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Special Days for Meditation — January 2024

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The Shunya Masa Rishis always help January commence the year with new energies and opportunities. Each Year, January always gives a fresh start and hope to humanity.

For each of us, if we can articulate our thoughts, and set our priorities and goals clearly, we can utilize the opportunities and initiatives that the month provides.

The Shunya Masa Rishis will be there till the 15th of January after which the Saptarishis will resume charge of the administration. Let us make use of the remaining days to connect to them to learn, and accept all that they have to offer in terms of knowledge, energies and Light. Learning from these Personalities is a rare opportunity and can be very beneficial for each of us.

For more details about 2024, go through the article — The New Year 2024

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The Shunya Masa Rishis have worked on the environment of the Earth and tuned various aspects to Lord Kalki’s works.

There is a growing awareness across the Earth on the issues of self-reliance, sustainability, plant-based food systems, and mental and physical health. These features along with aspects like strengthening of individual psychic abilities are being strengthened energetically so that it can reach the awareness of a larger population. These aspects once strengthened lay the foundation principles for the New Age.

Let us also consciously make efforts to tune up and improve our lifestyles in these areas.

Blue Ray—New Moon Phenomena

The Shunya Masa Rishis are experts in the areas of Manomaya Kosha and the physical Brain, and the Moon contains various energies relating to these. The Shunya Masa Rishis wanted to connect these energies of the Moon to the Earth directly and benefit humanity better.

Establishing the connection from the Moon to the Earth helps bring a better harmony in energies, tunes the various energies quicker and be in sync with the Pralaya phase.

This phenomenon was present in the previous Manvantara, when Vishwamitra Maharshi (now Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi) was a Saptarishi. He had carried out a similar work and it was a huge help and success that led to a high cleansing effect on Earth.

The Shunya Masa Rishis carried out this special initiative along with our Rishis and the Personalities of 2024 on Amavasya day, and is called the Blue Ray—New Moon Phenomena. A special energetic connection (chord) was made between the Moon and the Earth. The energies are flowing first to the areas where the “Power of Pralaya” energies have been released by Lord Kalki.

The Blue Ray—New Moon Phenomena also brings about various changes in the Amavasya energies. They will undergo various transformations and the goodness of the Amavasya energies can be derived. The phenomena also change our interaction with the Ancestors

The positive aspects are that we will receive more wisdom and knowledge from the Ancestors, and there will be an easing in the karmas and runas we acquire from them.

2024 Shakti (Nithya Neela Nirmala Shakti) is working on changing the nature and texture of Amavasya energies. They will be tuned and upgraded to the new Pralaya period. Presently the Amavasya energies flow as rays. They are changing and becoming a double spiral.

The energies will educate humanity more efficiently on outgrowing various shortcomings and limitations that we have. We can make better use the Amavasya energies absorbed, throughout the month and in our daily lives.

The change in pattern of energies is the first step towards bringing more positivity and practical changes to Earth. They will also help us to deal with our conditioning and rigidity in a better way.

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The Special days of January—

15th Jan — Sankranti

The energies of Sankranti will be available from the evening of 14th (7pm) and the whole day of 15th Jan.

A special meeting is being organised by Lord Kalki on the evening of the 14th where our Rishis, Shunya Masa Rishis, Sankranti Purusha and the Purusha and Shakti of 2024 will take part. Various matters of importance relating to the coming year will be taken up and decisions and new initiates will be decided.

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Sankranti Purusha will bring some energies from the core of Lord SuryaNarayana. Much of this will be gifted to Lord Kalki for his work. The remaining will be released to the Earth. We can connect to these when we meditate on the day. 

He will also work with the energies and Light of the Sun, Moon and the Planets. This will shape the ways the energies from them flow to the Earth and its influence on humanity.

Sankranti Purusha will also work on the Time aspect of the Year. His works will help us to establish a good discipline and give priority to the important aspects of our life.

Connect to Sankranti Purusha with the help of Golden-Orange Light and experience.

25th Jan — Purnima

This Purnima will be energetic and Spiritual. We can charge ourselves nicely when we meditate on this day.

2024 Purusha (Shravan Neela Purusha) will be working and anchoring many new energies and connecting them to the Power of Pralaya energies.

Contemplate and keep your prayers and Sankalpa ready beforehand. Take the help of the Purnima energies and strengthen them. The energies will also help you to gain clarity on certain issues.

Practice the following technique for Purnima—
Face North
Duration— 1 hour

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Golden Light

Then pray to 2024 Purusha and Shakti. You can place your prayers and Sankalpa to them.

Imagine bright Golden-Blue Light coming from above and allow this to fill your physical body. Experience for some time.

Then extend the Light to your prayers, Sankalpa, and concerns. Imagine each of them absorbing the Light and getting engulfed by it. Experience this for some time.

Then extend the Light to your Mind (Manomaya Kosha) and keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Sampoorna Brahmaya, Purnima Sanketa Shaktiyai Namaha” silently.

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Techniques for the Special Days are available through a subscription service. Details here

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