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Spiritual Healing — Part 1

Submitted by on February 24, 2013 – 8 Comments

Health is an important aspect of a prosperous and fulfilling life. We normally think Health in terms of the body alone but being healthy goes even deeper, into the areas of our emotions, thoughts and intentions. A healthy system is a pre-requisite to experience and enjoy the various aspects of Life. Keeping our system healthy is also a spiritual responsibility, as it helps us grow spiritually and fulfil the purpose of our lives.

Our system remains healthy as long as it is in a state of balance and harmony. Any interruption in this harmony results in ill-health and dis-ease. We normally take the help of conventional medicines and allopathic treatments to restore our systems back to good health. Or, we may resort to traditional methods like Ayurveda, Homeopathy or alternative healing practices like Reiki / Pranic Healing.

This process of restoring our systems back to a state of harmony and well-being—is called as Healing. And using Light and Subtler Energies to assist this process of harmonising our system is called as Spiritual Healing.

How does Spiritual Healing work?

Everything in existence is one or the other form of Energy.  The disease in the body also has its own energy and energy field. When we take medicines for any illness, by curing the physical symptoms, the effect of the disease-energy is reduced and the person gets well. But in case of Spiritual Healing, this energy itself is transmuted or removed from our system. Spiritual Healing removes the illness at its roots.

When the Healing energies (or Light) are sent to the affected part of the body, they first request permission from the disease energies to transmute them. Then, they check on the spiritual condition of the individual and the karmic necessity of the disease. Based on these, further healing takes place.

If the person qualifies for healing, then the healing energies begin to slowly transmute the disease energies and restore normal health gradually. It takes around 3 days to heal a minor infection or fever. However, an illness of serious nature needs continuous healing. The disease energies are transmuted into a neutral energy which is full of love. If the person is a Meditator, then the meditational practices themselves heal by removing karmas, generating new cells and revitalizing the system. The practice of Healing will magnify those processes.

The healing energies also provide relief and love to the individual and assist the growth of new, healthy cells in the system. Depending on the spiritual condition of the individual, the healing energies create conditions within the system which prevent the disease from recurring.

And if the individual is less spiritual and has many lessons to be learnt through their karmas, the healing energies will not transmute all of the disease energies. In this case, although the disease is not completely cured, the person experiences much relief and comfort because of the healing process.

And if the person of lesser spiritual maturity continues to heal themselves indiscriminately, there will be many side effects! The karmas keep manifesting in different ways, until the individual learns the lessons and grows spiritually.

The Different Types of Healing Energies

There are infinite different Healing energies available in our Material Cosmos from various sources. But only a few of them are relevant to our Earth and the life here, hence only such energies are available to us.

The Goddess Santoshi Devi is the Deity in charge of the Healing energies present in our Cosmos. To make use of the Healing energies, we usually pray to Her. Since some of the energies are very powerful, the healing technique should be practiced only under guidance. Excess of these energies have their side effects.

The next level of Healing energies are available in the Divine Cosmos which consists of the Lokas of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Adi Shakti. These energies are used to heal our subtle bodies (Koshas) which finally result in the well-being of our physical body.

A still higher grade of Healing energies are available at our Source—ParaBrahma! When one experiences ParaBrahma, those energies from God are enough to heal us as well as help us grow spiritually. All that an individual has to do is to surrender, trust and devotedly experience Golden Light. The Supreme Intelligence knows best and takes care. It takes more time for a complete cure, but in this practice of experiencing God, there are no side effects nor is there a necessity of any special guidance. We connect to our real Guru and then commune with Him.

There are different Universes—both Manifested and UnManifested—beyond our Supreme God, ParaBrahma. These Universes carry various Healing energies, which can be tapped at into, at present, only under specific guidance and help from the Rishis. Very severe illnesses can be cured with the help of these special energies but it takes time. Also this practice requires continuous monitoring and spiritual assistance.

The Practice of Healing

Spiritual Healing involves drawing energies from a higher realm and directing it to the affected part of the body. We use our intention and visualization in this practice, very similar to the practice of Meditation.

One of the Manifested Universes, Neela Brahma, is full of Light containing great healing qualities. The following healing technique draws energies directly from that Universe; hence it’s a very powerful and effective practice.

Sit facing East.

Practice 7 rounds of Pranayama with Light (Inhale deeply, imagining Golden Light filling up your system. Exhale the Light out of the system. Seven rounds)

Imagine that you are receiving a lot of Dark Blue Light from the Universe, Neela Brahma. Let this Light enter and spread into your system. Imagine more of this Light in the affected part of the body. Pray to this Light for healing.

Repeat the mantra ‘Om Neela Brahmaya Namaha’ silently, for at least 7 minutes. Experience the blue light in your system all the time.

Advancement in the Healing Techniques

Our transition into the New Age has also opened access to many new energies which were hitherto unavailable to us. Now, with our Earth gradually becoming purer, the Higher Intelligence is able to bring and anchor many new Healing energies from other Universes and this has accelerated the efforts in Spiritual Healing.

These new healing energies not only help in healing the system but also help the individual to experience God directly. They also help the individual to open up and tune to the high frequency energies.

Some of these healing energies assist in activating the inner faculties along with improving the individual’s health. And there are a few rare healing energies which can help one to experience Samadhi and lead to his Enlightenment!

The Rishis are also devising new techniques which tap into the special healing energies in the other Manifested and Unmanifested Universes. These practices are made available to the select individuals who qualify. Such techniques cannot be published as these are devised for each individual; we help only our students with these techniques, at present.

Healing Others

Healing another individual is a noble gesture. We normally try to heal others out of compassion and love, in order to alleviate their suffering. Yet, there are certain guidelines to be followed when we do this. A doctor does not hand out medicines to everyone just because he knows the science.

To begin with, it is always better to teach the healing practice to another person so that he can practice it himself and get healed. The Rishis also emphasise that the best method of healing is self-healing. Yet, if the other person is unable to practice then we need to keep a few things in mind before beginning healing.

Firstly, the person who receives healing should be open to the concept of Healing and should have faith in it. He should be willing to receive the energies and get well.

The healer should do the practice out of unconditional love and humility. He should have a clear intent of providing relief to the other individual.  He should remember that he is only a channel of God’s energies and not the ‘healer’.

A very important point is that, the healer should not be attached to the results of the healing process. He should just do the job of channelling the healing energies and allow the results to follow their own course. Being emotionally attached to the outcome results in interference in Karmas of the other individual.

Most importantly, such healing has to be done under proper guidance, on a case to case basis. In some cases, certain special techniques may need to be employed, under the guidance of the Higher Intelligence. The healer should be guided by a competent guide or should be able to receive instructions directly from the Higher Intelligence.

Generally while healing others, the healer prays to God and receives the healing energies. The Higher intelligence knows which specific energy is required for the other person, and the healer will receive only those energies automatically even when he practices the general healing technique.

Then the healer experiences the healing energies and sends it to the other person. The unconditional love and a positive intent for the well-being of the other person—these qualities in the healer help in the healing process. The healing energies work in a similar fashion as explained earlier, while healing others.

It’s not necessary that the healer should be physically present near the person who requires healing. This type of healing can be done remotely, or sitting in front of the person. However, healing others involves using a range of Energies. So sometimes, depending on the illness, transmission of grosser healing energies is required and the proximity to the other person and touch help.

Another crucial information is that, an individual should not try to heal those who are spiritually more advanced than him. Such a healing will have little impact on the other individual. And this also leads to hampering the healer’s own spiritual growth.

The main aspect of healing others is to provide relief from pain. Ultimately, it is the efforts of the other person, his openness to healing and a willingness at a deeper level to transform, which help in removing the disease completely.

♦       ♦       ♦

Spiritual healing restores our entire system back to radiant health and aliveness. Yet it is not a standard, uniform process. Our bodies (Koshas) respond to healing in different ways, and Spiritual healing works on each of our bodies in a unique way. Also the processes of healing is also bound by the law of Karmas, especially in cases where healing is done on others.

These aspects will be explored in detail in the next and final part of this article.

♦       ♦       ♦

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  • jayram says:

    how to use santoshi devi energy for healing diabetes and phobias

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @ Jayram –
      To cure diseases like diabetes, it will take years of Sadhana which includes Meditation, Healing and consciously outgrowing various limitation.
      Similarly, phobias cannot be healed away. The root cause of the particular phobia has to be understood and then methods developed to outgrow them.

  • Vara says:

    I would like to know if self healing can help to remove our past live karmas and prarabdha karmas?
    I have a 9 year old son with some developmental delays. He will not be able to self heal himself. What is the best way to heal him.

    • VishwaAmara says:

      Meditation helps us burn karmas. Only practicing self healing will not. Practicing healing is a part of the overall Sadhana.

      You can practice the technique of healing and send the healing energies to your child.

  • Titia says:

    Thank you dear Kavitha and Karthik for the refining words in different levels in your article on healing,divine healing.
    Surrender and trust,surrender……and trust…..
    If there is a skeptic ,ask if the person really want to be healed and then….surrender and trust

    With love and light,Titia

  • Rakesh says:

    Great Article from the Rishis, we have been practicing this in Spiritual Healing Reiki and it makes a great perspective from the University of Earth, where we come to learn various lessons! Thanks!!!

  • Ashit says:

    Dear Viswaamara,
    Excellent article, thx a lot for the same.

  • Pragti says:

    Dear Vishwa Amara
    This is very helpful and informative. And the points covered are very nice. It has thrown lot of light on the aspects of healing which is such an important in everyone s life.
    Thank you very much !!!

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