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The Astral Developments This Year

Submitted by on July 9, 2013 – 11 Comments

A lot of activity has been occurring at the higher levels to facilitate our faster progress into the Light Age. And just as the Rishis and Divine personalities are working to uplift Humanity, there are Dark forces which are actively blocking our progress. They even succeeded in thwarting many projects that were initiated by the Rishis. The presence and intense activities of the dark groups has been a major stumbling block in our movement into the New Age of Light!

The Rishis and Divine personalities, along with their assistants have executed many important works in the past few months. Much of these were not revealed so as to not attract the attention of the other group. The Rishis have been maintaining close secrecy about their works and future projects for Humanity’s welfare.Some of their works that are revealed here gives us insight into the battle between dark and light across various levels of existence. They also inspire us in our inner battle between dark and light, so that we transmute our negativities and move faster into the Age of Light.

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Ratha Saptami —

On Ratha Saptami day, the Sun God, SuryaNarayana and the Saptarishis worked together in building a huge pathway, connecting the Sun and the Northern Hemisphere of our Earth. New energy grids were also constructed on the Earth which connects to this pathway. Many other Rishis and the Rishiworkers were also involved in the formation and energising of these grids. Maharshi Vasishtha did Tapas, gathered Energies and strengthened the grids before sealing them off. These grids will be used only by the Rishis for their works.

On this day, a lot of new Energies were also released from the Sun for all of Humanity. They assist everyone in their spiritual growth and transformation.


Shivaratri —

An amsha of Lord Shiva was present on our Earth for a period of 10 days during the Shiva Ratri festival. He worked silently in this period and helped the Saptarishis in cleansing our Earth.

The dark forces had released many harmful and extremely dangerous energies which would have interfered with the Pralaya processes and caused unnecessary destruction, spreading terror and panic all over the Earth. Lord Shiva absorbed most of these negative energies along with a lot of humanity’s negativities that were present on the planet.

Lord Shiva has an abundance of unconditional Love towards our Earth and because of this, he brought down many rare and precious astral gadgets and gifted them to Vasishtha Maharshi. The Rishis will be using these to effect many Pralaya related changes on our Earth in the coming days. Lord Shiva also brought down many new energies which are presently shielded and sealed. They will be channelled by Lord Kalki to our Earth at an appropriate time.

He also initiated various works which will influence the vast geographic changes on our Earth, beginning from the climatic changes.

In a special work, Lord Shiva brought down special energies from all the 1008 Shiva Lokas and anchored it in our Brahmanda. These energies will be used at an appropriate time. A Dutch friend of ours had 1008 grains of rice materialising in her Puja room symbolising this unique event!


The March Equinox —

Many new and different experiments were conducted by the Rishis on the Equinox day. Although most of them are not revealed to us, one such interesting work was that, the Rishis divided our Earth into Northern and Southern hemispheres for energy transmission. Then they brought down energies with varying frequencies and channelled different energies to the two hemispheres.


Holi —

One of the main highlights of this day was that a very special energy was brought down to our Earth for the first time. It has a multitude of colours and frequencies but much of it was kept in the lab of Vasishtha Maharshi, because he and his team decided to use the existing energies on our Earth before releasing such new special energies.

Subsequently, with the help of Lord Kalki, this new energy was slowly released to our Earth, with Vasishtha Maharshi using it for various cleansing processes.


Good Friday and Easter —

Vishwamitra Maharshi was present on our Earth for the three days from Good Friday to Easter. During this period he was involved in various astral works and in cleansing our Earth. He also counselled the entire humanity and his observation was that about 80% of us rejected him and did not even bother to connect. But he is very happy that atleast 20% received the new energies and responded to him.

He also facilitated the birth many new Souls during the period. Many of the works he executed have been sealed off by Vasishtha Maharshi and they will be revealed gradually.


Ugadhi —

Between the Lunar and Solar New Year days of Ugadhi, our Earth entered the core of the Photon Belt energy field! But the Rishis observed that the tremendous intensity of the Photon Belt energies were too strong for our Earth, hence Vasishta Maharshi created a filter so that these energies could be made less potent before reaching our Planet.

This filtering process will be withdrawn gradually over the next few months!


The Three Eclipse of April-May —

The three eclipses were a boon and a ray of hope to all of Humanity.

Many amazing and astonishing works were executed in this period by the Rishis and their workers. Many Divine personalities and the Rishis worked very hard towards helping humanity. The focus of these activities was on the present Pralaya period, and in allowing Peace to manifest on our Earth and also the entire Material Cosmos!

The Saptarishis and their workers were abundantly helped by many Avataras like Lord Kalki, Lord Buddha, Lord Shiva, Goddess Mahalakshmi and Goddess Gayatri. Vasishtha Maharshi was in charge of all these works and he personally monitored the release of various energies and their effects on the Planet and all individuals.

For a long period, Lord Kalki and Vasishtha Maharshi have been working on creating various tunnels to our Earth from different dimensions and Universes. During the first eclipse, these doorways were opened and many new energies began flowing into our Earth.

A lot of cleansing work was also executed by these two masters. In fact this special work has resulted in the capture of many dark forces and the exposure of the corrupt.

During the second eclipse Vishwamitra Maharshi and Vasishtha Maharshi furthered the work of cleansing and transformation of our Earth and executed many intricate works. Many of the doorways of the energy fields on our Earth had been blocked by the dark forces. This prevented the entry of Light into our Earth and the dark forces could reunite and strengthen their activities.

These two Rishis had to battle with the dark forces and then clear the blocks so that the Energies from the anchored energy fields could spread around our Earth. This was a huge and difficult task and also involved a lot of secrecy and monitoring and led to the defeat of the dark forces at the right opportunity.

The Rishis also took the help of many ‘Beings’ from other Galaxies for these works. Their presence resulted in many UFO sightings during this period.

The period of eclipses also involved counselling sessions to the entire humanity, with many astral classes conducted to help everyone. Whether the individual chooses or not, each one will be forced to battle against the dark within and in their immediate surroundings.

Many new Souls also took birth in this period and the Earth is accepting more Light with ease. There are still many wars going on at the astral plane. But the completion of many successful projects heralded new hope to our Earth.


After this phase, Lord Kalki decided to allow the Intensification of Pralaya on our Earth!

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  • Gopal says:

    Dear vishwaamara team..thanks a lot for sharing such truths about astral works to us..dear all when the photon belt energy is activated fully to our earth and what will be the impact of that and what we can do for sailing through it..as nowadays growing unethical n corrup systems creates problems n giving boost to evil.pls shed some light on it

  • Munish says:

    Hi VA Team

    Thankyou so much for sharing the information. Reading this article tells us that lot of things are being done and lot of efforts are been made to help humanity in this transition phase. However, most of us are still not aware of such a divine intervention. We still keep on living our meaningless lifes ignoring all divine love which we all can experience.

    Please let us know how we can help the people who are either unaware of this or are just not ready to understand or believe in the divine reality?

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @Munish –
      We can spread the knowledge about the shift and transition of Yugas to people. Relating the knowledge with various occurrences at the physical plane will help people connect better. There will also be many who are not ready or unwilling to accept. We have to give them their space and allow them to choose.

      The Rishis and the Pralaya energies are doing their part in helping everyone open up. Everyone will, when they are ready.

  • Nagaraj Ganapa says:

    Namaskaram VishwaAmara,

    Many thanks for sharing this information.
    Such information not only expands our Awareness but also hits hard on to our limited & mundane way of thinking. It is only with the selfless efforts like this, we can atleast hope for bringing more and more light and awareness. Many thanks!!!

    It is good to know all these information, however it will be very good if we can feel and experience the new energies mentioned here. How can we connect to these Divine Beings (a practical method)? What should be our daily practice/Spiritual Sadhana to make this connection?

    Many thanks,
    Nagaraj Ganapa

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @Nagaraj –
      There are many tips and techniques mentioned in our book “Communing with Light” regarding connecting to Light and experiencing it. There are also suggestions about Contacting the Rishis and Sadhana in general.
      Please go through the book.

  • shreya says:

    dear vishwaamara team you have said dark energies causes unecessary destruction so this means that recent uttarakhand flood was the result of dark energies and who were that beings from other galaxies that helped vishwaamitra and vasishtha maharishi to fight dark energies

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @Shreya –
      The Uttarakhand flood are the result of Pralaya energies and not the dark energies.
      Regarding the Beings who assisted the Rishis, we don’t have any further information regarding that.

  • Shikha says:

    Dear VA Team,

    This explains a lot of my what(s) and why(s). Thank you for sharing this.

    Divine Love.

  • kishore says:

    Thank u god for everything…,Thank u Vishwaamara team…,thank u…,

  • Deep says:

    Very informative article.Thanks a ton…

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