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Special Days for Meditation — July 2016

Submitted by on July 4, 2016 – 3 Comments

The world is chaotic and restless. This is the result of the choices we as humanity have collectively made so far. The world has for long ignored the spiritual necessities and focused only on selfishness and greed. But we are reaching a stage where the World cannot continue in the same path for long.

The Pralaya processes have intensified and the struggle of humanity to cope up with them is evident. The impact of the churning processes touches everyone in one form or the other. There are so many unfortunate killings and violence, for anyone to ignore. When we observe this from a higher perspective, it comes to the collective awareness and the choices we make.

Each occurrence and development is the product of our choices. A case in point would be Britain leaving the EU. An advanced and wealthy association like Europe did not bother to help the refugees who are living in dire circumstances. Each nation was only concerned about their “interests and people”. How can a group be united when their internal choices and thoughts do not reflect this Unity? The world and life outside will only reflect what is within.

There are many such examples from the world over. And this is only the beginning of such events to come, ahead. There are many developments and events occurring daily—the good and the bad. It is for us to observe and learn from each event and strengthen our spiritual fundamentals.

“Unity, Peace and Oneness” should be our inner mantra. Only when this radiates from most of humanity, can more Light flow through us into the world, to get rid of all the negativity and darkness, to heal and for paradise to flourish.

♦       ♦       ♦

The Solstice of June was very important. Its energies are influencing humanity in amazing ways. One of the important developments is that it has been able to expose the hidden agendas of humanity. At the personal level, those individuals who were unwilling to be open had to undergo inner frustrations and irritations and this brought out their true inner qualities to the fore.

Lord Suryanarayana (Sun God) was involved in a major way during this Solstice. He was involved in many important works. He also brought and anchored special energies and new Prana on our Earth. This has accelerated many changes.

The pace of Time was also further hastened.

During the past month, Lord Kalki also sanctioned many of the Rishis projects to manifest at the physical level. We should be witnessing its impact in the coming months.

♦       ♦       ♦

In the Special days article of May, we had mentioned a technique that will help the individual to deal with their suffocation’s, anxieties and blocks. An important process of dealing with and overcoming the issues is Acceptance. We have first come out of denial and accept the reality as it is. We cannot hate or condemn ourselves, but have to love ourselves the way we are. Subsequently, improvement happens automatically.

Some aspects are easy to deal with. But there are others which are influenced by years of conditioning and life circumstances. Only affirmations and intent alone are insufficient to come to terms or accept reality. To help in this, the Rishis are suggesting the following technique –

Face North-East
Duration – minimum 24 minutes, upto an hour

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light

Imagine a huge ball in front of you. With your intent, start gathering all the issues bothering or suffocating you into this ball.

Then imagine a lot of Unconditional Love and Acceptance coming from your Soul and send these to the ball in front of you. Keep sending it until you feel the ball has dissolved and your feel better and feel less resistance towards the issues (you gathered earlier).

After this, imagine a lot of Golden Light within you for a period of 7 minutes and keep experiencing it. You can repeat “Om” silently.

When this technique is practiced regularly, a lot negativities, resistance and conditioning can be overcome. We have to be practice this technique regularly over a period of time as practicing it only a few times will not give sufficient results.

♦       ♦       ♦

On a day to day situation, there will be occurrences due to which we become tense or feel that things are getting out of hand. In such circumstances, first breathe deeply. This helps to bring a pause and for your to be able to think clearly. Make this deep breathing and pausing, a regular habit.

If you are feeling stressed out especially by the lack of time, you can mentally request the time to cooperate with you and not hasten so much. Hold a lot of love and peace within and then go about your activity. You will witness amazing results.

Then start taking the help of Light to enhance all the above benefits.

♦       ♦       ♦

In the month of July, we shall have energies flowing to our Earth directly from ParaBrahma. There will be a perfect balance of spiritual and material opportunities and it would help us immensely if we are able to tune up to these new energies.

We shall also be able to experience a few other rare and unusual vibrations which the Rishis have been releasing gradually since the Solstice.

During this month, we can also experience the strength of Gratitude. Other than begin thankful, gratitude is also the ability to appreciate the opportunities and the blessings we receive. Gratitude is an important virtue of spirituality.

The second half of the month will be more energetic and is a period for intense Meditation and affirmations.

♦       ♦       ♦

The Special Days for Meditation in July are —

4th July Amavasya
5th July to 2nd Aug Aashada Masa

Amavasya (New Moon day) is a wonderful occasion to connect with our ancestors. As a part of the Pralaya process, from this New Moon Day onwards, further access is being provided by the Higher Intelligence with our ancestors. This special access is to facilitate more guidance and help to reach us.

The Rishis suggest a new technique to be practiced on Amavasya. This technique will help us overcome and clear many ancestor related issues.

The following special technique is to be practiced only on the New Moon Day (Amavasya)

Face North
Duration — 1 hour

Imagine all your ancestors as a ball of Light in front of you. Offer your love, respects and Light to them.

Then, practice 7 rounds of Pranayama with Blue Light.

Imagine a lot of Fluorescent light-Violet Light coming from above and send the Light to the globe of Light in front of you. As you keep sending the Light, imagine the globe to start radiating with this Light and also have a strong intent that you are feeling loved and peaceful within.

Repeat the mantra “Om Sahasrayai Tejasaya Pitruyai Namaha” silently for the entire duration.

♦       ♦       ♦

The energies from ParaBrahma also begin to flow from this day. This is the beginning of a one month period (Aashada Masa) where we shall have the energies from ParaBrahma flowing to the Earth.

14th to 18th July Anchoring of Special Energies

This month, the special energies being anchored to the Earth will be from ParaBrahma. These energies also help towards preparing us and the Earth for Guru Purnima.

ParaBrahma has many layers within. During this period, we shall receive energies from many of the inner layers. Our Earth will be receiving these energies for the first time and this process will be specially monitored by the Rishis.

These new energies contain a lot of Love, healing and nurturing, and Peace. One of the important aspects of these new energies is that they will enhance the capacity of each individual to hold more Light in their system.

These energies are rare and special and very much required for the present times. Utilize the opportunity during these five days to connect to and absorb these special energies. It will help towards strengthening various inner processes, growth and manifesting change.

♦       ♦       ♦

Following is the technique that you can practice during these five days

Face North-East
Duration — minimum 1 hour

Be mentally open. Pray to God that you are able to receive and assimilate the special energies and also to help you in peaceful living.

Practice 7 rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light

Then imagine Fluorescent dark-Blue Light coming from above and filling your Soul. Then from the Soul, imagine the Light to flow and fill your physical body.

Keep imagining this flow of energies and imagine yourself to be shining and radiating with this Light.

Repeat the mantra “Om Satyayai Shakti Tejasayai Namaha” silently for the entire duration.

19th July Guru Purnima
Birthdays of Vasishtha Maharshi and Veda Vyasa Maharshi

The occasion of Guru Purnima is dedicated to the worship (experiencing) of the Formless. On this day, it will be easy to connect to our Source; ParaBrahma and experience Him to the best of our ability.

It is the day when we receive the maximum Love and Light from ParaBrahma and a wonderful opportunity to absorb these. Try to meditate as much as you can on the 19th and the 20th. It will help you immensely in your personal growth and Inner health.

We shall also have energies from new layers of ParaBrahma on this occasion.

On this day, many developments are expected to hasten at the astral level. Much of these projects will also be sanctioned for immediate implementation to the physical. Hence many changes are expected to be induced and the entire humanity will benefit from these in its transformation and growth.

We shall also have the presence of Veda Vyasa Maharshi on this day. We can consciously link up to him, communicate and also experience him.

♦       ♦       ♦

This technique can be practiced on the 19th and 20th.

Face North
Duration — minimum 1 hour

From deep within, first offer your love, respects and Light to the various forms of God and Goddess you like and to the Rishis. You can also express your gratitude to your parents and teachers/guides who have helped you in your growth and development through the years.

Then offer your love, respects, thanks and gratitude to the formless God (Parabrahma). Also be thankful for your life and the opportunities provided to experience this diverse creation.

You can also connect to and offer your respects to Veda Vyasa Maharshi.

Then imagine a lot of unconditional Love and Light coming from ParaBrahma. (no specific colour) Allow these to fill your body first. Imagine it filling every organ and every cell in the body. Experience it for some time.

Then extend the same Love and Light which is flowing to your astral body. Let it fill the astral body gradually. Experience it for some time. Then extend it to your Soul and experience it.

Then imagine all of them— the Soul, astral body and the physical body to merge into One and the flow of Light and Love continuing from above. Keep experiencing this throughout the entire Meditation.

You can repeat “Om” silently throughout the entire duration.

♦       ♦       ♦       ♦       ♦       ♦

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