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Intensification of Pralaya

Submitted by on May 17, 2013 – 15 Comments

We are living in an interesting and challenging time.

Our Earth is transiting into the Light Age along with all life on it. The Higher Intelligence which is monitoring this transition has been making maximum efforts to assist the whole of Humanity to transform and qualify for the New Age of Light. The calamities and major Earth Changes which were supposed to be triggered by 2012 alignments have been either averted or postponed, so that Humanity has more space to grow and transform. New Energies are being anchored on our Earth from various sources, on different special occasions, to assist our growth. Many opportunities have been provided and each individual has been counselled at the astral level many times over.

Yet most of us have chosen to remain defiant to these gestures and pleadings of the Higher Intelligence and continue with our own ways of diluted principles. Now we have reached a phase where the Higher Intelligence has decided that just providing unlimited opportunities endlessly is not going to help. The karmas of Humanity will have to be allowed to manifest and take effect!

Lord Kalki and the work of the Rishis

December of 2012 was initially selected to be the deadline for the end of all evil and the wrongdoings by humanity. This date was to be assisted by the numerous Cosmic Events occurring around that time in our galaxy.

When the Rishis observed and checked the spiritual condition of humanity, they observed that only a few thousand individuals on our Earth were fully qualified to move into the New Light Age on this Planet.  So strictly adhering to the date would have resulted in a very large scale loss of Human Life. The Higher Intelligence, in all its benevolence and unconditional love for Humanity, averted all these drastic events so that most of the existing population on Earth could be given the opportunity to transform and qualify for the Light Age.

The past couple of years also appeared like a period of lull because the Rishis were active mostly at the astral level than the physical. This was a period where the Dark forces were very active in preventing Truth and Light to manifest on our Earth. They even succeeded in thwarting some of the Rishis’ projects—like the collapse of the corrupt financial systems. Hence the Rishis have been maintaining a lot of secrecy about their works and projects to be implemented ahead.

One important personality who’s closely involved with our transition into the New Light Age is Lord Kalki.

Lord Kalki is the Avatara who is in charge of assisting our Earth and Humanity move into the Light Age. He educates everyone at the astral levels and subsequently takes corrective action against those who are unwilling to let go of adharma.

Lord Kalki has been closely monitoring the activities of the dark forces in the past couple of years. He had allowed many of their activities to manifest so that they exhaust their powers and can be vanquished easily. He even initiated many activities which created confusion and made the dark forces go around in circles.

He has also created a new Galaxy where a lot of experimentation on new energies and gadgets is happening. It is also a storehouse for his special energies as well as a training ground for his workers. To assist him in his work, many new Souls have taken birth on our Earth, who have been created only for this purpose, and who’ll being their work from the age of three. Lord Kalki will be physically waging a war against the dark forces along with these special helpers.

Yet, many of His activities have been guarded and cautious, as compared to earlier cycles of transition. One major reason for this is the enormity and importance of the project, Pavitrena Karyam, in our Cosmos.

Intense Pralaya in the coming days

The Pralaya processes will be intensified now and Lord Kalki has decided to allow them to manifest. The effects of these processes will slowly begin to manifest at the physical level. At a collective level there may be more natural calamities, and at the individual level, the churning and purging process will further intensify.

These energies expose the negativities at all levels so that corrective action can be taken. Our efforts at transformation may look very insufficient in front of these churning processes. There may be chaos and confusion all around, and we have to gear up to face the new challenges that may arise. At times, we have to fight our own Ego which resists our transformation. But we have to focus on our spiritual goals without any distraction. As Souls, our purpose is to experience the diverse Creation on this Earth, but in the present times, the highest priority is to be given to Meditations and our Spiritual growth.

Those who are pure at heart will not be affected by these Energies!

The Rishis also mention that, as humanity, we are very lethargic in choosing Light!  As Pralaya intensifies and its effects begin to manifest, we will enter a phase of abundant tests. Let us not panic at any point. And going ahead, though it will take time for the world to recognise truth and positivity as the intrinsic values of Life in the New Age, let us individually strengthen our connection with Light and with the Spiritual values. We will receive all the necessary help from the Divine.

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  • Rahul says:

    How relevant is this article in the light of the recent flooding of the Ganga, and several uprisings in different parts of the world. Are these global events a direct result of this churning process?
    Om. May the Divine, in all its wisdom and compassion, unveil the light that is obstructed by our egoistic natures, and gently deal with the people adversely affected by this Pralaya process.

  • Rahul says:

    Dear VA team,

    What is the significance of chanting the redeeming maha-mantra ‘Oṁ Namaḥ Śivāya’, in these trying times, which has been vouched for by Siddhas. Please shed light on the importance of chanting and complementary techniques to light meditation.

  • SANU says:

    Dear All,

    I receive this with mixed feelings. Personally I have been much more in-tune with higher energies and have been making genuine attempts with the transformation. Although I see a slow reversion back to old ways after the non-event of Dec 2012, I definitely feel an elevation of consciousness at all levels of interaction. Seems kind of unfair to be hit when you are least expecting it.

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @ Sanu –
      If we have really done our inner work, we will not be affected by the new energies. The work of the Pralaya energies is to expose the areas where corrective action has to be taken so that we can grow and become Pure. This applies at the collective level of states, and nations too where the wrongdoings get exposed and then transformation can occur.

      • Adnan says:

        @ Sanu

        How do you stay away from the corrupt systems? They are inherent in our day to day and whether we like it or not, we are part of that system?

  • B.Mothikumar says:

    Dear Vishwa Amara Team, Thank you for this article long awaited message contain in it really appreciated and eagerly waiting to effect bring down the power of dark forces to nil and save humanity to a great extent possible and that is my pray at this hour of change.

  • Deep says:

    Dear VishwaAmara Team,

    When you say dark forces are you referring to darkside in each one of us or are there separate entities called dark forces??

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @ Deep –
      When we mention dark forces, they refer to the separate entities. But in the process of cleansing and becoming pure, we have to deal with and clear ourselves of the darkness within too.

  • Anindo says:

    Dear Vishwaamara Team

    Will Lord Kalki make an appearance this year? Will the war be waged this year or over the course of coming years?

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @Anindo –
      No information is available regarding the public appearance of Lord Kalki. Though silently, he is active at the physical level also.

      The war and transformation occurs over the coming years.

  • Bhim says:

    I also think that time has come for the Rishis and Lord Kalki to physically demonstrate this. There is unfortunately no other way of awakening the good side of humanity and at the same time getting rid of the corrupt systems for ever. I really look forward to this and sincerely hope that this will be seen, heard and experienced by all so that we can make this world a better place. This will be a much blessing in disguise and again hope that this is not further postponed as it was in Dec 2012.

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @Bhim –
      Fear is not the way to transform. It will be temporary.
      The churnings at the individual level will coerce the individuals to choose and grow.

      • Ross says:


        I fully agree that fear must a temporary means to an end in the current stage and stage of the pralaya. I sincerely hoped that humanity could work together and make things happen together but there is, in my view, too much ego. We can therefore only rely on the powers of the Rishis to overturn the current situation.

  • Vishwas Prasad says:

    Dear VA team,

    This is wonderful news indeed. I guess we will all be having some challenging times ahead. Thanks for this article which will help us gear up for the times ahead. Indeed i do feel that personally humanity need these calamitous situations to look inside and take corrective measures! Thanks once again for this!!

  • pragti says:

    Dear VishwaAmara Team

    I am glad to hear this news about Pralaya intensifying..as i agree that we have been lethargic in choosing light, love, and joy. We are still sticking to the old ways. I also understand when you say that the natural calamities were thwarted out of great unconditional love for the humanity. But then again..our response to this love is somewhat like a “taken fo granted” kinds. But these calamities should shake us and wake us up ! Guess enough is enough !
    Thank you for all the inputs !

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