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Special Days for Meditation — June 2012

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The World economy is on a downward spiral as the financial crises grips one nation after the other. A crumbling economy directly affects each individual in the form of salary cuts, unemployment and increase in the costs of necessary items. The Banks and other financial institutions which ‘secure’ our money and savings are themselves going through a rough uncertain phase. A large scale economic collapse has been anticipated in the New Age circles for quite some time. This month could witness some major activities and decisions happening on that front.

When an old system begins to collapse, it brings suffering and pain to all those who still hold on to its values and ways. Until a newer, value-based system is established, a period of chaos and confusion prevails where the residual energy of the previous system is cleansed. We are in that transition as far as the Financial and Economic situation is concerned. A poor economy also affects the social fabric and throws up newer challenges in many areas. We need to prepare ourselves and get ready to face the ground realities as the money-based economy begins to shake and eventually collapse. Each one of us needs to have our own contingency plans to face the rough weather caused by a crumbling economy.

This phase provides us a great opportunity to mentally detach ourselves from all the negativity and shortcomings which the money based economy stood for: greed, selfishness, inequality and an unhealthy pre-occupation with Materialism. The economy of the future will be one based on sharing, barter, understanding and oneness. We need to get ready for such a system—to begin with, at the mental level, and gradually implement it in our individual and collective capacity.

This situation also allows us to enter into a state of surrender to the larger forces that are guiding these processes. We must anchor ourselves in Light and consciously connect to the Higher Intelligence for guidance and support.We need to go with the flow of life, loving and accepting whatever comes our way without resisting, without judging and most importantly, without panicking. Our Intuition guides us into the right decision and right action at the right moment. Let us be aware that the Rishis and Divine Personalities are actively working to minimize the sufferings and take us safely through this challenging phase.

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The special days for meditations, in this month are:

04 June — Full Moon Day
                Partial Lunar Eclipse — 2:18pm to 6:48pm IST

The duration of the Eclipse is between 8:48 to 13:18 GMT. This Eclipse is an important event. Many works relating to the Earth’s transition to the Light Age is occurring at the astral level. A few of them will culminate and the Saptarishis and Lord Kalki will be releasing many new energies during the eclipse.  Meditate more and experience them.

This eclipse could define many of the future events to take place on the Earth like the geographic changes, economic changes and so on. The pace of time will also be hastened further during the eclipse.

06 June — Transit of Venus across the Sun

On the 6th, we will experience a rare event known as the Venus Transit. This is essentially an eclipse, however, instead of the moon coming between the Earth and the Sun it is the planet Venus. But the planet will move across the Sun as a small sphere rather than eclipsing it completely.

Rishis say that our Earth will be receiving many new energies from the Sun. Many decisions regarding the geographic changes to occur on the Earth will also be taken on this day by the Higher Intelligence.

The previous time when it occurred in June 2004, Lord Mahavatara began his work on the Earth at the astral level. The details of other activities which will occur during this transit are yet to be revealed.

The time when this occurs and the position wrt the Sun differ in each place of the Earth. Roughly the time is between 3:45am to 10:20am IST (22:15 (5th) to 04:50 GMT)

19 June — Amavasya

The energies present on the New Moon day help everyone to go within and introspect, contemplate and learn. This is also the day where we can easily connect with our departed elders and ancestors. We connect to them mainly to express our Love and learn from them.

Rishis mention that the energies of this New Moon day will bring along with it many spiritual tests. They will mainly test our spiritual maturity. The Rishis advice us to remain calm and composed, not get angry or agitated and then deal with the issues and circumstances.

20 June — Lunar month of Ashada begins

This period is a very important period. Due to the position of our Earth in space during this month, it is in direct alignment with ParaBrahma, our Source. Hence we receive energies directly from there. . The flow of energies from ParaBrahma increases as the month progresses and peaks on the full moon day, which is also known as Guru Pournima (3 July 2012), the day to worship the real Guru – God Himself. Then the intensity of the energies decreases gradually towards the end of the month.

Let us make use of the wonderful opportunities and energies which will be made available during this time and experience God. Let us also make more efforts to consciously connect with Light and make it a part of our daily living.

21 June — Solstice

The June Solstice is when the Sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer. It is a very important day as a lot of new energies are anchored into the Earth by the Lightworkers. The energies also help the individuals to strengthen their Sadhana and align with Light. 

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