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Special Days for Meditation – June 2011

Submitted by on May 31, 2011 – 6 Comments

As the seasons change gently, a new phase in the evolution of humanity has also arrived at our doorstep. We’re entering into a golden period of a few months that opens up a huge number of opportunities for growth and transformation.

There are three back to back eclipses starting from June 2nd. Eclipses are not just astronomical events but spiritual signposts which elevate us to higher levels with their special and beautiful energies. The eclipses are followed by a four month auspicious period commonly known as Chaturmasa — an occasion devoted to deep spiritual activity since time immemorial. Following the eclipses is also the holy month of Ashada where the highest and purest energies from the Source flood our Earth.

The months after that have the presence of divine personalities — Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesha, for 10 days each, leading to a fortnight of Pitrupaksha, a time to honour our departed elders. Then we enter Navratri, the nine day period of worshipping the Divine Mother, Adi Shakthi, followed by the festival of Lights, Deepavali where Goddess Lakshmi again graces our Earth for 10 days.

All these occasions, translated into our language, are floods of opportunities, energies and love from the Divine. If we open up and make simple and sincere efforts towards transformation and positive intent, we can take extraordinary strides both spiritually and materially. Some thoughts in this regard have been shared in the article, Pralaya: Individual Transformation. A few ideas about the principles and techniques which assist our transformation have been expressed in Light body Part 4’.

Let us all make the best use of these opportunities.

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The Special days for meditations in the month of June are:

June 1 – Amavasya

This new Moon day just before the three eclipses will release a lot of new Energies and Knowledge for strengthening our Sadhana.

Time on our Earth will be further compressed from this day onwards.

June 2 – Partial Solar Eclipse (00:55 to 04:36 IST)

GMT time – 1st June – 19:25 to 23:07

The first of the three eclipses, this event provides opportunities to every individual to open up to Light and the ways of the Light Age. During the eclipse period, a lot of special energies will be released by Lord Kalki. These energies can be absorbed only through Meditations.

The Rishis also say that on this day, many divine personalities will be active to educate humanity. The personalities are – Lord Kalki, Lord Mahavatara, Gayatri Devi, Lord Hanuman and the Saptarishis.

Each individual will be contacted by these personalites at the astral level and the various realities of this phase will be shown and explained through visions. The importance of aligning with Light will be highlighted and all individuals will be guided towards it. Those who are sensitive will be able to recall these events easily.

Other than Lord Kalki, Gayatri Devi too will release a lot of energies in this period. Special energies stored by Lord Mahavatara in the Sun will get released during the eclipse. These special energies can be absorbed by everyone on our Earth.

Since this is the beginning of a period where many important changes occur on our Earth, intense activities will commence at the Divine Level. The presence and works of Lord Kalki too will become more prominent.

June 4 – Kalki Jayanti

Lord Kalki is an amsha of MahaVishnu who has incarnated on our Earth to remove evil and darkness and help in establishing the New Light Age.

His work can easily be felt during this period of Pralaya. The churning processes that are happening on our Earth are intensified because of His activities.

This day (Jyesta Shukla Tritiya) is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Kalki. We can worship, interact and commune with Him, as we can experience His presence easily on this day. The Rishis mention that He will be giving a lot of gifts to humanity on this occasion.

To know more about him – Lord Kalki – The Avatara

June 11 – Dasa-papa-hara Dasami

According to mythology, this was the day when Goddess Ganga descended to Earth for the first time. Her energies can be used to cleanse ten different sins, hence this occasion is called as Dasa papa hara (removal of ten sins). We worship the Goddess on this day.

In view of the larger picture of Pralaya and transition, Rishis mention that this is a very good day for Spiritual practices, hence every individual should use the available energies to grow spiritually and embrace Light in his life.

June 15 – Phala Pournima

‘Phala’ means fruit. This particular Full Moon day is called Phala Pournima as it contains very special energies that help bring fruits to our efforts easily.

After moonrise, pray to God and the Rishis and place your resolutions before them. Then Meditate for some time.

This year, Lord Kalki and Gayatri Devi will be very active on this occasion and will help bring about a lot of changes in the life of each individual. The Rishis say that if a person is open and accepts the higher Wisdom, he’ll find it easy to recieve Light and grow Spiritually. Otherwise he’ll have to go through many churning processes that will be initiated on this day.

June 15 – Total Lunar Eclipse (10:53 pm to 04:32 am (16th))

GMT time – 17:23 to 23:02

During the eclipse period, Gayatri Devi will supervise the overall processes occurring on our Earth. She will also personally help every individual to grow and transform.

Let us be aware of Her presence on this day and meditate as much as possible in the eclipse period to absorb the eclipse energies.

June 21 – Solstice

June Solstice is the day when the Sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer.

A lot of astral work that’s being done by different Light workers and Light Souls since many months, will culminate on this day. A number of new networks and grids will be established so that our Earth gets connected to different Manifested Universes, thus helping the energies from these Universes to start flowing to our Earth.

With this process, our Earth will be taking a big shift towards the Light Age. We will also be entering the next layer of the Photon Belt on this day which will also facilitate many energies with higher vibrations to flow to our Earth.

Let us be aware of it and make the best use of this opportunity by meditating more.

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