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The New Rishis and Changes in Pralaya Processes

Submitted by on January 26, 2013 – 8 Comments

We have lived through one of the best Shunya Masa’s in recent times. On the invitation of the Sapta Rishis, a very special group of Rishis graced our Earth in this duration. These great masters who wish that their names not be revealed now, have arrived to guide and help humanity in the middle of a very complex and interesting time period.

The Shunya Masa is a one month period every year where the Sapta Rishis hand over the charge of administering Creation to a special group of Rishis and go into Tapas. This year’s Shunya Masa was unlike any other because of many Cosmic events which coincided on 21st December 2012. As the Mayan Long Count Calendar ended on this day when our Earth entered into the core of the Photon belt, many drastic changes were predicted to occur. While some predicted total apocalypse and chaos, there were others who anticipated a mass spiritual ascension and the beginning of the Light Age. Dramatic physical changes like the pole-shifts and huge earthquakes were also expected by many groups because of the alignments and energy influx.

21st December arrived and left, with neither an apocalypse nor a visible spiritual ascension as expected. What remains unknown is that behind these seeming ‘non-occurrences’ lie extraordinary efforts, activities and important decisions of the care-takers of the Universe. A tremendous amount of work went into safeguarding our planet and all life on it, in ensuring a smooth passage for humanity in this critical time period.

The New Rishis who have arrived for Shunya Masa played a very important role in these activities. A little information about them and their works is revealed here. This knowledge also sheds fresh light on Pralaya along with helping us understand the new directions that our spiritual evolution has taken now onwards.

The Three Rishis

The Sapta Rishis had invited a special group of Rishis, right at the beginning of 2012, requesting them to take charge of our Earth during Shunya Masa this year. These Rishis had come to our Earth many times in the past to help humanity, but this was the first time they would be arriving as Rishis-in-charge. This special group consists of three very great Rishis, who are created from Devi Mahalakshmi!

True to their source, these Rishis carry an abundance of Spiritual wealth, along with very special energies and knowledge. With thousands of years of intense Tapas, they have gathered unique and rare energies. Out of their love for our Rishis and Humanity, they are sharing these energies with every individual on our Earth.

These Rishis are specialists in dealing with Pralaya and the transition processes. They usually work in all those Earths and Galaxies which are going through such a transition like ours and in those places which require their services. They are a living encyclopaedia on the Pralaya processes. They use their expertise in dealing with the complexities of this phase, in tackling this duration positively and in providing a permanent solution to all the problems usually faced on the planets in this duration. In fact, their work is so special that they were in charge only of our Earth and a few more planets in a similar situation, while another group of Rishis took charge of administering the rest of the Material Cosmos during Shunya Masa.

They are also experts in creating gadgets especially designed for Pralaya. They have special powers which are used to trap dark forces and dark energies. They’re also equipped in creating new frequencies and sound vibrations which help in detecting and destroying the dark forces. These Rishis are a personification of Love and Peace but are also tough on those who violate the laws. They are created in this way, not tolerating Adharma and not being much lenient in forgiving wrong behaviour of deliberate intent. They are also very professional in their approach and always focussed on their work.

These Rishis are also experts in the art of dance! One of them has personally tutored Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali, who consider him as their ‘Dance Guru’!

Their Work with the Sapta Rishis regarding Pralaya

Pralaya, according to the new Rishis, can be defined as Love! They say that it is a phase where we let go of everything else and learn to manifest Love unconditionally—towards others humans, towards Nature and finally towards all of Existence! This phase is a boon for all as it helps in identifying ones shortcomings and weaknesses, in order to overcome them. The fruits of years of Sadhana can be achieved in a relatively short duration during Pralaya. This phase also makes it easier for Light to spread everywhere and darkness to get destroyed.

The New Rishis brought many new devices and spiritual gadgets which will help our Rishis in easy functioning during Pralaya. They taught the Rishis many new ways of dealing with Pralaya. One example is, they taught the Sapta Rishis more details about using water—both physical as well as elemental water—in works related to our transition.

At the level of administering Creation, there’s a specialised area of Healing which can be commonly understood as ‘Pralaya Healing’. The New Rishis are masters in this area and they taught our Rishis many new aspects related to this healing.

There is a lot of new knowledge about Pralaya shared by these Rishis, along with ways of preventing the manifestation of Darkness once the Light Age is established. These new insights and the way in which they will be adopted by the Rishis are a part of ‘Pavitrena Karyam’ (The Sacred Project, explained as a chapter in our book ‘The Light Age’). We are receiving this important knowledge for the first time ever. A part of ‘Pavitrena Karyam’ is about how the Divine manages humanity’s free-will. The new Rishis are teaching the subtle and intricate aspects of applying such concepts, during and after Pralaya.

They also introduced new aspects of Meditations and newer ways to tap into different energies—all of which help us in sailing through this phase with much ease.

The Works Related to 21st December 2012

21st December of 2012 was a highly anticipated date for various reasons. A huge destruction was expected to happen on that date, due to the confluence of different astronomical events. The Sapta Rishis had revealed in the middle of 2010 itself that, most of these dramatic events will not occur and have been postponed, since humanity needs more time to transform. However many people and groups on our Planet who were unwilling to accept these dynamic realities, continued to be stuck with their individual ideologies, wishes and interpretations about 2012. The general public were either ignorant or awe-stuck with apocalyptic fears as the important date approached.

The New Rishis were in fact surprised by the behaviour of many individuals and groups all over the world. Only a few were genuinely concerned about humanity and life as a whole. The rest wanted huge scale destruction or spiritual ascension just to be proved correct. The enormity and complexity of the situation was missed by most of us. The Rishis ask those who wished for some destruction or a sign from the Divine on 21st December, whether that is the way towards Light Age? Do individuals really think that their level of spirituality will qualify them for the New Light Age?

As revealed by the New Rishis, hardly a few thousands are ready to live in the New Age at present. Many are making genuine efforts and think that they’ve qualified but in fact have not. Allowing severe changes to happen followed by a spiritual ascension would’ve resulted in a very drastic reduction in human population, with only a few thousands moving ahead into Satya Yuga.

The Rishis re-iterated the fact that our transition into the Light Age is about everyone transforming and becoming full of Love, becoming radiant beings and this growth in the individuals helping the manifestation of the New Age. It is not about a date in the calendar!

Another important fact was that the dark forces were very active on that day, which was missed by many individuals and groups! They had let their guard down, assuming an automatic shift in consciousness and arrival of new energies of the alignments. The dark forces were trying to create enormous destruction and chaos, being strengthened by the misguided aspirations and intentions of many spiritual groups who wished for calamity.

To prevent this destruction, the New Rishis created a very powerful shield around our Earth on the night of 20th December 2012, and fixed two huge gadgets, each the size of the Earth on this shield! Their works also resulted in 21st December being like any other day of the year, without any water-shed event, inspite of the occurrence of many important Cosmic events.

After careful observations, the New Rishis have decided to implement many changes in our transition process. Even the earlier deadlines of 2015 and 2020 stand dissolved now! They mention that it doesn’t matter if we take one year or a hundred years to ascend. The focus is on Transformation, and if an individual transforms, he can live in the New Age, this moment itself!

The focus of the work of the Rishis has also now shifted to help the maximum number of people to transform and qualify for the Light Age. Many new Laws and changes are being implemented relating to the Pralaya processes and our transition into the Light Age. These details shall be shared in a later article.

Other Activities of the New Rishis

One of the first works executed by the New Rishis when they arrived was the cleansing of our Planet. They also removed a lot of negativities from all humans and also the Planet. Then they anchored healing energies into Earth. These will manifest gradually.

The Rishis also created many new spiritual gadgets and fixed them at different places across the world. These help in monitoring and observing all activities, which help in important and crucial actions to be taken later. Some of these gadgets help humanity to sail through Pralaya with ease.

They brought many amazing energies and other gifts for the entire humanity. At a different level, they talked to and counselled every individual on the planet. The focus and orientation of this counselling was to help each person to open up further, tune to Light and activate the dormant faculties. They were so enthusiastic about helping humanity that in one case where an individual needed a specialized healing, they went to another Universe to bring a Master who is an expert at it!

These great Rishis also worked in tandem with Vishwamitra Maharshi and Maharshi Amara, in executing many works to make 2013 a spiritually rewarding year. They have released a lot of new energies for this purpose. They say that this is a year of gifts, and when an individual makes sincere efforts to grow spiritually, they will be rewarded by the Divine!

Their Message to Humanity

The New Rishis ask each individual to consciously focus on their inner transformation. Although everyone feels that they are always right and saintly, it is not true. Each individual has many areas where they can grow; they need to spend time identifying such areas personally and then make efforts to overcome the shortcomings and grow.

The Rishis have also executed works which gradually lead to equality in various areas like gender, economy, social levels, race etc. We have to be aware of these new processes and make efforts to manifest Oneness with all of humanity and Creation. The Rishis also mention that a framework for corrective action is being set up. Those who continue to follow the ways of the dark and ego will face action by the Divine.

The New Rishis are also happy with the work of many dedicated individuals, who are selflessly working for the betterment of humanity with unconditional love. These people include not only the spiritual workers but also the activists, social workers and many non-governmental organizations. These sincere people will be given additional support.


The Sapta Rishis had stayed back from their Tapas during Shunya Masa, to assist the New Rishis in their works. Now the New Rishis have extended their stay on our Earth, to complete the new projects that have been initiated.

During their stay here, these Rishis are bringing about many changes. They will be first implemented at the astral level. The Sapta Rishis will be activating and manifesting the processes one by one gradually until the overall transformation happens. More information about these changes is not being revealed now, as the dark forces are still active and the Rishis are careful in not spreading the details of their projects.

At some stage during the course of this year, the Saptarishis and other important Rishis will have an important meeting, where the further course for humanity, the duration of the transition phase and other details will be discussed and decided upon. The Rishis have already begun work pertaining to various activities, in different parts of the world, in different areas. One example is the general elections in India in 2014, for which various projects have already begun now.

Individually, we need to be aware of the dynamic nature of our times, where every decision and action is taken by the Rishis with respect to the ever changing realities. The essence of ‘Pavitrana Karyam’ is an experiment to bring about many radical changes in the Creation and our transition into the New Age, the concept of Yugas and other realities are all experiments; they change and transform with the new situations and results. The Rishis mention that our ascension into the New Age and Spiritual evolution is not dependent on any date or a deadline. It is an individual process, based on merit and personal efforts at spiritual transformation!

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  • Titia says:

    dear sister and brother,

    Thank you so much for this heartful,lightning writing.
    While posting this article to friends,in my mind came up the thought:” Do I feel love,dealing this with others ,using this LOVE in my communication?
    At the same time asking them in my email that this should be a nice theme ?
    In love and light,

  • Anindo says:

    A warm Namaste to the Vishwaamara team,

    I would like to get a clarification; what does one mean by the statement – ” The focus is on Transformation, and if an individual transforms, he can live in the New Age, this moment itself! ” does it mean that one can transform into a light body (I mean physically) right now?

    Pardon me if the question is a misfit.


  • Vishwas Prasad says:

    Lovely comment Pragti! It is as informative as the beautiful article here.
    Keep up the good work Vishwaamara team! 🙂

  • Pragti says:

    Dear Team Vishwa Amara
    Very nice information 🙂 Specially about the Rishis who have mastered music and dance.
    The fact that the dates have been dissolved can be disappointing for many. Because many of us have been waiting for these changes. And had failed to realise that the changes have to come from within us for them to manifest externally. It perhaps is a process where many transform and the mass consciousness begins to transform. The question is how many of us will ? We the so called spiritual people are ourselves busy in distinguishing between paths and beliefs ! This path, that path, our path, their path.. !! Whereas there is only one path.. That is the path of “love”. Jesus Christ, Meera, kabir, Purandara dasa, Tukaram and many more just simply walked the path of ‘love’.
    Hopefully all of us will do that soon for the light age to set in.

    • Ashit says:

      Hi Pragti,
      I read your comments and I appreciate your views. They resound peace, love, patience, understanding etc. etc. But then we are date wise already in Sathys yuga and everything continues.., this is again supporting the people who had been doing wrong to others. Actually the announcemet of 21st december was perhaps it little warning for the negative people (the greedy, the selfish, the pround)to tighten their belts or face consequences but now these forces are very happy as they are apparently again the winners.
      Anyway best of luck!!

      • Pragti says:

        Hey Ashit !
        Thank you.Yes.. i get your point. I did see this angle of this event where the greedy and the corrupt will feel good about the fact that nothing happened. But dont you feel that if more and more of us try to “be love” things will change ? Just a thought.. !
        There are different view points about this whole episode !
        The bottom line is we all want the golden age !
        Best wishes !

        • VishwaAmara says:

          Part of the work done by the Rishis on 21st December was also to remove the cynicism which could have manifested in a larger scale. Though at an individual level a few did expresses the scientific rational, but it was a no-event generally from both sides, at the physical plane.

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