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Spiritual Healing — Part 2

Submitted by on March 17, 2013 – 6 Comments

Spiritual healing is a holistic way of removing an illness from our system. Although the practice of healing is simple enough, the healing energies work on our system in an elaborate way. They interact with our different bodies and, based on the necessity, assist in gently transmuting the disease at that level. The healer need not directly be aware of these processes. He allows the healing energies to flow through with his intentions and prayers; from that point, the intelligence of the energies takes over.

These energies also take into consideration all the divine laws and principles before initiating the healing process. One of the major laws that come into play during healing is the law of karmas. Spiritual Healing works in tandem with the complex Karmic laws in the process of restoring a system back to radiant health.


We have seen that Spiritual healing transmutes the disease energies and restores the system back to radiant health. If the disease is because of Karmas, the Healing energies burn and remove these karmas and provide relief. This leads to an important question: Does Spiritual healing interfere with the Karmic Laws? And when we do spiritual healing on ourselves or on others, do we deprive the individual of the lessons which arrive because of the Karmas?

Generally, Karmas are the residues formed on our mind because of excessive experiences. Also, when we break a rule or a divine law we attract karmas. Based on various factors, these karmas manifest in our lives as a problem or a disease, or may even result in us taking birth again and again to clear them. The Karmas are cleared completely when the Soul learns the necessary lessons that are required on its journey.

The Rishis say that Spiritual Healing does not interfere in the Law of Karmas, especially when we do Self-Healing!! Light teaches the necessary lessons to the Soul directly at a deeper level. The more we open up and accept the healing process, the easier these lessons are imparted and the faster we recover. Since self-healing is a part of our Sadhana, we learn the lessons and also outgrow our negativities. So the lessons that were supposed to be learnt through Karmas are learnt directly in Healing!! Hence clearing the Karmas through healing doesn’t affect our growth in any way.

In case of healing others, there will not be any interference in the Karmic laws if we follow guidelines properly.  Such a healing should be done under proper guidance and with the consent of the other individual who needs healing. That person should have total faith in the healing process. Then the lessons are imparted to the Soul by Light at a deeper level, and the Karmas are also cleared without any hindrance to the individual’s growth.

But if healing is done indiscriminately, with or without the consent of others, then we will be interfering in their karmas. The Healer will also have to deal with the side-effects if amateurish methods are used. These effects will also be there if healing is done without proper guidance or if the other person is not completely willing to receive the energies. Such a healing can attract karmas to the healer himself! The healer also attracts the karmas if he is attached to the results of the whole healing process.


Generally we think of ourselves as physical bodies but in reality, the physical body is only a part of our system. This system has five different bodies—the spiritual body, the intellect, the mind, the vital body and the physical body. We the souls live in this system and experience life through these bodies.

When we fall sick, it is usually the mind and the physical body which are to be healed. The other bodies also become ill but healing happens in a different way for each of them..

Spiritual Body / Anandamaya Kosha

The Spiritual body is the subtlest of all bodies where the Soul resides. It carries the Divine matter from the Source, providing that atmosphere to the Soul. It is also the container of Light in our entire system.

This body does not get affected by our thoughts, emotions or karmas. But it can be damaged by black-magic attacks and also because of prolonged exposure to energies from the ‘Black Holes’. Long practices of wrong spiritual techniques also affect the spiritual body. The Rishis also mention that excessive energies which the system cannot contain, or energies from certain Unmanifested Universes also affect the Spiritual body. There have been cases where the Spiritual bodies have been damaged in individuals who underwent extreme torture during wars.

When the spiritual body is affected, the astral body and the physical body are also impacted. Severe damage to the spiritual body has also lead to the dispersion of the Soul in the past.

Such damages cannot be ‘healed’ by individual or by regular healing practices. Healing the Spiritual body is a very important aspect of higher spiritual studies. Only Spiritual masters like Rishis and Light workers can repair and heal the Spiritual body.

♦       ♦       ♦

Intellect / Vignanamaya Kosha

The Intellect from which our thoughts originate is usually not affected or damaged. If we continuously carry negative thoughts, they naturally affect this kosha but the impact is more on the mind. There are special circumstances under which the Intellect gets injured.

Healing of the Intellect happens by using special energies or even the Intellect matter, from its source—Devi Loka. Such a healing not only requires special guidance but also a lot of help from the astral level.

Individually, we can keep our Intellect healthy by always nurturing positive and loving thoughts.

♦       ♦       ♦

Mind / Manomaya Kosha

Mind, also referred to as the emotional body, is the Kosha that usually requires most of the healing. The Mind acts as a filter for our excess experiences and thereby absorbs all the extra experiences. It is also the body that contains our karmas. Keeping our minds healthy is a very important step in maintaining an overall good health.

The impact of all our emotions and thoughts are experienced by the Mind. As it also contains our karmas, sometimes damages are formed even before birth. All the diseases which are karmic have their origin in the Mind. Strong emotions like anger and all negative emotions affect the Mind.

Healing the Mind generally takes about 3 days for its effect to be felt completely in the physical body. In some cases where there is severe damage to the Mind, special energies and matter from its source (Brahma Loka) are required to heal the Mind. Such healing is done under special supervision and care. The spiritual condition of the individual is a very important factor in deciding the extent of healing permissible. A strong faith in the Spiritual realities and in the Higher Intelligence is an important factor which supports healing of the Mind.

Spiritual healing purifies the Mind to some extent and gives relief. Also, meditations help in clearing the karmas, which again is an indirect form of healing. Regular meditations over a period of time lead to a very good improvement in the health of the mind, and of the system.

We can also assist the healing of our minds by keeping our emotions stable, by having an organised life and making efforts to outgrow certain traits like anger. Negative emotions impact the health of our minds, so we need to consciously cultivate positive emotions like contentment, peace and love.

♦       ♦       ♦

Vital Body / Pranamaya Kosha

The Pranamaya Kosha contains the naadis or channels which regulate the flow of energies in our system. We get this body from the Sun at the time of birth, and it disintegrates or goes back to the Sun at death.

The vital body also acts as the glue between the physical and astral bodies, hence it is well integrated with the body and mind. All our emotions, thoughts and physical activities impact the vital body. This body can get affected when the energy flow in its channels gets blocked. Depending on the severity, different techniques can be used to clear these channels and regulate the energy flow.

The simplest and most efficient method is the practice of ‘Pranayama with Light’. Regular practice of this technique keeps the vital body healthy.

Sometimes the naadis of the vital body get damaged when wrong spiritual techniques are practiced. As an example, if an individual tries to raise the Kundalini Energy without cleansing and properly preparing the system, then the Kundalini, instead of flowing in the central Sushumna Naadi can flow through the Ida or Pingala or through other naadis. This leads to a permanent damage of the vital body and the individual will have the side-effects until death. Such cases cannot be treated, hence it is very important not to meddle with spiritual practices without proper guidance or total purification.

♦       ♦       ♦

Physical Body / Annamaya Kosha

The mainstream methods of healing the body can be termed as ‘partial healing’ because they act only on the physical body. While some sicknesses arise directly in the physical body, most of them originate in other bodies—a fact which is not yet understood or acknowledged by the ‘scientific’ healing methods. The allopathic medicines can quickly act on the physical body and give relief but it is through spiritual healing that a holistic recovery can happen.

Our physical body is well integrated with our Mind. All sensations including pain are actually experienced by the Mind. When healing is done on the affected part of the body, the energies impact both body and mind. A minor issue like tiredness or headache that originate in the body can be overcome by practicing healing for 7-12 minutes. But if the source of disease is not in the physical body, then spiritual healing should be done for a few more days. When we absorb healing energies through the practice, they give relief and peace to the entire system. They transmute the negative energies and help in the regeneration of new cells.

The Rishis mention that we need to take proper care of the physical body instead of just healing it whenever we fall sick. We should regulate our eating habits and keep our bodies fit with exercises. Another interesting revelation is that our arrogance or pride can come in the way of healing the body, hence we need to make conscious efforts to outgrow such traits.

♦       ♦       ♦

Healing occurs not only at the level of our bodies but also in other specialized areas like the ‘Silver Chord’ (which connects our astral and physical bodies), the various gadgets and faculties in our system, and also in dealing with injuries/complications arising at the astral levels. These are advanced forms of healing, which are dealt exclusively by spiritually evolved Souls like Rishis!


Spiritual healing is not a replacement for the general methods of healing and recovery. It helps and accelerates the recovery process along with the conventional methods. The ultimate aim of any healing is to restore a person to good health—hence one needs to judiciously follow the advice of a physician and also apply spiritual healing as a complementary practice. This results in a speedy recovery and holistic health rather than a lopsided result because of following only one method.

Spiritual healing gives the fastest result when one has total open mindedness and acceptance towards the process. Another factor which accelerates the healing process is a strong faith in the higher intelligence and its compassion towards all life. A positive, joyful attitude and cheerful nature by themselves create the necessary conditions in our system where healing can work most effectively. Perhaps the most important boost for healing is for the person to ‘Know’, in totality, that Healing works.

While Spiritual healing removes the effects of a disease and restores the system back to good health, there exists another aspect of Healing which deals with identifying the shortcomings and negativities in oneself and clearing them so that the individual is cleansed. This prevents the future manifestation of any ill health and the individual can also avoid many testing situations in life which would have come along to teach him many lessons. This form of healing is commonly known as Inner Healing and the next article looks at this aspect of healing in greater depth.

♦       ♦       ♦

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  • Kasey Millington says:

    Thanks for the information!!

  • WOW!!!!!.

    I cherish the 2 ebooks you put on the site, very useful in that i do practicing hermetic spiritual healing whereby golden white energy healing Light is the modality energy using for healing.
    About the Rishs i would like to learn more in in depth so that i may add their healing light to my healing sessions,particularly how to commune with them for fastest healing session and for guidance to know psychically the causes of ailment to be treated.
    I really appreciate your efforts in bringing out these golden keys to the true seekers,may inner beauty never runs dry,thanks a lot.

  • B.Mothikumar says:

    Dear Vishwaamara, I thank you for a detailed article it really served its purpose welcome such articles.

  • Titia says:

    dear sister and brother,Thank you for the explanation of the healing in different kosha’s ,spiritual healing.
    What is the difference in the vignanamayakosha between what you prescribe as intellect and what is intelligence in this kosha?

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @ Titia –
      Vignanamaya Kosha or Intellect is the body in which the thoughts are generated. Many groups refer to this body as the Mind also, and refer to the Mind we have mentioned as the Emotional Body.

  • Mansi says:

    Dear Vishwaamara,

    This article has been of a great help in knowing about koshas. Thank you for clearing the doubts that one may have regarding healing practices.

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