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Special Days for Meditation — May 2021

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We have a Lunar Eclipse later this month and a Solar Eclipse next month. The period of the Eclipses are always important days. The energies released during the eclipses vary each time depending on the situation on Earth.

The Eclipse energies are powerful and have a lot of potential. They can cleanse as well as churn. There is no reason to be afraid of the Eclipses. They open new doorways for growth and development. The eclipse energies can also take us out of our comfort zones and bring change.

During the Eclipse formation, we receive many new energies. The common belief amongst many is that Eclipses are important only in the places where they are visible. But this is not true. The energies that are released, spread across the entire Earth and hence will influence everyone, across all geographies.

Connecting to and absorbing these energies will help us to tune up to them and be in sync with the ongoing processes. The energies also help us to evolve and transform.

The Eclipse energies are released to help us, especially in this period. In fact, the eclipses have strengthened various rebellions in the past, the acts that protested the old and conforming ways and supported universalism and equality. We can take the help of these energies to break away from our old patterns.

••      ••       ••

Last month, the Rishis had invoked a Goddess, whom we refer to as April Devi to help with the ongoing processes. She is involved in various important and intense works and they have a long-term impact on the Earth and humanity.

To complete her work and to achieve many of the tough missions, she will continue to be present this month also. And she will have a lot of influence in the upcoming Eclipse.

We can connect to Her whenever possible. She has guided and helped many individuals in the past month and is very willing to help all those who seek her help.

She has a lot of wealth with Her. The Rishis mention that She is also the Goddess of wealth during the Pralaya period. You can pray to Her for financial stability during this turbulent period.

••      ••       ••

The present period is throwing up many inner issues. Be observant and see what is happening to you. Identify and then work on them. Deep breathe often. And give importance to outgrowing your shortcomings and negativity.

Last year we had written an article on Dealing with the Global Calamities and the article contained various techniques that you can practice to help you in this period. They are important. The Rishis are updating the Covid shielding technique to be practiced. Please practice the following regularly—

Covid Shielding Technique

Begin with 3 rounds of Pranayama with Orange Light

Pray to Lord SuryaNarayana and for protection and healing.

After this, imagine a lot of Reddish-Orange Light coming from Lord SuryaNarayana and filling you. Experience for a couple of minutes.

Then imagine the Light to spread and form a globe of Reddish-Orange Light around you. This globe of Light will shield and protect. Keep experiencing this.

Silently keep repeating the mantra “Om Suryayai, Neela Brahmaya Namaha” throughout.

••      ••       ••

The Special Days for meditation in May are—

11th May — Amavasya

This day is favourable for connecting to our respective ancestors and seeking their blessings. It is also an opportunity to work on issues that arise due to the ancestral karmas. The Amavasya energies help in clearing obstacles and runas associated with the departed elders.

The day is also an opportunity for introspection and contemplation and the energies aid in making the necessary changes.

This Amavasya, please connect to Goddess April Devi. Her Light and energies go very well with the energies of Pitru Devatas and the ancestors. Experiencing Her is a rare opportunity.

Due to the works of April Devi, the energies of Amavasya will carry some energies of healing, energies that help with relationships as well as those relating to mental health.

Practice the following technique on this day—

Amavasya technique

Face North
Duration – 24 to 60 mins

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Blue Light

Before beginning meditation, first connect to the energies of Amavasya and tune to them. Try to be open to receiving any message, guidance, or even energies that you may receive. Then begin with the technique.

Imagine bright-Blue Light coming from above and dark-Green Light coming from your respective ancestors and allow these to fill you. Experiencing for some time.

After that, extend the Light to your karmas, runas and your shortcomings and imagine these aspects to get filled with the Light. Let each of the aspects absorb the Light and dissolve into it. Keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Nava Amavasya Shaktiyai, Pitru-Karma Brahmaya Namaha” silently.

14th May — Akshaya Tritiya

This is the occasion to connect to and experience the energies of Abundance, the abundance in both in our material wealth as well in Spirituality. The energies released on this day help in various inner aspects of the individual too. These special energies influence the enhancement of our thoughts and emotions too.

Other than Abundance, we can pray for contentment, a balance in life, and happiness and joy. We need to balance both the aspects of our life and the special energies of this day help in this aspect. We can also pray for Unity, Oneness, and more Light on the Earth.

Practice the following technique on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya


Face North
Duration – 24 to 60 minutes

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with bright Golden Light

Then express your Love, Light, and gratitude to Lord MahaVishnu and to Devi Mahalakshmi. Be open to receive any communication, energies, and blessings from them.

Then imagine bright-Golden light coming from Lord MahaVishnu and Devi Mahalakshmi and allow it to fill you completely. Experience for some time.

Then extend the Light to your material pursuits, your Spiritual pursuits, towards abundance and contentment and towards a balance between your material and spiritual aspects of life. Keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Akshaya Tritiyai, Sampoorna Brahmaya Namaha” silently for the entire duration.

26th May — Buddha Purnima
Lunar Eclipse — 2:17pm to 7:19pm IST

The duration of the Lunar Eclipse is between 08:47 to 13:49 GMT/UT

Buddha Purnima is observed to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha. We will have energies from Lord MahaVishnu on this day. You can offer your love to Lord MahaVishnu and seek his blessings. Be open to receiving it as well as any messages from Him.

We will also have a lot of energies available from April Devi as well.

The day will be predominant with the energies of the Lunar Eclipse. The combination of these energies will hasten the Pralaya processes as well as influence various outcomes of the period.

The Lunar eclipse is expected to bring many positive effects and changes to benefit humanity. Tuning to these energies and absorbing them through meditation will benefit us individually.

Following is the technique to practice for the Lunar Eclipse –

Face North
Duration – between 2:17pm to 7:19pm IST (08:47 to 13:49 GMT/UT)

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright-Golden Light

Offer your respects and love to Lord MahaVishnu and to Goddess April Devi. Mentally be open to receiving energies and messages from them and from the Eclipse formation.

Then imagine very bright light-Blue Light coming from the Eclipse formation and allow it to fill you completely. Experience for some time.

Then extend the same Light to your fears and suffocation, especially those relating to the pandemic, and to the remaining months of this year. Imagine each of these aspects to absorb the Light and get engulfed by it.

Repeat the mantra “Om Chandra Grahanaya, Nirmula Brahmaya Namaha” silently.

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