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Special Days for Meditation — May 2016

Submitted by on May 4, 2016 – 4 Comments

The influence of the Eclipse energies of March and the New Year energies last month are very strong and have deep impact on our transition. These energies strengthen the Pralaya processes which influence all areas and each individual is experiencing the effects. Though all may not be able to articulate and comprehend various details, each has their own issues to sort out. At the global level, the political confusions and extreme weather conditions only increase.

The energies released in the previous month also helped to clear many karmas and runas in each individual. The energies also helped in educating those who are open about the ongoing processes and strengthened the positivity within them.

The anchoring of special energies continues this month also. This month the Rishis will be releasing a lot of special energies relating to Abundance and Inner Healing. It will be very valuable to those who can connect to it and make use of the opportunity.

Lord Kalki and Ved Vyasa Maharshi have further energised the Kala Purusha personality of 2016 recently and He will be playing a very active role this month. The energies He will be releasing will influence every life on the planet.

♦       ♦       ♦

Many times before new energies can be anchored into the Earth, the old ones have to be removed and this is not always an easy process. This difficulty combined with other factors like the karmic condition of the place from where the energies are to be removed can have serious impact at the physical level. This was the reason for the series of Earthquakes witnessed last month in Japan and Ecuador before the special energies could be anchored.

Numerous Lightworkers participating in this project actually worked very hard to reduce and limit the destruction.

♦       ♦       ♦

Many are struggling to spiritualize their lives. Some can’t even comprehend that we can lead a life of peace and harmony. But it is possible. The Pralaya processes expose the shortcomings and negativity within so that we can outgrow them and change. And we are not alone. Everyone on Earth is going through this. There are many who are awakening to these realities and are slowly accepting and adopting the transformation process. It is easier to go through the transformation and lead a righteous life collectively than to struggle alone.

The churning processes steer us in the right direction. They help us to embrace Love, embrace Light and also unite with each other. They also assist to reject the negativity and darkness.

As we progress ahead, the degree of Pralaya influencing each individual will increase. We will be coerced to make difficult decisions which we have been avoiding or unable to take till now.

There are many who are struggling with the challenges of their daily life and the Rishis are suggesting a practice to help us. The following technique is given by Vasishtha Maharshi. It will help each individual during the difficult phase. Practice the following technique to overcome suffocation or when you are facing tough situations.

This technique will give immense relief and will bring solutions. It also helps an individual to get a grip over tough situations.

Face North-East
Duration – 12 mins to 60 mins

First practice 12 to 20 rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light.

Then imagine an empty ball in the centre of your chest. With your intention pour your suffocations, blocks, negativities, irritants, fears, tensions, anxieties and other issues like health, financial and similar that you are facing, into the ball. Do not hurry up with this process. Let it be gradual and steady.

Then imagine a lot of Dark Blue Light coming from above and channel this Light to the ball within you. Imagine the ball to be absorbing the Light as much as it can and allow the Light to heal and transmute the different aspects that is in the ball. Imagine the Light to also give it a lot of peace.

Then imagine the energies in the ball to get churned and spin out of you as a clockwise spiral. Keep spinning it out till you feel clearer and lighter.

♦       ♦       ♦

The special days of May are

6th May — Amavasya

Each occasion has its own impact on humanity. The energies of this New Moon will determine the future events of the Pralaya phase on Earth. They will indicate the degree of churnings and testing, the probable chaos and intensity of the Pralaya period itself.

It is the day when humanity’s response to change is assessed and the degree of responsibility we take for our actions is evaluated.

It is a good day for us to introspect. Some of us are doing well and making good efforts. For those of us who are lacking, we need to work harder and strengthen our effort. Consciously be aware of more Light within and connect to it often. It will be very beneficial.

You can practice the Amavasya technique on this day.

9th May — Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya means abundance. This is an auspicious day when special energies for manifesting abundance in our lives are available on our Earth.

On this day, many opportunities are provided to grow spiritually as well as in the material area. It is also the day to make resolutions to pursue both spiritual and material goals. The energies available will help us towards this.

Sadly, the commercial establishments have propagated this day as the occasion to purchase gold and jewellery. The unknown part is that this is an important day for Spiritual wealth as well.

Akshaya Tritiya is an important day for spiritual activities and strengthening one’s Sadhana. A lot of work also occurs at the astral level and many projects will be undertaken for the future days ahead.

The Rishis suggest the following technique to connect to the special energies that will be available on this day and to make use of them. This technique will help you experience the abundance and be in a loving state.

The energies we receive will make us more peaceful, remove pain within and also help in more Light to fill our system. We will also be able to open up further to the Higher Intelligence and our progress towards the Light Age hastens. 

Technique (to be practice only on the 9th)

Face North
Duration 1 hour

Be open and have a strong intention to receive as much of the special energies as you can. Pray for Mother Earth to be in Peace, be abundant and also be loved by humanity. Pray for love and kindness to exist between each individual and for everyone to become more radiant.

Then imagine that you are receiving a lot of Bright rays of Golden Light from Lord Shiva. Allow this Light to enter you through the top of your head and fill your entire body. Let the Light fill you up gradually part by part. As you continue receiving the energies, imagine the Light in each cell of your body and in the DNA of each cell. Imagine all of them radiating with this Bright Golden Light and keep experiencing this Light thoroughly in your body.

Keep repeating the manta “Om Akshayaayai Sampurna Brahmaya Namaha” silently throughout.

14th to 19th May — Anchoring of Special Energies

This month, the Rishis will be releasing special energies on the Earth relating to Abundance and Inner Healing. They along with Lord MahaVishnu are already working on many background processes for these energies to be released and for everybody to benefit out of it.

The special energies will help in the internal healing and assist each one to outgrow their shortcomings. So this would be a good period to introspect and make peace with our past. Forgive those who hurt you or let your down and also accept and forgive yourself for the mistakes made.

From the 14th to the 19th, practice this technique

Face North-East
Duration – 24 minutes to 1 hour. For those who meditate regularly, you can meditate upto 6 hours.

Practice 7 rounds of Pranayama with Light.

Mentally be open to receiving these special energies. Also mentally be open to identifying and resolving all your issues within.

Then pray to the Light you are receiving to help you in the process.

Imagine a lot of Golden Light (for abundance) and Fluorescent Purple Light (for Inner Healing) coming from above and allow it to fill your entire physical and astral body. Consciously imagine yourself to be abundant, radiant and loved and also be grateful to the Divine.

Imagine the Light to be radiating and illuminating you thoroughly and imagine that the Light is reducing the burden you carry. Then spread your awareness to the Soul and keep experiencing the energies filling your physical and astral body throughout the meditation.

There is no mantra.

21st May — Buddha Purnima

The occasion of Buddha Purnima is observed to celebrate the birthday of Lord Buddha. Lord MahaVishnu will be present on our Earth on this day and the entire humanity will be able to connect and communicate with Him.

We can seek His blessings and guidance and also place all our prayers and concerns to Him.

It is an important day for spiritual pursuits. Make Sankalpas and spiritual resolutions. Also pray for righteousness to manifest further on Earth.

The Rishis will also be releasing some special energies which were stored on the Earth during Shunya Masa. This occasion also further intensifies the Pralaya processes. And with each such shift, we have to make more efforts to tune up to the Light Age.


Direction – nothing specific
Duration – how much ever you can.

Connect to Lord MahaVishnu and imagine that you are receiving a lot of Blue Light. Keep experiencing the Light for the entire duration.

♦       ♦       ♦       ♦       ♦       ♦

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  • Rajesh says:

    Hats off to Vishwaamara team for publishing such rare and valuable information for betterment of humanity. The information and the techniques helps me to lead a very peaceful life in these turbulent times and also gives me new insights each day. I am eternally grateful to Rishis and Vishwaamara team.

  • Krishna Kumar says:

    Dear Vishwaamara

    Thank you for the inputs and updates.

    The technique given by VASISTHA MAHARISHI is very nice and effective. One really feels light and nice and relieved after practicing this technique.

    Thank you once again!

  • Barkha says:

    These monthly updates have a lot of importance in my life…. I would request you to also give a sample color with the lights so it’s easier to visualised n not keep wondering if I m visualizing the right color…. Just a small request…. Thank u for the amazing work….. Hope to get more than one update per month

  • nischal says:

    Thank You very much…,

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