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Further Intensification of Pralaya

Submitted by on August 24, 2013 – 7 Comments

Since the Pralaya phase intensified a few months ago, there has been an intense churning going on in our Earth. After an initial spell of natural disasters, the man made chaos is surfacing with much more intensity.

We had a lot of new energies from the Source, ParaBrahma, flowing last month which helped first stabilize the process and then intensify it to some extent. Devi Mahalakshmi is present on our Earth now. She has come with many new and varied energies and these energies have been brought down to our Earth for the first time. The Rishis have been working alongside Her and together they have brought about many changes in our entire Galaxy.

Yesterday just after midnight, at the astral level, our Earth went through another major shift in the energies. Initially a kind of green liquid began to ooze out to the surface from multiple places and it covered the entire surface of the Earth. Then the entire Earth had a shift in the energy frequencies.

The Rishis mention that this Green Liquid like matter acted like a lubrication and this will also be helping the individuals in their ‘shift’. Today and tomorrow (24th and 25th) are important energetically as many new energies are pouring into the Earth.

There has also been a Shift in the entire Solar system. Due to the various works by Devi Mahalakshmi, there have been changes occurring in the vibrations of all the planets influencing our Earth from a few days. The frequency of their vibration and the different energies emanating from them which influence our life here are changing and their impact will be visible gradually.

After the shift the Earth underwent yesterday, Mother Earth (Gaia) remarked that the entire humanity should learn to surrender unconditionally. She also mentioned “We have to tune up further to Light and make use of the opportunities. That is the only way forward. We can no longer blame others or continue to ignore the higher realities occurring. Otherwise we shall be living in a state of continued tension. Each one of us should focus on our growth with more intensity and move ahead spiritually. A strong focused intention followed by our sincere efforts will enable us to take great strides forward”.

In the coming days, many changes will be occurring in the energy grids of the Earth. Many works and changes which have been brought about at the astral level will also be manifesting to the physical level.

Many New Agers were excited with a cosmic alignment called the ‘Grand Sextile’ last month. Six planets in of our Solar system formed the shape of a ‘Star of David’. As that was not a perfect Sextile formation, the impact was less. There is another formation similar to that tomorrow. This time also it will not be a perfect Sextile formation but another alignment of the planets forming a cross is also occurring and together they will have a more powerful influence. The effects are already visible with the Shift we underwent yesterday.

These changes in energies will intensify the Pralaya processes further. Here in India there is confusion in the economic sphere. There may not be a collapse straight away but the chaos and confusion will persist for more time. We are witnessing human conflicts like that in Egypt and Syria. Many more such wars and other natural destructions will occur ahead. The effect of the Eclipses in October/November will also begin to influence us in the coming days and these will also influence the shift in energies occurring. It will take some time for this shift to stabilize and for us to understand its overall influence and impact.

For all of us individually, we are also entering the crunch time gradually. The inner qualities of the entire humanity will begin to surface now with more vigour. And the hatred and narrow mindedness of the individuals will be the first to be visible. There will be upheavals in the individual’s lives especially in their health.

Interestingly though, from now on, the individuals who have been pursuing their inner transformation and are stable in their spiritual pursuit will be in a different ‘space’ all together. They will be connected to the higher energies and to the vibrations of similar individuals, and will be less influenced by the chaos of the world, though being a part of it.

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  • Sundeep T says:

    Thanks for sharing such an useful info.

    I to felt that on Krishna Janmastama (yesterday) we are really nearing a time when our individual and collective actions are accounted for. The surprising coincidence is Kaliyuga started on 3102 BC and we are at 2013 AD a perfect reverse. As the years match (when reversed) our destiny’s also seem to march towards the Satya Yuga. Many have said before like Sri pada Vallabha, Potuluri Veerabrahmendra swami, etc after 5000 years of Kaliyuga a samanya pralaya will enforce Satya yuga.
    But i fear there would be Armageddon before we see the changed world.

  • kishore says:

    thank u vishwa amara team,saptharishis,lord kalki bhagavan,lord mahavatara,all light age masters and my lord shiva

  • B.Mothikumar says:

    Every article updating pralaya process is very interesting with new messages not heard of. Thank you.

  • Gopal says:

    Dear VA team..thanks a lot for such a updated and recent information..very very potent and useful for all of us like an alarm for next transition phase…thanks again with divine love

  • Kathy Leo says:

    Thank you for fresh input, always relevant. You’re one of the few websites that emphasizes Pralaya. Indeed this is the inevitable course of working out our personal & collective karma. Your perspective balances out all the “Love & Light” usually touted by New Agers. Having a balanced perspective keeps us more sane. Namaste.

    • Anand says:

      I fully concur with Kathy. Your articles are resourceful, concise and very relevant. My additional comments on Pralaya and my wish on which I meditate and communicate to the Rishis are:

      1. Something which is groundbreaking is required. The wars in Egypt, Syria, the economic downturn and the rupee depreciation in India etc are not, in my opinion, groundbreaking and transformational.
      2. It must be positive. It does not necessarily need to be wars or create more suffering. Positive change will definitely ensue positive miracles which are visible. I sometimes wonder why the rishis don’t just eradicate the current financial system and provide resources, both financial and non financial, in abundance. I know that there is the law of karma but why not change this law and simply live in a world of positivity with no dark force

      The above perhaps too simple, naïve and too good to be true but if one thinks abt it, simplicity can just lead to what is required for the unconditional love to be untapped from all human beings. Grateful if the VishwaAmara team could relay my views to the rishis.

      Anyhow, many thanks to the VishwaAmara team for the very good and stellar work that they are doing. This needs to be highly commended. Keep it going.

  • Shikha says:

    Marvelous article ! Thanks a lot VA team ! Divine Love.

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