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Special Days for Meditation – August 2011

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There are realities beyond what we see, hear or normally know. Most of us are unaware of these realities because of our spiritual condition and also because of the times we live in. When we progress spiritually through practices or by our transformation and surrender to the Divine, the doors of these realities open up. Then our everyday life acquires newer colours and unimaginable dimensions, where, instead of being led by our destinies, we will be altering and co-creating them. We come in contact with higher beings and intelligences who’re ever ready to help us evolve. We will also be guided to assist others awaken to these newer realities. All these individual growths add up to the collective evolution of Humanity into the New Light Age.

This personal effort is magnified thousand fold when aligned with the divine energies that flood our Earth on important occasions. Our meditations and spiritual practices on such occasions accelerates our growth and takes us further ahead on our evolutionary curve. When these sacred days arrive, we have to meditate more and put extra efforts in absorbing the special energies that are available on those days.

The Month of August coincides with the holy month of ‘Shravana’ which heralds the onset of the monsoons. The entire period is auspicious for spiritual practices as we have the presence of many divine personalities on our Earth. Amidst the festivities and sacred days of worship, let us make use of the opportunities and take great strides in our individual and collective growth.

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The Special days for Meditations this month are:

August 4 — Naga Panchami

This day is dedicated to the worship of the Snake God and Goddess referred to as Lord Nageshwara and Nagini. Rishis say that these personalities have promised the Rishis that they would be taking many initiatives and help humanity on this day. They will counsel and guide those who seek their help.

They also have expressed that they will be involved in many works to cleanse the underworlds of the negative energies and negative environment.

We can worship these personalities on this day and seek their blessings.

August 12  Worship of Devi Mahalakshmi

Mahalakshmi is the Goddess of Spiritual and material wealth. An amsha of hers descends and stays on our Earth for 10 days starting from this day; hence this entire period is considered auspicious. Experience Her as much as you can and make use of these opportunities to the maximum extent.

Maharshi Amara is Her main guardian and he will be assisting in Her works and projects while She is present here. She will be releasing a lot of energies to humanity.

The Saptarishis will also be undertaking many new projects under Her guidance. Many new links with other Galaxies and energy sources will be established.

From the month of September, the Saptarishis will be conducting many workshops at the astral level for those individuals who are open and willing to change and transform. The preparations for that workshop will be done during these ten days.

August 13  Pournima and Upakarma

This full moon day is very important as it is the day to take spiritual oaths and resolutions. It is the day to rededicate ourselves towards a righteous living. For this reason, the Brahmins of the earlier times used to wear a cotton thread symbolising this commitment.

The Rishis will also be monitoring and observing all individuals on this day and rewarding those who have made efforts towards positive growth.

August 13  Raksha Bandan

The tradition of this festival started during the times of Lord Krishna. At that time, the people of his place used to tie a band around the wrist asking for protection. It was done by the Gopis and also the men-folk. A special mention of this tradition can be found in the incident of Draupadi tying a band around the wrist of Lord Krishna.

This festival continues to this day in India but has been reduced to the symbolism of a sister tying a band on her brother’s wrist. The Rishis say that such a bonding can exist between any two individuals — brother, sister, parent or friend — seeking their love and guidance.

August 21  Krishna Janmastami

Krishna Janmastami is the birthday of Lord Krishna. He will be present on our Earth for 10 days and the entire humanity will be able to interact with Him and also experience Him easily in this duration.

Until now, only the spiritually oriented individuals were allowed to gather at the astral level to interact with Him on this occasion. As we are in the more chaotic phases of Pralaya, Lord Krishna will be interacting with all individuals on Earth. This year, Lord Krishna wants to contact the entire humanity and teach them many new things so that all can learn and benefit.

August 22  World Healing Day

August 22nd of every year is celebrated as the World Healing Day. Some of the works which were accomplished last year on this day are mentioned in this article. This year too, many astral works for the betterment of Earth will be taken up.

The Rishis say that Mother Earth (Gaia) herself will be taking many decisions and initiate various churning processes on this day.

August 25  Maharshi Amara’s Punyathiti

Maharshi Amara passed away in 1982 on this day. He was one of the greatest Spiritual masters present on our Earth and working under the guidance of the Saptarishis for the betterment of all humanity. He is still active at the astral level participating in the work of the Rishis and helping humanity. On this day he will be involved in many special projects for its welfare.

Anyone can interact with Maharshi Amara and experience him. Meditate as much as you can on this day.

August 29  Amavasya

The new Moon day is usually the day for introspection and to connect with our departed elders. It is provides opportunities to overcome our shortcomings and grow.

Rishis suggest that the time has come to start following more of the Spiritual and less of the material. Experience more of Light on this day.

August 30  Day to Experience Stillness

On this day, many special energies are available to experience total Stillness. We will be able to have a deeper experience of Light. This is also referred to as Mauna in Sanskrit – which is silence at the level of the body, mind and intellect.

For practical reasons, it may be difficult to manifest Stillness for the entire day. Try to spend a lot of time in silence and solitude and tune to your Soul.

August 31  Worship of MahaGowri

MahaGowri is also known as Parvati and Durga Devi and is general referred to as the wife of Lord Shiva. An amsha of MahaGowri will descend and be present on our Earth on this day. She descends a day earlier to the descent of the amsha of Lord Ganesha whose birthday is celebrated the next day (1st September).

She will grace the individuals to fulfil their wishes and achieve great spiritual heights. It is up to us to make use of this opportunity.

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