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The New Year — 2024

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Each New Year brings fresh hopes and new opportunities, and plenty of new energies as well. These will be much more profound this year as we have completed a major phase of Pralaya, and from January 1st, a new phase has begun.

The Pralaya period is a Transitory period, which helps the Earth and humanity to transit from one Yuga to the next. The Pralaya period of our transition from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga began in 1987. We had many smaller phases that lasted a few years during this period, but we have now completed a major phase [1987 to 2023].

The first major phase was meant to help us transit from the full Kali Yuga to an intermediary period. The focus during this period was to churn, expose and help surface the negativity prevalent on Earth, and in each individual. While these processes continue as we go ahead, the next Phase of Pralaya focuses on experiencing the Goodness, Newness, Knowledge, Experiences and the Richness of the Pralaya period. In essence, we start getting a preview of Satya Yuga. (this applies to all individuals who are open, and spiritual within. Churning continues for those who resist)

The foundation work for this new Phase of Pralaya began about six months ago when Lord Kalki began releasing the energies of “Power of Pralaya”. He has released these energies in four phases so far and the work continues.

2024 marks the beginning of the new wonderful phase of transition in our stride forward towards the Light Age.

Personalities of 2024

This year we have two Personalities, a Male Purusha and Female Shakti. They appear very young in age (they look about 15 years old) and are High carriers of Light and energies.

They are referred to as Shravan Neela Purusha and Nithya Neela Nirmala Shakti and we can connect to them and the year with the help of bright Violetish-Lavender Light.

These Personalities are very energetic and swift in their work. They carry a lot of energy of the coming generation. They have innovative and highly evolved spiritual solutions and new approaches to the age old problems

They will help Lord Kalki to bring more Spirituality into everyone’s life.

The Year Ahead

The Rishis and Lord Kalki along with the Shunya Masa Rishis are working hard to make 2024 a fairly balanced Year. One important work that Lord Kalki is focusing on is to bring more Light and energy in everyone’s life.

The Shunya Masa Rishis are presently working on healing the Koshas of every individual, especially the Manomaya Kosha. This will help stabilize the mental health and deal with issues like depression that have increased in the last few years.

Till last year, most of humanity was unaffected immediately by their actions. There is an arrogance in humanity that they could do whatever they want and get away with it. This ranged from manifesting various negativities to corrupt deeds.

From 2024, as we enter a new phase of Pralaya, these characteristics and karmic rules change, and it will bring faster repercussions for our actions.

The cunningness, rigid beliefs and corrupt values will be shaken, and there will be many “personal awakenings” in each individual. The journey will naturally be smoother for those of us who have been working hard to spiritualize their lives.

Lord Kalki is also working to help all the genuine and good intended individuals. He is creating a system whereby many of the heavy Pralaya rules will be relaxed for these individuals. For genuine individuals, there will be relief from various rigid karmas, ancestral issues and other issues bothering them.

The coming year will see new knowledge in many unexplored areas— at both the Spiritual and physical level. There will be more information available about Light, and different ways to use them. We can also expect many breakthroughs in various research areas and medical sciences.

Energetically, the year ahead should be a very interesting period. Many aspects will become clearer after February.

Spiritual Pointers for 2024

The following are some guidelines and pointers from the Rishis—

1. Work hard on creating Discipline, and a routine for yourself, especially a health routine. In this process, focus on balancing all the aspects of your life.

2. Meditate for at least 5 days a week. This year is for regular Meditation. It will help us sail through smoothly, as well as help us to stay away from the unnecessary details of life that we get entangled with.

3. Deep Breathe often, throughout the day.

4. Consciously incorporate more Light in your daily life. Make Light your best friend and take help and guidance from it.

Everyday, practice Self-Lighting— Imagine that you are filled with bright Golden Light and keep experiencing this. You can connect to the Light throughout the day, and strengthen it. You can also refer to it for any assistance.

Additionally, take the help of dark-navy Blue Light and Lavender Light as often as possible.
— dark-Navy Blue Light for all struggles, difficulties and problems
— Lavender Light when you feeling low, sad, confused, overwhelmed, depressed etc.

5. Be aware of your Mental Health. Work on improving this.

To begin with, be very kind and loving to yourself. Then this automatically extends to others around you. Try to deal with all situations with Love, Light and kindness. Get over any aggression.

Make sincere efforts and work on overcoming your anger and short temper.

6. Identify and work on your shortcomings and negativity.

The first step is identifying the root cause of the issues. In fact, identifying all the root causes is probably the biggest task and an important Sankalpa of 2024.

The root cause could stem from various conditionings, judgment and intolerance. Identify them and then devise ways to overcome them. Review your progress periodically once you implement them.

An important aspect is being aware of the various situations occurring in your life. Try to comprehend the lessons on why the particular situation/person is occurring in your life. The situations and people usually mirror the subtle and hidden aspects of you and understanding the external world will help you delve deeper into yourself.

7. Work on simplifying your life. In parallel, focus on keeping your space clean and tidy always. Decrease the clutter and the excess. This act helps at the physical level. It also begins to reflect on our Inner and creates a healthier Mind.

8. The world is ever-changing and there will be unexpected and sudden developments. Be mentally prepared and flexible, and willing to adapt to changes quickly.

9. Mentally do not get into a freebie culture. Nothing is for free, and the more you keep accepting things freely, there will be various runas and entanglements created that you will have to clear later.

The Reiki philosophy succinctly explains this concept as “Exchange of energy”. Please do not mix this concept with sharing freely. Here we are emphasizing the concept where an individual gets into the mode that they are entitled to receive many things for free and that the world owes them. If we can afford something, let us be willing to pay for the kind or the service.

10. The Rishis also mention that we should gradually start focusing on using our Psychic faculties. These begin with Intuition, and increasing the sensitivity of our five senses. Do not overthink in terms of techniques and powers. This is bringing awareness to these basic aspects that we are equipped with, but are dormant within as we haven’t used them.

Prayers, regular Meditation and having an awareness of them will help us in the journey. We strengthen these and gradually wean away from the digital and electronic gadgets.

“Time” aspect of the Year

With each year, the pace of Time is increasing. We can witness each day and week go by very quickly. Many individuals are struggling to keep up, and there is always a lot left to be done.

The Rishis say that to deal with this, we can connect to the “Time aspect” of the year and request the Time to guide, help and support us. This will help us to prioritize and adapt the changes occurring. Connecting to the Time aspect will also help us to reduce stress and anxiety to a large extent.

The following is a simple technique to connect to the Time aspect—

Every day in the morning after you get up, connect to the year 2024, and then to the Time aspect of 2024. You can pray to the year for guidance and help.

Then imagine that you are receiving Silver and light-Blue Light and allow this to fill you. Experience it for 7 minutes. While experiencing, consciously breathe throughout.  Repeat “Om” silently

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