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Special Days for Meditation – June 2013

Submitted by on June 1, 2013 – 5 Comments

June 2013

We have just emerged from three powerful back to back eclipses. Our Earth is still settling down, energetically, from the impact of these events. A lot of energies were released in this period and many changes have occurred at the astral level. We are in a stage where the Pralaya energies are slowly intensifying across the Planet, with their effects becoming more prominent.

We are witnessing increasing exposure of the malpractices, misgovernance and corruption in various Governments and Institutions. The protests against adharma and unethical practices are getting strengthened. Many nations are moving towards curbing and then banning the use of genetically modified food. The way animals are reared for meat, the environmental degradation that occurs to feed our progress and the inhuman conditions in which labourers work in developing nations… these are just a few exposures that are constantly occurring all over the world.

These are the effects of the Pralaya energies! The energies work across various levels, from the highest to the level of each individual. When we wrote about the intensification of Pralaya in the previous article, many welcomed it while some were scared. For those who expressed fear and apprehensions, we would like to reiterate—Pralaya is a process of transformation! It is a period where we leave the old ways of living and adopt the newer methods and values. Pralaya churns and pushes all from bad to good, from dark to Light, from ignorance to enlightened awareness. It is a period where Light flows in abundantly, bringing enormous help and energies from the Divine to help us sail through the transformation processes.

Pralaya energies will have their impact at the Global levels. For quite a few years, there have been many anomalies in the weather patterns across the world. This imbalance will intensify in the coming months. And the churning and purging will increase mainly at the individual levels. The need of the hour is to surrender and align with the flow of these new energies!

Let us focus on ourselves and work towards leading a righteous life and becoming Spiritual’. In this phase, a lot of confusion may arise as we would not know how to deal with the situations that arise in our lives. We will have to take clear, strong decisions. These situations can be dealt with only with the help of Light and with our persistent efforts.

The Rishis assure every individual of abundant help in their efforts!

The Rishis also say that not much activity will be seen in the Pralaya front in this month, as it is a period where a platform is built for further work. Many observations will be made based on how we respond to the new Energies and the call of the Divine. Then the future course of events for the rest of the year will be decided.

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The important days for meditation in the month of June are –


The New Moon day is an occasion where we can go within to introspect, contemplate and learn. We can also connect with our departed elders and ancestors to express our Love and also learn from them.

Let us spend more time in introspection on this day. The effect of the eclipse energies will still be influencing everyone. During this phase where positivisation and transformation is given the utmost importance, the Rishis mention that the energies on this day will help every individual to clearly identify their shortcomings. Once we identify, let us accept these and then take steps towards outgrowing them.


Kalki Jayanti, the birthday of Lord Kalki is a much anticipated day by the Rishis. Many important spiritual works will be executed on this day and there will be consensus on many decisions relating to the progress of our Earth, but no further details are being revealed right now.

We shall worship Lord Kalki and then experience Him on this day.


The June Solstice is the day when the Sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer. Various spiritual activities will occur all over the world which include anchoring of energies and redistribution/tuning up of the existing energies.

The Rishis mention that Humanity will come under more scrutiny henceforth. Everyone will be assisted towards change and transformation. The Pralaya energies will begin to take action against those who continue to manifest adharma. The Rishis also say that although many things look difficult, this is the period where we receive unconditional assistance from the Divine. They request all of us to make use of these opportunities.


‘Transformation’ is the mantra. An abundance of new energies and Light will be available to all on this day and they will be working silently and invisibly. Let us use the opportunities to manifest more Love and tune up towards a righteous living.

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You can read our eBook – “Communing with Light” to know more about the higher ways of using Light in our day to day life.

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  • Deep says:

    An observation : You mentioned about Weather anomalies and here is one in Badrinath, Kedarinath in Uttarakhand, India of the proportions unseen unheard of.

  • Bipin says:

    Susan, who r the other three Saivite teachers u mentioned??

  • susan says:

    Thank you. Your work here is sincerely valued. Fear will only serve to hold our consciousness in a lower state and that is not what anyone reading here wants! As you have said, PRALAYA is about transformation – and things have gotten so bad here on this planet earth, that I for one welcome the change. Often I feel our ‘Mother’ weeping. There are three Shaivite teachers who say that we are in Pralaya, so your work here also verifies others.

  • adnan says:

    This is great! Real transformation and game change seen by all with lots of positive energy. Thanks for sharing.

  • pragti says:

    Dear Vishwa Amara
    Nice info ! Nonetheless personally i wish the intensification process increases and the humanity is gently pushed to accept love as their true nature..and hope we can make this earth a paradise soon 🙂

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