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Energy part 2 — The different colours

Submitted by on April 23, 2012 – 5 Comments

Our Creation has manifested because of God’s desire to experiment with His own potential. One of the main features of this Creation is diversity. We can witness it in the millions of species among plants, animals and insects, at various levels of Nature on our Earth. This variation can be found even at the planetary, galactic and cosmic levels where each part of creation is unique and specialised.

Energies, which are the building blocks of all Creation exhibit similar diversity. When Light vibrates at different frequencies, a particular coloured Energy manifested from each of these frequencies. Since all of them are from the same source, they share many similar characteristics like love and peace. Yet each Energy has more potency of a particular feature and exerts maximum influence on Creation in that area.

The following sections discuss the prominent features of different energies –

1. White Energies

White Energy is the most basic and essential blessing to Existence from the Supreme Intelligence. The core of Mula Brahman is a Brilliant and bright Whte.

This is the first energy which manifested and condensed to form the building blocks of Creation. Due to the transition period into the Light Age now, the Golden and Blue energies are predominantly active but it was White Energy which carried out enormous amounts of works before these energies came into existence in our part of the Creation.

Many Rishis carry and emanate White Energy. This primordial energy has guided and assisted in the evolution of many Rishis, hence they generally carry it and use it for their work. Among the Sapta Rishis, Pulastya and Pulaha Maharshis use this energy the most.
White energy can be categorised into two groups. The first type of energy is the one which can be drawn from above and spread to our surroundings. And the second type is that which comes from within us and spreads out. The second type arrives directly from ParaBrahma!

By nature, these energies are very gentle, mild and soothing. They are generally very active during eclipses, when very strong energies are released. Since Earth and its inhabitants cannot sustain these stronger energies, the White Energies take care of these extra energies and provide relief.

White energy is not only gentle but also available to everyone. It is never discrete in its grace and is available to both the Light and Dark forces. The Rishis who are monitoring the Pralaya processes and are pushing back the Dark forces in order to herald the New Light Age, have requested White Light to be discrete in His Grace.

Although this Energy has stopped working now, as per the Rishis’ request, it is participating only in healing Mother Earth and shielding Her, on specific occasions. It has always graced our Planet during times of immediate need. Since the other Energies are working actively on our Earth, the work of White Energy is being shifted to other Earths. Yet, this energy, with the consultation of Mula Brahman and Vishwamitra Maharshi, wants to actively participate in the current pralaya period and help humanity as much as possible.

At the individual level, White Energy can be used to tame our negativities. This energy heals our hidden shortcomings. It removes our darkness and enhances our positivity. By accepting and opening up to it, we can transform faster. When we follow all the instructions and principles of the Higher intelligence, we will be filling ourselves with an enormous amount of White light, which helps to transform ourselves into Light bodies.

By utilising the White Energy, we can learn more about the new realities and open up to newer dimensions. The Rishis are conducting more research on this aspect.

2. Golden Energies

Golden energies have emerged from Golden Light, the predominant Component of our Universe, ParaBrahma. The atmosphere of ParaBrahma, Ananda (bliss matter) is made of Golden Light and Energies. God has brought forth the entire creation inside our Universe using Golden Energies.

Purity, Bliss and Love are the main characteristics of this Energy. By absorbing it one can become as pure as ParaBrahma Himself! The Rishis say that although ParaBrahma contains a lot of White Light, his purity and love are filled with Golden Energies.

The Pranas which sustain life on our Earth and on other Planets are purely made of Golden Energies. The Second Sun which is playing a major role in our current transition into the New Light Age carries a lot of this Energy. The SaptaRishis always emanate Golden Energies. Among other Rishis, Maharshi Kapila has an abundance of knowledge relating to these energies.

Maharshi Amara who is currently living on an Earth in Andromeda Galaxy has mastered the art of Golden Energies, its advantages and the knowledge about how to use it to help Humanity. The entire Andromeda Galaxy is made up of Golden particles as this Galaxy carries a lot of energies from ParaBrahma.

Golden Energies normally flow in a spiral formation. They also flow in a triangular or pyramidal formation. The Egyptian Pyramids were built to hold these energies in large amounts. The kings of Egypt like Rameses II and the Roman emperors also carried a lot of these energies.

Golden Energies along with Blue Energies are playing an important role in our current shift into the New Light Age. A major impact of this energy has been in the reduction of Pralaya duration and preponing of our entry into Satya Yuga. Many of the changes that we see today were expected to happen at a later date. But our Material Cosmos began absorbing enormous amounts of Golden Energies from ParaBrahma. The Rishis had to plan about these excessive energies; so instead of wasting them, used them to redesign the system of Lokas and the time periods in the Brahmanda.

At the individual level, Golden energies help sensitizing and sharpening our five sense organs. When we absorb more of these energies, our third eye begins to operate easily. Since these energies are sensitive in nature, they help in activating our hidden faculties.
During each eclipse, we receive a lot of these energies. The Rishis have built an internal shield within each individual which helps retain these energies. By accepting more of the Golden energies we can align to the spiritual realities and shift our focus towards spiritual pursuits.

The Golden Energies help in destroying our negativities easily. By absorbing these energies we can achieve total Peace.

3. Blue Energies

Our Earth, when viewed from outer space looks like a blue globe. Astronomy attributes this to the oceanic waters which cover most of Earth’s surface and to the refraction of Light by water. However, the Rishis say that when viewed from the spiritual level also it is Blue and the reason for this blue hue is our Earth being filled with the energies of Prakasha Brahma and Neela Brahma!

The Energy from Blue Light is one of the most important and dominant energies in Existence. These strong energies act decisively against dark forces and remove them without a trace. The Universe, Prakasha Brahma which is filled with these energies has no negativities. Also these energies have amazing healing capabilities. The Universe, Neela Brahma was created by the Primordial God with Blue Light having these characteristics. By linking to these Universes, one can not only absorb the Blue energies but also indirectly link to Mula Brahman Himself!

The Blue energies from Lord Shiva and MahaVishnu have always been present and active on our Earth. However, the current transition that we’re going through on our Earth is an important event — a part of a major project where all negativities will be removed from the entire Material Cosmos. Hence the Rishis have brought down and anchored stronger and intense versions of Blue Energies on our Earth from the Manifested Universes — Prakasha Brahma and Neela Brahma.

As the Blue energies are becoming more active on our Planet, the dark forces are slowly being pushed back. The Rishis have also added these energies to the Photon Belt through which our Earth is passing through now. Because of this, when the dark forces try to link up and draw energies from the Photon belt, their powers are being withdrawn without their attention.

Experiencing Blue Light totally needs years of dedicated sadhana and services towards God. One who experiences this Light gets closer to the Primordial God, Mula Brahman. The best example is Vishwamitra Maharshi who is an expert on this Light and its energies. By linking to him and focussing on Blue Light, one can become the most spiritual Soul in Existence.

There’s more awareness of the existence of the Higher Intelligence in everyone’s lives. This is because of Blue Energies, which bring an awareness of positivity at all levels. Anyone who’s filled with this powerful energy can create or destroy anything and they can also multiply themselves. They can manifest many positive miracles in God’s creation with the help of these energies. The Blue energies help an individual to be filled with unconditional love, peace and humility.

Absorbing Blue energies heals not only our physical body but also our astral body. When Blue energies are passed to our body, the old cells are worn out and new cells take birth. Then when these energies reach our astral body, the faculties of Intuition, Telepathy and Astral travel get sharpened.

Blue Energies will play a major role in the duration between 2012 and 2020 when many changes happen at various levels before Satya Yuga dawns on our Earth. An individual who absorbs and holds Blue energies represents Satya Yuga, and cannot be touched by negativities. When negative energies try to enter him, they are rebounded, resulting in the collapse of those systems which harbour negativities.

The Rishis ask us to inhale and exhale Blue Light and hold it our system as much as possible. We have to indulge it in all our activities. Incidentally, Blue Light is also considered as the Rishis’ Light and their new Logo too. They are planning to implement many new systems on our Earth with the consultation of these Energies.

4. Green Energies

Green Light and Energies have emerged from Aparoopa Brahma — one of the Manifested Universes. This Universe belongs to Maharshi Amara, and these energies are one of the most valuable and rarest gifts given to mankind by Maharshi Amara.

A lot of research is being done on this Energy and its rare characteristics in Andromeda Galaxy. Maharshi Amara who lives in this Galaxy has worked on these energies between 1983 and 2008. As these energies are not very active yet, the Rishis are still conducting research and studies to know more about them.

The main characteristic of this Energy is Healing but it has other properties too. Green Energies were used to heal the Photon Belt which had a lot of holes and damages in it. It was guided to absorb these Energies from Andromeda Galaxy by Purushothama Maharshi, as a result of which it is getting healed quickly.

These special energies can heal individuals to any possible extent. But they are effective only on those who are open to newer energies. Otherwise the energies can damage their systems.

The Rishis say that we can also shield ourselves with these Energies. They not only heal our other shields but also protect them from further damages. One of the rare functions of these energies is that by absorbing them, we can attain Mukti and go to any of the Manifested Universes — not necessarily our source, ParaBrahma.

Green Energies will be used by the Rishis to heal Mother Earth completely and help humanity cross Pralaya without much difficulty.

5. Pink Energies

In our Universe, Adi Shakti or the Mother Goddess embodies unconditional love and acceptance. Her energies are predominantly pink in colour. The Pink Light and Energies have also emerged from one of the Manifested Universes — Dwithiya Brahma. God created this Universe with the intention of having a space where only unconditional love exists. Pink energies also help to nurture, care and heal many negative emotions. The colour pink signifies these qualities.

When we are sad, tense or feeling negative in any way, we can link up to this Universe to receive these energies. The Rishis say that there is no technique to experience Love other than being pure at heart and trusting. When we link up to the Higher intelligence with such trust we can always get connected to the source of these pure Energies.

Two great Rishis — Maharshi’s Vasishtha and Kanva, had gone into this Universe to experiment and understand more about these Pink Energies. They were given a special shield to explore this Universe, which they’ve brought back along with these rare energies. The shields have been split into infinite number of shields and fixed in various places. They’re fixed in the Second Sun, Photon Belt and also into all the Rishis and their workers. The newborn babies on our Earth and those who take birth in future have also been given this special shield, which carries the properties of the Pink Energy.

The Rishis have modified this shield so that it is easily available to everyone. One can always have a link to Dwitiya Brahma and this shield. In any difficult circumstance, we can imagine that we’re wearing this shield and deal with the situation to change it positively. Using this shield and the pink energies, hatred and negativities can be healed with ease.

Pink Energy carries the fine vibrations of unconditional Love. Having a contact with the special shield, and through it, with the Pink Energy, one can experience drastic positive changes in their lives.

6. Saffron Energies

Saffron Energies represent Purity and Perfection. The saffron energies present on our Earth are mainly from the Manifested Universe — Rudra Kesara Prakasha Brahma. This Universe has emerged from the third level of the Unmanifested Universe, Kastura Prakananda Prakasha Tejas Avyakta Brahman.

A Rishi named Kalyana Batta Brahma Rishi, who is an expert on this Universe is working with these Energies. He was one among the recent batch of Rishis during Shoonya Masa. He has passed on a lot of knowledge and techniques to our Rishis to tap into these energies and use them.

Saffron Energies are one of the purest in Creation. They cleanse, purify and also help one attain perfection. They do not allow the negative to exist, hence Lord Kalki, Lord Mahavatara and the Saptarishis are using more of these Energies in their works. Lord Kalki is making use of them to churn out negativities and manifest more purity on our Earth.

Saffron Energies also carry a lot of healing properties. They cleanse the karmas and assist in generating new cells in our system. They help individuals cope with their problems and overcome them. These rare Energies have been recently anchored on our Earth from their Source by the Rishis and made available to the entire humanity.

7. Violet Energies

The most powerful and intense amongst all of the existing energies is Violet. This Energy arrives from Violet Light—the Light of the Primordial God, Mula Brahman. This is also the Light which Vishwamitra Maharshi always emanates. He got enlightened on Mula Brahman and His vast creation when he did Tapas on this Light.

This Light being so pure, does not accommodate impurity and hence it is also used for destruction of darkness.

Violet Light is available only in the Unmanifested Universes. The Rishis wanted to use its Energies in the current pralaya period but had to abandon the idea when they found out that it was too powerful to be used in the Manifested Universes and their Creations.

When Rishis studied the features and characteristics of Violet Light, they discovered many beautiful and deeply hidden truths. They found out that the work of administering God’s Creation is carried out efficiently because of Violet Light. Although Violet Energy is not passed to Earth, the rays spread around wherever Vishwamitra Maharshi travels, resulting in popping out of many negativities. These are corrected using Neela Brahma’s Energies.

The same Light emanates from one of the immortal Rishis—Markandeya Maharshi. He could survive the MahaPralaya period, long back, because of these energies and witness the birth of new Creation starting from the appearance of God in the form of a blue baby.

These energies though not available even to the Manifested Universes, can be tapped, stored and used only by a few Rishis. Vasishtha Maharshi has used them to construct many gadgets and spaceships. The same energies have been passed on to the Second Sun, from where we can absorb them along with the Pranas in the New Light Age and create God’s kingdom on our Earth. These Energies are also available in abundance in the Star Sirius, as a result of which many New Agers mistakenly assume this Star to be their source.

At the individual level, one cannot use Violet Energy without the permission and guidance from the Rishis and the Higher Intelligence. These extremely pure and strong energies can burn down our systems if not used carefully under proper supervision from the Rishis. And they cannot be used for petty matters either.

Enlightenment is easily attained when we absorb a little of these Energies. By experimenting on Violet Light, one can study the Universe and the Unmanifested worlds in a detailed way. On receiving them with the permission of Vishwamitra Maharshi, one becomes immortal. A minute of absorption of these energies sharpens our Intuition and third eye. Many rare faculties have been created using these energies.

Absorbing these energies, one cannot lead a normal life here on Earth. So the Rishis have not made them available to all.

Special Energies

All of the above energies have manifested from different frequencies of Light. Apart from them, there are two very special energies which were created by two of the greatest Rishis. These energies combine the properties and benefits of many other different Energies and are far more potent and strong than any known energy until now.


8. Rainbow Energies

Rainbow Energy is a very special energy created by Vasishtha Maharshi after a lot of experimentation. He brought forth a special Rainbow Light which formed a Manifested Universe. The Rainbow energies on our Earth have mainly arrived from this source.

The Rainbow energies carry infinite number of colours and not just the seven of the visible rainbow. Due to this multi-coloured nature, they exhibit the widest range of characteristics amongst all the energies. One can say that these energies carry the characteristics of the all of the colours mentioned until now.

These energies are very potent and are not used widely. They are used by the Rishis and the Light workers only on very rare auspicious occasions.

One of the features of these Energies is in their efficiency at the astral level. They enhance the functioning of the astral body and also assist in astral travel. They help in better co-ordination and clearer communication between the physical and astral bodies.

These energies also help us connect to Vasishtha Maharshi and communicate with him.

The other special and unique properties of these energies are yet to be revealed.

9. Transparent Energies

We’ve seen earlier that there are extraordinarily huge Universes which are in an Unmanifested state, from which our Universe, ParaBrahma and other Universes came forth. These innumerable Unmanifested Universes were discovered by Vishwamitra Maharshi, who travelled to these places to know more about them. When he visited these Universes and zoomed through them at an amazing speed, his body began to absorb a huge amount of energies, because of which he was about to attain an invisible state.

When the Rishi suddenly became aware of this, he prayed to the primordial God, Mula Brahman, who suggested that these excessive energies could be converted into a new energy. Then Vishwamitra Maharshi prayed, gathered all the extra energies that his body had absorbed and converted them into a new energy which was transparent in nature.

The transparent energies are as transparent as water, is colourless and very thin in nature. They are very pure and pristine. They can easily coexist with other energies because of their nature. They’re being mixed with other energies like those from Neela Brahma, Prakasha Brahma, Pink energies and Green energies, and their effects are being studied. These energies are very flexible and can flow through any medium, whatever the shape and nature of that medium is. Unlike other energies which flow only in some formations, the transparent energy can move around in spiral, circular, square or any other forms without any restrictions.

Vishwamitra and Vasishtha Maharshis are absorbing a lot of energies from Mula Brahman in order to build the gadgets which can contain the transparent energies. They’re carefully dealing with these energies and trying to understand why they’re transparent in nature.

The Lab of Vasishta Maharshi where this energy is being experimented upon is shining brighter than before. When these energies flowed into one of the Rishi workers, he forgot his work and without his conscious will, wanted to attain Mukti immediately. Vasishtha Maharshi had to request the Transparent energies to reverse the effects on that worker. On another occasion, Vasishta Maharshi himself was about to collapse after absorbing these energies. He linked to Vishwamitra Maharshi, who rescued him and together they put the transparent energies back into the storage place.

Because of the extraordinary purity and strength of these energies, they cannot be directly released on our Earth or passed on to anyone. They are so strong that just by linking to them, the astral body can be burnt easily. The Rishis are working on various methods to modify these energies so that they can be passed on to our Earth and make them available to all of humanity. One of them is to combine the Transparent Energies with other coloured Energies before releasing them. They are used for healing and cleansing of darkness, both at the individual and Global levels. 


In our spiritual journey, we try to experience Light and manifest its qualities in our everyday lives. Experiencing Light is not easy as our systems will not be able to withstand the very fine frequency and purity of Light. Only those individuals who reach the Samadhi stage of Turiya and the Rishis can absorb Light and experience it directly. Until then, we absorb and work with the Energies even though in common parlance, we refer to it as experiencing Light.

The Rishis experiment with the various vibrations of these Energies and understand their unique properties. They use each of these Energies for different works on our Earth and in other Earths, mainly for the benefit of all life. One may get excited after reading about the individual characteristics of some Energies. We should not experiment with them without proper guidance. If we are not open or ready yet, these energies may damage our systems or create an imbalance in us.

The knowledge shared here is based on our current understanding of each of these unique Energies. This is not a final word on the features of any of these Energies nor is it absolute. More details on each of them will be shared as our understanding grows.

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  • Harsha says:

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    Dear VishwaAmara team,

    The Energy series articles are in essence energizing us with more clarity and understanding. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    When it is mentioned to ‘Linkup’ to these energies… How is it done? When do we say that we are in link?
    Though this might seem a simple question… I’d like to know the answer to effective linkup! Request you to kindly share the answer with us.

    Thanks again for the precise article on beautiful understanding of Energies.


  • Kumar S R says:

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