiritual activities simultaneously, it will contain a lot of Light. If any psychic can witness the Souls of different individuals, the Souls of those having their Higher Self will be much brighter than the individuals that do not.

Each of the Higher Self is subjected to the spiritual and karmic laws of its respective Loka. If any of these laws are violated, they have to go through the effects individually. Normally, as the individual and the Higher Self’s are spiritually advanced; not many problems or karmic imbalances occur. The Rishis and Atma Palakas also monitor and guide the Self’s at various junctures.

Each of the Self’s can communicate with the other for gaining additional knowledge and energies. But there are various laws and rules that will have to be followed. We shall explore these in detail in part 2 of the article.

It is normally understood that all the Self’s look alike. The Higher Self’s are not a replica of how we look like here. In most of the cases there is hardly any similarity in their appearance with each other.

The capabilities like multiplying the physical body is attained only when the individiual has a Higher Self in Tapo Loka and above. Also, extensive training is required before the individual can successfully do this.

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In the next part of the article on Higher Self, we shall understand the laws applicable to connect with and communicate with the Higher Self and explore the principles behind the severing of one of the Self’s from the main personality.

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  • Titi says:

    Dear Kavitha and Karthik,

    When the road ends and the goal gained,the pilgrim finds that he has traveled only from himself to himself,is a saying from Sai Baba.

    After reading your article I got the idea that it is as if I am on a uni-versity and follow different colleges at the same time.
    And if I succeed I can possibly follow another college.
    All the higher selves are not to be seen by myself but in the science of jnana I hopefully get in the right time the right answers.Thank you for helping me in this way with your article.
    My higher conscousness will certainly assist me .
    Thank you for all your inspiring writings,
    In Love and Light, Titi

  • Deepak Shamdasani says:

    Pranam and Namaskar

    I am a Novice in these matters in fact reading something like this for the 1st time.

    One thought that came to my mind to sum up all this can it be ascribed to as Vishnus Vishwarupa

    Regards and respects

  • Vanishree Prasad says:

    It is indeed surprising to know that Osama Bin Laden, an advanced being, in-spite of having a Self in all the 14 Planes but works for the dark forces.

  • Kathy Leo says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article! Now is the time when some of the Higher Selfs from the various lokas are integrating in a way they have never done before–at least in our current epoch! Each time a missing level is re-introduced back into the mix, there’s a surge of power and bliss. Your article makes this process a lot clearer. During this blessed Navaratri window–Jai Maa!

  • B.Mothikumar says:

    My dear VA Team thanks for the this wonderful article along with comment and your team replies very useful awaiting the Part 2 of this article eagerly. B.Mothikumar

  • adnan says:

    Dear VA team
    Very grateful to you for spreading such knowledge. Eagerly awaiting next Part2.

  • Sudarshan says:

    Namaste VA Team,

    Thanks for sharing the diverse and multitude creation of GOD.
    I am amazed at the ever growing benevolence from GOD, for a soul, to have allowed such versatile roles to experience existence in all parts of Her/His Creation made possible.

    I wonder how these information will shape our individual Spiritual Pursuits? I am simply amazed at the various opportunities that gets unfolded every time a new and updated ‘VEDAS’ are being shared here.

    I have a simple query:
    I believe that the soul that chooses to attain Liberation (Mukti / Moksha !?) doesn’t have to worry about these possibilities and they are only required to focus on their set goals? For that what would be the required sustained effort?

    Next comes the query If a persona chooses to participate in the welfare of the Creation helping to set balance and/or create diverse conditions by choosing the other side… what are all the options that one has and what efforts they are required to take up?

    Intellectually most of us are enlightened to the fact that we are souls… in one way or the other; but is it a pre-condition to have experienced the ‘ENLIGHTENMENT (Which is an ever escaping fantasy)’ to be able to participate in the above opportunities?
    If YES then what are the set of practices that guarantees such a state and which can help us REALLY Experience the “State of Enlightened” (Not for boasting purposes or for exhibiting but to be able to TRULY Experience)???

    I understand Meditation is the first step and once started treading on that path how we can intensify to take it to TAPAS in short durations to help us quickly progress and really experience the higher realities ourselves?

    I seek this information for the benefit of larger audience to help them set right expectations in their chosen mode of Sadhana and to be able to pursue that goal diligently at least in this LIFE!

    Once we progress I think the Higher realities are at our disposal out of Great Love from the Gods and Rishis.

    Albeit the fact that generally, we are not truly focused on our Sadhana, I appreciate the fact that VA team is doing their part extremely well and with great diligence and true care. I am (as with all others) indebted to Great Love and Affection of Rishis and their Ground Crew that we all experienced during Workshop, Which progressed being so simple and to the point was a Great success!!!

    With Love and Reverence,
    To Rishis,
    Karthik, Kavitha
    VA Team, that made the WORKSHOP a success!!!


    • VishwaAmara says:

      @Sudarshan –
      If the aim is Mukti, the individual should focus on clearing themselves of all the karmas and on attaining purity.

      Enlightenment is not a requirement to be eligible for having a Higher Self.

  • Shreyas says:

    Dear Vishwaamara team,

    Nice article about higher self 🙂
    I have a question about Atma Palakas.. Are these people the same who comes to assist the soul when a person dies?

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @Shreyas –
      The guides who assist the Soul immediately after death are known as the Yama Dhutas. The Beings who help us connect with the ancestors later are known as the Pitru Devatas.

      The role of the Atma Palakas is only related to the Higher Self’s as explained.

  • Vibhor says:

    Very well explained.
    I searched around everywhere for getting to know what exactly is higher self.. but I failed to understand.
    @VA Team, may urs,light workers & sapt rishis work take heights and become available for all humans

  • msgp says:

    Dear VA Team,

    My humble salutes in awe and Gratitude to you and the RISHIS for this mind blowing info. Though the term “Higher Self” is in circulation by the Light Workers and ‘Light Age advocates’ for some time, I bet NOWHERE including the Ancient Purana’s and scriptures and other spiritual articles that have come out hitherto, This knowledge had been revealed and penned so clearly .

    Honestly this post is bound to open up a long list of questions in EVERYONE especially in those of the OLD SCHOOL OF THOUGHT.

    This is my immediate response on First reading. Will post all my questions after digesting it at lease a bit. Thank you.

    I humbly salute once again to all the Great Souls who are pouring out such divine Nectar of wisdom and truth for the mankind.

  • Jyothi says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful information.


  • Anindo says:

    Dear VA Team,

    Absolutely goosebumps giving article!

    All my doubts have been asked by people who have commented earlier. Eagerly waiting for the answers!

    Thanks a lot! Thrilled!

  • Prasanna Maiya says:

    Dear VishwaAmara Team,

    Thanks for sharing this knowledge. Some of the stuff mentioned here (eg : Not everyone has a Higher Self) is quite contradictory to many others such as Mr. Anil Sharma (Shri Ramana Maharshi’s disciple) wrote in ‘Wheel of Life’, though. May be that, this term – ‘Higher Self’ is so overloaded that different people refer to different aspects of reality, when they use this term or that I’ve not been able to catch the essence of what I read. I’ll keep an open mind and wait for my first-hand experience to guide me further.

    Thanks again for all your efforts, including the ‘workshops’ you conduct !!

  • Gopal says:

    Dear VA team..Very nice and rare info about higher realities..Thanks to you

  • pragti says:

    Superb information !!!

  • Shikha says:

    Dear VA team,

    Thanks for sharing this wondrous article. Been waiting for such knowledge from a very long time. I have two two questions, one of which has already been asked by Vishwanath above regarding download of knowledge, wisdom and experience from one higher self.

    My second question is: Why are the amshas not allowed to have higher selves? What happens if they have a desire to experience the parallel dimensions and lokas?

    Will be grateful for the reply.

    Thank you.

    Divine Love.

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @ Shikha –
      An amsha is a small part of the Divine Personality who comes down as the entire personality cannot descend. They come for a specific purpose and not to experience the diversity.

      • Shikha says:

        “They come for a specific purpose and not to experience the diversity” explains well and makes me more inquisitive. Would wait for the next article of the series, thanks.

  • Munish says:

    Hi VA Team

    This is wonderful knowledge that you have shared with us. It gives us new perspective to think on. How can a person know if he has higher self or not? How can we connect to it? When in meditation do we connect to God or our higher self for answers as our higher self will be more spiritually advanced?

    Please help in clarifing.


    • VishwaAmara says:

      @ Munish –
      We shall elaborate about the existence and connecting to the Higher Self in the next article. But in essence it is through our Intuition.
      Whether to connect to God or the Higher Self is the individual’s choice. But our suggestion would be to connect to Rishis, as they are more spiritually advanced and Intelligent than the Higher Self.

  • Vishwanath says:

    Wow….This is fantastic Knowledge. We’ve been hearing about this ‘higher self’, for quite some time, but this article gives a clear view about this spiritual aspect. Wonderful channelling.

    It’s also curious to know that the same Soul occupies all the higher selves. So, if we are the Souls, then we will be experiencing life in all the higher planes, through these higher selves, simultaneously. Wow!!!

    Does this mean that, when our awareness shifts to the ‘Soul’ level, and we’re able to live this life from the perspective of our Soul, will we be able to access the experiences, knowledge and lives that our higher selves are leading?

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @ Vishwanath –
      All the experiences and knowledge of the Higher Planes is not permitted to manifest at physical level here on our Earth. We can access some of them though, the criteria being that it has to be for a higher purpose.

  • Sameer says:

    Dear Vishwaamara Team,

    Thank you once again for a brilliant article.
    There is so much knowledge & new info in each of your articles.
    I would like to clear a small doubt of mine.
    “Osama Bin Laden has a Self in all the 14 Planes but works for the dark forces” – does this imply the possibility of Osama still being alive in his physical body on this earth?
    Just a curious question to peep more into the depths of spiritual realities.

    Thank you.

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @ Sameer –
      In general, when the physical body of one of the Self’s die, the astral body corresponding to that aspect takes rest in a planet meant for this, before taking birth in another physical body. For simplicity of understanding, each of the Self’s, behave like a separate individual with respect to birth and death.

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