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Dealing with Global Calamities

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This article is written in the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic but can be applied to other natural disasters or events that affect large sections of humanity.

In recent years, the instances of calamities on Earth is only increasing. Some of them like forest fires and floods affect only a region while some like the coronavirus pandemic affect most of humanity.

Many of these calamities are the results of our collective actions and behaviour. Some of them are a karmic manifestation. In the bigger picture, they are a part of the Pralaya process. Pralaya is the transformation process of leading the Earth towards the Light Age or Satya Yuga. The churnings unfolding is the indication that change is needed in the way humanity behaves or the calamities will continue.

As we transit, the Earth has to be purged of the old energies. This is simpler compared to the more complex process of helping humanity transform. The New Age is that of purity, Peace, and Love. And we are far away from it! The transition period is an awakening period for humanity. We have to consciously let go of the old ways and change our attitude, thoughts, and actions. In the future, aspects like selfishness, greed, money, and politicking will not work. The future is that of Spiritual values and life governed by the Divine Principles.

Calamities and epidemics disrupt the normal flow of life and many get affected. During such large scale disasters, the respective government and volunteer organisations do the best possible, to help. It is always preferable to follow the orders and directives given by them than trying to tackle the issue on our own. Collectively working on issues brings order and a proper way to deal with issues.

People are not used to disruption and the immediate response is to start panicking and getting into a mode of anxiousness and fear. These are developments that are beyond our control. We do the best we can, then have to Trust and surrender to the Divine.

Spiritual Outlook during such Times

The Pralaya processes are to help humanity transform. The more we tune to the Divine and manifest the Spiritual values in our living, the less we are affected by all these processes. It also gives us space to help others during such tough times.

Many usually inquire about dealing with situations in a Spiritual manner. As practitioners of Spirituality, such situations always test our inner qualities. As we implement the values, new doubts arise on the “rights and wrongs”.

The answer though is quite simple. Always in such situations, our love and compassion are of the foremost value. We do not think of other realities like karmas, Pralaya processes and what people deserve etc. Our inner nature is to help and accommodate, and be of service as much as possible to the fellow human. Fortunately, in most instances, the goodness of humanity always comes through during such occasions.

Always be compassionate, kind and understanding of the situation. For those who are not affected directly, having compassion is the best that we can do towards our fellow beings. Also having gratitude to the Divine helps you be grounded and not overwhelmed by the situation.

We need to maintain positivity and project this as much as possible. Being cynical, sarcastic and having hatred for the situation that has manifested only strengthens the negative.

We have to be careful in being of “Spiritual” help. People take it upon themselves to “heal”. Generally in disasters that are large scale, please do not try to send Light or heal. Prayers are more effective in such situations. These are part of the Pralaya process and it is being monitored and supervised by Higher Beings. Even though you may be well-intended, trying to send Light or heal only interferes in the Higher processes. It will not yield results. Instead of bringing relief, you only attract those energies and situations onto yourself.

Reiterating, Prayers are the best in these situations. Other than prayers, we can send a lot of love to others and to humanity in general. This is different from sending Light or Healing. First, fill yourself with a lot of unconditional love. You can take the help of light-Pink Light for this. Then pass the same to others and humanity.

••      ••       ••

When we are personally going through the effects of a calamity, there are a few simple things that we can do.

Keep practising positive affirmations. The more positivity we absorb and spread around us, the better it is for the whole situation. It is very tough to practice these when we lose loved ones and our possessions. The least you can do is not getting into a negative mindset as it will complicate matters. We derive our strength from prayers and from family and friends.

The external situations manifest for a reason. Try to see what it is trying to show/teach you and learn from it. Do not try to run away, else they will keep repeating.

Hold a lot of Light and keep experiencing. We will receive strength and guidance to go through the situation. Be open and willing to change. Mentally be ready to get healed. Accompanying such disasters, there is always a lot of Divine help available.

Techniques that will help Us

During such outbreaks or calamities, first and foremost is following the physical safety precautions. The situations can be a lockdown like the present or an evacuation in case of disasters like fires and earthquakes.

The practices and techniques are always supplementary to physical safety measures.

There are techniques and practices that are specific to the situation. For example, during the present lockdown being observed worldwide for the Coronavirus pandemic, it is advised to be indoors. Generally, we volunteer and be of help to others. In this lockdown situation, we will not be able to go out, form groups and assist others. It is difficult and not advisable to do so. We have to leave it to the professionals.

In situations like the lockdown, regular physical exercises help keep the finesses and immunity levels higher. It is a priority.

For those who do not meditate regularly, practising a daily Sadhana of at least half-hour is important. In many such situations, Spirituality gives the individual strength and solutions.

••      ••       ••

The following techniques can be practised for all general purposes-

Pranayama with Light

This is a simple but important practice. It helps the individual to become calm, rejuvenate them with Pranas within, and give clarity.

Pranayama is a deep breathing exercise. Inhale slowly and along with your breath inhale a lot of Gold Light as well. Imagine this Light to spread all over the body as you inhale. Then exhale slowly and along with the breath, exhale the Light as well.

You can begin with 7 rounds of this and slowly increase it to 25 rounds.

Shielding and Protection

This technique will help deal with all the anxiety, panic or fear that we usually have during such situations. It also helps to protect the individual at the energetic level.

Mentally imagine dark-Pinkish Violet Light coming from above and allow this to fill you completely. Then let more Light fill the chest region and have a strong intent that the Light heals the fear, the power of attraction to the disease and the particular situation you are in.

Keep experiencing the Light for some time till you feel lighter within. Then imagine the Light to form a globe around you and imagine this Shield to protect you. Keep Experiencing.

There is no mantra or direction to be followed.


This technique will help the individual especially when they are personally undergoing the effects of the disaster or a prolonged tough situation. It heals the situation and brings solutions. It gives the individual strength and clarity. They will be able to make the best in the given situation.

When an individual is going through tough conditions, there are many occasions when they lose hope and become weak. All need some encouragement and courage. The energies help in gaining Inner strength and stamina and confidence to face the future.

Face any direction
Duration – 7 to 30 mins

Practice at least 5 rounds of Pranayama with Light before the technique.

Then pray to Lord SuryaNarayana and to Devi Adi Shakti for healing.

Imagine light-Orangish Pink Light coming from Lord SuryaNarayana and Devi Adi Shakti and allow it to fill you completely. Then with your intention allow more of the Light to fill your brain. Let it then fill your thoughts and emotions, especially the fear and anxiousness of the unknown future, and your behaviour manifestation. Imagine these aspects to fill with Light and radiate with it. Imagine the Light to also nurture and heal and finally dissolve these aspects.

Keep experiencing the Light throughout the Meditation. Repeat the mantra “Om Adi-Suryayai, Digwaya Namaha” silently.

Energising the food before Eating

During calamities and disasters, the food we eat also absorbs the vibrations of chaos and pain that are prevalent around. When we consume the food, we ingest much of these energies also and strengthen the non-positive energies within. We can always energise the food before consuming it. It makes a huge difference.

The practice is very simple. We pray to Lord SuryaNarayana for purification and to fill the food with a lot of Pranas. We then pray to Santoshi Devi for nurturing and nourishing. More importantly, we pray for compassion and kindness. Then imagine a lot of Golden Light coming from them and filling the food for some time. This energises the food.

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