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Pralaya – Individual Transformation

Submitted by on May 25, 2011 – 6 Comments

All great revolutions begin at the doorstep of an individual. They find their sustenance and growth through the participation and involvement of separate individuals, striving together for a common purpose. A change can be long lasting as well as meaningful only when it touches the lives of each and everyone involved and not just a general mass. When individual lives are ‘enlightened’, the collective radiance results in the dawn of a new day.

We are in the middle of such a revolutionary period known as Pralaya.  As we’ve understood so far, Pralaya is a period of intense transformation which purges the negative effects of the just concluded Kali Yuga. Many churning processes are initiated in this phase, which destroy all the corrupt and negative systems (both natural and man-made) that are still tuned to the ways of the Dark Age. Such collapses have already begun as is evident in our daily lives as well as in the national and global events. Our world is in the throes of rapid changes.

The dismantling of the old systems will be followed by a healing phase where newer, divine systems will take their place. Humanity will be guided to move into an entirely new way of living filled with love, peace and prosperity. A New Age of Light known as Satya Yuga will dawn on our Earth shortly.

We, the individuals on this Earth are not mute spectators or unwilling participants in this great churning. We have very important roles to play. To begin with, we have individual responsibilities to wake up and transform ourselves so that we can pass through the difficult and challenging period of Pralaya. At the same time, each one of us has the higher responsibility of helping others and humanity at large in coping with these changes. This is a destiny we have lovingly chosen at a higher level, though we’re unaware of it consciously.

This article sheds more light on these individual responsibilities in assisting Humanity’s movement into the New Light Age.

The Individual and Pralaya

Pralaya is an opportunity for all Individuals to move towards Light. It is also an opportunity to become pure and positive and finally Light, in the human body.

A lot of work is being executed by the Divine Intelligence at the higher levels to help every individual become aware the new realities. The Divine Intelligence is educating and helping everyone to understand these at the astral level and helping them awaken. It is therefore imperative for us to make the best use of the special opportunities available and grow.

When an individual is open, it is easy for him to accept the newer energies, listen to the Higher Intelligence and allow the transformation processes to take place within him. So being completely open is a very important step.

Another necessary thing to note is that it’s not some complex techniques that’ll sail us through this period; rather it is the basics of human values – love, sharing, care, accommodation, oneness etc which will take us through, as Light Age is all about these qualities.

During this phase, learning from our past mistakes and making corrections is another important aspect. In this chaotic period, many tests come our way to teach, educate and equip us. We have to make use of the opportunities and grow. If we ignore the tests and continue with the same way of life, we’ll have to face vigorous tests.

And the most important aspect is that during all situations, the individual should be calm, quiet and peaceful. He should never over-react to the situation or panic for the small fluctuations. This helps him to face the situation rationally and grow past them.

The necessity of Individual Transformation

We the Souls have arrived on this Earth to experience God’s creation in this part of Existence. One of the greatest gifts we have is ‘Freewill’. It allows us to choose our experiences — good, bad and in between, and also undergo the consequences of these choices. Our destiny is created by our own intentions and actions, moment by moment.

Moving into the New Light Age on this Earth is also a destiny that has to be chosen and created by each individual. This choice has to be done at every level — the conscious as well as the higher levels. Nobody else — no group or Guru can do this for us, nor can we make this choice for another person. Every soul is given the opportunity to move into the higher life of the New Age or continue with similar or different experiences on other Earths.

When we choose the New Light Age, we have to give up the ways of Kali Yuga which we’ve been accustomed to over several lifetimes. We have to change our old habits, selfish attitudes and limiting beliefs and adopt a new value system based on purity, love, accommodation and expansion. This sudden shift might appear difficult and impossible. But there are divine forces which are assisting humanity at all levels in making a crossover. The Rishis, their workers, the Light workers and subtle energies released from various sources in Existence are working overtime to help every individual to tune to the ways of the New Age.

But at the very fundamental level the New Age is not imposed on anyone. Each one of us have to choose it individually and take up the responsibility of transforming ourselves. If a person doesn’t choose the New Age or if he decides to continue with the old ways, he will be shifted to a suitable Earth where the dark age still rules. And those who choose a higher life and make sincere efforts to transform themselves will be assisted to move into the divine age of Satya Yuga.


The aim of transformation is to move towards Light and becoming Light. This conscious movement ahead during the process of transformation is also directly related to our Spiritual growth. The whole process of transformation occurs in various stages. There are different aspects on which we can work on so that our growth is balanced and we lead a fulfilling life.

The primary areas to focus are: To become positive in our outlook towards life, Introspection, Overcoming our negativities to become pure and Meditations.


All of us are governed by our conditioning so far and our beliefs. These two factors determine the past and the future course of our lives.

Many individuals who have gone through the tough phase of life and have no exposure to Spirituality usually express a little cynicism towards life. They do not have much to look forwards to and get stuck within their own shells.

Developing a positive approach and loving life will make a huge difference. It naturally will require consistent efforts and patience but when achieved, can bring about miracles.

As we keep making progress, we observe that there will always be some areas where there can be improvement. We have to keep observing and changing. Only when we become Light can we say that our stage of transformation is complete.

The ego aspect of ours usually tries to say that we are always correct. It also influences us to shift the blame on others. When we are able to accept our shortcomings, we will be able to move away from the stronger influences of the ego.

The most important thing to remember when we are trying to positivise is first to acknowledge and accept within us that there is a shortcoming and it requires a change. Denial will take us nowhere. The acceptance need not be proclaimed to the world, but is very important for the individual to recognise it within himself. This acceptance itself is half the solution.

We have to become positive in all aspects of our life. We make positive affirmations, reject the negative thoughts and always try to manifest the universal principles. We also try to manifest Love, Peace in all our emotions and consciously overcome anger or pain from manifesting.

All these efforts made in our thoughts and emotions will directly influence and improve our actions and quality of life.


Introspection is one of the most important aspects of Sadhana.

Usually Sadhana consists of practicing a technique like Meditation. These practices are mainly a tool which assists our efforts at transformation. Without our efforts, just Meditation alone will be insufficient. Introspection is an important aspect which helps us understand ourselves better, so that our efforts can be channelled properly.

Why  introspect?

Through the process of introspection, we understand our shortcomings and strengths. We make conscious efforts to strengthen our positives and note our shortcomings to improve on them. This is a continuous process.

Introspecting on a daily basis may not be possible. It is advisable that we do it at least once every week. Spend some time alone in Solitude and think about the previous week’s events, the highs and lows and draw lessons from them.

Then we have to make efforts towards improvement. Our spiritual practices like Meditations give the necessary inner strength and energies to aid us towards this. The overall spiritual progress is faster when we are able to meditate as well as make conscious efforts to outgrow our shortcomings.

Some tips to help Introspection

To improve on our short-comings, we can take the help of archetypal characteristics as reference to understand our repetitive patterns of behaviour. Archetype characteristics are pseudo-characters with specific aspects and properties. Very commonly used archetypes are the inner male / female and inner child.

We can use any characteristic; for example – a doormat. A doormat symbolises being used and ignored, treated shabbily etc.  More information about archetypes can be found in the following links – Archetypes 1, Archetypes 2

When trying to use these archetypal features as reference to introspect, we first pray to the Higher Intelligence to guide and help us. It is very important that we are always fully open and do not have rigid perspectives about ourselves. We think of a particular archetype and try to associate its characteristics with our life. Sometimes we may find a resonance with that characteristic. We may not find any association also many times. Our Intuition will be the main guide.

When we are able to associate ourselves with a particular archetypal characteristic, we have to make conscious efforts to outgrow them. The first part will be to become aware of this trait within us. Try to understand when, and the circumstances where we exhibit these characteristics. Eg: In a crowd, we may always try to present ourselves larger than life. When we realize this, let us be aware of our actions during the circumstances so that we do not exhibit these.

The second part involves dissolving the energy aspect of the trait present in us. With our strong intention, we channel a lot of Golden Light to the particular aspect. The Light will transmute the residential energy within us. The duration of this practice will depend on the intensity of the particular aspect present in us. For some strong and persistent characteristics, it could also take months of regular practice to overcome them.

This practice is also generally known as ‘Inner healing’.

These steps help us to take larger striders in our Spiritual Journey rather than just blindly Meditating and not making conscious efforts.

Overcoming our Shortcomings after identifying

We always begin with a lot of enthusiasm but lose steam in a short while. Various characteristics are deep-rooted in us for many years and hence just a few days of effort will be unable to have much impact. We need to have patience and always remember that any change will not occur overnight.

We have to make conscious efforts to overcome our shortcomings. For faster and better results, we can take the help of Light.

We should also be more aware of our actions. When we are aware of what we are doing, we will be able to prevent our deep rooted aspects from manifesting. With persistent efforts, we will be able to completely outgrow them.

Some actions which stem out of our karmas and inner negativites can be handled through Meditations. Meditation and Light help burn the negatives and impurities within the system. This accelerates our efforts towards positivity.

Consciously introspecting and taking the necessary corrective steps is equally important and supplements our efforts.


Meditation is the process of silencing our entire system so that our Awareness can release itself from our Body, Mind and Intellect and expand in Light.

This helps the individual to absorb higher energies, burn the karmas, cleanse the system and also strengthen various inner spiritual processes so that longer strides in spiritual growth can be achieved.

For more details about Meditations and why we have to meditate, refer to the article – Meditations – A beginning


Balancing all aspects of our life

Bringing a balance between the material and spiritual aspects of our lives is very important during this phase of Pralaya. All it takes is prioritizing, organising ourselves and them implementing it.

The period of Pralaya is a phase where there could be new issues to be dealt with or sudden chaos in our lives etc. We should always be patient and continue to make efforts at keeping the balance between the material and the spiritual.

The material world is always very tempting and attractive. Rishis say that having all our 100% of efforts towards this pursuit shows a lack of respect from our end towards the Divine.

Again all focus towards the Spiritual aspect alone isn’t correct. The family, experiencing the achievement of the material plane etc. all form a part of our purpose of life here. We have to bring a balance into our living.

Opening up to Higher realities

There are higher realities. Since we are still in the grasp of the effects of the dark age, many are ignorant of it or even refuse its existence completely. As we progress towards the Light Age, becoming aware of the higher realities and knowing about it becomes very important.

We receive a lot of new energies from the Higher realms which help us to progress faster. A lot of events occur in these planes too which have a direct impact on our life here. Being aware of these will help us to tackle the problems of day to day life. And the most important factor is that, in the Higher realms the Spiritual Masters exist, whose Wisdom, Love and Grace benefit us the most if we open up and establish a communication with them.

 Establishing a communication with them is also very vital as in the Light Age, all guidance and communication will be transmitted to the individual directly. The communication is also important as the higher guidance can be utilised to sail through this period easily.

How do we open up to Higher realities?

The most important aspect towards opening up to the Higher Realities is to have complete trust about its existence. Prayer and surrender to the Divine helps us to open up.

We should then make efforts to be a little sensitive to things occurring around us. The sensitivity helps to identify and relate to the higher realities.

Spiritual practices like Meditations are very important as they help us connect to the higher realities directly. The practices also assist in cleansing and purifying our system  thus helping us to open up.

We have to make conscious efforts to positivise and aslo outgrow the negativities as explained earlier. Then we have to start manifesting more Love in our life which is the essence of Spiritual living.

These factors establish a very good platform for us to open up and connect to the higher realms. Once the base gets established, our inner faculties which have been dormant begin to open up slowly with which we will be able to understand the higher realities directly.

Activation of Dormant Faculties

When we were children, we had to make persistent efforts to walk or talk. Similarly to open and utilised our inner faculties we need to persevere a lot. The key to activating and operating our faculties is the continuous efforts without giving up.

The main inner faculty we have to focus on is to strengthen our Intuition. It is active in all but very feeble. The ‘gut-feelings’ and ‘hunches’ are usually the results of our Intuition at work. We have to become more aware of these and start implementing them. The more we listen to and implement, the more it strengthens. Intuition, which is also known as the voice from our own Inner Self or Soul is very important as it carries the right Wisdom for us at the crucial moments.

The next most important faculty to be strengthened is the ability to establish a communication with the Higher Intelligence – Light and the Rishis. Our communication channels are dormant mainly due to non-use, our negativities and misuse.

As we cleanse and purify, the channels of higher communication open up in all. Then we need to make consistent efforts towards communicating and then trying to listen and grasp.

This is important because, as we progress further into the Light Age many instructions for each individual will be personal and it will not be possible for the Spiritual guides present on Earth to help everyone. Hence all should be able to establish a communication with God and the Spiritual masters present at the Astral level.

How do we open our inner faculties especially during this Pralaya period?

The most important aspect from our side is to surrender completely to God.

Then having trust and the hope that our faculties will open up and we will be able to use them, is very important. Many times, our denial or lack of faith in ourselves becomes the main hindering block.

Practice the techniques suggested everyday. Regularity helps the process of activation.

Never misuse the faculty. Our Intuition and the surrender-ness always guides us.

Regular Spiritual Sadhana helps a lot towards this as it acts as a good base upon which these can be built upon further.

Try to be always positive in your outlook and pure in your intentions in daily life. Always be aware of a lot of light in the system. The positivity and purity is an important factor to open up the higher faculties.

 All these do not happen in a day but will occur gradually. As you experience the little functioning of a faculty, try to make use of it. Learning and familiarizing yourself is important so that the faculty can develop further.

Making Light a factor in our Life

Light is God Himself. As we move closer towards the Light Age, Light will begin to play a larger and more dominant role. Light will begin to guide all the individuals on the Earth directly, and also bring Peace and Love into the way of Life.

So in our overall transformation process, a very important milestone is to make Light a permanent factor, a friend and a companion.

How can this be done?

Always imagine that you are filled with a lot of bright Golden Light. Our intention itself will help the Light fill us and be within.

Enjoy its presence as much as you can. It can be done parallel to our normal routine work or whenever we become aware of it.

Refer to it while taking decisions. We can take the help of Light even in the very small details of our life. After all, we are interacting with God!

When we hold a lot of Light in us, the Light will begin to cleanse our system, make us positive, and always helps us remain calm and composed in all situations. We will be able to distinctly notice a very qualitative improvement in our living.

Light will also help us to manifest Love unconditionally and bring about Peace and Oneness.

Helping Others – The larger role of each individual

The transformation begins with the individuals.  Since we are also a part of this world, we can play a role in helping others understand the processes and help them with our understanding so that they too can choose, transform and make a shift towards the Light Age.

We can first send Light to the person with whom we want to share our knowledge. We can highlight the importance of Sadhana and Light and how they influence the individual and help him in his daily living. At no point should we try to force our knowledge on others. When the other person is ready and open, he will automatically be receptive to what we say.

We have to believe in the strength of prayers. When it is done collectively, we will be able to build a huge energy field with our intentions. The energy field which gets built up will be able to attract the help. We can always pray for more peace and calm in the world and for help and guidance for all the affected people.

At any stage, we should not panic. Let us help others also remain calm and composed. This will help us face the situation better. If we are in a position to assist others financially, we should happily support those in need.

We can also send a lot of Golden Light to the entire world. This Light will improve the overall vibrations of the world, guide those who are open and seeking help and also heal the negativities which are so prominently present all over.

Will helping others not interfere with their karmas?

The Divine Intelligence is working very hard to help all individuals on Earth so that they can all choose the Light Age and make the necessary efforts. We can also help our fellow beings with the best we have. Unless and until everyone opens up at the individual level, help cannot be given in a very productive way. The bottom line is that each individual has to open up to God to receive the help.

As per the law of this Earth, if we impose anything on others, it will violate the other person’s free-will and we attract the karmas for doing so. Hence, even the good cannot be imposed. All that can be done is to make available to the individual the help, knowledge and energies and pray for their transformation. There is God above us who is looking after these things. He knows best. Let us surrender to Him and leave the responsibility of taking care of these things as well to him.

When we send Light consciously to a place, it does not interfere in the laws of karmas.

Rishis suggest that we all channel Golden Light to the entire globe everyday for 7 minutes. This will help a lot. Let us spread the awareness of Light to each and every individual. Let them use it as much as possible. The remaining will be taken care of by the Rishis and Light workers who are working on these issues.


Healing is a process of allowing God’s energies to work on us. We use God’s energies to help us overcome a sickness or disease. Healing is also sometimes used in the context of using the energies to overcome a problem. The healing technique will work best if we are able to meditate for at least 12 minutes before we practice the technique.

The techniques for healing is mentioned here – Healing technique

Anyone can practice healing. We can even share the techniques with others so that it can benefit them. But it will be really effective only when it is combined with Meditations.

We can also do our little bit to heal the world. As mentioned earlier, if we channel Golden Light to the entire World for some time everyday, it helps in the global healing process.


Pralaya is a wonderful opportunity for an individual soul to reconnect to its source and shine with all its inherent brilliance. The transformation and spiritual growth which usually takes many lifetimes can be accomplished in a relatively short period because of the special opportunities that Pralaya provides. Hence many souls from various origins take birth during this period, both to serve the higher purpose of Planetary transformation and also for their individual evolution.

The Rishis and Higher intelligence play a very important role in this dual purpose of Planetary and individual evolution. Though most of us are unaware at the conscious level about the help and guidance of the Rishis and may not even believe in anything mystical, at the astral level, we all are aware of and get guided by these masters. The communication with them becomes clearer and stronger as our purity levels increase with our sustained efforts at Transformation.

A human guide will hasten this process until the divine guides take over. That crossover stage where the Universe itself becomes a guide is the moment of awakening for an individual. From that point onwards our spiritual growth gains a tremendous momemtum. All our efforts at Individual transformation bring us to this point of awakening from where, the divine holds our hands and leads us further.

Our growth doesn’t stop after transformation and after qualifying to live in the New Light Age. There are many more higher things and spiritual heights that beckon every spiritual adventurer. But at this point in time, in the middle of the Pralaya period, the individual transformation is a very important and necessary step. Once this threshold is reached, we can spread our wings….and the sky is the limit.

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    Dear VishwaAmara Team,


    Many times though we follow a particular path out of choice or like, we would not have the benefit of such wonderful intricate details about Sadhana. This article especially fills in that gap and is the real Guidance in its TRUE Sense. We are highly indebted for all the Wonderful Help being received from the Rishis through You, VA team. Rishis, time and again are Helping us 1000+% and we need to follow these out of our own choice and Grow.

    Rishis Love for the creation and their way of providing such minute details of sadhana are what I can term as “GRACE!”.

    Sadhana is more about ‘What? & How?’ and this article fills in the essential ingredients required for the perfect cooking of the same. Sadhana needs continuous feed of Knowledge and required tips to adjust our rudders to be on the right direction. This article combines both and provides all necessary details to go on & on for the inspired to pursue the Realities in their own trend. This is like the ‘all that is required’ piece and Rishis know when & how to present it at the appropriate time.

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    A detailed article about Pralaya and its effect, more over the article is clear and simple to understand. Thanks for the step by step guidance to turn one self towards Light and to become Light.

    I never thought that one will attract the karma for imposing good things on others, as its done only for welfare of the others.

    The Golden Light technique and the healing one has really helped in many times to feel the positive vibration. I am enjoying it.

  • Mansi says:

    During such times when the world is wondering what is happening and we spiritual aspirants thinking “what to do” and “how to go about pralaya”, this (detailed) article has been an eye opener and a companion. It comes as a relief to know that we are ALWAYS guided and never left alone.Thank you so much for this “spot light”

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