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The Pandemic

Submitted by on May 9, 2021 – 3 Comments

The Covid Pandemic is probably one of the most impactful events of the present times. The pandemic has spread to most nations and has had an effect on almost everyone, influencing and changing various aspects of our lives.

In the course of this article, we try to explore the Spiritual meaning behind it and touch upon the basic steps that we as individuals can do to take care of ourselves.


Let us first understand the Pandemic from a larger perspective.

We are in the transitory period towards Satya Yuga, the Light Age. In this transition, we are currently in the period of intense churning also known as the Pralaya Period. The Pralaya period assists humanity at large to grow and transform, and shift the awareness and ways of life from the levels of the dark-Age to that of Satya Yuga.

This transformation is intense and a difficult process. It involves growth from all the lower qualities like selfishness, hatred, and narrow-mindedness that is prevalent, to that of righteousness, Love, and Unity. The transformation is focused on us becoming Spiritual Beings and aligning with the Divine ways.

It is a challenging process and to aid us in this, there will be various nudges from the Higher Intelligence. These nudges coerce us towards Awakening and change. The Pandemic is a part of this process that necessitates humanity to transform.

••      ••       ••

Now trying to understand the pandemic itself, what does it express? The pandemic is mirroring the human nature!

The Pandemic is showing our negativity and shortcomings which enable the virus to thrive— lack of unity, our greed and selfishness, and our insecurities and fear. The pandemic is mirroring the weaknesses and the ugliness present in humanity. The solution to pandemics is to deal with the above aspects from a fundamental level.

At present, the world is dealing with this as a disease to be contained and then to get rid of. We may be able to achieve this eventually with the help of vaccines and other methods but if the fundamental aspects are not dealt with and change does not occur in humans, the Pralaya processes will manifest in different ways. There will be continuous external developments that keep pushing us towards change and transformation.


The major step that is required is for the World is to Unify in tackling this. In theory, everyone knows it, yet it never happens.

A couple of years ago, we had an unprecedented amount of natural calamities. There were forest fires all over the earth and numerous high-intensity hurricanes, cyclones, and floods. It brought to the fore the impact of human activity on our environment and climate, and nudged us to collectively and responsibly deal with the issue.

The Divine always gives us time to make the changes. There are promises from all, yet how much is manifesting? What is the progress?

These were developments that required our collective understanding and unity to deal with them. It requires change from everyone, not only from those who are affected by it.

Many serious natural disasters have occurred previously too. As not much was done by us, they repeated. If we continue to be complacent, such events will only continue repeating with more intensity!

Our approach in dealing with the Pandemic is a similar failure. There is no Unity or lessons being learned. The pandemic is something that has affected all nations, yet there is no global unity.

Selfishness is so unashamedly prevalent. The rich nations want to take care of themselves first and are hoarding vaccines and technology while hundreds of nations are devoid of it. Money power is still so dominant that many continue profiting from the suffering of humanity. Many nations are still prioritizing business and commerce over human life!

••      ••       ••

We are underestimating the potential of the virus. This makes us blind and prevents us from learning our lessons.  One of the main factors for the pandemic to still be so resilient is that it feeds off the fears, greed, and selfishness of humanity. If these root causes are not addressed, the virus will continue to thrive.

The Personality of last year, 2020 Purusha, took it upon himself to reduce the influence of the pandemic on the developing and underdeveloped nations. It gave these nations more time to prepare and equip themselves for it. Many of the countries took it for granted and became complacent, even though the developed nations faced multiple waves of infection. Now, the pandemic has begun to hit the developing nations harder.

Mutations and multiple waves of infection will continue till we can Unite and collectively deal with it.


While many lessons are in the larger picture, we too have our own responsibilities. We may individually not bring about large-scale changes in governments and in society, but we can take care of ourselves.

As mentioned above, the Pralaya processes are meant to help us move towards righteousness and Spirituality. We can utilize the opportunity and make efforts in this direction and focus on our growth and transformation.

There is an abundance of help available from the Divine. The pandemic is being monitored at various levels by different Personalities. DashaAmasha Purusha, who is in charge of this entire decade is the main person overseeing it. The Personalities of this year 2021 Purusha and Shakti are working along with Lord Kalki on various aspects of this. April Devi is very deeply involved and the Rishis are always working to help everyone.

We can always avail help from the Divine. From our end, we need to be sincere in our efforts and pursue.

••      ••       ••

To begin with, learn to accept the Present. Do not wait for the “old normal”. Accepting the present situation and circumstances will help you take the necessary steps to deal with it.

Be humble when dealing with the pandemic. Let there be no arrogance that you will not get infected or you will not get it again, etc. This period is here to teach us, and your arrogance can attract this and other issues. Humility and surrender are important.

Take responsibility for yourself. The tendency of most is to blame others, including the government. It may be true that there are failures at various levels, but in the end, you are responsible for yourself. Make efforts to do the right things. Simplicity, and sticking to the basics will keep you on the right track.

Each one has to contemplate on how the pandemic situation has influenced/affected them. It will vary for each one. Some are more affected than others. Contemplating on this will indicate the aspects within that are being mirrored externally in your life. Keep pondering over it and you will get further insights into yourself. Healing the aspects within will mirror on to the external world, improving life for you.

This period is an opportunity for you to go within. It is an opportunity to heal, outgrow your limitations and negativity and work on the overall balance of your life.

This is an occasion to simplify your life and lifestyle. It is an opportunity to get rooted in the basics and tune more towards the Divine rather than increasing your dependency on technology and gadgets.

This is the period to adapt more Light into all aspects of your living.

When an individual starts to internalize, gets connected with their Inner Light, and begins balancing their material and spiritual aspects of life, life starts taking an amazing turn. The external difficulties including the pandemic do not impact them much.

The more Spiritual we become, the less affected we are by the external world. As more people start doing this, the external also begins to reflect this, leading to change and Divinity manifesting on Earth.


The pandemic is serious and is expected to be around for some time. Be patient and learn to deal with the limitations that you have to face.

Following are some general guidelines to equip oneself in these times.

At the physical level, follow these

Be conscious when you go out. Follow the necessary safety measures like masks, distancing, and sanitizing. Also, practice the Covid Shielding technique (mentioned below) for about 3 minutes just before going out.

Your diet and food are important. Be conscious of this and eat right. Pray to Lord SuryaNarayana (Sun God) and energize all that you consume.

Exercise regularly. It has a positive impact in various areas including your immunity.

If you are getting impatient, frustrated, or irritated due to the situation, work on these. Find the cause and then work on a solution for it. At times, engaging in new hobbies and activities can help you channel your emotions and keep you grounded.

Spiritually, this is how you equip

Meditate regularly.

Practice Covid Shielding technique regularly, without fail. It is very powerful and effective, but regular practice is important. Even for those who have been infected in the past also, please continue to practice the technique.

Covid Shielding Technique
Begin with 3 rounds of Pranayama with Orange Light

Pray to Lord SuryaNarayana and for protection and healing.

After this, imagine a lot of Reddish-Orange Light coming from Lord SuryaNarayana and filling you. Experience for a couple of minutes.

Then imagine the Light to spread and form a globe of Reddish-Orange Light around you. This globe of Light will shield and protect. Keep experiencing this.

Silently keep repeating the mantra “Om Suryayai, Neela Brahmaya Namaha” throughout.

● Take the help of Light. Make Light a part of your life and keep experiencing it as much as you can. Light is our Guide and the way of the future.

Please go through this link for more details on using Light as well as techniques to deal with common issues

● Continuously work on your shortcomings. The more you move towards purity within, the outer also will reflect this for you. Your life becomes more peaceful.

To achieve this, you have to be open, continuously identify and accept your shortcomings, stop blaming others and the circumstances, and takes responsibility. Then start working on the shortcomings and resolve them.

● Address your Fears and Inner Issues. Contemplate and note down your apprehensions and fears. Then address them. Overcoming your fears will help you progress a long way in your spiritual journey.

The Inner Fear includes all the aspects that we are afraid of, that worry us or causes any apprehension or anxiety. This can range from issues like anxiety about catching a bus, financial situation, fear of losing a job, to being worried about your loved ones.

Technique for Healing Inner Fears
Face East
Duration – 15 minutes.

First think of your fears, and the issues causing you anxiety and worries.

Then, imagine a lot of Blue Light coming from above and allow it to slowly fill your chest region and the region of your heart. Have a strong intention that these regions are getting illumined and also the Light.

Then send the same Light to aspects you have listed. Imagine the Light to engulf these aspects and healing the same within you. Keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Antarena Hrudayai, Sama Neela Brahmaya Namaha” silently.

● Outgrow your Conditioning – An important aspect of this period is to let go of the old ways. We have to be open and expand our ways of thinking and emotions. We have to let go of our rigidity in our beliefs and ways. Also, make sincere efforts towards manifesting non-judgment.

Let your belief in the Rishis and God become stronger. Always have faith that the Higher Intelligence is aware of what is going on. They are monitoring what is happening, and these things are happening for a reason, many of which are beyond our logic and comprehension.

••      ••       ••

If we are able to follow all these, we will be able to face this Pandemic as well as any future situations. It is obvious that we will not become perfect overnight. It takes effort and time to manifest these. There will be struggles and ups and downs through this journey.

This period coerces us towards becoming Spiritual. It also provides the opportunities and energies to help us do all this in a shorter time frame. It is important for us to define our goals, and then pursue them. Some issues may take a long time. The “long time” does not matter as long as we are pursuing it sincerely with our efforts.


Many are forced to be at home for long periods of time. Travel is extremely restricted. The usual hangouts and recreational places are closed and many are also forced to work from home.

Such isolation can make one feel low emotionally. There are also numerous individuals who are dealing with the loss of their loved ones. It is a challenging period and we need to make efforts to rise above it.

Consciously make your space more interesting, peaceful, and homely. The aim is to make the place comfortable and happy for you. It can vary from small things like hanging some family photos to redecorating, so that you feel good being there.

Then make sure you are exposed well to sunlight and fresh air. Being around nature helps a lot. Be around plants and trees, if you can.

Being organized helps immensely. This is the period where many things are not normal. People are stressed due to the additional workloads they have and insecurity about their future. On a daily basis, many also have additional housework and home-schooling in addition to their already demanding jobs. Organizing your daily schedule and sticking to it will make you calmer. Take the help of Light wherever you can.

The Rishis also suggest the following technique to help you deal with the low phases.

Face East
Duration – 12 minutes

Imagine bright Fluorescent Green Light coming from above and allow this Light to fill your head and your brain in particular. Imagine these to absorb the Light and then shine with it. Keep experiencing throughout the Meditation.

Repeat the mantra “Om Antar Mansaya, Prasannaya, Annamayi Neela Brahmaya Namaha” silently for the entire duration.


This pandemic is an event that will undoubtedly leave a mark on the history of humanity. It is the period of tribulation for us collectively and a very challenging period. But the human spirit always shines through and when we come out of it, the end result will be well worth it.

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