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Healing Mother Earth

Submitted by on September 3, 2010 – 7 Comments

Image Courtesy – Visionary-Artist-StoryTeller Saleena Kí aka Joan Ov’Art

Our Earth is the only planet in our solar system where Life exists. This beautiful planet which is a thriving ground for a multitude of life-forms is not a lifeless rock, spinning aimlessly in space. It is a Mother who births and nurtures various living beings  And Man has intuitively understood this and personified Earth in his art, music, stories and mythology since ages. He has rightly called her as a Mother, who cares for her wards irrespective of how they treat her.

The Scriptures, while describing the six qualities of a woman, attribute the qualities of tolerance and forgiveness to Mother Earth. The Love and Patience of Mother Earth surpasses that of anyone else in God’s creation – only She can withstand the horrific abuses inflicted upon Her since ages and still support and nurture Life, with Unconditional Love.

Our Earth is a Goddess at the Spiritual level, who is in charge of all Life on this planet. She’s been called as Gaia in the West and as Bhoo devi in Sanskrit. The Rishis say that this Goddess was brought down from Devi Loka to take care of this Earth and the life here, long back, when evolution attained a particular level and life-forms began to appear. She holds the responsibility for everything that occurs on this planet: if a new energy has to be brought down, She needs to consent and if there’s any calamity, She has to permit.

Our Mythology tells a story where long back, Mother Earth approached God, requesting Him to descend and help Her get rid of all the negativity and excessive baggage that were weighing Her down. When we look around, we realize that it’s true even now: the excessive negativity and atrocities of Humanity have weighed down all Life, and through them, wounded Mother Earth. Countless wars, genocides, hatred and numerous acts of cruelty at the global, soceital and individual levels have left a deep scar on the collective Human psyche. In pursuing our selfish needs, we have disregarded and neglected Nature and other life-forms, resulting in severe ecological imbalances and the extinction of many species.

Healing of Mother Earth

Mother Earth bears the brunt of all these atrocities and cruelty. She has a lot of wounds and hurts because of all the wars, human negativity and environmental destruction — all of which have peaked in the 5000 year long Dark age from which we’ve just emerged. Hence She has to be healed periodically.

The Rishis heal Mother Earth with special healing energies. There are thousands of Rishis, Light workers, Angels and Fairies who are working very hard to bring down new and rare energies, to assist in Her healing. A lot of healing work is done by the Rishis and their workers. All these processes are supervised and guided by Santhoshi Devi, the Goddess of healing. She monitors the type of energy and the quantity that has to be given to Earth.

A batch of Rishis always assists Santoshi Devi. They monitor the different processes and also keep a watch on the surroundings. Presently the Rishi in charge of this batch is Rishi Roganirudhan. He keeps a constant watch on Mother Earth’s health and heals Her under the guidance of Santoshi Devi.

The Rishis recently carried out some works at the spiritual level to heal Mother Earth and shift Her to higher levels of Consciousness. These are part of the first phase of work that happened between 22nd August 2010 (World Healing day) and 30th August 2010 (Opening of doorway to Inner Earth).

On 22 Aug 2010 – World Healing Day

Many processes were initiated on this day. The Goddess of healing, Santoshi Devi and the Rishis involved in this work did a lot of healing work on Mother Earth and humanity. An abundance of healing energies were pumped into Earth which will gradually help to establish positive vibrations on this planet.

To begin the initial healing, Mother Earth was given four different energies from four different directions.

From the top left, a lot of light Blue energies were provided from Vishnu Loka.. From the bottom right, she was given a lot of Green and White energies from Aproopa Brahma. From the bottom left, she was given Pink energies from Devi Loka and Santoshi Devi. And from the top right, the dark Blue energies from Shiva Loka flowed down on Her.

After this, white energies from all the manifested Universes were showered on Mother Earth. This facilitated thousands of new angels to appear and surround this planet. And they began to heal the Earth.

This process also helped Earth to shift to the next level of consciousness.

Image Courtesy – universal-linkup.com

The Period between 22nd August and 30th August

After the initial healing, Goddess Santoshi Devi and the Rishis connected a tunnel from Sirius (our greater central Sun) to our Earth. Through this tunnel, Mother Earth will continue to receive the energies directly, which will help in Her healing.

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. About a quarter of the energies present in Sirius aids healing. The energies from Sirius will help heal Bhoo Devi and also help Her to accept the newer energies that will flow into Earth in future.

After constructing this tunnel, the Rishis built 4 pyramidal shaped gadgets in the four directions around the Earth. The purpose of these gadgets is to help the processes of churning out all negativities from our Earth.

Mother Earth experienced severe pain after these gadgets were fixed. It took a few days of healing to help her come out of this pain.

These 4 gadgets that are fixed around the earth will absorb the healing energies from Sirius and store them. They will release these energies to Mother Earth as and when She requires them.

How do these events benefit humanity?

Like any other Lightwork, these activities occur silently, hidden from the awareness of most of the world’s population. But the impact of these works on Humanity is profound. The energies help every individual make a shift into the next phase of transformation with ease. They prepare an important platform for our entry into the Light Age.

Those who are open to these divine influences at different levels will be helped abundantly by these energies. The energies from Sirius are very strong and contain a lot of positive vibrations. They help us to choose the good and positive, to differentiate evil and choose Light. They also help in manifesting love and oneness with everyone.

The energies also work on those who choose to remain closed and block out these influences. They begin to strengthen their conscience. This will help them to make proper choices.

The pyramidal gadgets that are fixed in the four directions will be active henceforth and will play an important role in relation to Mother Earth. With their help, any genuine seeker can link up to these gadgets and directly receive the transformative energies from Sirius.

The new energies and the gadgets have also laid the platform for our Earth to hold a lot of blue energies and healing energies. This will help in better living conditions for all those individuals who choose Light, who choose the New Age.

Healing as a step towards the New Age

The Earth is one with all life it supports—the wellbeing or suffering of life-forms affects Earth and vice-versa. It’s not just we Humanity who are going to make a shift into the Light Age; even Mother Earth and all living beings will be making that shift. So as we move closer to the phase of entry into the New Age, any occasion related to Her healing assumes great importance.

These occasions are not just about passing on some energies or opening of a doorway. The Rishis heal Mother Earth, console and give Her hope and charge Her with new energies. They also help Her to tune up to the new changes that are occurring at present. The changes and healing which She undergoes will also impact Humanity — in Her healing, we too are healed. And through our individual transformation and positivisation, we assist the healing of the whole planet.

The mythological story described earlier says that God promised Mother Earth that He’d come down whenever evil and negativity flourished, and would annihilate them to heal Her from all vices. This is also symbolic! The descent of God is synonymous with the awakening of Divinity in every individual. When we open up to the inherent divine spark in us and remove all negativities within, we do a great service to Mother Earth by Healing her. By allowing our Light to shine forth, we not only make a shift to the New age but also assist Mother Earth to make this shift and ascend.

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  • yogi says:


    your articals are very enriching.thanx for that.one question i want to ask about 1 artical about unmanifested god the primordial god moolabrahma.as you said, before moolabrahma there was nothing but only empty space.he was formed by three energies i.e. golden,violet and white.i want to ask you whether there is any source of these energies for example ADIMOOLBRAHMA,which in turn might have created moolabrahma and sara moolabrahma.

  • Ninad Phatak says:

    What a great, original knowledge this article carries! Thank you Kavithaji for sharing this wonderful knowledge and making us aware of our responsibility to contribute in Mother Earth’s healing.
    Only a highly advanced spiritual genius like Kavithaji can provide such correct information and knowledge.
    I personally feel blessed and privileged to read various articles on this website!

  • Shikha says:

    I have no words, how mother Earth has been silently bearing everything with such tolerance, patience and divine love. All I can say is that we all not only remain accountable for it, but also need to take active participation in her healing by sending our love to her and our fellow beings!

  • Gopi says:

    Praise Bhooma Devi.

    Lets manifest love all around.

    • Sandhya says:

      Great work by the Rishis, Ma Santoshi Devi and all those involved in this work. I request those who are reading this comment, let us together Pray and heal Mother Earth by positivising ourselves and by embracing Light in our lives and sending the same to Mother Earth and the entire creation on this beautiful planet. Let us whole heartedly welcome NEW AGE on this planet.

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