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Energy part 1 — The Basic Facts

Submitted by on March 24, 2012 – 3 Comments

You are not a body made of flesh and blood; you’re pure consciousness’ said an ancient mystic. The findings of modern science seem to agree with this idea. The most fundamental unit of a human body, the cell, is made up of atoms with a nucleus and electrons around it. These particles are so tiny compared to the empty space in an atom that they seem like a marble against a football field. In other words, about 99.94% of an atom is ‘empty space’! And our scientists theorize that, if all the particles of our Earth are squeezed together without any space in between, the whole Earth would fit into the size of an apple!

Particle physics further states that these immensely tiny sub-atomic particles aren’t really particles, but ‘charges of energy’, with just a probability of being at a certain point in time and space. The apparent solidness of any object is mainly because of the forces that bind the atoms together. Anything and everything in Creation including us Humans are basically only Energy, which condenses in complex ways to give a solid, liquid or gaseous effect!

It is this vibrating energy that forms the building blocks of Creation. There’s also energy around us in an unmanifested state which further influences and moves Creation. Whatever we perceive and are yet to perceive is nothing but one or the other form of Energy. And we are energetic beings ourselves.

Understanding the origin, characteristics and intelligence of Energy is to understand and know ourselves and the Creation that we are a part of. We explore a few known and some hitherto unknown aspects of Energy in this two article series.

Origin of Energy

Everything that exists originated from Light. At the Highest level of the Primordial God, Mula Brahman, there exists Light which is of the greatest quality and potential. This Light known as the Spectral Light, manifested to a less intense form called as the Nirvena Prakasha, which formed the Unmanifested Universes. From the Nirvena Prakasha manifested Light, which formed the Manifested Universes like our Universe.

When Creation continued further and new Cosmoses came into existence inside the Universes, Light manifested into a simpler component called Energy. The Huge Cosmoses are immense fields of Energy with Light, the intelligent Presence at their core. In our Creation, Devi Loka was the first energy field to manifest and hence also referred to as Adi Shakti, meaning the first energy. 

Different energies manifested from Light, each having its own distinct colour. Light usually vibrates in various frequencies, so each of these frequencies gave rise to a particular energy. And the energies inherited the colour of the Light frequency from which they came out.

Energy condensed further into the five elements which formed the different states of Matter — Solid, Liquid and Gas. These forms of matter resulted in the creation of Galaxies, Stars, Planets and everything else on these Planets. Yet, a lot of energies are still present just in their pristine pure state, carrying immense potential for creation and other purposes.

Influence of Energies on our Earth

Apart from condensing into Matter, Energy has also manifested in subtler forms which in turn influence matter. At the physical level, we can find various forms of Energy like Heat, Sound, visible Light, etc which can be directly perceived. There are subtler manifestations like the Prana energies from the Sun or the healing energies, which cannot be directly perceived but whose effects can be felt. And there are still subtler and finer energies which can be known only in the deeper states of meditations.

All these various manifestations of Energies are present to sustain life on this planet and to influence the evolution of all beings.

These Energies work under the guidance of the Higher Intelligence (God and Rishis), along with acting according to their inherent intelligence. Many Rishis, in their deep tapas, experiment and understand the various characteristics of different Energies available. They use them for the various works to be executed on this Earth.

New Energies released to Earth

Periodically many new Energies are released to Earth by the Higher Intelligence to help humanity and all life here in various ways. Very special energies are released during important occasions like eclipses and other alignments and on other days of spiritual significance.

Further to help us sail through this turbulent phase of the transition ­— Pralaya, with less pain and suffering, many new energies are released too. The new energies allow everyone to open up to the higher realities with more ease. Very special energies from other Universes are being brought down to our Earth to hasten our transition into the New Light Age.

The new energies help in reducing the negative vibrations and energies. They also make the dark less powerful and will in course of time, remove all darkness and negativity from our Earth.

Our Earth also receives Energies which are released from different Stars and Galaxies. These are specialized energies which are not required for all of humanity but only to those Souls who have arrived from the respective sources from where the energies are released.

The Flow of Energies

Generally all Energies flow in a linear or a spiral formation. They are also present as particles of energy or as a field. The Energies which manifest directly from the Higher Sources like the Manifested Universes, exhibit other unique patterns.

Energies flow in the following ways:

  1. Linear
  2. Spiral pattern (also termed as vortexing energies)
  3. Special patterns like ‘L’ shape
  4. In a twisted pattern like a chain pattern
  5. As small particles (without any fixed pattern).

 Special energies which are a combination of different energies flow in unique ways. They are:

  1. U shaped – the Energies flow in two separate channels and then merge together before reaching the destination.
  2. The combination of Energies also forms other patterns like an Ellipse, a square, a triangle etc. each having a different and unique effect.
  3. Some special Energies flow with a layer of other Energies surrounding them which act as a shield, a passage way etc.
  4. Some Energies are always present as a field and the entire field of Energy is transferred as a unit rather than flowing in a pattern.

The difference in properties between these various Energy flow patterns is still being understood.  We shall share more information about this later.

 External factors that influence Energies

Energies are pristine pure by nature and hence above all external influences. The external factors influence us, the individuals; so it appears as if they are influencing the Energies themselves.

The Energies generally exhibit more potency in the morning period than in the evening. They are also more potent on days like the Full moon day.

Energies also respond to the presence of other energies which are already present in an environment. In an atmosphere of positive vibrations, the Energies can act more effectively. Yet, due to the intelligence they carry, they always have the capacity to shield themselves without getting influenced in any way.

Intelligence of Energies

These Energies are not passive entities as our material science would want us to believe. They have their own inherent intelligence and abilities to act, communicate and manifest further. The Energies have manifested from different fields of Light. They always carry the intelligence from their respective Sources. The Source and the Energies are interconnected; hence by connecting to the Energies, one can tap into the intelligence, capacities and characteristics of the Source itself.

The Energies also exhibit the natural characteristics of the Light field from which they originated. For example, the energies from ParaBrahma always carry Peace and Bliss.

They also follow the divine laws like that of respecting free-will. When healing energies are passed to an affected part of the body, these energies request the permission of the energies which carry the disease, to dissolve it. If they refuse (the disease could be because of a karmic reason) the healing energies do not act but stay neutral. As individuals we can force the healing energies to act with our intention. In such cases the healing energies will act and help, but the resultant karma will be gathered by us as the whole process was not in accordance with the Divine Will.

Energies further exhibit varying degrees of strength, intelligence and influence depending on their colours. These colours arise out of a particular frequency and potency of Light from which that Energy has come out. Different coloured energies play various roles in influencing Creation and in furthering evolution, especially in the current period of major transition that our Earth and Humanity is going through. We shall understand more about each individual Energy in the next article.

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  • kris says:


    Wonderful and insightful article. Many thanks for this. Could you perhaps further clarify the following section:

    In such cases the healing energies will act and help, but the resultant karma will be gathered by us as the whole process was not in accordance with the Divine Will.

    Does this imply and mean that if we intend that the healing energies cure a disease, it’s against the Divine Will and not correct? I was also under the impression that the light and the healing energies can only be positive?


  • Smita says:

    Thank you for your insightful article…..can’t wait to read the next one!

    Love & Light

  • Shikha says:

    Dear VA team,

    Namaste. Its a very comprehensive and wondrous article. I await the next article eagerly.

    Divine Love,

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