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Special Days for Meditation – December 2011

Submitted by on December 1, 2011 – 2 Comments

The period between two eclipses is as important as the eclipses themselves, with the confluence of the energies from both the events gracing our Earth. It’s a period where the Rishis take important decisions for the future and welfare of humanity and all life. With our Earth moving closer to the alignments of 2012, the importance of events like Eclipses is magnified many folds. We are currently in such an auspicious period, moving towards a Total Lunar eclipse on 10th December.

Shoonya Masa starts in mid-December where a new batch of Rishis arrive to supervise the administration of the Cosmos as the Saptarishis sit for Tapas for a month. These Rishis bring new energies and newer opportunities for Spiritual growth. They supplement our efforts at meditations and transformations with their blessings and love.

Vishwamitra Maharshi incarnated on our Earth two thousand years ago as Jesus Christ and Christmas gives an opportunity to remember him and absorb his teachings into our lives. His presence and energies can be felt most powerfully on that day.

Let all these opportunities become stepping stones for our evolution and enlightenment.

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The Special days for meditation in this month are:

06 December – Ekadashi

Rishis say that on this day, many special energies relating to the healing of our Earth will be released from Vaikunta (Vishnu Loka). Lord MahaVishnu will be present on the Earth from this day till the end of Shoonya Masa. He will monitor the Pralaya processes  and also take many initiatives along with the new batch of Rishis who arrive during Shoonya Masa.

08 December – Shiva Deepa

A Lot of energies from Shiva Loka, which specially help in inner cleansing will be available on this day. They help all of us to manifest more of our inner Light in our daily living.

10 December – Pournima, Vishnu Deepa
Lunar Eclipse – 17:03 to 23:00 IST

Duration of the Eclipse is 11:33 to 17:30 UT

A special energy called the ‘Rainbow energies’ have been anchored and gathered on the Earth for about a year now. It gets the name due to the huge range of colours it exhibits and has nothing to do with an actual rainbow.

Rishis say that on this day the special rainbow energies will be released to humanity. Many large changes are expected and for the individuals who are in tune with the higher values, it will be a smoother transition.

The eclipse energies strengthen the cleansing processes and assist the manifestation of goodness in all of humanity. This eclipse will mark an important shift of the entire Earth towards the Light Age.

16 December – Shoonya Masa

16th Dec to 14th Jan is Shoonya Masa, the period where the Saptarishis go into a month long Tapas and a new batch of Rishis take over the administration of our Cosmos.

With the presence of a new batch of Rishis, new energies and newer opportunities are present which will help our Spiritual progress. This month will be the time for humanity to really make a lot of efforts and evolve and move towards Light.

More information about Shoonya Masa

22 December – Solstice

The Solstice in December is when the Sun is directly over the Tropic of Capricorn. This is the day when many new energies will get anchored to the Earth and hence a very good opportunity to Meditate more and absorb more of these energies.

24 December – Amavasya

The New Moon day falls on the eve of Christmas; we will be able to feel the presence of Christ from this day itself. Meditate more and experience him.

25 December – Christmas

With the presence of Vishwamitra Maharshi on our Earth, it will be very easy to connect to and experience him. We can seek guidance, learn new things and absorb more of his energies.

More about Vishwamitra Maharshi 

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  • Kavita K says:

    I love the way your articles are written..it seems simple and like a story.Enjoyable and at the same time informative. Thank you for being so clear ,simple and easy to understand.

  • Shikha says:

    Dear Kavitha and Karthik,

    Gratitude to you to bring forth this very crucial and timely information. Wish to know more about the Rishis, and their forthcoming works, who are to come on mother Earth and take up the administration and new initiatives.

    Divine Love,

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